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  1. Over an hour into Christmas She Wrote and my opinion about five minutes in hasn’t changed: I’d rather watch a movie about Stephen. There’s nothing engaging about the main story or characters.
  2. One Royal Holiday is the first Hallmark movie in a couple years that I rewatched the next-day rerun of. I wasn’t as wowed by Anna/James, but I loved Sara/Christopher and Gabriella was such a delight. Plus the black ice scene was hilarious. But I do wish there had been a bit more singing with all that talent.
  3. Agree. Not only because I love Mia and William, but also because I’d like more of KM and BL’s live-tweeting.
  4. Am I misremembering or hasn't Stephen said he's known a lot of stuff in advance? I wonder what they kept from him.
  5. But Sara could have given the toast at their wedding reception. “I know the bride and groom quite well. The bride’s my sister, and I’m sure everyone remembers what happened between me and the groom ... No? Didn’t see it on the news?”
  6. Yeah, say what you will about how Arrow handled Canaries, but I don’t think anyone can argue there were too few. In the S7 FFs, it was basically, “you’re a female character in 2040 Star City, you’re either a Canary or we’ll try to make you one.”
  7. Obviously we know nothing about what SA & his wife’s relationship is like on a day-to-day basis but they do seem to bring out the worst in each other when in videos online together. I’m going to assume it’s just the situation and quarantine — I don’t care one way or the other — but it’s so awkward to watch.
  8. I sort of watched the game thing — in the background, with the audio going in and out — and SA seemed really annoyed with some tech issues he was having? I think? I did see that EBR kept changing helmets which was adorable.
  9. If it is picked up, William better be a major part of it and not missing for a significant part of the season because Ben Lewis is an absolute gem:
  10. I feel like 80% of the Jar's posts make me think they should just not post on social media for the duration of this. Also I completely agree.
  11. Ugh, probably. And they won’t think about the fact that as soon as they got the test and encountered one other person, that test is void.
  12. Just caught up on all the KM/KC/JH interviews after skimming them during the week and the one thing that keeps standing out is that KM seems to be the only one actually promoting the DVD release. Yes, it stands out in a very obvious way, but I don’t mind it.
  13. Nope. But for every interview in which she says she wants to see Oliver in the spinoff, there’s at least one with SA saying he’s done playing Oliver.
  14. