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  1. OMG! If New York and Vanilla Ice are on, it's going to be lit! However, Sean Spicer? Please be false. I'm going to actually get feeds if NY is on, and I don't want to see him. If he's there, first out please.
  2. So then, in S15 US version, there will be a bioqueen. S16 at the latest. Sort of like how, in Doctor Who, the Master regenerating into Missy laid the groundwork for a female Doctor.
  3. Okay, now that I've seen them all, my faves are Kornbread, Bosco, Lady Camden, and Angeria. I also like Kerri Colby a lot, and those were the F5 I'd count this season as a win. Kornbread could very well win - perhaps Ru got it right this time after two flops. I guess everyone is just going to ignore Scaredy Kat on UK Drag Race, who was the first straight queen (that I know of, I can't watch the other international versions) and that did air in the US. And am I crazy? I remember hearing something about a Bio queen on this season. Or was it UK?
  4. Really! Awesome! I haven't watched E! since they renewed and then cancelled The Soup. I may wait and binge it on a cold dreary winter day.
  5. So, they are re-doing Filthy Rich Cattle Drive, right down to the participation of a Giraldo? I mean, I did like that ridiculous show, but not enough to get Hulu to watch this!
  6. This is the first episode I've actually watched in a long time. I got tired of the stunt casting and ridiculous twists. But this felt like old school Race, and I was interested in seeing how they'd handle the suspension. I liked most everybody, and it's sad some teams couldn't make it back. Perhaps they can return on a future season once things get back to more of normal. I did want to see Scotland, but I'm not a Penn Holderness fan. He's local to me, and was a local tv news anchor for a bit. I've always found him to be somewhat insufferable.
  7. Ross's husband is a doctor, I believe, so I'm sure that helped. Also, he seems to be ridiculously happy, in the Chelsea Handler/Jo Koy realm even, so that probably helped too. I hope there will be a returning queen this season, and I kind of hope it will be Orion. I feel a bit cheated, after some of the other seasons have done a non-elim for the first episode. Edit: I would love to see both Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy as guest judges. Of the Chelsea Lately regulars (non-Ross) we've had Fortune Feimster, but there plenty of others who would be good.
  8. Okay, I am cautiously optimistic. No stupid shenanigans like that Pork Chop Group mess, I liked everyone (wished it wasn't an elimination like they've done before.) Michelle looks great, loved Lizzo, and I would just like to say, first impression is that Kornbread is what Kandy Muse and Silky Ganache wish they could be. Subject to change, of course. We'll see what happens with the second group, but so far so good.
  9. Yup. As my high school French teacher used to say, "that is the accurate answer."
  10. He still mumbles, but I've seen subtitles if it's really bad. I have had a lot of Ozzy- decoding practice though, since I have been watching him for a long time. The Osbournes, Battle for Ozzfest, Ozzy and Jack's World Detour, etc.
  11. Yep, there has been at least one about natural disasters, and at least one called OMG! about people who survived horrific accidents. I'm getting a bit bored of the whole concept actually. It's why I now prefer the Osbournes and Fright Club - at least they provide humor and entertainment, even if the clips are recycled suck.
  12. I'm sure the whole button use was scripted. I enjoyed watching Todrick, and I'm sure the producers didn't want to have a really entertaining performer disappear too early. Unless someone actually wants to leave at a specific time, I think if the button is used, it will always be wrong. But yeah, no more Honey Boo Boos. That was terrible.
  13. They both did amazing- I only know Todrick from his work with Drag Race, so I was impressed. And Jewel is lovely. But her costume was faceted - it was a literal jewel! I know it seemed like a long season, but I do kind of like that they try different things to keep it from getting stale (though some of them don't work, or could work in a slightly different way, like the Wild Cards being non-viable contestants who just want to participate and don't take a spot from a "real" contestant.) I liked the duets, and loved seeing Robin and Nicole sing. Perhaps they could film those spots after a
  14. I don't see those things either, but I do have a 35 year old standard def tv. The tech to do this is amazing, there are instagram accounts and youtube channels where they do this to very early film footage. I wonder what happened to the original P-G film, and I hope it turns up in an attic somewhere, in decent shape.
  15. Was it Jenny who guessed Jeff and Emilie Goldblum? Really? Also, I thought Emilie was a dancer, not a singer. Whatevs. Robin and Nicole were both amazing. I like the duets with others, but if the show wants to add a duet with each of them to the grand finale, I'll allow it.
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