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  1. My gaydar isn't perfect by any means. I can only identify the flamboyant ones, but the tone and energy of some guys give me gay vibes. Mainly Jose & Gil, but even the others can make me think twice at times. It's just a lack of masculinity. It's such a fine line. Like with Miles. I wonder if any of the wives will feel the same way Karen did. Prolly Myrla. 😅
  2. HATED Bao's awful reaction to her gifts. TERRIBLE ATTITUDE! & for her to make up all those things up in her mind about him from those gifts was just absurd. She started the sabotage right then & I hope since she's familiar with him all that crap's been removed from her mind. I swear these supposedly smart people never learn from their past. 😅😂
  3. Ugh. Really disgusted by Johnny's neediness! The IRONY!! He wants to be wanted & clung to because he didn't have that from his mother. Again. HEAL YOUR CHILDHOOD WOUNDS!!! The fact that he leans into it & wants it just shows how immature he is. Seriously, these couples look like they should be on Unmatchables. 😅😂 Love languages are what's trending, but people really need to look into their attachment styles. Bao will probably be cold like his mother & he'll be consumed with making her love him. That'd serve him right.
  4. I think that was a bit mean of him to say that. Ya. He looks old & tired. Who knows why. We do know HIS BEST FRIEND DIED. I guess he shoulda explained that to them if that's why he seemed down.
  5. ERMERGERT Erik & Virginia are divorcing?? SHOCKER!! NOT! Hope they're finally done... Only ONE couple left standing from season 12 & I'm not a fan of them either. 😅😂 Hypochris definitely made it one of the worst seasons. He's the WORST EVAR!!!
  6. It never felt like Ryan was fully in, like he was just going along. He wasn't trying to be in love for whatever reason. I think Clara wasn't fully in too because she was afraid of him leaving her... which he ultimately did. You can only chug along like that for so long. I'm glad it's over. Better now than later.
  7. WHAT HAPPENED to Season 2 couples??? 2 of them could've been on a list. On the surface, they all seemed fine. Davina & Sean & Jessica & Ryan had instant chemistry... There should've been a "Sweetest Pre-Wedding Gift," "Slowest Burn," & "Roller Coaster" category.
  8. WHO goes to a stranger's house for a FIRST date??? So WEIRD! Flowers were nice & weird. I really don't understand why dogs barking and jumping on visitors isn't embarrassing enough to correct. Like. Come on! FIX IT! It's ANNOYING!!! I can't stand bad dog owners. Cue Erik & Virginia FINALLY getting around to having a dog trainer try to help. Doesn't look like they learned anything. The peanut butter trick looked completely unnecessary, they acted fine in the tub.
  9. Mold her into what he wants? Oh GTFOH with that!! That's RICH coming from the wife of the guy dictacting what a wife does! 😂😂 Jacob didn't try to mold Haley into anything!! He simply expected CONSISTENCY. He wanted her to be who she PRESENTED herself to be in the beginning! Of course he gave up getting to know her because what he was shown was a LIE!! He wanted a quality person! Someone warm, receptive, & considerate. Apparently, that was unreasonable. 😅
  10. LET IT GO JACOB!!! She said what she said!! She felt no effort! Just like he felt she didn't try. She can say & do whatever, whether it's true or bs. WHO CARES?!! We SAW what happened! Did he really expect better from her? 😂😂 Did he really think saying he disagreed would make her take it back or something? I really don't get his endgame. Does he even know his point? He could've said she quit on day 4 & was just committed to filming after that. He loves harping on one thing & making her uncomfortable. It's twisted.
  11. BEST PART: NO HYPOCHRIS!!! He prolly refused to film. We know production loves his instability. I wish they would've cut people mentioning that fool!! I hope who he keeps in contact with doesn't initiate contact. I'd tell him I couldn't have someone so unstable in my life.😅
  12. A NYE vow renewal when he still hadn't even said he loved her?!!! ALL. THE. EYE. ROLLS!!! #ICANTEVEN with them!! The absurdity isn't even interesting. They brought NOTHING to the episode.
  13. Paige's date was unattractively shy & gave gay vibes.
  14. WORST FAKERS: 1. Keith 2. Will 3. Haley 4. Henry 5. Christina These people acted like they were actually trying at the marriage, knowing they were just there for the cameras & would divorce on decision day. They should get their participation award revoked! 😂 MOST SCREWED: 1. Amber 2. Paige 3. Kate 4. Jacob 5. Taylor 6. Mindy 7. Meka 8. Jasmine I think these wives whose husbands had sex with them had it worse. I'm surprised they had a "Double Agents" category. Glad they didn't have an "Awkward Initiation" category. Jasmine would be #1. 😅😂
  15. They prolly put them on the list cuz they have a kid. I really could've done without her wedding lap dance & pole dance. It was uncomfortable then & still is. 😵 Glad they haven't had any more kids. He's gunna leave one day. He's not all in, he's just going along with it.
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