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  1. Are you secretly one of my co-workers? We have multiples of those except the wannabe writer (as far as I know). There has to be a useless director, too.
  2. There's a big bird nest in the maple tree right outside my front door! I haven't been able to get a picture of it and don't know what birds built it--it's difficult to keep an eye on it. Since I had to take down all of the feeders, I'm especially happy not all the birds have deserted me.
  3. What I'd like is an oven that has a door that pulls down as normal but then slides in so it's out of the way, like the ones on the Great British Bake Off.
  4. ABay


    Thanks, @shapeshifter and @Mondrianyone. My default destination is on both lists so I guess I am supposed to move back to Western New York after all. But it doesn't look like England or my other choice, the Alps. I've looked into moving to the UK, EU, or Canada but it seems to be impossible unless you're fabulously wealthy, in sports or entertainment, or married to a citizen. Otherwise, I would go live in England, Wales, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Nova Scotia, or Ontario.
  5. ABay


    I'm trying to figure out where I should live when I retire in a few years and am having a hard time finding a tool to help me. It's entirely likely that there is nowhere that meets all of my criteria but it would be nice to be able to search for the things that I want and Realtor doesn't have the kind of filters I need. Anyone have a suggestion about how to search? A tool that can handle searches like "looks like England"?
  6. That's what I figured, too. Spinneret maybe brought to mind windmill sails?
  7. Rickman's death made me very sad because it was unexpected and he was still working. So many things he might've been in that I'd want to see.
  8. Three syllables... Sed-a-GIVE?! Who could resist? And that led me to "he rode a blazing saddle, he wore a shining star..." because of Frankie Laine.
  9. I just want to continue working from home at least part time. So my feelings about variants are mixed for completely selfish reasons.
  10. I'm not lazy, I don't have a scoop. That's what spoons are for.
  11. The only thing I've seen her in is Drunk History and she did a good job. Doesn't mean she isn't a terrible person or over-exposed. Oh, thank God I'm not alone in getting creepy vibes off Matthew Goode. Mary should've chosen the other guy on Downton Abbey, and I found him repellent in Discovery of Witches. I couldn't get into the story because I found him so off-putting.
  12. This makes me very sad. Laredo was one of my first TV loves, along with Daktari and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. When I was at a conference in Waco, my hotel room faced the back of the Texas Rangers Museum (Hall of Fame? Something like that) across a creek and I was briefly tempted to go pay homage to Joe, Chad, and Reese. Time was short, though, and I didn't fancy my chances walking along the 8 lane highway.
  13. Cabrera was the best Aramis so far. Actually everyone was good -- least annoying Dartagnan, nonbuffoonish Porthos, great Treville--except for the horribly miscast Athos.
  14. Ben's the reason I kept watching Lost. Sterling instead of Nate is a brilliant idea! Can we get a time machine and make it so? When does the new Leverage drop? ETA: Answering my own question, apparently today on IMDB TV. That's my weekend sorted.
  15. CT Audobon Society urges removing birdfeeders and bird baths to prevent whatever's killing birds in the south from spreading here. They say birds won't starve if the feeders are taken down ...but I still feel guilty. I guess what I'll do when I get home is dump all the seed on the driveway or lawn and store the feeders.
  16. People still shop at malls?
  17. Fuck Comcast. One of the happiest days of my life was when I cancelled those price-gouging bastards. If they buy Roku I'll have to find another way to get Netflix and Amazon Prime onto my TV.
  18. Or was there? Neil Diamond is considered the Jewish Elvis?
  19. If they don't have chocolate chips, neither. If they have chocolate chips, I suggest you put the pan down and back away slowly.
  20. I had all the windows open last night until the booms began. Girl Cat is pretty blase about it but I closed everything and turned on the ac for my own sake--the noise was closer and louder than in previous years when I'd hear pro fireworks from 3 parks in the distance and fire crackers and amateur fireworks by local jackasses on the street behind me and 2 doors down. Last night it was on every side and seemed much closer.
  21. Has anyone been unable to delete a name with an @ in front of it? I was responding to something here or another J! thread on my Kindle, accidentally clicked the wrong name from the choices after I add @ , and have been unable to delete it. Highlight and delete or backspace--still there, just backspace--still there. It only shows up on the Kindle, not my laptop or desktop.
  22. Not in CT so far, or at least nothing's been on the local news or the CT Audobon site.
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