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  1. I'm really, really old -- I've never heard about any of these people. The only reason I had ever heard of Jo Jo is because the neighbor girls dressed as her for Halloween.
  2. In winter. Or perhaps a monsoon. I would love to know how they -- as a group -- decide how to use the "family" money. Or does Kody make all the financial decisions. I doubt their five brains combined understand the basics of finance.
  3. If there was ever a couple who should just quietly elope, it's Mariah and Audrey.
  4. Finally watched this mess. I'm astounded that Truely can't ride a bike at age 9. With so many older siblings, I'd would have thought that she would want to emulate them. In a family that large, bike riding should be something that's almost automatic was soon as they're mobile. I feel like she must have been ignored a lot by her brothers and siblings (not to mention her numerous parents).
  5. At Kevin's premiere Randall said that the drug trial started in two weeks. I'm hoping that they're either too late or that Rebecca isn't accepted into the trial. That way she isn't the one saying NO and Randall can't blame her (but he'll blame someone, I'm sure). He's become such a selfish asshole. I really didn't like the episode that much. I kept waiting for some kind of comic relief, but there was absolutely none.
  6. They had Colorado before California I noticed. But with the editing, who knows if that's actually the way it happened. Isn't that the groom who had to go to the hospital? I'm surprised more people didn't have to be medically treated. It looked like the steps had a landing about halfway down. Why not have the grooms/partners meet them there? Walking down all of those stairs in a long, heavy dress would freak me out.
  7. I felt sorry for everyone having to stand out in that heat and humidity for hours. Assuming that each bride had 2 minutes to walk down those stairs and meet her groom/partner, and assuming that there were no production interruptions (unlikely), that part alone would have taken nearly two hours. I was worried that one of the brides would fall. I also hope that the couples were there just for the show and had "real" weddings at home.
  8. Me too. I seek God's guidance, especially when making a big decision. But I don't go into it saying, "God, this is what I want and you need to prove it," which seems to be what all of the Browns do.
  9. Usually the panel talks a lot after the reveal, fawning over the singer, but this time they were all uncharacteristically quiet. Left more time to show Palin's encore.
  10. I've had that reaction several times. And I bet a lot of younger people had that reaction last night. I thought it was funny how the panel members didn't quite know how to react, like they were afraid to do or say anything positive. I don't like to see politicians on these kind of shows, but at least here nobody knew who she was, so she wasn't booted because of her identity. I also agree that this group is pretty weak over all.
  11. The only reasonable thing said the whole episode came from Brianna (I think, may have been Aurora). "You're the parents, you made the choice." Or something to that effect. The kids reacted badly because their parents keep making promises and then breaking them. Horrible, horrible parents. The older kids seem to be doing OK, but I think a lot of that is because they were mostly raised prior to the show. Now everything that happens is to keep the TLC gravy train moving along.
  12. I think most rational people would have told Rebecca that they found a clinical trial she might be interested in, given her printed information to look over, and offered to help get more info if she wanted it. But Randall is not rational. He wanted to bulldoze her (and his siblings) with absolutely no concern for her wants and desires. Randall knows what's best. Period.
  13. I liked this family and the house they ended up with. Nothing was terribly over the top, but was made to meet his physical needs. They seemed to be hard working, deserving people. The only things I didn't like were the window/cabinets and the appliances; I think I'd get tired of them pretty quickly.
  14. The mom was a child shrink? I doubt I'd take my child to her after seeing this.
  15. I think young Kevin just needed that one to complete a set, and he and Rebecca found it together. A good memory for adult Kevin.
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