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Golden Girls Alphabet Game

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M is for Maalox, one of two drugs they have in the house (the other being estrogen).  And how many junkies have gas and hot flashes?

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O is for Oil and Garlic Sauce, which Sophia puts on the ziti she makes late at night in the "Bedtime Story" episode.

P is for Pearls, which Dorothy compares with the rhinestone chain to see which goes best with her outfit, prompting Blanche and Rose to critique her appearance.

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^^^^ S is for Sophia's Sal.

Or S is for Blanche's mentioned-but-never-seen son, Skippy.

T is for Ted, Stan's impotent brother.

U is for Uncle Angelo.

V is for Virginia, Blanche's sister.

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W is for Weinstock, as in Max Weinstock, the man Sophia married after his wife Esther died.  The couples had been friends in the past and he had owned a business with Sal back in the day.  

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