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  1. Chyromaniac

    S05.E13: All's Well That Ends Well

    Overall, I don’t think the finale was extraordinary good or bad. There were a few fun moments (“she thinks you’re Kristin Bell”), but kind of underwhelming and disjointed. The biggest problem is that it didn’t feel like Liv had much to do- this is her show after all, and the most she does is push Don E into the well? To be honest, I would rather have switched the last two storylines- find some way to resolve the FG vs dead enders conflict last week, and maybe develop the cure before having it stolen by Blaine. Then for the finale, have the main gang discover he’s going to sell the cure at some fancy black market auction for evil drug CEOs, and use the heist brains to steal it back. That way you have one last big character theme for main characters to play, and probably work in a more satisfying final confrontation between Liv, Blaine, and- sure, why not- Don E.
  2. Chyromaniac

    Worst Cooks In America

    There was a forum at one point- but I don’t think there’s been a worst bakers season since this site was reformatted, so there probably isn’t one now.
  3. Chyromaniac

    Masterchef (US)

    It’s Subha. With an H. Nick was right- all she had to do was figure out a way to work with him, and they’d be fine. Instead she let the “sabotage” and the stress of the challenge get in her head, and it could have sank both of them.
  4. Chyromaniac

    The Great Food Truck Race

    It’s basically just a big stylized arrow. To me, it’s reminiscent of illuminated signs that maybe a 50’s style diner would have- just a big block with the name on it, and an arrow swooping down towards the entrance.
  5. Chyromaniac

    Season 15 (2019) Discussion

    I thought she was pretty good- any time the guest can contribute during Song Styles, I’m happy. Living Props was just the usual gags, but at least had “time to dig our own graves,” which might be the line of the season so far.
  6. Chyromaniac

    Season 15 (2019) Discussion

    Man, getting “lactation consultant” in an improv game must feel like a gift from the gods...
  7. Chyromaniac

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Considering the winning criteria seemed to be “burger dripping with meat juice” the risk could have been for E. coli...
  8. Chyromaniac

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    All Peter has to say is that he clearly cannot be Spider-Man, since he is- in actuality- Night Monkey.
  9. Chyromaniac

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    If I’m right, I’m officially done with a particular script writing crutch on this show... I don’t mind them making Dwyer a low key creep. I feel like as a society we expect every harasser to be some leering, handsy sleaze- sadly that’s not the case. I can also mostly hand wave them needing to invent a female character for this story- honestly they haven’t really developed any recurring male cops either. I guess if I have an issue, it’s that they basically made it Gregson’s story- his officer leaving, his investigation, his pep talk... Part of me feels like this is just another leg of the Gregson redemption arc. I would have preferred a little more agency on her part- maybe after the photo thing, she goes to Joan to find out if Dwyer has a history. Then, the two of them could take it to Gregson together.
  10. Chyromaniac

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Ideally, you would want orders to be $12-13 per ticket (total), to hopefully generate $2-3 tips.
  11. Chyromaniac

    Worst Cooks In America

    I enjoy Tyler on the show, but Bobby feeling the need to explain that “Allspice isn’t all the spices” is my favorite WCiA moment.
  12. Chyromaniac

    S06.E07: Toldja 

    As someone who lives in Des Moines, it was amusing that they decided to use a big sweeping aerial shot for Fort Dodge, while apparently my city is just a studio backlot apartment building...
  13. Chyromaniac

    Past Episodes Discussion

  14. Chyromaniac

    Past Episodes Discussion

    They’re on Brainiac’s homeworld (Colu)- Lobo should be from a different planet called Czarnia. Regardless, it looks like the same Canadian woods where they’ve shot exteriors for Killjoys. And Dark Matter. And Defiance. And Being Human. And...
  15. Chyromaniac

    Past Episodes Discussion

    I dunno guys- Lobo feels like an odd fit for this show. Practically everyone on Krypton come off as super serious statesmen types, making important sounding proclamations about “strength” or “passion” or whatever in their posh RP accents. Lobo, makeup and costume notwithstanding, seems like an escapee from pirate weekend at the Ren Faire. It just feels so very disconnected from the main story. It doesn’t help that they’ve stuck Seg, Adam, and Lobo in the same Vancouver forest preserve that all Syfy shows use for their “exotic foreign planets.”