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S07.E21: Living Proof

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OLIVER IS PUT TO THE TEST — Oliver (Stephen Amell) finds himself in a precarious position. SCPD shows up with a warrant for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). Gordon Verheul directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Sarah Tarkoff (#721). Original airdate 5/6/2019.

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Not impressed, especially for the penultimate episode of the season.

Don't even get me started on the lack of Olicity. I'm not counting that very, very brief moment we got of, what, 2 lines?

Enjoyed seeing Tommy again and liked the Oliver/hallucination Tommy stuff, but I wish that had been the first 15 minutes or so, then Oliver was free, then we got Oliver/Felicity stuff.

As for the FFs, I'm really worried about Felicity now. I won't be surprised if she dies and in her death scene, she and William have a heartbreaking heart-to-heart. 

But yeah, disappointed in the episode. 

(Don't get me started on Rene and Dinah and on time being spent on that Dinah & Roy chat.) 

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At this point, I just want an ending. A few resolutions and a gnarly cliffhanger for us to chew on as we wait for the final season. Arrow hasn't overstayed its welcome nearly as bad as Smallville did (ten seasons. TEN. SEASONS), but I just want it to end. Mostly so that we could get 22 episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.

The bit with Team Arrow lying on the ground with arrows in them . . . at least one of those actors will us that for a Christmas card photo. And, of course, that happened in Oliver's head. If he can conjure up Ghost!Tommy with a beard, then why not the worst case scenario?

Also, I want a point with the future scenes. Will the final season kick off with one of the Future Arrows finding one of the Waverider's jump ships, and go back to 2019 to screw things up worse than Nora West-Allen has over on The Flash?

Totally forgot Ray knew parkour. My memory is just too short these days.

ETA: Emiko > Diaz. Not by much, but she is.

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This fucking show SMH. Emiko deserves to die. Just cause shes family doesnt mean a goddamm thing Oliver didnt even know who she was yet waaah waaah Daddy didnt love me so I have to target my brother and put blame on him. And IM RAGING if Felicity dies in the Future. Especially if Rene and Dinah survive in the future not to mention how depressing it would be 

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11 minutes ago, insomniadreams88 said:

As for the FFs, I'm really worried about Felicity now. I won't be surprised if she dies and in her death scene, she and William have a heartbreaking heart-to-heart. 

I feel they set up more letting her retire and trusting the next generation to take over.  She's not trusting William enough to let him in and so I think the outcome of that IS trusting him and letting him make his choice to follow in her footsteps while she goes on the run/into hiding/looking for something.  I'm LESS worried now.  

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I still need Barry or the Legends to screw up future history for the better. I need Oliver and Felicity to raise their kids together!

I liked seeing Tommy again. Stephen Amell did a great job coming back from his hallucination within a hallucination. So sad and vulnerable. I forgot how well he plays sad, traumatized Oliver.

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Can someone tell Oliver/hallucination Tommy that the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results? You tried reaching Emiko and all you got was murdery, misguided revengy, crazypants betrayal, STOP TRYING! She's a terrorist who wants to destroy you, the time for playing nice is over. It was over long before you even knew she existed.

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Disappointed that there was almost no Olicity.  There was talk about the future from both of them but why do they have to have that journey to decide to change everything apart? The final is going to be so rushed.  😞 

If this wasn't the second to last episode ever I would say Felicity was well used.  She got to do a lot more than I was expecting both present and future.  Taking out all those cops was very cool (though I don't think Alena or Felicity plugged their ears so not sure how they avoided getting knocked out too)

Emiko and her gang being able to fool the cops that it was Oliver leading the attack just proves why these people shouldn't be allowed to be cops.  Oh it's the GA outfit so it must be Oliver despite a totally different body type or size!  

I'm so glad that Alena made a mistake and got in over her head rather than went evil.  Felicity needs to be able to keep what friends she has.  

I really wish they'd explain how the bad guys can just walk in and out of the Bunker.  I assumed they were locked down so the cops couldn't round them up but Emiko apparently could just breeze in and out no problem?  She's not Malcolm.  That doesn't fly.  

So Tommy wasn't a hallucination after all, just a dream.  Before he woke up I started to think that the show was actually pushing ghost, lol.  They had good scenes even if Tommy didn't make sense.  Let's be honest, Oliver was trying to talk himself out of killing Emiko from the start.  He just was really running out of excuses not to so he dreamed up a new one.  

Roy was great.  We should have had Roy in the present way earlier in the season.  

