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  1. Ananayel

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I liked Rupert his first go on Survivor. I liked him less and less each time. And now I'm completely over it. If he was ready to give up after a bit of wandering, it won't be long. I haven't been able to watch TAR for several seasons, because of the stupid stuntcasting like strangers, blind dates, youtubers etc. So I was beyond thrilled to have my show back! I actually turned a corner on Rachel a while back, so she can stay for a while. Love Victor, don't mind Janelle and Britney. But I am here for Colin/Christie, and I'm betting the Intense Colin overtakes Zen Colin about halfway through, and I can't wait.
  2. Ananayel

    Ghost Adventures

    My vote is money grab. Plus, that was filmed sometime after 2014, since that is when the "possession" of the family occurred. I've been paying attention to older episodes when they rerun, and I swear Zak was wearing those stupid glasses well before 2014, just not all the time. Someone at Travel Channel needs to put their damn foot down, and insist he get some therapy for his fear of flying, and start going to locations east of the Rockies. I think it was somewhere on Reddit that someone thought he was being such a turd about travel to "punish" Discovery Inc (the parent company of both Travel Channel and Destination America) for airing Nick's shows. Now that they've been cancelled, maybe he'll be willing to start actually going places again. Doesn't make much sense, but it makes Travel Channel look bad to air a show that used to travel, and now refuses to go anywhere except Nevada.
  3. Ananayel

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    This should have been my favorite episode. It had Joel McHale, who I adore. It had New York, who is my favorite reality tv person possibly ever. And surprise Rachel Maddow! Surprise disgused Ginger Minj! I did enjoy parts of it, but I guess I'm so trumped out I could barely watch the Rusical. None of the Trump women are remotely funny to me at this point. I don't know when this was filmed, so maybe it seemed like a better idea then, but right now, I think it's too late and too much has happened for Sarah Sanders' eye makeup and Kelly Anne Conway's broomstick "chic" to be funny. Though, please tell me they spoofed the Putin/Trump/Nunes Human Centipede meme. I thought I saw that, but then thought, naw.
  4. Ananayel

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    I hope this is a lesson to all future queens that, if you answer the question "Who do you think is responsible for that crap I just watched?" (paraphrased) with "myself" or "all of us," you are highly likely to wind up doing a LSFYL. No. Don't do it. If you can't think of a person, just name the team leader. Do any old folks like me remember on the Carol Burnett Show, when Harvey Korman would look at Tim Conway and just start to crack up even before anything was said - because he just knew it was going to be a riot? I'm Harvey, and Vanjie is Tim. I just know whatever is going to come out of her mouth, no matter the context, is going to make me laugh, so I get a head start. Love her.
  5. Ananayel

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    I'm enjoying this season a lot so far because to me, there isn't an enormous frontrunner who is just so far ahead of everyone else that there really isn't any suspense. Hi Bianca! And I'm not normally a fan of returnees (though it looks like that will continue to happen,) but I'm so glad Vanjie is back. I find her wildly entertaining, and hope she doesn't get sent to Drag Guantamano.
  6. Ananayel

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    I know someone who knows Silky, and thinks she's awesome, so I'll give her one more episode to settle down. Love Nina West - how can I not love someone who is inspired by Muppets and Pee Wee Herman? Scarlet Envy is my eye candy this season for sure. And since it is the Dragcestry.com season, can someone fill me in on the relationships? Last season we had Bob's daughter Miz Cracker, but this season we have multiple Davenports, an O'Hara and a Montrese. And isn't someone using Davenport as a middle name? I need a flow chart.
  7. Ananayel

    S38 Keith Sowell

    While there have been Survivors from NC before, and even a couple from Durham, this is the first time I have a chance of/have possibly already met one. I work for Duke, and I'm about 80% certain I've met him in my work capacity, and I know he's friends with some of my staff. So, Team Keith! He seems like a good egg, and his resume is already impressive for one so young.
  8. Ananayel

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    So Robin and Ken can stay, and I guess Nicole can stay, but I'll need alternating Joel McHale/JB Smoove to replace Jenny next season, thanks in advance.
  9. Ananayel

    The Masked Singer

    I think some of the contestants, even the "legends" are doing it because a) it's fun, b) something they never thought they could do, c) to introduce themselves to a new audience. I don't think I've ever heard T-Pain, if that's who Monster is, but I've been impressed. There's at least one generation that probably has no idea about Donny Osmond or Gladys Knight, except as old-people references. I had no idea Margaret Cho could sing at all. I do hope they make changes for next season, maybe dial back the number of clues in each episode (perhaps one in the video package, one question by the judges) so they aren't as easy to guess.
  10. Ananayel

    The Masked Singer

    Shaun Cassidy would be a good one for next season. He's moved on to producing and directing, so not currently known as a singer, but still got it. I saw a youtube video of him singing with David something from Blood Brothers. Also Wayne Brady. The producers should be taking note of the guesses!
  11. Ananayel

    Ghost Adventures

    According to TMZ, Zak has bought Ted Bundy's glasses for his museum. Between him and John Zaffis, what on earth is left to acquire?
  12. Ananayel

    The Masked Singer

    I remember! Armed and Famous - Jack Osbourne was on it (he also still goes back to Muncie as well,) and Erik Estrada. I have a faint memory of LaToya tasing Erik and giggling madly about it, but maybe I made that up. Rumer Willis is apparently denying she is Lion, so it could be Scout (but Empire clues!)
  13. Ananayel

    The Masked Singer

    The Muncie Indiana badge completely gave away LaToya, but the judges seemed to only react to Indiana (Gary IN where the Jacksons are from.) I was briefly thinking it might be Paris Jackson, but it's totes LaToya. Glad Ken got one right!
  14. They're on it. It's fairly new, but word will eventually get all the way out where it needs to go.
  15. I vote that from here onward, any time a reality tv fameho quits whatever show they're doing early, for any reason other than illness, injury or death, it is referred to as "doing the Mooch Scooch."