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  1. I came across and posted this meme over in the Celebrity thread when discussion veered toward Shatner in space this week. Itt is perfect for this thread now, with her having a cane, taking away her drinks. I would love to get these two in a room together and listen to their chatter. I would love to see Shatner come in and get Charles and the other dweeb siblings all in a blather.
  2. I love an organized person. I do have a stone coaster that says "Organized people are just too lazy to look for stuff" though. I am organized adjacent. Ha
  3. I don't think Shatner has an ego problem. He has a persona that might be construed by some as ego but he is to me a straight shooter who is living life to the fullest. I was looking for an article about him and came across this from his facebook group page and saw his pinned announcement at the top https://www.facebook.com/groups/272733319504206/ From that note he doesn't come across as wanting to have his ego propped up. Plus also, I want this to happen now. The Queen has mourned long enough over Phillip... time to have the time of her life with Shatner
  4. Ha I have a soft spot for him and I thought about him most of the day today with random pleas in my head of "don't let anything happen to him". I only know him from Boston Legal and his Twitter. Glad to see his adventure was trouble free.
  5. In the velvet picture: sigh I miss the days before those claw clips became the go to for holding back hair. I am a sucker for a pretty barrette or hair comb to style up a look. I love the dress on the mother of the bride. Must say that the whole group was pretty much uncoordinated, right? Overall, meh on the whole bunch.
  6. I have very few celebrity crushes and dang if y'all aren't trying to quash my Flay moments. Ha.
  7. I looked at the full pictures linked. The dress is full on marshmallow fluff, which is okay. I am not against well endowed women wearing strapless, and she did do a pretty good job of keeping them in the dress, yet I don't think the top part went with the bottom part. The top needed to be marshmallow-y to go with the bottom or a different neckline or the bottom needed to be sleek to go with the top, more like the attendants dresses. It made me think how SYTTD brides would make a dress from two dresses and it never really works. It doesn't photograph well just hanging but looks magical at the b
  8. I am surprised that all the states don't have a way to stop robocalls since that option is readily available here in NC through all major carriers, cell and landline.
  9. Bobby Flay is cool for me because he has his confidence/self deprecation ratio balanced out. Also I fell for him when he was so flustered and smitten when he would do episodes with his Texas wife. I was super bummed when they broke up and I was all How could you break his heart? He was so flustered and smitten for you! for a minute. I watched a bio type show of some sort about him and he wasn't always confident, he grew into it and it suits him. I like a confident kind of nerdy guy (I would rotate him with Ranger when I am having a Stephanie Plum moment, ha). He seems like a kind man. Gu
  10. The wedding dress almost made me hyperventilate from feelings of claustrophobia when looking at it again. I feel like I can't move when I look at the tightness of it, the fabric is terrible, it doesn't look like the inside would be sleek and silky and slide right on, it looks like it would grab your skin like a wet bathing suit. full body shiver Beautiful necklines and jackets and handsome men, oh my! Impressed how the neckline can save two otherwise rather meh dresses. I do like them both but the neckline elevates them. Who did this collection? Are there more options?
  11. If that color were available in the stores here I would snatch it up quickly. I am having so much trouble with fall colors this year. I continue to be fascinated by her pocketbooks.
  12. I usually don't like one shoulder dresses (I have issues with "which side would be bare?" syndrome, ha) but I love that dress on her at the wedding. Maybe the dark blue wrap(?) over the covered shoulder makes a difference for me. The pattern is so pretty and the skirt part drapes so nicely on her. I would love to see her walking. Sorry to the bride's mother but that dress is terrible and her hair looks like she pulled it back haphazardly after getting out of the shower and forgot to style it. Matilde looks fabulous. I am going back and forth on if her shoe has a strap(s) or if it is shad
  13. I thought rocks also. I would have wanted a bit of cheese, meat, bread with the wine, not just nuts. Maybe they had a meal sometime while there. It doesn't look very relaxing to me, where they are. She looks okay-ish in that picture. I think she is using her stick thingy more for her self pictures. Her bangs are as usual atrocious (always so greasy looking! I flinch at that every single time) but her skin looks very good. I wish she would use a different color eyeliner.
  14. Awww, I like her hair like that. And I would wear that dress. I wish I could see her shoes with it. I am sure they cost a small fortune but I continue to dislike those sunglasses on Anne. They just look too sporty/astronaut-y on her.
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