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  1. Well, I mean... getting together in a confined space with a bunch of people is kind of the root problem right now. If we could do that with any confidence, going to a theater wouldn’t be an issue. As for the price- god bless if people are legit dropping $30 a person for a movie, even including snacks. I think I’d have to spring for 3D IMAX, and more popcorn/soda than I should personally consume to hit that. I would guess my typical movie expenditure is maybe $17 for ticket/concessions - and if I really wanted, I could hit a bargain Tuesday show for, iirc, $5.75 (snacks extra). Also- I know that this may be an Unpopular Opinion, but part of the appeal of going out to a movie is “going out.” I like watching a film on something that isn’t my TV, in a place that isn’t my condo, and I’m okay with paying for the privilege. Obviously these days I watch everything at home, but the vast majority is classic TV and movies, that it doesn’t matter if I get distracted while watching. If I have to watch a new release in my home, I’d rather not pay more than I would at a theater for the experience.
  2. I get that Disney needs to make... something off this film in the US, especially if they want to release in theaters in certain foreign markets. I can also see how this would be a bargain for a family of viewers. However - as a single subscriber I don’t plan on spending $30 just for myself, on a movie that I don’t know if I will watch more than once. At some point they will take it out from behind the paywall - I’ll watch it then.
  3. Chyromaniac

    The Star Wars Saga

    Eh, the titles are fine as is. I'm not going to watch the video (because honestly. I find most fan reaction/analysis videos unwatchable) - but after reading an article detailing the changes, they feel like an even bigger stretch than the original order. "The Phantom Menace" says so much about the story of episode 1 - from the illusory threat of the Trade Federation, to the invisible hand of Sidious guiding the events. "Attack of the Clones" is a silly title - but episode 2 is a mostly silly movie. And, the clones don't attack the Jedi in episode 3 - Palpatine does. He gets his revenge on them by using the clones as weapons in his plot to subvert the Republic. "A New Hope" is an arbitrary name - but that's also kind of the point. The film that would become episode 4 doesn't need a subtitle. It's just Star Wars. And frankly, none of the other titles are worth changing - they accurately describe their respective films. The empire strikes back in "The Empire Strikes Back." A Jedi returns in "Return of the Jedi." The Force awakens in "The Force Awakens." "The Last Jedi" is about who will be the last of the Jedi. "The Rise of Skywalker" is a disappointing name for a disappointing movie - but I don't think swapping titles with episode 1 is going to change that. And honestly, in a better constructed story, I think the themes of Rey "rising" and choosing to carry on the lineage of Skywalker suggested by the title might have had more of an impact. However, if we do want to change the name of the existing film, there are a couple of ideas from ep 9 that might've made better titles that "tRoS" - "The Final Order" is not just the name of the Sith regime/fleet, but also would refer to Palpatine's threat to the galaxy to submit, or die. And, as silly as it was in the opening crawl, "The Dead Speak" actually might've been a decent subtitle - it's not just Palpatine talking, but Force Ghost Luke, and the voices of the Jedi.
  4. We'll know for sure if there's an episode next season called "Stripesy Jr"...
  5. Thanks - there's been a lot of comics cross talk, and I honestly couldn't recall if that was something that had been established in the show, or just inferred from the source material.
  6. I don’t know if this will be a satisfactory answer for other viewers. But for me, I now think that the staff could somehow “sense” the danger posed by the ISA, and chose the person best suited to oppose them from the options available. Pat had possession of it, but c’mon- sidekick. Mike is too young, and Barbara is a decent person, but focused on career and family. Meanwhile Courtney has the commitment and desire to do good and protect people. The fact that she has an athletic background (right?) is also a plus. I also think she was kind of looking for something to connect to, considering she had just moved to a new town where she didn’t know anyone. Becoming Stargirl gave her an identity- first as a connection to a kind of fantastical legacy, but now hopefully to a higher purpose as a hero.
  7. It feels like that’s probably the part of “Timber” that people actually like/remember- no one seems to care about Pitbull’s rap, even though it’s technically his song... I think there’s an unfortunate line about Miley in there too, so maybe that’s also why most shows only use the hook. I may even know that just because it’s one of the early Postmodern Jukebox hits. However, as someone who lives in the Midwest, it really does feel like a song that was, and would continue to be, a big deal in a town like this. I also thought this was a fun episode - for some reason I got a slight “Mystery Men” vibe that I hadn’t noticed in previous weeks. For one thing, we got a lot of Gambler - and he reminds me of whatever Eddie Izzard was doing in that film. Otherwise there just seems to be an enjoyable level of goofiness about the costumes and code names and such that isn’t quite the parody of MM (or the satire of Kick-Ass either, now that I think about it). I like that the show can play with some of the silly aspects of the genre, without becoming a joke.
  8. I thought Ruby did a decent job overall, and certainly seemed to be growing into the role. However, I’d much rather keep Kate Kane and her relationships with the other characters, than move on to some new person for the sake of continuity. If they do insist on replacing her, I certainly hope “Ryan Wilder” is a cover for casting- Billie Finger has a nice ring to it though... Also- Ryan Wilder, who lives in a van. Ryan “lives in a van” Wilder. Ryan Van Wilder. Huh.
  9. Norwegian is an underrated bad guy accent - thanks to the original Dragon Tattoo movies, it has a strong “secret Nazi” vibe.
  10. My interpretation is that Courtney and Pat are still trying to keep their whole “we have a giant flying robot” thing on the down low. Which, long term is going to be an issue. But for now I get why they would try to keep STRIPE secret- once it becomes common knowledge, it’s not going to be difficult to track that thing back to them. In any case, this was another solid episode. The only really dodgy effect was the CGI bus during the crash- otherwise the show continues to look great. Also, Pat is correct- Paperboy was the best arcade game.
  11. I know we didn’t get a really good look at the photo, but I felt like they intentionally had Flash’s face blurred by the crease, so they could keep their options open. I don’t know if there’s much to add otherwise- I thought it was a solid pilot. Hopefully they can keep up the production values- it really did feel different than the usual CW shows. It’s a bit ironic that the JSA stuff feels like “Watchmen- but happy!” given what Moore was doing with that series. But I like them, and I’m curious to see more about that team. Otherwise, I’d probably be watching this anyway - but I’m glad that it’s off to a promising start.
  12. Huh? But Kate definitely recognized Old Man Batman when she and Kara met him during Crisis - which means that her Bruce should have also looked like Kevin Conroy. Is this another thing that got changed when they rebooted the universe? If so, dammit Ollie!
  13. Clearly they’re following the Twilight Sparkle playbook- you either die a villain, or live long enough to become a bestie.
  14. That episode is honestly my favorite take on the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial.
  15. FWIW, there's another cartoon series called Resistance - I only watched a few episodes back when Season 1 was first airing, but I believe the series has wrapped up at this point. Fair warning though - it's a far different animation style from CW or Rebels that I found jarring at first. But now that CW is done, I'm planning to give it another shot. As for this episode, I don't know if it was quite what I was hoping for in a series finale - I was certainly expecting some kind of epilogue (or two), but I would have preferred seeing Rebels tie ins like Ending with Vader works though. The first story we ever got from this series was Anakin growing to accept the apprentice he never wanted. Here we get the end of that relationship - he has irrevocably lost her now. Otherwise, I feel it's fitting that we got one last escape here from a crashing ship, just like we got one final bridge battle in part 1. Finally, I want to say that this entire concluding arc has been visually stunning - this series really has come a long way.
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