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Golden Girls Alphabet Game

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Is it just me, or are we missing X, Y and Z for the last round?  I didn't have an X, but I had a Y and Z (at my home computer, but I can look them up here at work too).

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X is for Doug CoX who played cousin Sven as there are no actors on the show who start with X as a first or last name.


Y is for Yvette Heyden who portrayed Olga, Sven's bride.


Z is for Zach Grenier who was security at the hotel where they were doing the murder mystery weekend and told Blanche not to leave the hotel as she's the suspect.


Now you guys can officially start the next game :)

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F is for Father, which Michael was about to become when he married the "regal black woman," Lorraine.


G is for Generous, which Blanche's niece was with her affection.

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K is for knocked up, which is what Dorothy, Stan and Sophia thought Kate was when actually she was announcing that she'd left Dennis for cheating on her.

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I don't know how hard this would be, but my idea for a round was popculture and then-current references from the show.  For instance:


A is for Anita Bryant for when the caterer exclaims to Blanche, "Well excuse me for living, Anita Bryant!"

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L is for Lex Luthor, comic book character Dorothy mentioned to get Mr. Terrific from jumping, "Mr. Terrific, I think Lex Luthor and the Joker are harrassing an old lady on the stairwell. Could you come up and zap them with your x-ray vision?"

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O is for Oprah Winfrey, which Dorothy mentioned when Rose and she were talking about UFOs. 


Rose: "Planes are not that thin or that bright."

Dorothy: "Neither is Oprah Winfrey but that doesn't make her a flying saucer.

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