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  1. Aside from being born first what on earth did Josh Duggar ever do to give him this golden child status? I mean was he healing lepers? Speaking 5 languages at the age of 3? Solving world hunger? I just do not get it.
  2. I've often wondered if the level of nasty attacks would have been lessened if prominent haters like Piers the Racist had never gotten on the hate bandwagon. It truly is the gutter press that is the problem, I have elderly expat friends who read things like The People's Friend and Hello Magazine religiously and I have never seen anything but positive coverage of all things royal - including Meghan - in there. Had Piers and his ilk treated Meghan badly but the same badly that they treat any woman who dares marry into the Royal Family would it have ever gotten so bad? I
  3. I never realised before how Josh wasn't just the favoured child but basically considered by his parents to be the second coming of Christ. I guess it's possible they still see him as being the golden child being severely tested by Satan but somehow I'm thinking that's not too likely anymore. And I can only imagine how seriously pissed off his siblings are right now. At least the ones who have two working brain cells. They've spent their entire lives kowtowing to this slug and being told he's better than they are and it's been one salacious scandal after another. Topped off with THIS? I g
  4. Same. I mean I know she is nuts - like deeply nuts - but she's not completely evil. I wouldn't wish what is happening to this family on anyone.
  5. Exactly! I just went out and mailed a parcel to my son and his family containing Easter presents and birthday stuff because I kept hoping we'd see them but it ain't happening and I figured I may as well send the stuff before I send out the Christmas presents! I haven't seem them in months (and even then it was a socially distant visit) and they live one province over and less than an hour's drive. So yeah spare me the crap about mean Meghan depriving grandparents of visits with the grandchild or cruel Charles refusing to allow visits - or whatever version is being played by whoever.
  6. The specific stuff Sheldon says about his Dad's infidelities are things he witnessed firsthand. I hope YS doesn't go there to be honest. I'd prefer it if they do have to have the marriage self destruct (and given this is a Chuck Lorre show I can't see it not happening even if there had never been a BBT) that they just do it without dragging in every incident Sheldon recounted on BBT.
  7. I was wondering about this as well. I've read what the belief system has to say about child molestation and other abuses -but I wondered what they say about crimes like murder or theft. Is it enough if someone repents and Jesus heals them? Would that mean the accused person shouldn't face trial or go to jail?
  8. It's this that makes me think that Josh will cop a plea. The odds of the case being thrown out of court unheard are pretty small. If this goes to trial all of this and more is going to come out. Even if Josh is prepared to roll the dice on being found innocent I have to wonder if JB is prepared to take that chance.
  9. Do we have a timeline for when this was likely to have happened? Because once Josh moved out of the parents house - compound - (wasn't he in Washington until he screwed up re: Ashley Madison?) he would have had unfettered access to the Internet.
  10. Over at the Young Sheldon page there is discussion on whether the show will follow the BBT timeline in terms of the way Sheldon described his parent's marriage and his father's infidelities. Much as I want them to walk back some of this every time I watch BBT it strikes me that the Sheldon we see here is Sheldon for a reason. To tinker too much with what we've been told about Sheldon's childhood would make it a little harder to watch BBT going forward. I don't think Sheldon was lying or misinterpreting the things he said -- but I also don't want George to be the drunken womanizer we're told
  11. It's hard to say why they decided to do this. It could have been a nod to the close relationship they were showing on YS so they felt they needed to give Sheldon back a loving father so to speak. It also could be because Sheldon grew as a person through the course of the series, and especially after he and Amy married. He was ready to make his peace with his father - maybe forgive him for things he couldn't forgive before? Whatever the reason that was a very touching episode!
  12. Do you think that, at least with Michelle, even if there is that reflexive denial that deep down where you really can't lie to yourself that she knows he's guilty and that he's never going to change? If so despite despising her I can't help feeling sorry for her.
  13. I know it's an office job as opposed to working on the floor - but I've had several young relatives work at Walmart and have a 'come to jesus' moment about the value of getting a degree.
  14. It's too bad for the Duggars though. In an alternate reality they would have a tame lawyer on retainer that they wouldn never have to pay!
  15. I hadn't thought about that before. Any sign of acknowledgement so far? I remember when my husband graduated engineering there was a ceremony where they got their iron rings (I think this is very specific to Canadian engineers) anyway my mother went to the ceremony with us and was so proud of him. Honestly I think it almost meant more to her than it did to me! I am going on a limb here and suggesting even if Michelle hadn't been shattered (theoretically anyway) by the latest Josh scandal, she would not be swelling with pride at Derrick's accomplishment 😔 but perhaps I'm wrong.
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