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Golden Girls Alphabet Game

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The rules:

We take a character, prop or episode (or anything, really) and run through the alphabet to find things that highlight the subject.

Whoever finishes a run with Z gets to choose the next topic.


Let's start with Blanche!


A is for adultery.  More prevalent in Blanche's life than she knew.  (Her father, Big Daddy, and Mammie Watkins; and her husband with the surprise son.)

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B is for (perky) Bosoms.  Whether they were perfect champagne-glass-sized orbs of dancing loveliness, or had more air pressure than Dorothy's rear tires.  Either way, notice how they seem to follow you wherever you go?

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M is for Mark Perper, the boy who won Dorothy's third-grade class election by a landslide with the slogan "vote for me and I'll show you my wee-wee."

N is for the Noodlehead in the red dress, which the jewel-thief neighbors, the McDowells, called Rose after she told the story of Uncle Hertus and the three skunks in the fountain. :)

And O is for Oysters (smoked), a tin of which, when paired with a bottle of Cold Duck, will result in one pryin' a man off the wall.

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X is the rating for the adult movie Blanche wanted to rent so they could "drink mimosas and French kiss the pillows."

Y is for youthful, the kind of relationship Blanche wanted with Dirk the jazzercise instructor.

And Z is for the Zipper King, better known as Mel Bushman, Blanche's go-to date when she's lonely.

How about Rose for the next round?

A is for Adam, Rose's son who was conceived on the special St. Olaf holiday, the Day of the Princess Pig.

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C is for her prize Cow, Henrietta, who was awarded the Car when Charlie got Cute with his will and some lawyer decided to represent her on Contingency.

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E is for the Elephant dolls in who got so sick and tired of Rose annoying them that they went off to sleep someplace else while two big ol' escaped convicts snuck in through the window and murdered Rose in her sleep!

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L is for Lutherans which Rose and her family became after she seen their priest at a bar and he knew she was sneaking out of her home being rebellious. He kept the secret for three days because he died thus they changed their religion.

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Q is for Isaac Q. Newton, the imaginary man Dorothy and Blanche made up to answer Rose's personal ad (and then Rose finds a real Isaac Q. Newton in the phone book and invites him to a banquet).


(Can I ask something---we're only supposed to answer with one letter and only about the character being discussed, right?)

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U is for Uncle, as in Rose's Uncle Hingablotter who willed her his elderly pet pig, Baby.

V is for Vetoovenfrooven, but Rose isn't one to blow hers just because she modernized and brought genurkenflurken cake into the '80s.

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