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And I thought the Diaz plot was pointless and repetitive. Kill Emiko or don't kill Emiko, but move on! I appreciated Hallucination Tommy, but he could have been used in a way more effective way. At least the actors were having fun. I would watch a show where Oliver hangs out with his hallucinations. Especially Tommy and Prometheus. 

People who deserve to get loyalty tattoos: Oliver, Felicity, Roy, Diggle (is was looking bad for a few eps so he's demoted to 4th place,) William (if anyone remembered he existed), Alena even if she's 80/20 good/bad,) Hallucination Tommy, Starling City Windows and Doors Guy.

Pretty much anyone over Dinah and Rene. Both of them suck and are loyal to themselves only. 

I was enjoying the ep until towards the end. I have no idea how they'll wrap up this season in any kind of satisfying way. 

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Hardly even a second of Olicity? Really, so close to the end? Come on show! I know that Oliver always has to go on these vision quests when he is dealing with stuff, but not even a kiss?

It was great seeing Tommy, he and Oliver always had such a great dynamic together, and I love how much his death clearly impacted Oliver, and how much he still hurts over his death. SA was really good throughout, especially when he said goodbye to vision Tommy, yet again. Stephen really does a great job at playing Oliver at his most vulnerable. 

However, I am just so over this show constantly telling us how you have to stick with your blood relatives, no matter how clearly awful they are, how much they hurt you, or what evil acts they commit "they're family" so I guess that means you still owe something to them, and you should still give them thousands of chances. Its such a weird, toxic message to send. There are some people that are just awful, and the people related to them are better off without them. Its especially ridiculous with Emiko, who Oliver has no real connection with beside sharing an asshole dad, and who is constantly trying to kill him, his team, and his family! At least try send her to jail or something, dont just keep expecting her to join you for Thanksgiving at the Queen home! 

Rene and Dinah suck, and they do not deserve to get loyalty tattoos with Roy and company. They were about two seconds from turning him in!

I am liking the flashforwards more now that we have new team Arrow forming and Felicity is back again. William is good at going undercover, especially as a smug asshole, I can see how he, Mia, and Bronze Kitten would be a good team. And I kind of like the main future bad guy, his hamminess adds some fun to the depressing and bleak as hell future stuff.

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Honestly, haven't we done this already by now? Oliver gets lectured on why killing is bad, he wants to kill a bad guy, gets convinced that killing is bad again, rinse and repeat? Oliver has quite literally a billion issues, so why focus on that one thing when we have so much other crap thats never been tackled?!

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3 hours ago, BkWurm1 said:

Emiko and her gang being able to fool the cops that it was Oliver leading the attack just proves why these people shouldn't be allowed to be cops.  Oh it's the GA outfit so it must be Oliver despite a totally different body type or size!  

Green leather is clearly a way better disguise than we'd think. Height, race, build, gender don't matter, it's clearly Oliver Queen (or not if it's someone trying to clear Oliver.) Wouldn't the fact Emiko was wearing the hood (I hope or it's even stupider than I thought) indicate it probably wasn't Oliver, whose identity they already know? I really think Star City is just too damned stupid to be saved. Everyone on the team should wear GA suits at all times, everyone would be too confused by the multiple Olivers to try to stop them.

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I am always happy to see Tommy.  I love that Oliver hallucinates him during his near death moments.  So as far as the rest it was meh.   Not sure why the kill vs not kill thing is in play with Emiko.   With the presence of Roy, I can't help but feel like some of this was supposed to be about Thea going darkside but they decided to write Emiko instead because maybe they couldn't get Willa back.   I think it would have been a lot more effective with Thea that's for sure. 

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This is the single worst thing about this show - the utter refusal to acknowledge the change in a character when that change is something you wrote.

Oliver Queen is the best person on this show. There is nobody who listens to other people more, nobody who self-reflects more, nobody who strives more to be better and to help others. He is the last person who needs to be lectured at or judged, especially by phantoms of people whose deaths were not his fault.

I know he's ostensibly the main character and his emotional journey is the most important but he's moved beyond this. If anyone should know, it's the writers - they're the ones who wrote him moving beyond that. 

Now I get that murder should not be the first option, but this episode is framed around the notion that Oliver is choosing assassination over other viable options. As far as I can see, he isn't. 

Weirdly enough (apart from Olicity obvs) the character I care about the most about is William and this episode made me realise that. I really like what the show has done with him and I enjoy what the older actor is bringing to the part. 

