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  1. Yeah to both posts above, I was all Wow so many over the top dresses for a two to three day period (or more?) and then when I found out it was "business" it burst my royal bubble fantasy. lol
  2. I like the dress above and would wear it if I had the right shape. My point about Lady Kitty was that my mind didn't go to a rift just because there was no social media acknowledgement from her father. He may have talked to her on the phone or had a card sent for her to read during the wedding weekend. The article above I linked to shares a bit about how they all came to be in different regions and she hopes to return to England eventually (this was pre-marriage but while in the early stages of being with her now husband). She also shares her love of Italy so that explains the over the t
  3. Oh, yeah those are the same but it changes the meaning if you leave off the rest (below) Oh hell, I gotta run and get Sophie to the groomer...brb! eta I think we agree, it is just getting lost in the translation.
  4. Ahhhh, but what you paraphrased is not what I wrote.
  5. Or it could be this is how her family works: https://www.townandcountrymag.com/uk/culture/entertainment/a36262196/lady-kitty-spencer-for-me-love-is-the-most-important-thing-in-the-world/ From the article: Reports have linked her romantic­ally to the businessman Michael Lewis, but she has never publicly spoken about her personal life – nor is she ever likely to, she says. “I feel less vulnerable when I don’t discuss things like my love life. I just think, ‘Really, what’s that got to do with anyone else?’ It shouldn’t make a difference to anyone’s day. Who I love or don’t love, or
  6. Did they sew her into the dress that day or was that video during the fittings/making of the dress (which is what I thought)? Also the short white dress with the green bows and spectacular jewels was worn the day after the wedding. https://images.app.goo.gl/QJoX3DnUm7iRYi6EA (not sure about this, trying to link to a picture) eta okay, yes it worked! That dress in my link above does not photograph well.
  7. I love the whole dress for being couture and bespoke. I love the bottom part period and would have had the top part more along the lines of Kate's dress if I were in a situation of having the kind of wedding that she had over the weekend. The information given after my question of is it a love match is appreciated. I don't want to view it any other way than love. @Scarlett45 The link to the green dress isn't working for me... These are the three dresses I want to see. The blue one and the white reception one are stunningly beautiful but these are what I would choose. If you
  8. I love the wedding gown from the waist down including the train. I saw a picture of her and also the D&G clip of how they put together the dresses in a deep green dress but haven't been able to see the whole look. I am going to spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for it. I zoomed in on the blue dress to see the jewels and whoa, very beautiful. What's the story about these two? How is he a billionaire? Is it a love match?
  9. I like-ish the dress, would probably love it if the sash was a different color (it clashes with his blue suit!) and agree with love the shoes part. Ahhh, Kitty Spenser and weddings. I have been immersed in weddings/baby showers for almost three darn just realized it is four! years now. I hate the planning part but absolutely love to watch the process and see the end results.
  10. Randomly, I love that Kate is taking charge of the public image of her kids through her photography.
  11. Southern gal here. The blessing of hearts has been high jacked, maybe by Hollywood?, in that it really isn't a put down but more of a sharing of commiseration. I acknowledge that there are judgmental ladies and gents all over who notice every thing that someone does and comments on them but I just hate that the Bless her heart/bless his heart/ bless your heart/bless their heart has been given such a bad reputation elsewhere. Because it naturally comes out as comfort saying, not a put down. And my main point is is that we don't really go around just blurting out blessing of hearts all the time.
  12. My Mom was able to convince my southern paternal grandma to wear pants in the early 70's (just in time for the polyester craze) but she was never ever able to convince my northern maternal grandma to ever ever ever wear a pair of pants. I think wherever you go you will find people to titter about "rules and protocols" and it isn't just limited to the southern US. I do agree that when it comes up, along with other things, it is mostly just clickbait trash journalism. And then people run with it.
  13. I love that the adults are posed but not "posey" looking and that all of the children are candidly looking everywhere but the camera. I like the loafers also. I just put out shirt, pants, loafers for the worser half to put on later tonight for a casual dinner theater with the baby boy, his girlfriend and one of our other son's two oldest daughters. I am off to Wilmington to see the latest sonogram of the fourth granddaughter. (My husband asked How many sonogram's are they going to do? Is something wrong? I said No this generation does one one second after you can tell if it is a boy or a girl
  14. Yes! (not sure if you are jesting or serious, I am reading it as serious font). Those Herman Munster shoes are terrible. The only thing I could say is that they were going for a continuation of the geometric pattern from the dress. I hate with a passion those stacked pump shoes and wish they would go away forever. sigh The dress is screaming for a matchy shoe, either the same pattern or at least pick up some of the color.
  15. I like that pattern, especially the color combo and I would be thrilled to wear the dress and the hat. I wish I could see her standing to see the whole effect of the dress. It is such a grown up pattern against the whimsical colors of purple. That is a unappealing family photo of the Grimaldi's. They all look terribly tired, their fashion is awful.
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