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  1. Dakota says the Road Trip is over, but the season isn't. I smell Zak Bagans's paws on this. Reasons why Chelsea is my favorite: she doesn't take crap from the guys, she's a hockey goalie badass, and in November she will officially become an optometrist. Good for her for keeping things in perspective and not climbing all the way onto the cable-show-fame bandwagon. It seems like she's having fun, has probably earned enough to pay off or significantly down student loans, and has a non-tv career waiting for her when the show is done.
  2. I was quite happy to see that as well, since I'm legit afraid the Olympics will be cancelled or delayed. I'm an Olympics junkie, and this past summer Olympics barely registered on my radar. Casting is everything though, so they could still really mess this up. Depending on who they get, I might even spring for the feeds since I will hopefully have a better phone/tablet/5G plan by then.
  3. I really like Chelsea - she's my favorite. I am seeing some early signs of this turning into another GA - the "experiments," the attempts at creating drama between them, and I could be mistaken but I think they have at least one other camera person in with them, since I see shots that aren't from their own cameras, and don't seem to be from a static camera. That's how GA started, just the three of them and their cameras and look what it turned into!
  4. Okay, so I know Bobo was having to lose weight due to his back and knee troubles, and I'm sure it has helped those, but doggone does he look haggard. He looks wight-appropriate, but in no way healthy. Hang in there Bobes! Sad Ranae couldn't be there for the whole thing, but glad to see her a) gainfully employed after this show and b) glad she showed up at the end. Not much else to say, since I didn't see much in the way of "evidence," so par for the course, really.
  5. Attention Squatch Friends! All day Marathon on Sept. 6, of Finding Bigfoot: Uncovered, leading up to the 2 hr special episode (that I think was only on D+ originally) Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues. Let's all whoop and tree knock in celebration!
  6. I would love if they would let their new "exclusive" stuff that's on D+ like GA, the show with the Ghost Brothers and Jack Osbourne, etc stream there, wait a bit, and then come to TV. It would at least give us something new to look forward to. They did it with Mountain Monsters, and it looks like Paranormal CoC is back on cable. Plus there are tons of other shows they could acquire or already have access to from their network family. But then they cancelled Holzer Files, which I liked a lot. Osbournes Want to Believe is back - Ozzy has stopped dying his hair, and Sharon has gone back to the da
  7. So, I didn't really have a "favorite" this season, since no one is truly awful, but X just became my favorite with his Boom Boom Washington (yes, that is correct North of Eden!) swagger down to the diary room to vote. I did like Derex quite a bit, and perhaps he will come back the next time they have returning players, because you know they will. As soon as Tiffy Toes won HOH, I blurted out "Bye Sarah Beth!"
  8. In order to earn the bet, you had to be "on the board," with at least 1 point. Those who didn't play or flung their juleps on the floor didn't qualify. Though I did wonder, if all of them played, and all got at least one point, what would happen? There would be more than 6 betters, and only 6 playing for the veto. That's probably when they would bust out "the top 6 with any ties determined by time" because how will the hamsters know any better? I don't remember them explaining that part in the room, and they could have just changed the voiceover if needed.
  9. Aww, I loved Celebrity Drag Race! Is it gone forever or just due to covid? Man, reading all these threads, it turns out I'm actually not disappointed about missing this season. If it ever does turn up on cable, I might not even bother. Ru needs to get it together.
  10. So, I'm watching something or other last night, and who do I see but Chi Lan, the video-o-grapher from one of the seasons of Fact or Faked: Something Something Something. In a commercial. For Botox. She says she's a real estate agent now.
  11. This is the way. Turns out my grandma sat on this knowledge my whole life, I only found out by accident many years after she died. It's easier to spread than anything except the softest butter, so provides more even coverage, and the small bit of egg in it gives the bread just a tiny hint of non-sweet french toastness, while still being uniformly crispy. My work here is done.
  12. The more I watch this show, the more I like it. To me, it feels like a cross between very early GA with the small group filming themselves (and I wonder if Zak, as a producer, ever looks at this and regrets what GA has turned into), and Ghost Brothers with its ride-or-die friendships that predate the show. I know Zak, Nick and Aaron are (were) friends, but they became friends as adults, and Aaron was hired in. I also like the Alex is a full partner now, I like the brother/sister dynamic, and the childhood-friend familiarity (like when Chelsea found out she drew the slip for the place she reall
  13. Oh dear. Zak is already a producer for Destination Fear, and since Holly really wants back on tv and Bridget does paranormal stuff, are we going to see a new D+ exclusive show called Ghosts Next Door?
  14. So Zak has posted on both his Twitter and his Instagram that an upcoming episode will be at his alleged gf Holly Madison's house in LA, featuring fellow Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt, paranormal investigator and podcaster. First, I thought they broke up, and second, girl really wants back on tv. Even if this does make it to actual tv, I think I'm giving this one a pass, even though I do like Bridget. In the repeats, I've been giving a miss to things like Ogden Possession, or others where it's clear it's not paranormal, it's mental illness or substance abuse that's the issue. I've never actu
  15. I think so - she was a revelation to me as well. All I knew of her was mascara and that she was married to a douchebag. What a lovely person she turned out to be once she was out of Bakker's clutches and could finally be herself. I didn't much like the season with Omarosa and Janice Dickinson, but the others on that season seemed fine. I always liked Bronson Pinchot, and felt sort of bad for the others being stuck with O and J. Nobody deserves that!
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