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  1. Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere in here, so forgive me if it has been, but the media is reporting that Ken Howard, better known as that complete prick Peyton Cabot Harrison III, has died.
  2. But..but...Rose knows how the legal system works! She watches "La Law"!
  3. I feel like some type of blasphemer, but the last "adult" novel by JK Rowling: not the HP books, not "The Casual Vacancy" but her last detective book.
  4. Frogsprof, I believe that is from an episode of "Melrose Place".
  5. OK, forgive me, but I had to step out of the room for like 2 minutes and missed the deal with the video. Can someone enlighten me?
  6. Dot Com, I hadn't thought about that, but you could well be right! Either that or she died of a broken heart?
  7. Any episode that begins and ends with Barba (purr) cannot possibly be all bad. And Mercedes Ruel! Haven't seen her in anything in a long time.
  8. Not to be picky, but Albert was actually addicted to MorPHINE. As a child, I had no idea what had happened to Sylvia; I was a sheltered child and my parents just told me I'd understand when I was older. I did know she was pregnant, but that was only because Sylvia was "with child", and I knew that phrase from the Christmas story in the Bible. My traumatic episode: "Gambini the Great". No other words necessary.
  9. D is for David, Blanche's hideous grandson.
  10. Plus she probably had to help deliver Grace, since she was, what, 10, when Grace was born? Imagine her seeing that out loud for Mary.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Ma didn't give her the talk and let her learn from the animals. Would make for an interesting wedding night.
  12. I am sure proper ladies didn't talk about their periods...*Eye roll*
  13. Or in the wagon when they were traveling...
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