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  1. My grandfather was from Delft. I'm surprised to learn that most people's reaction to hearing one is Dutch isn't windmills, wooden shoes, and cheese. Maybe tulips. Then drugs and prostitutes. Although I have never heard of Kraftwerk, it was obvious the idiot twins were spoofing a band. Sorry to see Freya go and would much have preferred it to be George.
  2. I totally missed what the FJ category was and got hung up on Paris and Cyrano. In spite of loving Cyrano, I didn't think of Roxanne the movie which still would've been a correct answer.
  3. Fuck cancer. I loved Bosom Buddies and Newhart and was enjoying Peter Scolari in Evil. This just sucks. After Bosom Buddies, I remember being surprised that it was Hanks and not Scolari who went on to have the bigger profile career. Considering I didn't even know the man, his death has really upset me.
  4. I remember my mother had to explain to me why Kinch couldn't be disguised as a Nazi.
  5. I probably wouldn't have got the Lord of the Flies clue anyway (never read it, never saw it, don't want to do either), but the reference to Lost threw me and I thought the answer was related to that.
  6. I said Dred Scot as soon as I saw the FJ category.
  7. I got used to her on POI eventually but wish the role had been cast differently. Every time she pops up in something I'm watching, I groan. Same with Felicia Day. I don't dislike her, I'm just tired of seeing her show up in everything. They're both like the Tracy Scoggins* of their generation. *Older viewers of genre TV will know what I mean.
  8. Would have, idiot. It's would HAVE not would OF.
  9. I don't know it got the name "will they won't they" because it is always "they will". The question is when.
  10. Although I clearly heard and read "Indiana" I still thought "Illinois" and came up with Decatur.
  11. My favorite finales are ones where no one dies for shock value, one story line comes to a natural end, and you know everyone is going to go on as they were with no huge drama. Basically we're just stepping away. In Plain Sight did this really well. One relationship reached a resolution, one character left for a new job, and everything else continued.
  12. Wood working? You'd be on your feet a lot with the sawing and whatnot. It does take an investment in some power tools but building stuff is so satisfying. If I had room, that would probably be my next obsession. I could build a few structures for the garden, like a potting table and maybe a trellis. It's not crafty, but gardening will keep you moving especially if you start pruning trees and need to both cut branches down and then break them up. But even just with planting and deadheading and weeding, there's always something to do. Not so much over winter but from about March to late Nov
  13. Books, chocolate, and accoutrements for whatever I'm obsessed with at the time (jigsaw puzzles, cross stitch kits, plants, garden tools, etc.)
  14. If you're in the Pet Peeves thread, you know I've been battling a tree skirt kit since July. The aida cloth was so big I had to cut it in half and then 3rds to get it on a scroll frame. I finished the final Santa this morning and now I just have to figure out how to make it a tree skirt again. I'm not very crafty so I'm hoping someone here could suggest a solution. I thought about trying to put them on another peiece of cloth with cut outs, so each Santa would be framed in an oval or something...that's all I got. Each Santa is about 15"x15".
  15. The Santa tree skirt kit continued to be a challenge right to the end when I broke the needle and threader trying to get the gold band through the eye. I also had to get extra skeins of red, blue, green, and brown in addition to scavenging my hoard for a few other colors. But, voila, 3rd and final Santa.
  16. "As Tears Go By" is the only Stones song I can actually understand the lyrics to. I love the scene in Jumpin' Jack Flash where Whoopi is trying to figure out the first few lines of the song.
  17. Was the character also supposed to be a mystery writer? Because the title "Murder, She Wrote" doesn't really make sense otherwise.
  18. I like the idea of a former contestant as host. But for god's sake ANYONE but Liam. Jesus. I would even take Rahul or Ruby 1 before that jackass,
  19. Ken Jennings did the same thing.
  20. I love Blackpool especially "Viva Las Vegas" and "These Boots Are Made for Walkin"...but not so much the two songs immediately above. The child annoyed me. Even more than the other one. ETA: Also love "You Can Get It If You Really Want."
  21. Mine say wash on gentle in cold water, nothing about hand-washing. How nice it must be to have the option of wearing a bra without the support of underwire.
  22. Are obituaries the same as announcements? I associate obituaries with famous or infamous people and details about what they did in their lives. Announcements are for normal people with their name, surviving relatives, whether there will be viewing, and maybe something like "in lieu of flowers..." I've told the niece and nephews that I want to be cremated and my ashes thrown into the Niagara just above the Canadian Falls. So I can't die until travel restrictions are lifted.
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