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  1. I've never heard of the one they mentioned, but I know about Huntington's Disease, which sounds similar. If you have the gene you definitely will get the disease, usually between the ages of 30-40.
  2. When this show first started I watched a couple of episodes and couldn't stand Courtney. This morning I caught a couple of recent episodes and liked her much better. She does seem to have her kids' best interests at heart. And I like how the older boys don't seem to have to give up their lives just because their parents had a litter of six. Still hate the children' names, though.
  3. I was pleased to see Adam and Danielle doing things with their kids and not just plopping them in front of a screen. The field day (or whatever they called it) looked like fun. I also liked when Adam said he hoped the kids would look back on this time with good memories. They are lucky to have a pretty large home, a big yard and a pool. Yes, they have it easier than many others, but having to keep five 5 year olds (plus a 9 year old) involved and happy 24 hours a day for months on end would definitely be a challenge.
  4. Start with Adam and Danielle. My understanding is that Hazel's eye issue can't really be fixed. They can make it better, but it's mainly to keep her from turning her head so much and hurting her neck. And those glasses are pretty typical for little kids because they're indestructible. She'll probably get some that are a little more fashionable soon.
  5. I'm not so sure. She said that she and Dale were the main grocery shoppers for their families, but I doubt shopping together was a regular thing. I think the concerns about panic buying, shortages, etc. is what caused them to go together. (Not to mention that the shopping trip was being filmed.)
  6. I wonder how many kids are going to go back to school having learned the "old school" way of doing math. The new way seems much more complicated to me. Do kids not memorize times tables any more? It was interesting that when Adam taught the quints they were well behaved but they were naughty for Danielle. I think she was probably thinking her party would be postponed for a few weeks; a lot of us thought like that at first. A lot of Hazel's refusal to talk to the doctor was probably from fear. Her parents express their anxiety about her eyes in front of her, repeatedly, so she probably thinks that anything she says could lead to surgery. I had a child who needed numerous procedures and surgeries. I would always talk to the doctor out of her presence and then just talk to her about it as a matter of fact. ("I know you don't like how your leg hurts, so the doctor is going to fix it. You'll be asleep while he does it, and afterwards you'll have a cool cast for a few weeks.") Naturally, I was nervous whenever she needed surgery, but I wouldn't let her see it. She never had anxiety about any of it and has always been the most cooperative patient ever.
  7. Because the goal wasn't to do the handstand; the goal was to get a picture of her doing the handstand.
  8. In Texas, I assume if you just said "skiing" people would assume water skiing. However, in the middle of winter maybe not. I've got to admit, those little girls looked so cute trying to ski. When they weren't over tired or hungry, they did very well. I kind of wish they had stuck to the tubes, though. It's not like they live where they'll have a lot of chances to go skiing. Just let them have fun and not focus on learning a new skill that they may or may not ever use again.
  9. The song mentions God, but that doesn't make it a Christian song. It's more a "go for it" song, even when there are challenges. One of my daughters favorite "Christian" songs is "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" by Rod Stewart. Not really a Christian song, but if you think about singing it to God it can become one. It's a matter of perspective I suppose.
  10. I was surprised that the dancers got the golden buzzer. They were OK, but not that great. When the girl was singing the song about her dad, I thought the mom looked a little pissed.
  11. I prefer single story homes, so my prejudice may be showing, but I can't figure out why little people seem to insist on houses with stairs (this show, 7 Little Johnstons, Little Couple, etc.) I would have thought Amy would look for single story when she bought a new home. it's not like she needs tons of space.
  12. I'm not sure about this show yet. It could be interesting to watch the resort come to life, but I find the people annoying; they seem quite impressed with themselves. Are the kids just left to roam free all day every day? I'm all for letting kids just play, but I'm wondering if they have any structure at all.
  13. And yet didn't they post that all the girls were going into kindergarten? Perhaps the other girls were still in a traditional preschool program and Riley was in a more academically centered pre-k class. I like that they split the girls up. I'm sure that won't be completely possible in kindergarten (what school has 5 kindergarten classes?), but at least they will probably not all be together.
  14. This was one of the more enjoyable episodes for me. I'm glad they just mentioned Danielle's hysterectomy and didn't spend an episode on it. I thought they did a pretty good job with the fire education (although how could her sister and BIL be so clueless?). The backyard dance looked like fun for everyone and was a good alternative to the daddy-daughter dance. Assuming the daddy-daughter dance happens every year, why not just take two girls every year for three years? I couldn't understand why Danielle thought it was a good idea for Adam to take all of them, and he was right that it would just end up with Blayke trying to help corral the quints. I also liked Adam taking them out for ice cream and telling each of them why they are special. Parker saying that Adam makes her feel safe was both sweet and sad.
  15. Why do all the other women in the family have to turn their noses up at what Anna chooses to decorate HER dorm room? If it turns out to be a mistake, then she is the only one who has to live with it. That's how people learn. I hope that when Anna gets married some day, she elopes. If not, there is no way Amber will let her have the wedding she wants, and there are bound to be lots of toasts bringing up every single mistake she ever made.
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