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  1. End of discussion? Have you seen the Internet?
  2. Dan Taberski has a new podcast called 9/12 that I'm enjoying right now.
  3. I'm going to guess that after decades of marriage, Mrs. Colbert understands when her husband is telling a joke.
  4. Wasn't there a movement a few years ago to raise the age for marriage in several states, to protect girls from being effectively sold off?
  5. Re: daughter from the future. Could it be
  6. I heard Remeer instead of Vermeer. But it might have been the sangria hearing.
  7. Thanks, folks. The doll's eyes creep me out (I've been calling her Roberta) so I might redo them with 2 strands instead of 3.
  8. For those who endured my whining about French knots last month, here is Santa part deux. Dimensions shorted the floss so I have to get some more before beginning the third and final St. Nick. He's tilted because the figures are in a semi-circle on the tree skirt.
  9. ABay


    What I try to think about on 9/11 is the kindness and generosity of the people of Gander.
  10. The most generous interpretation I can put on Steve Martin's "I go, then you go" to Selena Gomez is that he's a comedian and understood the way the story had to go for there to be a funny pay-off. But, yeah, I've always though he was a bit of a dick, or at least cold, but I still enjoy his work and will eventually break down and get Hulu. Martin Short, is sort of the opposite for me because I dislike almost everything he does but is mostly likable in interviews. This was the first time I'd seen Selena Gomez and she seemed nice enough, patient with the old men, but I did keep wondering why her
  11. Poor little possom, so freaky looking with that ghostly white face.
  12. It was capitalism all along.
  13. Maintenance Phase is my current favorite, after You're Wrong About and Podcasters Guide to the Conspiracy.
  14. One of the best moments in the Jeopardy GOAT tournament was Brad Rutter answering Aaron Burr just like the rest of us.
  15. Reading about anti-vaxxers and covid deniers who get sick just makes me want to say
  16. Congratulations on the condo, @shapeshifter!
  17. ABay


    Good luck, everyone in Ida's path.
  18. ABay


    It's finally cool, or at least cooler and dry enough to open windows, and there are several jobs to do around the yard. But I can barely summon the strength to sit up and type, let alone move. This was my first full week back on campus since March 2020 and it was every bit as awful and exhausting as I expected. People. People everywhere. I've already taken a nap and it's only 11 am. I hereby give myself permission to not weed and prep the ground this weekend for the plants that will arrive in midSeptember.
  19. I wish writers, showrunners, etc. would just get past the idea they have to shock the audience with a major twist no one saw coming, just for the sake of the effect, without considering where the story is ultimately going. If the audience figures out where the story that's GOOD. It means the writer has correctly foreshadowed and given the viewers something to talk about and figure out. It is more satisfying to me as a viewer to find out I was right and enjoy the payoff than to end up think WTF was that because the writer's vanity made him derail the story because someone figured it out. M
  20. Here's what I choose to think about a cat dying suddenly--she spared me the agony of watching her waste away and having to make the decision we all dread. But it still sucks. Very sorry about your beautiful girl, @GaT
  21. ABay


    California is an octopus.
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