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  1. It's nice to be back after skipping the last 2 weeks, and I got both FJs. Woo! The photo of LBJ taking the oath of office in the plane with Jackie Kennedy next to him is iconic.
  2. ABay


    Tom Lehrer's 93rd birthday is Friday and worth celebrating with a YouTube spree. This is the Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel. Some of the songs are frighteningly appropriate today even though they were written in the 1950s and 60s, some are offensive, and some are just fun. Not all of the songs are on that channel although it has the most well-known like Smut, The Vatican Rag, Send the Marines, Pollution, The Masochism Tango, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, etc. But I didn't see some of my favorites like Alma, I Got It From Agnes, Lobechevsky, Clementine, and The Elements. There used to be a great an
  3. I've been watching Pointless on Britbox and compared to that Jeopardy is practically princely. Losers get nothing and the winner gets a trophy*. If they manage to get a correct answer in the final round, they get whatever is in the jackpot. It starts at 2500 pounds. It accrues across episodes if no one wins it and the most it ever reached in the episodes I saw was 13,000. The winners don't get to come back, and few teams win the jackpot. There's also a celebrity version where the winning team, who are playing for two different charities, can win a 2,500 pound jackpot. Which they split bet
  4. Speaking of Hollywood Babylon, You Must Remember This did a series of episodes fact-checking it. The episode about Arbuckle & Rappe is here. Karina Longworth, the creator of the podcast, always cited her sources so anyone wanting to read more could start there. The only mention of Loretta Young on the YMRT site is a brief aside in the Spencer Tracy entry. I heard the Gable story a long time ago, and also the story of the swear jar, but The Bishop's Wife is how I first became aware of Young and it's still the thing I most associate her with. I mean, poor Loretta in that movie! Having t
  5. Along with the lizzard typo, Les's Cheye Cheye Rodrigweez.
  6. In my opinion, Lost was at its best from the end of season 3 through season 4. But I also agree with the OP that many shows decline rapidly after 3 seasons. Buffy, for example, could've ended with a perfect story arc if it ended with season 3.
  7. @UYI, I was just coming to post the same thing. Today is the first I've read about the letter. This also mentions it: https://bestlifeonline.com/jeopardy-boycott-dr-oz-news/
  8. So a sitcom with at least 2 spin-offs and at least 2 women. Facts of Life? There were several attempts at spin-offs but I don't know if any of them lasted or were just backdoor pilots. All in the Family had multiple spin-offs but the only women were Edith and Gloria and they were main characters, and both Maude and The Jeffersons were hits. The Brady Bunch had a bunch of very short-lived spin-offs including Brady Brides. The only other one I can think of is the Mary Tyler Moore Show--both Rhoda and Phyllis spun-off but lasted a season or two.
  9. As time passes, it's inevitable that more and more TV faces from my early childhood will die but it causes a pang in my heart anyway. I'd prefer to think they're living on a farm upstate or something. High Chaparral wasn't a favorite show but I enjoyed what I remember seeing...I think what I remember seeing of Henry Darrow is colorful outfits. How I knew they were colorful when we had black & white TV until I was in high school, I don't know, but his clothes had patterns, and I inferred the rest. It's hard to believe westerns dominated TV during the 1950s & 60s when there are so
  10. You're Wrong About..., one of my favorite podcasts, has an episode on Dr. Oz they just put out today. I wonder if they watch Jeopardy? This episode is actually a crossover from one of the hosts' other podcasts.
  11. I got my first Moderna shot about 2 and a half hours ago and so far no problem. It took several hours online for CVS to finally decide they did, in fact, have appointments available and would let me sign up for one*. The actual getting the shot part took 20 minutes including checking in and waiting 15 minutes after the shot. Now I can cancel the 4/27 appointment I made on 3/1. Second shot 4/10. *I couldn't sleep Thurs night/ fri morning so I went to the CVS site around 4 am and it said appointments were available. Woo hoo! But when I clicked on the link to schedule, instead of lett
  12. Appointments seem...haphazard. I was online early 3/1 and the earliest spot I could get was end of April. My friend managed to get into CVS' "waiting room" and after an hour finally got an appointment for that Saturday. Just getting into the waiting room is next to impossible. The state site had bookings though end of April, Walgreens has some mystery algorithm to determine if they can also give the second shot and won't book the first one unless they can, Hartford Healthcare only has a handful of sites and they are also all booked, and CVS is perpetually booked until eternity. Maybe if they w
  13. Rewatches are more relistens for me, usually, since I want something on while I'm engaged in another activity like cross stitching or doing a puzzle. I'll look up when a favorite scene comes on but mostly I'm listening and just let the episodes play one after another.
  14. Duchess Bubbles de Mimsy Pawpington, seen here wondering where her tiara is.
  15. ABay


    I have PIA and am happy with it. It works with the torrent client I use and doesn't slow my pc down.
  16. No J! here last night. WTNH and yet another COVId "town hall." Why don't you pre-empt Wheel of Fortune once in a while instead. Or run a crawl saying when you will deign to run the J! episode? Or run your damned town hall on your back-up channel? I swear between this sort of thing happening all the damned time and their evening weather dolt, I would switch to any other ABC feed I could get.
  17. Signing the Declaration of Independence from 1776, when the bell starts tolling. Fast forward to around minute 4:
  18. One of the reasons I'm happy to wait until the end of April and am not combing the net looking for earlier spots is that plans for summer courses haven't been announced and I don't want to go back to campus any sooner than absolutely necessary.
  19. My impression of 70s England: So much sad wallpaper, and you know everything smells bad. One of the things that makes LoM better to me is that there's an overarching mystery--is he dead, mad, or in a coma--which is resolved at the end of the series. And then it's done. With AtA, the interesting mystery is solved and then the show keeps going and I couldn't emotionally invest in the story that led to the conclusion, it just didn't interest me. LoMUS...let us never speak of the abomination again.
  20. Yesterday was the first day I was eligible. All CVS's were booked, Walgreen's hadn't updated to the new eligibility, and on the state's website the first appointment I could get was the end of April. I've never been to the place but it's 20-30 minutes away. I'd rather have a fixed appointment booked for the end of April than refreshing CVS's website every morning before dawn. How far in advance are they booking that every time slot in every CVS is booked solid?
  21. Let's try "Sounds a duck makes" for $200.
  22. I feel the reverse, much preferring Life on Mars. The music is integral to both shows and it annoyed me tremendously to discover the LoM episodes on Britbox are missing dome key moments, like "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" when Sam actually uses that phrase when walking away in episode 1.
  23. The great benefit of virtual meetings is that you can walk away and do something useful when assholes speak.
  24. Yes, it's explained in at least one of the movies and probably the series. Moon doggie, on the other hand...
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