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    Britbox is also showing another series (The Long Call) inspired by novels by the same author as wrote Shetland (Ann Cleeves) plus has lots and lots of other great stuff (try the Doctor Blake Mysteries from Australia!) so I have found it the most worthwhile of streaming services!
  2. isalicat

    The NBA

    Only 24 hours to go to the start of the new NBA season! YAY! Nets already been crowned (apparently even without Kyrie!) and the old and slow Lakers are still favored out west...to all of which as a Warriors fan I can just say: Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!
  3. I know this is well after when you posted, Anela, but it sounds like your doggie has arthritis - please take him to the vet and get some doggie pain meds. I'm sure he is biting because he is hurting like mad....
  4. My parents were devout atheists and made that quite clear throughout my childhood. We are ethnically Jewish and so did Hanukah instead of Christmas, but I think that was their best effort to make me feel "not left out" during the holiday season. I believed in God (as in the Creator, who made me and everything else quite on purpose) since I could think about such things, and after a long and winding road through pretty much every faith system you can name, I am now (25 years and counting) a practicing Roman Catholic. So you never know!! 😜
  5. Shoes! (my Converse collection has actually become embarrassing), books and cozy sweaters (thankfully I get most everything on eBay and make a point of buying used-but-great for the planet's sake). I have so many shoes and sweaters that now for every one that comes in, one must leave :(
  6. isalicat

    MLB Thread

    As a life long Giants fan, I'll just say that we wuz robbed. Still absolutely livid! Any team that beats L.A. is now *my team* for the rest of the season 👿
  7. isalicat

    MLB Thread

    Go, go, go, Giants!!! My team since I was 8 years old and saw Juan Marichel pitch in a double header at Candlestick Park. Then I got to grow up in Los Angeles as a Giants fan :), and naturally moved to San Francisco in graduate school and started going to games in person. I am still inordinately proud of the fact that I was actually at the World Series Earthquake game at the 'Stick. That was a one off :) Alright...one more game and we can get out of L.A. (south of Santa Barbara gives me a headache to this day).
  8. They are a bit bleak, so perhaps not now for you. The first one (Raven Black) is incredible and very bleak...then they become less bleak but the one I just finished...oy vey. British authors are apparently entirely allergic to happy ends, aren't they? I should know this by now after decades of reading and watching...
  9. I've got The Pale Blue Eye on my stack of to be read but had decided to wait until winter...still making my way through all the of Tana French Dublin Murder squad books (one more to go) and Ann Cleeves' Shetland series (just finishing Blue Lightning which is great...I love that none of the Shetland TV episodes seem to based on any of the books so I can enjoy both without spoiling/overlap).
  10. I'm doing my super locavore meal (well, mostly!) chicken thighs seasoned with Myers lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper baked on a bed of rosemary branches with a little butter on top - the lemons and rosemary are from my backyard...can't take credit for anything else :)
  11. That looks cute, but my cats have always loved the regular paper grocery sacks (and my late Louis was always determined to get inside *before* I finished unloading the groceries so I learned to put the sacks up on the counter until I had finished emptying them and then putting one down for the eagerly awaiting cat to jump into), and they only cost 10 cents :)
  12. @MSTREE in the other Discontinued Products thread over on "Everything Else" mentioned not being able to find the Pioneer Woman's sauces. I managed to order a jar of her Garden Vegetable Pasta Sauce on Amazon, but her other pasta sauces were on the "Add To List," which means they're unavailable. The Garden Vegetable was billed as "Only two left in stock." This is interesting to me, not because I eat pasta (I wish I could but I have to avoid any starch these days), but because I work at a food pantry three days a week and we have cases upon cases of the Pioneer Woman's Garden Vegetable Past
  13. Just saw Episode 4, Series 20, of Midsomer Murders and one of the main suspects is Roger! He was very good - plays a flashy rugby player with some drug issues.
  14. Hmmmmmmm.....just goes to show that we all have such different reasons for reading and varying reactions to what we read! (this in response to the discussion of the Tana French Dublin Murder mysteries). Its a good thing! I guess I really appreciate the deep diving she (Tana French) does into each character's personality so that the books are really character driven (as opposed to plot driven like the Preston & Childs books for example). So I don't mind at all the extraordinary level of detail and emphasis on fully "fleshing out" each and every scene. As to the magical/supernatura
  15. At this point I am in awe of Tana French, frankly. I've been reading crime/mystery fiction for 50 years including all of Agatha Christie (actually read via bookstalls in India during a months long rail trip there in 1982) and have always deeply admired so many brilliant authors in this genre from Dorothy Sayers to P.D. James to Jo Nesbo and beyond. But this Dublin Murder series has had a sweep and depth I was not expecting and find quite amazing.
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