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I was all excited for another variation of Tommy, and Colin Donnell certainly killed it as always, but damn, if I wasn't rolling my eyes hard over how he was basically here to be all "No, don't kill Emiko, Oliver!  You'll go down a dark path!  She's your sister!  Be better than your dad!" about it. 

First off, Oliver has frankly gone above and beyond giving her chances compared to most everyone else (hell, even me!), so quit acting like he's taking the easy way or something.  Secondly, Emiko isn't just running around trashing places or even knocking off one or two fools.  She seems hellbent on destroying the entire city just because her dad didn't hug her enough (yeah, yeah, I know Robert honestly did a lot worst than that, and I'm fine with her hating his ass.  But you don't need to take it out on the entire fucking city, Emiko!), so, as Oliver pointed out several times, what in the hell is actually suppose to do if she won't talk with him?  Ugh, this whole think is so stupid.  At this point, it's a competition over who is more immature between Emiko and Nora from The Flash, and the worst part is that Emiko does have her beat, since Nora isn't planning on destroying an entire city to smite her dead dad and innocent brother.

Ha, I loved watching Roy risk his life to save Dinah and Rene's sorry asses, and how quickly they dropped their whole "This is your fault!" act, once they thought Roy might be dead.  You two suck.  Roy did a horrible thing and he will always feel guilty about it even though he wasn't in full control at the time, but I'll take that over the likes of Mr. "I totally tried to take Oliver's head off with an axe" and Mrs. "Secrets aren't cool!  Well, unless I'm the one sneaking off to meet with my ex turned assassin behind y'alls back!"  At least Diggle was loyal to him.

At this point, I'm just indifferent whenever the SCPD gets fucked up.  That force is only behind the GCPD on Gotham when it comes to getting their asses handed to them.  Anyone who would actually work there has a death wish.

Interesting that Alena is still alive in the future, and will now help Felicity and the gang.  Of course, now William has been captured.  I worry that this is going to end with Future Felicity sacrificing herself for him.

Glad that next week is the finale.  This season had promised, but seems to have fallen short... again.

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Loved seeing Colin Donnell for a major part of an episode and the writers could always discover that Daddy Merlyn in fact brought Tommy back years ago and no one knew it as a way to have Tommy back for the final season. That was a great self aware Tommy knew what was happening outside that collapsed basement even as Oliver remained semiconscious at best.

Ben Lewis’ William really is the best thing in the Fast Forwards, and I’m guessing that will still be in Arrow next season. He’s just too good to not keep in the Arrowverse somehow.

This episode sets up the season finale and next season. I have to guess when Emily Brett announced her departure from the show, they had already planned how a final eighth season would go. So they had room in this episode to have Vision Tommy appear to carry the story for much of it. And the meta of Colin’s other role and what had been going on since Tommy’s death was a hoot.

Let’s see what the season finale brings. I get the feeling they’re holding back things now that there’s 10 episodes for next season with that possibly final mega crossover looming.

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38 minutes ago, AudienceofOne said:

Also let's not talk about how many Ninth Circle goons Oliver killed before deciding to not-kill his homicidal sister because 'murder is not the solution'. 

The stupid is real on this show.

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This season's Emiko story arc has been a major fail! While her grudge against her father is justified, her grudge against Oliver (and Star City) just seems petty, immature and ridiculous - which makes it unbelievable that she is the leader of the Ninth Circle - which, in turn, diminishes the Ninth Circle as a credible threat.

Moreover, Emiko is not just unlikeable, but she's also played by an actor without charisma. Therefore, there is nothing compelling or watchable about her. When she's on screen, I just tune out. The best Arrow villains - Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Adrian Chase (imo) - had good story arcs and were played by charismatic actors. Emiko just falls short and is arguably as bad as Ricardo Diaz in terms of credibility as a scary Big Bad.

Why, oh why, couldn't they have kept Dante (Adrian Paul) as the Big Bad? Even making Black Siren the Big Bad would've been more interesting than Emiko.

It still feels like Dinah is getting shoehorned into scenes that would be better served going to another character. For example, Diggle should've been the one to talk to Roy, not Dinah. It also doesn't help that Dinah's attitude keeps flip-flopping back and forth all season.

It completely baffles me that we're getting so little Olicity in the last few remaining episodes with EBR. I guess they have to play out the Emiko story arc, but as I said above - yawn.

