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  1. I could be mistaken, but I think things didn't get bad at Debbie's house until after her father's death. So when the grandson was very young and was staying with her it was probably OK. She sure was resentful of having to take care of others, though.
  2. I think the only reason she agreed to marry Tom was because he comes with a checkbook. He's so in love with the high school girl he knew that he'll probably bail her out financially. And heaven help him if he gets so much as a hangnail; there's no way Debbie is going to take care of anyone. Hopefully he'll come to his senses before they actually walk down the aisle.
  3. Joshua was a very mature 13 year old, much more mature than his grandmother. Poor kid diagnosed with a brain tumor. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Debbie will never clean out those storage boxes. How long will she be allowed to leave them on the street? Eventually they’ll get hauled away for non-payment.
  4. I loved Deja telling Randall, more than once, to NOT try to fix things. And he listened! I think the biggest threat to Kevin's career isn't one bad movie. It's his reputation for walking out on projects. It's about time that came back to bite him. I'm not the least bit interested in seeing him with any of his exes. Rebecca was so supportive of Madison and Kate, both of whom needed it. I hope Toby is honest with Kate soon or he's going to blow it completely.
  5. I imagine that Danielle heard about the possibility of an ASD, googled it, and assumed she would need surgery. Sometimes they do require surgery, but that's usually done when children are young and it's causing problems. She is so dramatic. I also wondered why she was awake during the procedure. I've had several endoscopies and I've slept through them all. I can't imagine a reason she would need to be awake.
  6. I'm surprised and pleased that they are allowing the girls to have different activities of their choice.
  7. Get one when it's time! A colonoscopy saved my life. I agree. Sheldon basically stole the check that George thought had been mailed and contacted the IRS even though his father specifically told him not to. Sheldon may be brilliant, but he has absolutely no respect for authority. Missy is my favorite character.
  8. Yeah, Kevin wasn't great to Randall as they were growing up, but I think most of it was just sibling stuff and had nothing to do with race or adoption. Not everything is about race (although lots of people seem to be under that impression). I miss the Randall of the first couple of seasons; I liked him. Current Randall is insufferable.
  9. That was my guess but I didn't want to assume. Hope it's not severe and he has a speedy recovery. I like Luke as a judge.
  10. I missed the first couple of minutes -- why was Paula there?
  11. Why in the world do they need to go to Austin (about 200 miles away) to see the eye doctor? Surely there are specialists in Houston (about 30 miles away).
  12. My ex always insisted on closed bedroom doors at night for fire safety reasons (he was a firefighter). I doubt, however, that the Busbys do it for that reason.
  13. Interesting that there is a pentagram on the headstone. I'm sure it means something different to them, but I associate it with Satanism.
  14. I know of a Mormon woman who had six children. She got pregnant with the last one after being diagnosed with ALS, so she knew she wouldn't be around for her. She felt there was a soul still there that needed to be born. I guess it's a Mormon thing. I do not understand how these parents could "date" for just two months, then get married without even considering how the children would handle it. Those poor kids have been through the wringer and deserve better. I get the uncomfortable feeling that the whole thing was done with a TLC show in mind. Putting tweens' "birds and the bee
  15. I felt sorry for Riley tonight, the poor girl really didn't want to sleep alone in the dark. Have they never heard of a night light? It may have worked for her. Kudos to Blayke for helping her in a way her idiot parents couldn't. I'm pretty sure that masks were required in Texas in October. While shopping for Halloween costumes Adam, Danielle, and Blayke were wearing masks but none of the quints were. They're 5 and we know they will wear masks when required. They were in a store where dozens of people have been handling the merchandise. Logic doesn't seem to work in adult Busby bra
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