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  1. I think the attitude people have is what screws them. Some think because they're married they don't have to date & win over their spouse. Some treat it like they're not even dating & they can quit because they dislike some things, not patient or accepting. A lot are self-centered. They really need to flirt & build their connection. Maybe that could've helped Brett & Bao. Again. There should be a manual by now on how to be married at first sight. 😂 I wonder who would follow it.
  2. Michaela dressed for the game & stood there like she was playing, just to say she wasn't playing & she was a cheerleader. Total nut job. At least Bao dressed the part & was clear from the get that she wouldn't play.
  3. Dr. Pepper basically said Ryan's been collecting flags to quit. I so hope that's not the case. That's so typical! He'd join Johnny & Zack's club. 😅😂
  4. The show should give them phones so we can see & hear what they say when they communicate on them. 😂
  5. Johnny & Bao weren't wearing their rings during their meetings. Why didn't the "experts" ask them about that? Even more didn't wear their rings during the volleyball game. 🤔😅
  6. WHY did they Zack & Michaela both say they would say no if it was decision day???? 🤔 That was the biggest thing & they totally ignored that & blew up the reaction to that. I guess Zack's a no cuz she's crazy & Michaela's a no cuz he's a no. 😅
  7. WTF is up with Johnny & Zack comparing their wives to some non-existent "ideal" wife??? How do they not see how ridiculous that is?! Totally harmful to the marriage. They're not taking their wives as they are, they're trying to see if they fit who they think they want. Idiotic! & they're both "not good enough" types too! They need a taste of their own medicine so bad! Tell them they're not good enough & they're not fitting the ideal husband. Ugh
  8. I've had it with Ryan & Brett's mess. They say NOTHING. Ryan says what he's supposed to & will do NOTHING. Ryan's trying avoid telling Brett the truth & Brett's trying to avoid hearing it. Pathetic. 😒😒 She should've been on Unfiltered to be called out on it.
  9. These people! What's so hard about fully understanding??? Ask what they mean! ONE follow-up question could make things so clear! 😂 So painfully ordinary. Ryan & Brett & Zack & Michaela definitely shouldn't be on the couples' retreat, but we get to see the crazy. So.
  10. Again. WEAK PEOPLE!!! So scared of conflict it's eating them up inside. Again. It's 2021. Plenty of information on conflict resolution. There's no excuse. Johnny & his insanity. Complaining about their poor communication, yet repeating it over & over & over & over. Ryan's so afraid of "unpleasant" conversations, he avoids them altogether. Ya. That's helpful. Brett's afraid to hear the reality that he quit, but acts like she wants the truth. A joke! Zack is afraid of Michaela's crazy & his answer to what marriage he wanted so bad was stupid. Not helpful at all. Rachel is afr
  11. Ain't it interesting how Myrla & Rachel say they've gotten more than they asked for in their husbands? Gil definitely doesn't share that sentiment. Myrla's gushing over him & how happy he makes her while Gil's saying issa wrap if she doesn't stop the tantrums. Typical self-centered view. 😂
  12. You know it's a no when the guys stop the sex. Johnny's a no, like Matt was. The only honorable thing they do, after doing the wrong thing by having sex with them at all. I think Bao isn't that hurt by his cruel words because she's not emotionally attached or connected, so that works in her favor. It's protection.
  13. Johnny looks disgusting in his loose shirts he wears to bed.
  14. This "unanswered questions" thing is still so weird & now they tell them what to ask. What??? & Brett is why all four should meet afterward and discuss things. It's too late by the time they do it. Maybe they should have it before the monthiversary, like when they get back from the honeymoon. 😅 There should be no unanswered questions, no unresolved issues. It's weird. Asking them what it'd take to say yes on DD made more sense, but again the couples should already be discussing that. Meh
  15. Oh Pastor Cal, speaking of couples who "turned things around" to give them hope. Too bad he wasn't talking about any past participants so it didn't matter. 😅😂
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