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  1. Are you me?! I feel the exact same way - if they want to have exclusive specials or programming that isn't part of an existing network show, fine I guess. If they want to premiere new content of existing shows there, and then show it on the network some specific, consistent time later, that's fine. What they're doing now is not fine. I saw their Twitter - tons of technical difficulties and pissed off people trying to cancel before the free trial is even up. The content creators are surely thrilled they will have substantially fewer viewers, but can't do anything about it. I hope there is a loud screamy boardroom meeting soon, where they rethink this and fix the error of their ways.
  2. Is it me, or are the Pork Chops a stronger group overall than the "winners?" And since I'm old and can't remember, were the two runway themes the same for both groups? Because if not, since they have to bring these looks with them to fit the theme, then the groups were predetermined and this was all a mindfuck. I think they might have been the same, due to the Elliott factor (switching groups,) but as I said, Old. I didn't think I would care for Utica much, but she really is like Yvie and Thorgy had a baby. Loving Rose, Denali, and Tamisha for sure. This actually felt like Drag Race. Next week we can hopefully yeet Kandy Muse, and then it will be a show!
  3. I think I am going to tweet them. I already pay for their channels via an additional cable package above "basic." I'm not paying again.
  4. Zak confirmed on Twitter that + is the "new home" for GA. I went to their Twitter page to let my feelings on this be known, but looks like I might not have to. There are tons of technical difficulties, people griping about canceling before their free trial is even up, and every response is a cut and paste bot, no matter what the incoming tweet says. In a bit I may tweet them and ask, if all new content is exclusive to +, how the content creators really feel about losing so many viewers, and what do they plan to air on the actual channels that come to everyone that has cable or satellite. I don't think they thought this through, I think they saw a bandwagon and ran for it. I did notice that TRVL is almost never included in the six or so channels that are listed to entice us, either on the commercials on their Twitter.
  5. Thanks! Also, subscribed! I'm sure these shows will give him a ton of material to work with.
  6. I liked it too, and I liked it for the same reason. They explained how it was hoaxed even. I have been side-eyeing that clip forever. I mean, a Russian guy, walking in Russia, with his dog, presumably also Russian and therefore trained to understand commands in Russian, is speaking English in the video? Girl, no. I would buy you wanted to film your cute dog frolicking in the forest, but I won't buy that. Do we know it was actually even filmed in Russia, and not in any random US forest by some guy doing a Russian accent?
  7. I suggested that in the other thread, but upon further thought they were likely either told they couldn't do that, or they did it, then were told they had to do it over, so TPTB could get the desired result. Of course we wouldn't be shown the first bit. Perhaps when they are able to start giving interviews we will find out more. Never do this again Ru!
  8. The one week free trial will be up soon. If it were me, and I had a tv that could do streaming, I would have signed up, binged, and then cancelled. I can't imagine I'm the only one. Now they are advertising "exclusive" episodes of more shows. I have nothing against streaming, but I really hate this "exclusive" BS, no matter where it rears its head. I want to see the final numbers of actual paying customers who stay past the trial week.
  9. So, all that Pork Chop Loading Dock fuckery made no difference in the end? Those poor queens - I hope production took them aside after and explained what was happening, otherwise when they are finally allowed to meet the first group and they see Elliott, it's really going to hurt. I hope they put the groups together after next week - Big Brother made it with that many people stuck together, as long as they quarantined ahead, protocols are followed and testing is frequent, they will be fine. I don't want to see the shows focused on alternate groups until they are down to 8 or whatever and then there's a merge like Survivor. I take back what I said last week - Elliott can stay, Kandy need to go. I didn't like Aja her season, came around to her on All Stars, and wasn't impressed with Dahlia Sin, except for being gorgeous. I would be interested in hearing why the Haus of Aja disbanded, but not enough to scrounge the internet for it. It was certainly not a house that produced superior queens.
  10. I wonder how many people who signed up for + are going to cancel after the free week trial. I think that will decide if we ever get to see these "exclusive" shows on air. I mean, even CBS started showing Star Trek: Discovery on the network. Two seasons behind, but still.
  11. At this point, I'm rooting for it to come in so far under their projections that they realize they have to air things on the actual channels involved. I mean, Comcast is trying to reinstate its data caps and if they get away with it others will follow, and if people have to use their allotment for work/school, there won't be any left for all the streaming.
  12. Egad, I didn't even think of that. No teams! NO TEAMS!
  13. This Discovery plus thing is so irksome. I can't even afford a streaming service of any sort right now, not to mention buying a smart tv and getting wifi to be able to use it (my tv is almost 30 years old and still works fine - knock wood.) I know I'm far from the only one. So have a big splashdown on plus, but show it on cable later on. A week, a month, whatever. Just let us know. Even VH1 made the change from showing Drag Race All-Stars on Showtime at the start of the pandemic for just this reason. At least, at the very least, a free trial of at least three months would be in order. Get people really attached before you start charging them, and at least pretend to be concerned about reaching people who can't afford it right now. Oh, and I would watch a full roast of Zak and the boys, for realz.
  14. So, why don't they form a circle and decide that everyone votes out the person on their left. Each person gets one vote, 7 way tie. Come on Ru. For starters, I disagreed with most of the choices for the Pork Chop, so at first I thought the twist was that they would be the ones to stay. When Ru first mentioned it, I thought it would be double stays each time, since they were coming in pairs, and it would be just to mess with their heads. This just seemed mean. If one has to go, it should be Elliott. And it will be interesting to have a trans man on, after several trans women.
  15. I think this is new - didn't they do a different hotel in LA before? The one where they put a static camera in the hallway and weirdos were all up in it checking it out?
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