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  1. That's a shame. Although I admit I stopped listening months ago because I wasn't enjoying the quarantine version. The show relied on non-celebrity contestants and without them, it didn't work for me.
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    Tzatziki is what came to mind when Creamy Cucumber dressing was mentioned. You'd probably need to add a little dill to it.
  3. Thanks @Browncoat. They are mulberries. I'd always thought they were but then someone told me they were blackberries. Stick with your first answer! I've fixed the original post. I've now read a couple of sites describing how to clean them thoroughly and how long they can be stored, so tomorrow I'll see what's fallen into the buckets I set out this afternoon and see how it goes.
  4. It's a twofer: peeve plus cooking. I've lived in this house for 21 years now and every year a blackberry tree next door rains down blackberries mulberries on the walk next to the house, which is also where all the gardening equipment is, so I'm out there every day. I have to hose off my shoes before I come in and hose down the walk as best I can. There are a lot of flies and toward the end of the season the smell of fermenting fruit is quite powerful. This year for the first time, since several branches are low enough to touch my head, I decided to gather some and maybe try a crisp o
  5. I went into 3 different stores this morning and in 2 of them no one was wearing a mask. Workers at the 3rd place, ironically an outside venue, were wearing them. CT has lifted restrictions so it's up to the business, and the positivity rate is .4% here with the majority of the adult population vaccinated.
  6. For anyone interested in learning more about what was going on with Y2K, including those who lived through it, I highly recommend Dan Taberski's podcast, Surviving Y2K. It's available on Spotify, Stitcher, etc. and here: https://www.topic.com/surviving-y2k
  7. I thought indigenous is used to describe the people who were living in a place in relation to the people who colonized their land.
  8. Randolph Scott! It;s been too long since I watched Blazing Saddles. It must be streaming somewhere. When it first came out, I had such a crush on Gene Wilder that I kept going to see it and had the dialogue memorized. Doing the French Mistake...
  9. ABay


    Thanks, @MargeGunderson! That's the first one I've seen that didn't require screws to keep it in place.
  10. ABay


    Air conditioner update! Because I know you've all been wondering "whatever happened with ABay's air conditioner units?" Well, they are in and surrounded by more cardboard than the set of a 1970s BBC sci fi show. The front is definitely tilted enough, probably too much. I might need a bungee cord to make sure it doesn't slip since what's holding it in is a thin oak slat in place of the sash and side panels. The bedroom one looks straight to my eye but the bubble in the little level I bought this morning (never too many tools) went right to the correct end. So...good? I'm not caulking
  11. Air conditioners. Do they ever fit in real life the way the manual says they're supposed to? My fingers and knuckles look like someone took a cheese grater to them and my back hurts, and they still aren't in right. Aren't they suppose to just pop in? So frustrating.
  12. Well, that's disappointing. I was hoping for Patrick Swayze brandishing a Louis XV chair.
  13. Oh, that's how you pronounce Anais? I knew the answer but I guess would've been ruled incorrect if I said A-niece, which is how I thought it was pronounced. Or if I'd said "Nin" would they have asked for more information. And would I have been sharp enough to say "Kit Nin"?
  14. Backtracking a bit, Stephen has always used a few Carson gestures but only when he's doing the monologue standing on stage. I, too, enjoyed the more intimate A Late Show and am finding it hard to re-acclimate to the noise and more public monologues and interviews. With regard to Evie's giggling and the occasional one-man laugh track, I prefer Seth Meyers larger crew audience--you could more of them and they weren't as loud; it just sounded more genuine and comradely to me. The size of the store room might've limited the number, Seth is in a studio.
  15. It is astonishing to me how many oranges it takes to make one glass of juice.
  16. I agree. The only late night hosts I watch now are Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert and I don't think either of them fit @BlackberryJam's assertion that "all male late night TV hosts* are total assholes and douchebags who relish in mocking, degrading and humiliating women for laughs." Meyers, in particular, has boosted his female writers.
  17. ABay


    My current air conditioner window unit is making odd sounds. It might last another summer but I can't risk it dying in August, so I bought 2 smaller ones for other rooms in the house. But I have a dilemma--the larger of the two has a dent in the vents on one side, like it was hit by something. On the one hand, as long as it runs OK, I don't want to return it because it's heavy and it would be a huge hassle to dismantle it, pack it up, get it in the car, and take it to Home Depot. On the other hand, I paid a respectable sum for it and it should be pristine. On the other other han
  18. But we saw him in his attic/kids' playroom. Ohhh...it must've been a Zoom background image!
  19. Scrooge. Scrooge?! Does this mean my student loans will be forgiven and I can sing "Thank you very much" while dancing on Sallie Mae's coffin? Awesome! Fast forward to 50 seconds in:
  20. My annual pet peeve: Summer. I fucking hate it. Even though I work in an air conditioned building and have a window unit at home, by the time I get home I'm too exhausted from heat and humidity to do anything. I meant to tidy up the living room and my bedroom this evening but just walking to the door to get the food I ordered is a strain.
  21. @meep.meep, that is what they say but I also know that not everyone follows the directions to isolate their cat. I'm hoping the treatment is never necessary but I like to get a head start on fretting.
  22. A few of us here have had cats given radioactive iodine. How do you keep the cat from tracking the super special litter around the house?
  23. King Kone...but what's in a chocolate eclair because that sounds good.
  24. I sprayed the counter and the floor around the cabinet where I saw them. That was shortly before I posted this morning and I haven't seen any more since then. Fingers crossed they are gone.
  25. Ants. Freaking tiny ants. I can't tell where they're coming from and don't have the energy to clean out everything. They aren't in the sink or near the cat food, they seem to be coming in from an inside wall. GAH! I hate them!!!
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