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  1. Ethan seemed to think that Olivia would jump for joy when he told her he decided he wanted to be with her. I think she’s smart to say that they need to take things slowly. His words mean nothing if his actions don’t match. Time will tell.
  2. I agree that their wealth is galling, but not because they lack a college education. There are plenty of hard working people in the trades (electricians, plumbers, contractors, etc.) who do quite well and do not require a bachelor's degree. There are also plenty of college educated people who are just scraping by. To me their wealth is galling because it comes at the expense of their children's privacy.
  3. What are the chances that Ethan will go running back to Mommy and Daddy? He doesn't seem to have friends. That's not really his fault because of the way he was raised, but he doesn't seem to have even tried to develop friendships with people his age since he got married. The fact that Ethan and Olivia never see each other is sad. Ethan just runs away whenever the conversation gets challenging. I actually feel sorry for Olivia. She is at least trying, he isn't.
  4. I totally agree SunnyBeBe. They’re all bickering way too much, but I really want to say, “Shut up Kelly.” The judges may make me give up on this show.
  5. This is a perfect description of the Busbys' life. And the ones paying the price are their kids.
  6. For me the jury is still out about Peter. Do customers get to choose their consultant? I hope they at least are able to say if they don’t want a male dressing them. I may be old fashioned but I wouldn’t be comfortable with a man in that situation.
  7. Why weren't the boys wearing seat belts when driving to the golf course? That was so distracting to me. I wish Ethan and Olivia would go to marriage counseling. Even if they split up, at least they'll know they tried. it seems Ethan is the one who won't do it.
  8. I’ve never known any mom, especially a mom of 6 young kids, who could take so many girlfriend days/weekends/trips.
  9. Letting them spend every penny the minute they get it certainly isn't teaching them anything. (But what can we expect, that's apparently what their parents do.) When I was very small (back in the 50s) I got an allowance of 25 cents a week. Ten cents went to savings, ten cents went to Sunday School, and I had five cents to spend. When I joined Brownies and had to pay dues, my allowance had to be increased. LOL Money skills should be taught from an early age. Besides, those girls have so much stuff that I doubt they appreciate any of it.
  10. I think the Plath kids were allowed to socialize, but only with like-minded families and only with adults present at all times to supervise. Personally, I wanted my children to be exposed to people who were different (religion, race, beliefs, etc.) because that's what makes up the world and they need to learn how to get along with everyone. Of course, there were plenty of discussions about why we didn't share some of those beliefs. The main job of parents is to raise children who can live independently and think for themselves.
  11. Tonight's blond bride never had any intention of getting a dress at Kleinfeld. She was there just because her mom wanted her to shop there. The other bride was annoying. Her fiancé was going to buy her second dress but he didn't know it yet? One of those "it's all about me" brides.
  12. I think Olivia was right about Ethan being unable to make his own decisions, which is quite sad. Therapy would do him a world of good. But the future of the marriage doesn't look bright. At least Kim let Lydia go to Ethan and Olivia's house alone. Does Ethan have a job? Moriah and Micah still have a lot of growing up to do. Not unusual for their age, but their upbringing puts them at a real disadvantage.
  13. I agree that Olivia is a big part of the problem, but Ethan can't really find his own voice. Up until the day he got married his parents were running his life, and then Olivia took over. He was never taught -- or really allowed -- to think for himself growing up. No wonder he's so miserable.
  14. The parents have raised kids who are totally unprepared to navigate the real world. Exhibit 1: Ethan. Poor guy seems depressed and unhappy, completely unable to figure out what to do. Is Max living with Moriah? Lydia is very pretty and it looks like she’s starting to grow a backbone and speak her mind. I hate that they film her in her prayer closet; that seems like a real invasion of privacy.
  15. Poor Lydia is going to end up in an arranged marriage.
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