I really, really hope that they are not planning to kill Felicity in the flashforwards, because that would just kill what very little enthusiasm I have left, not just for Arrow but for any of the Arrowverse shows. Killing her would anger me 3000.

Also, it's beyond incredible that there's still no mention of Oliver's fate in the flashforwards. I mean, William had to have asked Felicity what happened to his dad at some point, right? 

ETA: As far as I'm concerned, that 722 promo did nothing to make me want to watch the season finale (although I probably will).

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You know when you go to a concert with a band whose songs you really like and when you get there, they're playing new songs and hardly any of the ones you love and why you decided to go to see them.  That's how I feel about these ending episodes.  Yes, there are interesting things coming up, like Felicity's relationship with Alena and how she takes charge in the future, EBR and SA are having a blast with the material they're given, it's great having Roy back and nice to see Tommy even if I spent the time shouting Shut up! at him. But I watch this show for OTA and Olicity and in Felicity's second last episode there wasn't enough of either to even do a three bar riff.

From the spoiler discussion thread:

7 hours ago, apinknightmare said:

Yeah, they had the perfect opportunity to have Oliver and Felicity take a quick trip to Central City to check up on William since they couldn't get in touch with him, and to see him happy and having fun like a normal kid or something, but I guess it was just more important to use a whole episode to set up Roy being Lazarus Pitted, and Oliver having a dream conversation that he's had with like twenty other people already!

Why are you wasting my time with this, Beth?! In season 1, it would have made sense. In season 7, Oliver has already given up killing people as a first resort. Because of Tommy!

17 hours ago, BkWurm1 said:

I feel they set up more letting her retire and trusting the next generation to take over.  She's not trusting William enough to let him in and so I think the outcome of that IS trusting him and letting him make his choice to follow in her footsteps while she goes on the run/into hiding/looking for something.  I'm LESS worried now.  

Except William majorly screwed up here, along with Rene. Did he not think that the office of the tech guy might be bugged when he talked with Rene? Did he not think that anyone that paranoid might have devices that detect when he is being bugged?

I know that Dinah well be on the show through next season and still stick around for crosses on the other shows, but I'm hoping that Rene dies in this season finale. I am so over the both of them.

5 hours ago, tv echo said:

ETA: As far as I'm concerned, that 722 promo did nothing to make me want to watch the season finale (although I probably will).

Same here. It feels like the same old story told every season but with less interesting villains.

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9 hours ago, AudienceofOne said:

Also let's not talk about how many Ninth Circle goons Oliver killed before deciding to not-kill his homicidal sister because 'murder is not the solution'. 

It’s like S5 where everyone was concerned about gun control for one episode and then in the next episode they were staging multiple shoot outs with machine guns everywhere. Arrow is not at all self-aware. 

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Felicity: Guys- the thing you need to shut off is surrounded by poison gas!

Roy: Okay, let me jump into the poison gas to shut off the thing.

Diggle: Roy! That gas is poison- you’ll die if you breathe it!

Roy: Sure, but it’s the only way to shut off the thing. (Jumps in)


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It's all so mediocre. And Tommy's role was so meh. We've seen it a million times before on Arrow, but we are supposed to care that Emiko is Oliver's sister just because she is his sister? 

I don't have high expectations for the finale.

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721 (Living Proof) – No Oliver Queen voiceover intro.

