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  1. I normally only drink wine (merlot, cab, pinot grigio, pinot blanc, sauvignon blanc) but if I am going to have any hard alcohol at all, its a gin and tonic with a slice of lime. (Actually I am convinced that gin and tonics keep airplanes in the air, so I always have one pre-boarding if possible, and back in the day when I took long international flights, another one once they started serving drinks on board). I usually keep a bottle of Bombay Sapphire in the house but if anyone here with more expertise has a different/better recommendation, please go ahead!
  2. And these wedding stories again remind me of why I am so grateful to have been a hippie bride. My husband and I both wore white cotton Tibetan garments (like being in pajamas all day - so comfortable!) and we had a "best person" (who eventually wound up as my son's godfather) and I certainly did not tell him or anybody else what to wear. I had a bouquet of white roses and before the ceremony started we made sure everyone was happily drinking my favorite punch recipe (one third vodka, one third champagne, one third pineapple/orange juice, well stirred and chilled). One of my pet peeves in life
  3. Just coming here to do a happy dance! My local public library is re-opening for the first time since March 2020! (It is old and small and they could not figure out to have people in there safely distanced even with masks etc. and there is no good place for curbside pick up either, so it was just entirely shut until this coming week.) I've been buying used books on line and picking up freebies from the main library that puts out cartons of free books every week but I really missed just browsing in *my* library and discovering new great stuff to read. Huzzah!
  4. The mats were not on his hind parts (he is still keeping himself quite clean in back and underneath) but in the middle center of his back. He is not a long haired cat so at this point I think if I keep him clean and brushed on his back he should be okay without shaving. I don't know anything about his history (he picked me from the shelter 6 years ago) except that he was abandoned in a field and apparently has a very fraught relationship with cat carriers so I don't want to put him in one unless it is an emergency.
  5. Advice needed! My geriatic tom cat, Louis, had developed some big fur mats on his back because he was no longer able to reach there to clean himself. I tried brushing with various cat brushes to no good result, and finally bought a gadget that was specifically designed to remove fur mats without harming the cat's (or dog's) skin. It works on little mats but in the process of using it I discovered that Louis would let me cut off the mats, working carefully with some very sharp nail scissors so now they are gone. The skin and remaining fur look healthy (no infection or anything else I can see) b
  6. isalicat

    The NBA

    So did LeBron ever actually get vaccinated? Last I heard, not....
  7. P.D. James? The most readable for me... and there is Elizabeth George and Val McDermid and Margaret Maron and Donna Leon and Ann Cleeves to start with in terms of brilliant women mystery writers. And Dorothy Sayers! Try the Lord Peter Whimsey series for style plus mystery! If you love Tana French your tastes are already well honed so dip into any of the above and enjoy!
  8. Try reading Jane Casey's mystery series then featuring Maeve Kerrigan (all set in London). The relationship between the lead (Maeve) and the main cop characters are definitely NOT romantic but very well written and the mysteries are outstanding.
  9. My husband and I somehow found Bergerac (probably on our San Francisco public TV station) back in the eighties and watched them all. We were dedicated Anglophiles and mystery buffs so this was perfect for us back in the day. (Watched all the Rumpole and the Bailey, that classic tortured alcoholic guy in Oxford whose name I can't remember, and the like plus Monty Python! all thanks to public TV! Nothing like it on there now...)
  10. Doctor Zhivago.... hmmmm...I do have significant Russian ancestry on my dad's side of the family (he grew up speaking Russian at home but unfortunately never taught me any) but otherwise not sure what this portends for the rest of the year.
  11. Yes, it was a major disappointment after my second and final jab that I did not turn into a lizard and also failed to manifest any new appendages. I have not tested myself for magnetism yet but will do so today!
  12. My son never had a tantrum in his life...maybe he knew without being told that there was no way screaming and crying was going to get him anywhere with me or his papa. Just a suggestion: try ignoring the meltdown or putting the kid into his/her own room alone when it starts as a firm signal that its not going to result in any feedback of any kind. I do find small children that scream and cry for attention especially annoying as its like one of the dogs that bark and bark and the owner just keeps saying "stop, Fluffy" with no result - duh, that is what the dog wants, is your attention. Don't le
  13. Chipwich but it has to be an Its It! Trader Joe's version is not bad, but nothing beats an Its It.
  14. I am just finishing Murder in Old Bombay by Nev March which I picked up because of a review in the NY Times which made it sound like it would be just my sort of thing: a murder mystery and set in Raj India. Well, its okay, not great. Seems really unsophisticated compared to most of the other mysteries I read, almost like a "young adult" novel with lots of reiteration and a sappy romance. The historical context is interesting and the author takes pains to provide lots and lots of background info but I don't know...just not complex enough to be really satisfying from my point of view.
  15. I left home when I was 16 to start college and wound up becoming the girlfriend of the guy who "managed" the co-op house I moved into and he was 26 at the time. We were together for two years, parted amicably. I really have no problem with this age difference if both parties are emancipated and fully consenting...most girls at 16/17 years old are easily as "mature" as a 20-something year old guy, in my experience. Both Brad and Juliette were in a crazy movie together as I recall - was this during their relationship or afterwards? I just remember him killing someone in the movie to get some red
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