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  1. AudienceofOne

    S06.E011: Ashes to Ashes

    There you go, I completely missed that. I thought he said he asked to be put in Xavier.
  2. AudienceofOne

    S06.E011: Ashes to Ashes

    Yes, I was like, "is that a Xmas tree? Why?" Considering how blisteringly stupid the Children of Gabriel are, the fact they haven't seen the old man in 10 years and don't care is par for the course as far as I can tell. Gabriel left Sanctum because he wanted to stop the killing of Nightbloods but then he didn't want to die himself so he took Xavier's body. I don't know if Xavier consented or not. He lied to the Children of Gabriel and pretended to be Xavier because if they knew he took Xavier they'd turn against him. It's against what they stand for. So he lied and said that Gabriel was off communing with the anomaly or something (I don't remember, something like that). The ones who showed up on the motorbikes were the Children of Gabriel looking for Bellamy and Clarke (thinking she was still Josephine). They only wanted to kill Gabriel when they found out he was in Xavier's body because he killed Xavier and lied to them. He wanted to help them until he realised that a revolution would lead to the death of his entire family and himself. Then he had to choose between the path that was morally right and the one that would keep his family alive. He chose the latter. They turned her into a Nightblood with the bone marrow they took from Madi so she could be 'punished' by being a host to Russell's dead wife. It was a surprise to the other Earthers because she wasn't a night blood before.
  3. AudienceofOne

    S06.E011: Ashes to Ashes

    Good Lord, these resistance movement Gabriel groupies are dumb.
  4. AudienceofOne

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    You're not the only one. I thought it was funny.
  5. AudienceofOne

    S04.E05: Losing Streak

    I think there's an interesting discussion here as to whether Veronica's personality - honed as it is under almost constant warfare during her teen years - is capable of handling a calm and stable existence. She's like a child soldier who's suddenly dumped in a world of peace and doesn't know how to cope. Like an undomesticated animal suddenly living in quiet domesticity. It occurs to me that Logan has dealt with this side of his personality with the military but that she doesn't have an outlet. So what looks like dysfunction on the outside - partying, guns - is Veronica trying to give herself the outlet she needs for the parts of her personality she no longer needs in her daily life.
  6. AudienceofOne

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I got nothing. This is an excellent point and nails down one of the weaknesses of Season 3 and articulates one of the many many reasons next season sounds awful.
  7. AudienceofOne

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    So much of the season was about Veronica and Logan healing together, moving past their previous traumas and learning how to be adults without falling back on the terrible things that happened to them as an excuse for destructive behaviour. At a time they were each other's worst enemies and the relationship was dysfunctional but they were managing to carve out something that was healing and supportive instead. And the show was clearly saying they had a long way to go but they were on the right path. And then it just threw it out the window for a cheap shock. I hated everything from when she agreed to marry him. Everything. Because you're right, another season of them struggling to stay together while healing each other instead of damaging each other is more noir than a rootless Veronica in isolation from everything that kept her grounded.
  8. AudienceofOne

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Way to ruin my goodwill toward this season, show. I hate fridging. Just because it's a man being fridged doesn't change that. If they were worried LoVe was overtaking the show, they could have had them deal with their relationship issues or have Logan on a long-term deployment. It's a shame because I thought everything else was great. I thought this had a real classic VM vibe and the characterisation was good. I could have used a bit more Wallace and Weevil but hopefully next season.
  9. AudienceofOne

    S04.E07: Gods of War

    God I spent this whole episode going, "Veronica, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it". I found it interesting that during the whole sex dream sequence, it wasn't Logan she dreamed found her out but Wallace. Getting engaged because she got through the temptation and nearly died seems a really bad idea. This season has done quite a good job of convincing me these two have some issues they need to resolve before having a successful relationship - right before they get engaged. Not the least of which is her not actually wanting to get married at all.
  10. AudienceofOne

    S04.E05: Losing Streak

    I got a little confused in this episode. I must have missed where the bomber blackmailed the Mayor into running naked? And I don't know why Veronica is 110% convinced that Big Dick is responsible for the bombings. It's possible I'm just distracted from binging it. I should probably stop and take a moment to process.
  11. AudienceofOne

    S04.E04: Heads You Lose

    Did Logan not recognise Leo? I was waiting for it but then wondered if he just didn't remember him. But then reading this forum made me realise just how many interactions they had during the original case. He should have remembered him, right? For the record I like Leo but thought he was kind of skeevy lusting after Veronica the way he did when she was in high school
  12. AudienceofOne

    S04.E03: Keep Calm and Party On

    God, me too. That was weird, right? I know this is a person she clearly likes and feels a certain kinship with but Veronica of all people wouldn't just accept drugs in a club. That felt very out of character. Def e Honestly, it's been a long time since I watched the first season of this show but the endless references to this have been confusing for me. I though the murder was solved. I know that people are idiots and would still have alternative theories even if we didn't have to go through the stupid that was that season 2 trial. But I'm surprised that Veronica herself didn't argue about that the first time it came up.
  13. AudienceofOne

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    "What's with the drop in, I could have been having sex?" "You're not married". This season is tight. Really tightly written and I love the complexity in the characterisations. I guess they've been planning this for a while.
  14. AudienceofOne

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    Man this was a such a great episode. It captures the core of the show but with a natural progression. The writing was tight, the characterisation was good. I'm so happy after the bleh of the movie. You do not remember wrong. But those who never saw it might wonder why Veronica and Logan are back together and he's in military intelligence. I found him suddenly being a pilot in the film more jarring than any revelation in this. Since she's probably made it clear from day one she has no interest in marriage, I'm more annoyed that he went through with a full proposal knowing that. Some people don't want to get married. I hate Dohring's appearance as well, I thought he looked awful in iZombie and I'd rather he keep his shirt on frankly, but I always thought the show did a good job of selling Logan's character progression and they always loved each other so I have no problem with them being together.
  15. AudienceofOne

    S05.E11: Killer Queen

    They said something about ordering a diagnostic be run or something similar. Something that would require the system to be off while it's undertaken. So it would be legal and something a senator could do.