721 (Living Proof) – The S.C.P.D. shows up with a search warrant at Smoak Tech's offices, and Sgt. Bingsley attempts to arrest Felicity:
(Alena is waiting for Felicity outside the front door of their offices.)
Felicity: "Hey. Quick. Urgent. I need the uplink gain augmenter."
Alena: "Uh, more urgent, I have something to tell you bef -"
Felicity: "Okay. Your thing is definitely not more urgent than mine." 
(She enters the Smoak Tech offices to see S.C.P.D. cops searching them.)
Alena: "Welcome to my thing."
Felicity: "What are they doing? Don't they remember we're on the same side? Deputized vigilantes and everything?"
Alena: "Well, apparently they have a warrant."
Felicity: "They what?! H - Hi. Excuse me. What -"
Sgt. Bingsley: "An anonymouse source sent us surveillance footage of last night's incident in the subway tunnels."
Felicity: "Where you see Team Arrow valiantly foil a terrorist attack, just like we told you?"
Sgt. Bingsley: "Emiko Adachi didn't kill those guards. Your friend Roy Harper did. Then your whole team lied to cover it up."
Felicity: "That's insane."
Sgt. Bingsley: "Digital forensics also investigated that bomb, which you said was the work of the Ninth Circle."
Felicity: "Uh-huh."
Sgt. Bingsley: "But that file was activated from a program called Archer, a program which Smoak Tech owns the patent for."
Felicity: "Well, technically, yes, but it was stolen."
Alena: "This has to be a mistake. I mean -"
Felicity: "I agree. I know this sounds shady, but trust me, we are the good guys, and we are after the bad guy - well, bad girl, who currently has your captain and my husband trapped under a building."
Sgt. Bingsley: "We haven't received any word about no buildings going down."
Felicity: "That's because it was a small detonation in a chemical plant outside of town. Listen! You can talke to the team all about it, but to get a hold of them, I have to get a hold of a really tiny, delicate piece of tech that is in that box that Lieutenant Butterfingers is rummaging through."
Sgt. Bingsley: "I'm sorry, Ms. Smoak. You're under arrest."
Felicity: "What?"
Alena: "You can't do that!"
Sgt. Bingsley: "Yes, I can. Turn around!"
Felicity: "Okay. Just... let me give my friend a hug first."
Sgt. Bingsley: "Go ahead."
Felicity (hugging Alena): "Plug your ears." (Presses a small device)
(A loud screeching sound is emitted, knocking out the police officers.)
Alena: "What the hell was that?"
Felicity: "Oh. It's part of my new security system, a remote-detonated nanoelectric pulse that I built into the ceiling."
Alena: "Oh. Remind me to never get on your bad side. Is Oliver okay?"
Felicity (grabbing the uplink gain augmenter from a box): "I don't know. I tried. All I got was static. But if I can boost the signal, I might be able to contact them."
Alena: "You mean, we can. I'm not letting you do this alone."
Felicity: "Okay. Well, then let's get out of here. We do not want to be here when these guys wake up."

721 (Living Proof) – In a flashforward scene, Galaxy One introduces its anti-vigilante robot army known as Zetas:
Kevin Dale (on TV screen): "Crime. Violence, Anarchy. The terrible disease that once infected the streets of the Glades has risen again, but there is a cure to the vigilante problem and a chance for a better, brighter future - Zeta. Powered by Galaxy One's Archer program. They are the front lines of a citywide initiative to end the vigilante menace and restore Star City's glory once and for all."
Mia: "First, Galaxy One puts a bounty on your heads. Now they're sending a damn army of super robots after you?"
Older Felicity: "We are just Kevin Dale's scapegoats for his larger agenda."
Older Roy: "Which is what?"
Older Dinah: "Turn Star City into a police state, go under Galaxy One's control."
Adult William: "We can't let that happen."
Mia: "Oh, yeah? And how exactly are we supposed to stop them?"
Older Felicity: "By destroying Archer."
Older Dinah: "We tried that once, remember? It didn't work then, and Archer was nowhere near as advances as it is now."
Older Felicity: "That's why we have to find the mad scientist who upgraded my creation into Frankenstein's monster."
Older Roy: "You sure that's a good idea?"
Older Felicity: "No. But if Galaxy One has an army of Archer-powered assassins, we don't stand a chance. Star City loses."
Older Dinah: "Well, I'll put the word out to what's left of the Canary Network. See what intel they can find." (Leaves)
Adult William: "You know, if you need a quick and dirty virus, I'm sure I can whip something up in no time."
Older Felicity: "It won't work. I've tried them all."
Adult William: "But if the network is still online, then they could still track our DNA, so we need a Plan B."
Older Felicity: "I have a Plan B!  And all of my plans include you laying low and staying safe. Leave Archer to me. Thank you."

