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  1. Fair enough- I’m not sure how I didn’t pick up on that. Let’s hope it’s her actual kids calling, and not- say- extra dimensional Cthulhu demons…
  2. It looks like he also does some Jack Black characters for cartoons/video games, which unfortunately is more of what I was hearing on this episode. It feels like the voice is pitched a little too high (here at least) - Tony needs at least a little baritone.
  3. Thanks for the info on AC. I will have to watch the Ant-Man films again, because I don’t remember any Cassie hints. She’s just been Scott’s daughter as far as I can tell, but maybe I didn’t notice. WV ends with Wanda embracing her role as Scarlet Witch- what she wants to do with that power is, to me, left pretty ambiguous. Unless… they haven’t redone that scene again have they? Is there now a “to do: bring back kids” note on her fridge in the cabin? 🙂 Kidding aside - as with all of this, I guess we’ll find out her motives eventually. To be fair, this is part of what I have b
  4. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m honestly curious as to what tie-ins you’re referring to. Obviously Kate Bishop will be in Hawkeye. And, they’ve cast yet another Cassie Lang for Quantumania - but it remains to be seen what kind of role it will be. I feel like it’s equally likely at this point whether she suits up or not. Otherwise I don’t know of any other planned YA character appearances coming up. And as for the ones that they have already used - to be honest, it kind of feels like they’ve done everything that they’ve cared to do with them. Maybe Eli will be back in s
  5. I don’t know much about Young Avengers (I stopped reading comics about a decade prior)- but to me it feels like Marvel is being… judicious(?) in how they use the characters. Could they be building to a team up project? Sure- but so far they’ve been utilizing these kids almost entirely to supplement the stories of existing heroes. And, it’s possible that may be the extent of what they have for them. Cassie and Eli are, to date, just relatives. Maybe Quantumania and CA4 will put them on paths to herodom, but who knows. Kid Loki is a variant last seen stuck in a literal pile of discarde
  6. To be honest, I don’t think there’s an MCU thing that I’m not planning on watching - but I like the tone of this, and it’s making me more interested in a project that previously felt unnecessary. I was fine with letting Clint (and Renner) fade out of the storyline, but maybe they’ve finally found a way to make him work. I hope that the merch booth for the Cap musical has a commemorative beer mug of Mjolnir wielding Steve - so that someone, somewhere can own an official Broadway Rogers and Hammer stein.
  7. Here's a website (with official press photos, so professional lighting and makeup) of all the winners thus far. To me it seems like a fairly diverse mix of body types, but to each their own. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this Black Jacket group, and I think they all have a decent shot at winning. Steve has certainly had a positive edit overall - but we haven't seen a ton of screwups from the others either. In particular, I believe Kiya is the last one left who's never been called up at all - and I think Trenton's only time up was the week that Alex kept passing the buck on his mistake
  8. Regarding sequels: well, there are other jungles, with other rivers - the original attraction covered parts of Africa and Asia in addition to South America. To be honest, I'm a fan of the Jungle Cruise ride - and the parts of the film that worked the best for me are the moments that felt closest in tone to it. For me at least, the appeal is that you're on this "boat" while an actual human cast member (the "skipper") guides you through various jungle scenes, all while telling terrible jokes. And, when this film is doing that, it works really well. I was honestly not sure if I could act
  9. It’s amusing to me how the current syndication is making the show seem far more risqué than it was back in the day. Like at the end of Rebels, the dead kid’s girlfriend says he liked to ‘play poor and (bleep) poor.’ Well iirc, the word they cut was “screw”- not exactly one of Carlin’s seven. Maybe they want to play it safe- after all this could’ve aired at 10am too- but it’s still cable. And like I said, the overall effect is making the show seem dirtier than it was. And, they left Rey saying ass in the cold open from the following episode - so...?
  10. Well, to the people who import and distribute caviar, that would be a pretty big deal. And if she were the head of production at a caviar cannery speaking to a room full of industry reps, I don't think anyone would have even given it a second thought. Really, that's all this is - one member of an industry speaking at a conference to officials from a related field about how the pandemic has impacted their shared business. And personally, I don't consider this a public statement - the only reason anyone not in that room even knows about any of this, is that the industry in question is movies
  11. Trying to remember- is there any significance to a SHIELD mission in Odessa from the pre-Iron Man era? I know the big BW/Hawkeye deal was in Budapest- but that sounds familiar too. Was that where Agent May had her “cavalry” moment from AoS?
  12. So I’ve spent the better part of the week trying to remember who painted a portrait that’s on the back wall of the collector’s gallery. It’s kind of got funky cubist dimensions- could it be a Picasso? Nope- turns out it was by the great impressionist, Jean-Luc Picard. It’s from the life drawing class (another classic “D“ activity) in the cold open of A Matter of Perspective, which is the episode with Riker’s holodeck murder trial.
  13. I don’t know if there is a good way to answer the question, if you’ve promised not to badmouth the other guy. The best I can think of is to just say, “Chef, before we came up here, we promised we wouldn’t call each other out- and I’d rather keep my word to my teammates than answer that question.“ But yeah, in the end Sam got flustered and couldn’t come up with anything to say, while Antonio at least said something. Black Jacket predictions: Steve, Megan, Trenton, Kiya, Brynn. I found him memorable- but I also tagged him as a “weaselly Dave Franco type” (I think) when the bo
  14. You know, there's an attitude that I try to maintain as I'm watching this show (and some others), that really makes the experience a ton more enjoyable. I'm not saying it's for everyone - but if you do happen to find yourself getting annoyed at certain contestants, or the judges, or whatever, please consider it as an option for yourself. Here it goes... I don't care. I don't care who wins, I don't care about their backstories, I don't care about their dreams and ambitions, I don't care about who thinks who is their biggest competition, and I don't care about parsing every detail th
  15. Man, that collector ship- I feel like at some point I’m gonna have to go through it frame by frame just looking for stuff. For a show that’s known for Easter eggs, this may be the purest version. Still, I liked that the key prop turned out to be the joke one that they just made up. Darmok is a favorite episode, so I’ve always been curious to see how they would handle the Tamarians again. I think the gag of the translation not always working was fine- as I just said above, this show is known for references, so of course they’d work in the big lines - “Shaka, when the walls fell,” and so
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