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  1. I will never tire of the alternative names for T***p.
  2. For those who like Columbo and have Amazon Prime , you might have a look at the French series Perfect Murders on MhZ. It's the same basic formula--you see the murder at the beginning and then watch the detective(s) solve it. There are several different detectives, sort of like how MacMillan & Wife, McCloud, and Columbo used to rotate when they originally aired. Some are better than others. I find the deliberately quirky ones difficult to watch because it's OTT to me but YMMV.
  3. When an adult acts like a spoiled child in public, imo it's not only fair game to comment on it but almost a responsibility to point out that the behavior is not acceptable.
  4. Today's peeve: keyboards. I'm using 4 different keyboards depending on which desk I'm at and this one in particular keeps missing strikes. The one on the tablet is even worse. I posted a comment in the Jeopardy forum yesterday and didn't catch that several words were missing until this morning. I know I typed them.
  5. There was nothing to work with in FJ, you either knew it or you didn't, there was there to reason from.
  6. I sit at a desk and point to objects that are well-marked and visible and that the questioner would see for their self if they opened their damned eyes. I also answer stupid questions for people outside of my organization who somehow found me but couldn't find Google.
  7. If I'd heard Veronica add an N to Palatine, I wouldn't have been annoyed she wasn't credited for the answer. To my ears, she said Palatine with one N. We can move on now.
  8. I was annoyed they didn't allow Veronica as pronunciation of Palatine. I've heard it both ways. If she hadn't won, I'd have to write a sternly worded letter. What a whiney little bitch Ryan is. Was it yesterday someone Gabe an answer of Jones and wasn't asked to be more specific? I don't recall the question but it deserved a BMS.
  9. The religious thing would annoy me in real life, probably, but as long as it doesn't effect story lines, I don't really care. BUT mistreating an animal? That takes a special kind of scum. Also Shaw came in fairly early, but not as early as Bear, and she was immediately all about the dog. It sounds to me like the mistreatment of the poor pooch would have been there from the beginning so getting the dog away from him as soon as possible makes sense. I don't remember if a timeline for the bite was mentioned.
  10. I was thinking it's why they introduced Shaw, since she became Bear's main human other than Finch.
  11. I'm in my office for the first time since March 2020 and I hate it and want to go home.
  12. Yes, that's what I was saying--they will mail them.
  13. CVS will mail prescriptions, bless them. If I never had to enter any store again, I wouldn't miss it.
  14. I'm not surprised to learn that about Caviezel but I am surprised that Jonathan Nolan allowed it and in Michael Emerson for apparently not speaking up (unless he did in which case I am pleased to hear it.).
  15. I gave up on GOT after one episode, and also gave up on Outlander quickly, because I strongly object to rape as entertainment.
  16. Trying to make this as brief as possible...how do I politely remind the guy who cuts my lawn to do the narrow strip between my house and his uncle's fence? I've already mentioned it once. Longer version, I hired my neighbor's nephew, who does landscaping and general yard stuff, to prep my garden beds and everything was good. I relayed his offer to cut the grass every 2 weeks for a certain sum, which he has done twice, cleared the cuttings, used a strimmer on the edges of the beds. Great! Except he's cut the front yard and nothing else. There is no grass to speak of in the backyard bu
  17. ABay


    Going to the grocery store this morning for the first time in over a year reminded me that Instacart is worth every extra penny.
  18. Me, too. It was a refreshing change from practically every other TV show. Yes, I am still bitter they ruined Scully & Mulder and Pete & Myka.
  19. The Finger Lakes are gorgeous, probably the most beautiful part of New York. Plus wine tours! If they weren't so far from Canada and more-than-regional airport, I'd think of retiring there myself.
  20. Since I skip the interviews, I had no idea what he said and I don't care. What struck me as douchey were his pumping the air and other OTT gestures.
  21. That was Sgt. Schultz. Col. Klink was "Hogannnn!" Learn your sitcom Nazis, people!
  22. Pointless is available but not House of Games. Of all the panel and quiz shows to choose from Netflix.Amazon/Britbox insist on providing Would I Lie to You instead of something enjoyable. When does Mock the Week start up again?
  23. Contestants should only be given points if they say Aaron Burr as if they have a mouthful of peanut butter. As I know several of us did at home.
  24. I was actually glad to learn several years ago that she didn't actually say it because it always bothered me. The combination of stereotype and rendered dialect sprained my rolling eyeballs.
  25. A news article about cats in boxes: https://www.npr.org/2021/05/10/994262792/cats-take-if-i-fits-i-sits-seriously-even-if-the-space-is-just-an-illusion
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