721 (Living Proof) – In a flashforward scene, Adult William and Older Felicity have a heart-to-heart conversation:
Mia: "Looks like your mystery contact is as good at covering their tracks as you are."
Older Felicity: "Ugh. I know. Which is why she's so dangerous and annoying."
Adult William: "So, I think I finally figured out a Plan B to keep us hidden from Archer while we try to destroy it. Blindspots. Just like the one Kevin Dale used to mask his DNA."
Older Felicity: "The only way this is going to work is if we copy the exact root code that was used in the original."
Mia: "Okay. Well, how do we do that?"
Adult William: "Well, we'd have to steal it from Kevin Dale's computer in his office at Galaxy One."
Mia: "Uh, I suppose I could break in."
Adult William: "No, no. I'm sorry. Not you. Me. I mean, Kevin Dale already recognizes me as CEO, and besides, I think he'd be a lot more agreeable to me than... you. You know, a little flirty-flirt while I hack into his computer, and then we'll get what we need. Look, I know it's a risk."
Older Felicity: "A big one. One I am not willing to take. We have a Plan A. Let's stick to it. Like I said, just leave it to me."
Adult William: "You know, you're still treating me like I'm 13."
Older Felicity: "What do you mean?
Adult William: "Uh, I mean that you're doing the exact same thing to me now that you and Dad did all those years ago, leaving me out of things and then getting rid of me."
Older Felicity: "Your father and I, we never wanted to let you go."
Adult William: "But you did, and then even after everything that happened, you still stayed away like - like I wasn't even part of this family."
Mia: "Ooh, and I thought we had problems. Heh. I'm just gonna go do anything else." (Leaves)
Older Felicity: "William, I am so sorry. I realize now that we made a terrible mistake, a mistake that I am going to regret for the rest of my life, but we really thought we were protecting you. We just wanted you to have a normal life."

721 (Living Proof) – Felicity manages to contact Team Arrow: 
Rene: "At this rate we won't find Oliver until sometime next week."
Felicity (on comms): "Team Arrow, do you copy?"
Roy (on comms): "Overwatch, is that you?"
Felicity (on comms): "Yes. Are you guys okay?"
Diggle (on comms): "You have me, Roy, Dinah and Rene. We're safe."
Felicity (on comms): "And Oliver?"
Dinah (on comms): "He was in another part of the building. We haven't been able to contact him. I'm guessing you haven't either."
Felicity (on comms): "No. But his comm unit is still online and active, so if it wasn't crushed, it means he wasn't either."
Roy (on comms): "We'll find him."
Felicity (on comms): "I know. You guys should know, I don't know what Emiko is planning, but she gave the S.C.P.D. the footage of Roy in the subway tunnels, and they think that we are behind whatever the Ninth Circle is plotting."
Dinah: "So lying to the S.C.P.D. to cover for Roy was for nothing."
Rene: "Not to mention our reputations and everything we built this year."
Diggle: "Yeah, let's move."
*  *  *
Rene: “Oh, sure. Now the lights come on.”
Felicity (on comms): "Uh, guys, if the lights just came on, that means the emergency generator just came on."
Rene (on comms): "That's a good thing, right?"
Felicity (on comms): "Normally, yeah, but the building you're in used to manufacture some very flammable chemicals, and flammable chemicals plus sparks equals really big boom."
Diggle (on comms): "Okay. What about Oliver?"
Felicity (on comms): "If you don't turn off the generator soon, there's gonna be no Oliver to find. The entire building's gonna go up in flames, and you with it."
Diggle: "All right. Let's keep moving."

721 (Living Proof) – Roy heroically risks his life to turn off the generator despite the presence of benzene gas: 
Diggle (on comms): "Felicity, we're in the boiler room."
Rene: "Okay, please tell me that's not the generator."
Felicity (on comms): "Well, if it sounds like a sick dinosaur, it probably is. Good news is we still have about eight minutes before it incinerates the whole building."
Diggle (on comms): "Where is it exactly?"
Felicity (on comms): "Lower level, to your left."
(Team Arrow looks down and sees a gas surrounding the generator.)
Dinah: "What do we think that is?"
Roy: "C6H6."
Alena (on comms): "Benzene."
Felicity (on comms): "Guys, that is really bad stuff."
Dinah (on comms): "How bad?"
Felicity (on comms): "Try irreparable nerve damage with severe convulsions and a painful death."
Alena (on comms): "But the good news is it's heavier than air, so you are safe on the mezzanine. Heh."
Roy: "And the bad news is that generator is not on the mezzanine."
Diggle: "Neither is Oliver."
Alena (on comms): "The ground beneath your feet is airtight, so it can't get to him."
Felicity (on comms): "Well, I prefer my friends alive, so we're gonna have to find a new way to get you to the generator and fast."
*  *  *
Diggle (on comms): "Overwatch, any luck figuring out that alternate approach?"
Felicity (on comms): "Looks like there's a room behind the generator with a failsafe switch. The air ducts should be able to get you in there."
Rene: "All right. Yeah. Looks like we're gonna have to crawl there fast."
Diggle: "Yeah."
Roy: "We'll never make it in time."
(Roy jumps from the mezzanine out onto the pipes above the generator.)
Diggle: "Roy, no!
Dinah: "Roy, no!
Diggle: "Roy, if you breathe that stuff in, you're dead."
Roy: "I know."
Dinah: "Stop! We'll find another way."
Roy: "There's not enough time."
(Roy jumps down into the benzene-surrounded room to get to the generator.)
Dinah: "No!"
Felicity (on comms): "Please don't tell me he just went in there!"
Diggle (on comms): "Overwatch, tell me how much time he has."
Felicity (on comms): "10 seconds, maybe 12."
Diggle: "Roy! I'm gonna need a sitrep. Talk to me, Roy! Roy? Roy!"
(The generator shuts off.)
Rene (tearfully): "He did it. He did it. He did it."
(Roy suddenly appears, gasping and hanging onto the mezzanine railing.)
Dinah: "Oh!"
Diggle: "Roy! Oh, come on."
(They help Roy back onto the mezzanine.)
Dinah: "Are you okay?"
Diggle (on comms): "Overwatch, power's off. We're headed out to find Oliver."
Felicity (on comms): "Copy that."
Alena: "I don't know how you ever breathe on this job."
Felicity: "I don't. Come on, Oliver. Where are you?"

