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S09.E13: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

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With less than a week until decision day, the couples weigh the pros and cons of staying married or getting a divorce; when things finally start to look up for all four couples, a trust-shattering secret is revealed.

Airs 9/4/19.

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1 hour ago, Ohwell said:

I don't know, for some reason I think it involves Keith.  He's been too chill.

Nah, this show is too boring for something actually that shocking. It's gotta be the whole Matt talking to a girl in the bar thing they've shown 200 times already........

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Deonna feels she was chosen for a reason.  She seems content.  Thought she looked gorgeous.  I’m no fan of her personality in general but she handled the time at Unfiltered well.  Thinks Matt and Amber should give it up. 

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I like Greg but he speaks in a kind of gobbledygook way that leaves me scratching my head and thinking "what did he just say?"

First Elizabeth, and now Deonna.  If I hear another person on this show say "between xxx and I," I'm going to scream. 

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1 hour ago, Retired at last said:

Please keep the comments coming because I won't watch that ridiculous mean girl Jamie Otis.

I actually started watching a couple of weeks ago because I like that she asks rude questions and is very blunt.

For example, the faces she made when they replayed Matt BSing everyone last week made me smile. Her extensions are very ridiculous though.

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