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    Let it snow let is snow let it snow! It's only August, there's at least a month of heat and humidity ahead in southern New England. If we're really lucky, the dew point will drop midSeptember and the temp might go down to the 60s at night. I don't close off the a/c until October. Even after the first frost there will be some very uncomfortably warm days. ETA: We haven't had more than one shovel-able snow a season for about 2 years. It snows a little then it melts.
  2. No way! I just watched 8 Out of Ten Cats. This sucks. Fuck cancer.
  3. Don't hold back, @Victor the Crab, tell us how you *really* feel! I was looking for medieval-themed cross stitch kits last week and the top return was
  4. So if I got a dog from my local no-kill animal shelter, that wouldn't be a rescue dog? This is a place I donate to and from which several friends have gotten cats. My own cats have come from two different rescue groups.
  5. ABay


    I loved cherry Robitussin. Random subject change: How long do you all keep your tax returns? And can anyone recommend a paper shredder that doesn't jam often and can run for more than a few minutes before overheating and having to rest 30 minutes?
  6. I agree, no see-ums are probably the culprit. I'm in southern CT and have to water the garden in socks, long pants, long sleeves, and gloves or else I'm eaten alive. I have over a dozen bites on each leg although my left seems especially tasty to the little bastards. I also wear a mask and sunglasses because gnats love to fly in my face.
  7. My onscreen guide says "Around the World with Alex" and "No information available."
  8. If you need to flounce, flounce. Sometimes it's good to take a break.
  9. It took 3-4 weeks. I've been on vacation so I expect the other 2 Santas to take a lot longer but maybe the whole thing will be done by Thanksgiving. Back on topic: dying plants. The blueberry bush has rust spots on its leaves, all 3 of the bee balm developed powdery mildew, the 3 dwarf salvias all look ragged, one phlox developed yellow leaves so I dug it up and replanted it with better drainage. The other one has been doing great but now is also getting yellow leaves. And a lot of things just never sprouted like the freesia and joe pyeweed. And I can't find anything to go in front of the
  10. The Ridiculous History podcast recently did a 2-part episode on Military Cats. All of the guys have cats which is one point in their favor.
  11. Thanks! They're also berries all over the garlands but those don't show up well in the photo.
  12. Warehouse 13 used to be on IMDB TV but seems to have vanished. I suspect an artifact did it. I also quit SyFy then but went back for Dark Matter. Then they pulled the same thing with that, so I don't even include the network in my onscreen guide anymore.
  13. Behold the French knotted and tasseled awesomeness. The colors are a lot brighter in person.
  14. Monk is alluded to in the Psych series finale when Juliet relocates to San Francisco. That reminded me of the commercials USA used to run in the "Characters welcome" days, where the characters from Monk, Dead Zone, etc would interact.
  15. Handedness is a continuum, as least for those of us who are predominantly left-handed; we're all ambidextrous, some more than others. I write with my left but use scissors with my right (like there's a choice), throw right, catch left, bat left, when chopping food I hold the knife in my left hand but when cutting food on a plate and eating I hold it in my right. I heard a researcher say that he studies left-handers' brains because there are so many fascinating differences while right-handers' brains are all the same.
  16. Gnomes! It must have been gnomes. Not that sweet little dog who would never do anything naughty.
  17. ABay and the Mystery of the French Knot. By George, I think I've got it. They aren't perfect but they are recognizable as French knots. Tighten the looped floss around the needle before poking the needle back in. Eureka. Further adventures in The Case of the Tree Skirt: However, this kit...it's very old and the metallic thread is extra fragile and the black floss just falls apart. It was fine when the stitches were 3 strands thick, but using a single strand for backstitching was a nightmare. It would just suddenly separate. Also, according to the directions, there is metallic floss (i.e.
  18. All the videos also done by right handed sewers which makes it that much more difficult to put in action when you're left handed.
  19. I'll join you at your table, if I may, @GHScorpiosRule. I loved Psych from beginning to end, even with stupid Shawn. In addition to what you sad about Shawn and Gus, I really appreciated that when all of the other once-fun USA shows decided to be "gritty" (WTF, Burn Notice?), Psych stayed true to itself right to the end of the series and beyond. WRT dumbing down main characters, Stargate SG-1 did that with Jack to the point where I was glad when he left. Ascend/descend Daniel a hundred more times if you must but please stop with the dumb Jack crap.
  20. "New Haven and 'Emerge' will provide work for formally incarcerated people." Formally incarcerated as opposed to casually jailed, like they just sauntered in one day and didn't leave? Is dinner black tie or white tie?
  21. And another thing: why do the manufacturers of metallic thread make it so damned fragile?
  22. Today's peeve, as on so many summer days, is bugs. Yesterday I wore long pants while watering the garden and it looks like I have bumpy anklets on both legs. They got one of my hands as well, and kept flying at my face. It was 76 degrees (the other summer peeve) when I went out this morning and I wore: socks, long pants, a long-sleeved hoodie with hood up, gloves, mask, and huge sunglasses. No bites! So all I have to do is dress like I'm going to rob a bank or invest in a beekeeper's outfit.
  23. I watched a video a few days ago because I'd forgotten how to do them and was never great at it. And this project has more French knots than the thousand burning nuns I hate them more than.
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