721 (Living Proof) – Emiko surprises Felicity and Alena in the Arrow Bunker, and Felicity tells Emiko that she's pregnant:
Alena: "Hey, um, random question. Did you add another hero to your Justice League?"
Emiko: "You I expected. Too bad for your friend."
Felicity: "Please. Don't."
Emiko: "I thought you'd be eager to join your husband." (Shoots an arrow past Felicity)
Felicity: "Please don't kill me! I'm pregnant! This baby is innocent. Just like you were when Robert left your family. Please don't kill an innocent child."
Emiko: "Good to know." (Shoots an arrow into the wall panel)

721 (Living Proof) – Felicity has a heart-to-heart conversation with Alena about protecting her children:
Alena: "Bunker is clear and secure. You okay?"
Felicity: "Yeah. Doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. Just rebooting the system, get the coms up and running, and then I'm gonna check to see if Oliver's okay."
Alena: "Just let me repeat. You. Are you okay?"
Felicity: "Almost dying? Nothing I haven't done 100 times before. Am I right?"
Alena: "Well, the first time you've done it when it's not just you."
Felicity: "Sadly, no. William, the poor kid. I mean, all he ever wanted was a normal life. Loses his mom, gets kidnapped way too many times, the final straw - begin taken hostage by a serial killer. I mean, how's life gonna be any different for this kid?"
Alena: "You'll make it different."
Felicity: "You know, you make that sound so easy. Growing up, my parents, it's just that they made my life miserable, and I promised myself that I would do better when I became a parent. I would - I would just be better. And I imagined this - this - this life, and this is not it. I mean, somehow, I've done something worse, and I've created this life where I - I can't even keep my children safe."
Alena: "Hey. At Smoak Tech, you defended yourself like a badass. You will find a way to protect those kids."
Felicity: "How?"
Alena: "Think of it like a computer program. How do you secure a system? You get a really good firewall, and you take it offline."
Felicity: "I can't exactly take my entire life off the grid."
Alena: "Well, why not?"
Felicity: "I have a company, for one."
Alena: "Well, luckily, you have a fantastic CTO who can run it for you. You want a different life for this kid, right?"
Felicity: "Yes."
Alena: "Well, then, you're gonna need to do something different this time."
Felicity: "Yeah."

721 (Living Proof) – In a flashforward scene, Mia and Adult William have a heart-to-heart conversation about their mother:
Kevin Dale (on TV screen): "Crime. Violence, Anarchy. The terrible disease that once infected the streets of the Glades has risen again, but there is a cure to the vigilante problem and a chance for a better, brighter future -"
Adult William: "I thought you were supposed to go with Felicity in case her friend needed convincing."
Mia: "She took Roy instead. I guess she's trying to protect me, too."
Adult William: "You know, if you're trying to make me feel better about being abandoned by our parents, just don't."
Mia: "Fine. Have your little pity party because Mom benched you."
Adult William: "You know that's not what this is about."
Mia: "Then what is it about? When we rescued her from Galaxy One, Mom apologized. You guys seemed cool."
Adult William: "Yeah. I thought we were, too. But she's still pushing me away just like she always has."
Mia: "Okay. Fine. So maybe she wasn't there for you in the traditional sense, but Mom made sure that your company was a success. She was trying."
Adult William: "I didn't need her money, Mia. I needed a mother. To this day, Felicity still hasn't told me why she kept me out of her life for so long or... why she wanted no part of mine."
Mia: "Look. When I first found out Mom was keeping secrets, that she was still being a vigilante, I didn't wallow and feel sorry for myself. I confronted her, demanded answers. Maybe it's time you do the same."

