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  1. Why are they going to such great lengths to make this season as tedious as possible?
  2. I was going to ignore this when you posted but what the hell. The actor is clearly pregnant, her bump was quite noticeable in the memory device torture scenes.
  3. With these dumbasses? All I could think of at that point was that Stargate Command would test the connection, send through a MALP to assess the environment on the other side and only then send through people - all of whom were highly trained. In this episode, these idiots just opened it up and wandered on through without even knowing what the atmosphere on the other side was. This is how Clark and Raven ended up in the digestion system of a planet animal. It'd be hilarious if the sun went nova after the device was built and they walked into an icy vacuum.
  4. One of these days in a perfect world. Far far away. Maybe in another galaxy even. Longstanding popular shows won't destroy themselves to give birth to their mutated offspring. I honestly do not have words for how much I hated every terrible retcon this cynical hack just rained down upon me. I am genuinely angry even though I have no right to be. I've hated this show since Season 3. And yet. I am still genuinely angry. Turns out I had some affection left for this mess after all. At least before they just hacked up their own creation for their personal longevity. There was one line that made me laugh though. It was when Crazy Cult Bill said something like, "As everyone knows, to dial a location you need seven symbols". And for some reason didn't follow it up with, "At least that's what I learned from Stargate SG1, which is what this show has been blatantly ripping off for the last two years". Gosh I hated the Trikru and Trigedasleng retcons, they were horrible. Just the worst thing anyone could come up with. It's like they took anything interesting or organic out of the show and replaced it with the most trite explanations possible. Suddenly the entire show is just the game of a petulant child. Fighting with her brother in her tree house with their special language because she had a fight with Dad. Trikru! I'm starting to think this show's own creators hate it and want to destroy it before they leave. Makes sense - a show obsessed with nukes created by a guy who nukes it before he moves on. KABOOM! Nothing but radiation and ash. Farewell 100. You will not be missed.
  5. Because Bardo is Earth - spoiler If it turns out that Bardo is not, in fact, Earth, I'll just come back here and delete these references *whistles innocently* Bardo is totally Earth. Time dilation!! As for the whole of this episode - other than the Diyoza/Hope scene that was surprisingly excellent - 💤 💤
  6. Especially since Raven's entire freakout was predicated on Clarke's apparent blithe and carefree ability to commit mass murder without giving a shit. I seriously wanted to kick her. Raven's always lived in Raven world and this was the worst example. And of course Clarke just a) takes it and b) empathises and comforts as though Raven didn't just paint her as some kind of mass murdering sociopath. This Wait, I thought that was just me!! So weird. Jordan is the worst. But Echo's a close second. She's just such a one-dimensional psycho at this point. I'd say it was character assassination but she never had much of a character to begin with. I've spend the last couple of episodes going, "YES WE KNOW THAT BARDO IS EARTH, GET ON WITH IT" and I thought at last that this episode would have the gang going up to the surface and realising with shock and horror that this whole thing has been a giant narrative circle. But I guess that they need Clarke there to look in horror at the semi-submerged Statue of Liberty a la Planet of the Apes so it's been delayed an episode. This episode would have been a whole lot of nothing if it wasn't for Indra. Slim Sheidy is so boring and pointless. He can move on to the great mind drive in the sky any day now as far as I'm concerned.
  7. The nadir of the episode for me was when the memory technician or whatever he was suddenly went, "Oh I know! The native Bardoans had this technology that we don't really know much about but that just happens to be RIGHT HERE and if I put this tattoo on your back where you'll never be able to see it you'll know how to get back a person you don't remember!" And they all just agree to that as though any of those words put together make any damn sense. I've never been a fan of Echo because I feel like her character is just whatever the writers want her to be at a particular time and right now her deranged obsession with Bellamy feels unearned.
  8. And none of it has a point that I can see? What does any of this add to the storytelling? Maybe they're angling for a new season or a spinoff. If so that's even more annoying. They should wrap up the story they have. I really don't understand why they couldn't use this season to finally show them building a society or if they want to show the extinction of humanity then show it. Everyone just keeps running around for no reason. I'm fine with Clark choosing to go after Bellamy. But shouldn't they have at least had a conversation about her abandoning Sanctum? Someone at least could have said, "you have responsibilities here, you can't leave". Or something. Anything. The editing did not help of course. The episode was all over the place.
  9. At the beginning of last season I called it the baby that Stargate SG1 had with the Shannara Chronicles and I did not want to be right. At this stage I have no idea what this show is even about.
  10. This episode was beyond stupid. Every piece of conflict was so contrived. We haven't heard anything from the prisoners and now we get them right in the middle of a philosophical argument about whether to cooperate or not right when Raven decides to march some of them to their deaths. Don't get me started on the Sheidheda nonsense. Surely they could have done this plotline without Russell secretly being a megalomaniac Heda. And Jordan remains beyond stupid. Which is fine and I agree that High Horse Raven really pisses me off, especially when she's benefited from all of Clark's hard decisions. The problem is that she lied to them from the beginning for no reason. She could have told them the risks as she knew them, that way it would have been more powerful and more poignant when the situation spiralled out of her control. The girlfriend would have still been furious and the story would have been a genuine tragedy. As it is I found this episode completely tiresome. I remember when things falling apart was done organically. But it is admittedly a distant memory.
  11. Bellamy is in love with Clarke and has been for years IMHO. I'm surprised Echo is still alive since I would have bet big dollars they were going to put Clarke and Bellamy together by the end.
  12. I mean I once managed to kill a cactus so I spent that whole sequence wondering how many harvests they'd screwed up before they finally got it right.
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