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  1. The whole philosophy had me asking myself, "what IS a Belter?" Is it just someone who survives in a low-gravity environment? If their culture is one of wage slavery in the belt then what does it mean to have self-determination but still be a Belter?
  2. I've been the one defending this season from accusations of pacing problems but honestly the pacing in this episode was terrible. Maybe there were post-production issues around a certain skeezeball who shall not be named but it was like the season built up to a climax of everyone being reunited but instead just skipped over it quickly, went straight into falling action and then built up quickly to a cliffhanger that seemed unrelated to most of the season's back half. When Naomi launched herself out the airlock into space, that was such a perfect episode ending. The battle with Drummer tur
  3. This sounds like B5 to me. If I remember correctly, mass drivers were banned because of the damage they could do.
  4. I had thought the situation on Mars was more of an 'opportunist making money as empire collapses' situation. They don't care what he does with those ships, they just want the money for their own ends and their dream of Mars is dead.
  5. Only because I want the show to go out on a high!
  6. Amos doesn't want to get off the shithole planet Earth. He wants to get back to the place he belongs, which is with the Roci. This whole season has been about people trying to go home again, realising that home doesn't exist or that they've changed too much, and trying to get back to where they really belong now. The fact that Amos literally says that you can never go home again nor really leave because it doesn't exist anymore but you always take it with you is the point. In fact, whenever the show switches to Amos the writers seem to really nail their theme better than with Naomi. I mea
  7. I'm just ready for everyone to be back together. That's it, that all I got.
  8. It's a hard habit to break. Once you start doing it, it's not easy to stop. And I imagine there's a part of her that's scared of getting that emotionally dependent on someone again.
  9. I personally think Cyn is the absolute worst of the bunch and was glad his "It really hurt that I had to repeatedly stab you in the back" schtick didn't result in some kind of nonsense redemption but instead got him dead. I actually liked this episode in multiple ways, not the least of which because I think that Filip and Naomi are now working together and that whole sequence at the end was planned. It made no sense for Filip to suddenly demand a command, he only did it because his father would knock him back (also I suspect because he wanted to see for himself that his father really was
  10. Well he saved her for one thing, brought her to the ship. Clearly had some romantic notion she'd join them. So it's not entirely sudden. He's a typical petulant teen with Mummy issues when he's not being a typical petulant teen with Daddy issues. But it was Cyn (sorry I don't remember his name) standing up to his father that gave him the shock to the system he needed. Remember that Naomi said to him that his father "wouldn't die for you but would ask you to die for him" and then when Marcos asked him to throw his mother out an airlock, someone finally brought attention to the fact that hi
  11. That episode was amazing btw. AHAMAAAZZING.
  12. I don't think he cares tbh. These kind of people just want to prove they're better and/or smarter than others. They never believe the cause they're supposedly fighting for. They're just manipulators and con artists who want to win. Whether the Belt rallies behind him or not is only relevant in whether they can do him personal harm. Which they probably can't. He did this entirely for the moment at the end of the episode where he can portray himself as the saviour of his people. He could not give a shit about what happens afterwards. And his son's an idiot.
  13. I loved this episode, although I didn't have any more philosophical epiphanies from it. But I also hate how each of these episodes seem to merge effortlessly into each other and once again I'm regretting diving into the season now rather than waiting and binging. When I found out about this delightful news, I thought "well, at least he's not a romantic lead so I guess I can put up with him being a pilot or having Bobbie slapping him over a head for a season". And then they literally put him into this plotline where some poor woman had to kiss the bastard. So, yeah, it was a struggle.
  14. Gosh I loved this episode so much. I almost don't know where to start on everything that was packed into it. I feel like it needs an essay to tease out everything. So I'll stick only to my main takeaway and that is Amos' character who is so nuanced and so complex and so beautifully fleshed out over five seasons so that he's grown as a person but still makes sense as a person. It's kind of like - there are two kinds of monsters in the world. Those that think that because they're monsters everyone else is and so every monstrous thing they do is justified. And those that know that there
  15. So the theme of this season is wanting to go home but being too late? Of trying to recapture the past and it always being forever out of reach? That's a sad theme but if there's any show I trust to do it justice, it's this one. Oh God I've missed this... what is it?
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