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  1. Same and maybe I'd feel differently if the people I know personally who use it were only referencing their own memories of a past incident but that's not what they're doing. "I don't care what the experts think about X, this is my truth". Ugh.
  2. Two peeves today (so far) : People who pass along conspiracy theories or other idiocies and insist they are just "speaking my truth". I'm not sure where this expression came from but I am pretty sure it was not meant to be invoked by those who are passing off ill informed opinions as fact. Mainly advertisers who are using words as verbs, that aren't verbs, most recently "That's why I Walmart" and "Your friends will want to chef in this kitchen".
  3. @Jane Tuesday and @shapeshifter excellent suggestion but sadly I checked and turns out he just decided he had had enough and needed to "speak my truth". Ugh. He also posted pictures of Anne Frank and concentration camp survivors and said this was exactly the same thing as having to have proof of vaccination. I'm done with him. Unfriended and thank god he lives in BC and I'm in Ontario. I honestly don't know how people are coping who have closer relatives (geographically and family wise) who have such extreme views.
  4. My British Columbia based cousin posts very little on FB, until today. Now I find that he is completely unhinged with regard to the upcoming election and Covid protocols. I have no idea why he stayed quiet this long and decided to vent with constant posts (at least 30 in the space of an hour) but for now I have him on ignore and if this continues the next step is unfriending (the true Facebookian insult). If he lived closer I might look into an intervention as clearly something has happened - or maybe he was always like this but kept it offline - I don't know.
  5. Until I read it here just now I had no idea that Charlie Sheen had anything to do with child porn in any way. Was he never charged?
  6. Agreed! I didn't see my birth certificate until I applied for a passport at 16 but I knew how old I was before then! The idea that because Loretta Lynn may have come from an impoverished background means she wasn't aware of her actual age is pretty insulting!
  7. We were living overseas on Sept 11, 2001 and coincidentally I was having cable installed right when the second plane hit. The cable guy and I just sat on the sofa staring at the TV in shock. I called my Mom back in Canada and ended up telling her to turn on her TV because something terrible was happening. My parents lived near the air force base in Ottawa at that time and she told me later she heard many stories about military parents rushing to the school on the base to say good bye to their kids. Because of course no one in those initial hours after the attacks had any idea what might be
  8. Someone on my FB posted a meme about that it goes something like "according to my profile I'm a single person but according to the box of Kraft Dinner I just ate I'm a family of 4". Today's peeve: psychics. Especially the one I saw (briefly I must add) when I was clicking the channels last night. She calls herself "Long Island medium" and on last nights show she was focusing on 9/11 and bring messages from those who died to their loved ones. I have no words for people who do this. Well I do have words but my mother would wash my mouth out with soap if I used them!
  9. A match made in - well I was going to say heaven but that doesn't sound right.
  10. I was just thinking about what I really want in the next co-host. I really do think they need a conservative viewpoint - but what they also need is someone who can be convincing. I would love it if they could find someone who can be friendly and engaging and put forth that viewpoint in such a way that I come away thinking "hmm never saw it that way before, food for thought". Somehow though I don't think that's what they're going to do.
  11. I remember them trouncing her arguments regularly. With MM, especially this past year it was like they (the other co-hosts) gave up even trying to discuss/argue/reason with her. This week has been such a refreshing change. I don't mind if there are differing viewpoints - I want that - but if we end up back with a prima donna monopolizing the show my return to The View will be a short one.
  12. I had known the UK had a horrendous tax rate back then but didn't realize how bad it was until I read a biography of Agatha Christie recently. According to this biographer the tax situation for her was horrible and she ended up leaving a much smaller estate than you would expect from someone who was (and still is) one of the world's best selling novelists!
  13. They just started airing the first season on our Comedy Channel. It's on either just before or just after Big Bang Theory. It's been interesting seeing the first season - the kids looks so young! - and as I had seen very few of those first season episodes I'm appreciating it.
  14. My mother still insists she is taller than I am. She's not. It happened gradually but one day it felt like I was towering over her. Given my height I rarely tower over any adult of my acquaintance - very odd feeling.
  15. Does anyone else work somewhere that has mandated that all employees must be vaccinated for Covid? My husband works in a hospital and this is the case for them now. This week his conspiracy theorist colleague is off work using up vacation time and says he absolute refuses to get the "government vaccination" and he's going around telling everyone that there is no way "this will hold up in court". I am just really hoping that any workplace that has said you MUST be vaccinated to work here sticks to that because I really hate anti-vaxxers right now and the idea that somehow they wil
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