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Golden Girls Alphabet Game

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Z is for Zsa Zsa Gabor--how Sophia sees her daughter Gloria.


Sophia: I always thought of us as the Gabors....I'm Jolie, the mother. Your sister, Gloria, she's Zsa Zsa. And Ava, well, Ava was, of course, your brother, Phil.


How about the girls' stories for the next round? 

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We finished pop culture.  D is for the Donaldson twins who put the for sale sign on the lawn?  E is for the Eagle who lands via Marguerite.


Rose mentioned Sandy Duncan while they were on the lanai in a conversation they were having.


L is for Luck which Rose was suffering a string of bad luck during the Marguerite episode when she was hit with a baseball and fell through a chair.

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Q is for quoting Shakespeare, which Dorothy and Miles did on the lanai.


R is for Rocko, who nearly killed himself climbing over the wall to the lanai, then later noticed the gate.

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V is for Virgin, which Rose came close to being so they could eat the sauce on the lanai.

W is for the Witch that put a curse on Dorothy, when she kissed Miles on the lanai, Sophia had to reveal it to reverse.

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We're definitely running out of topics.  Let's try inconsistencies, of which there were a lot!


A is for accident -- one of the ways Blanche said her husband died.

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It's hard to run out of topics - you can pick a character (doesn't have to be a main one), you can pick an episode, you can pick a season, you can pick a location, you can pick a specific item or prop...  the possibilities are endless.  That said, I love the inconsistencies idea.

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N is for being better Ned than Red, the St.Olaf manifesto on communism, even though the town only had one phone booth and if you won it on the board game one entity owned everything.  I am pretty sure it was a phone booth.

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Q is for quarrel, which is what the girls would do at the drop of a hat by taking the side of a stranger (Holly, Dr. Eliot Clayton) over the word of a long-time roommate and supposed good friend.  It wasn't really a show inconsistency, but it felt like a character inconsistency.

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