721 (Living Proof) – Oliver has a heart-to-heart conversation with a hallucination of Tommy Merlyn:
Oliver; "What was that?"
HallucinationTommy: "I don't know. I'm just a figment of your imagination. But, if I had to guess, I'd say it's a reminder of what it feels like."
Oliver: "Seeing my loved ones die? Seeing my family be threatened? What about that don't I already know? God."
HallucinationTommy: "Well, then you know exactly what it feels like to be your father. The fear, how that leads to vengeance, how that leads to cruelty. It's why he abandoned Emiko. It is why she is trying to kill you now. Oliver, look, I know you think that you have broken your father's cycle, but as long as you are giving in to your worst impulses, you are never going to be free."
Oliver: "What am I supposed to do? Just tell me what I'm supposed to do."
HallucinationTommy: "Lean in to the best parts of yourself - your loyalty, your selflessness, your courage, your compassion, and show that side to Emiko. You are living proof that people can change, and you have got to find a way to see that in her, too."
Oliver: "I don't know if I can."
HallucinationTommy: "That's okay. That's the risk you got to take."
*  *  *
HallucinationTommy: "Looks like our time is up."
Oliver: "You know, Tommy. I miss you every day."
HallucinationTommy: "I know, but I'm always with you. It's time to wake up now."

721 (Living Proof) – Felicity reunites with Oliver and Team Arrow back in the Arrow Bunker:
Felicity: "Oh, thank God you're alive."
Oliver: "Hey. Are you and the - are you okay?"
Felicity: "Yeah. Yeah, we're fine. Emiko did pay us a visit, though."
Dinah: "Emiko was here?"
Rene: "Guess she left without killing you. You got off easy."
Diggle: "Yeah. Too easy. She must have been after something else."
Alena: "Our thoughts exactly."
Felicity: "Yeah, but we checked, and the only things missing are a few arrows from the armory."
Roy: "Why would she need Oliver's arrows if we already got blamed for the attack at the subway?"
Oliver: "She must have had something else planned."
Rene: "Yeah, but Emiko thinks she killed us. How could she pin a second attack against a group of dead vigilantes?"
Felicity: "Well, the public doesn't know that you're dead yet."
Dinah: "Just got an APB. Green Arrow sighted outside of S.C.P.D.. Shots fired."
Diggle: "At least now we know what she was after."
Rene: "Oliver, we walk in there, we're going in as wanted criminals."
Oliver: "Let's gear back up. We've got to move fast."

721 (Living Proof) – In a flashforward scene, Older Alena shows up to help Older Felicity destroy Archer; and they are all arrested by Zetas:
Mia: "So you're the fool who's responsible for this whole Archer mess."
Older Alena: "You're the kid Felicity went into hiding for. I can see you got a lot of your mom in you."
Mia: "Well, that's not all you're gonna see if you don't step back."
Older Felicity: "Alena has agreed to help us destroy Archer for real this time, isn't that right?"
Older Alena: "Well, now that you've frozen my bank account and shredded my passport, yes, I have. (To Dinah) I'm sorry about your Canaries. I never meant for Archer to be used like that."
Older Dinah: "And how exactly did you mean for it to be used after you stole it from Smoak Tech and sold it Galaxy One?"
Older Alena: "It started as a software licensing deal till Kevin Dale turned it into a hostile takeover. Once he had Archer, he threatened to use it to hunt and kill every one I loved unless I disappeared, so that's what I did. To protect them."
Older Roy: "Why don't you get to work taking down Archer, so we can all come out of hiding?"
Mia: "I guess three genius brains are better than one."
Older Felicity: "Speaking of geniuses, where is William?"
Mia: "I spoke to him right after you and Roy left."
Older Felicity: "Oh. Where the hell is he?" (Goes to the computer console)
Mia: "Mom, what's wrong?"
Older Felicity: "That sequence that William ran to steal Kevin Dale's blindspot code, I think he used it."
Mia: "How? I thought you said he could only use it if he actually went -"
Older Felicity: "Frak!"
(Galaxy One's armed Zetas suddenly enter and surround the team.)
Zeta: "By the authority of Galaxy One, you are under arrest."

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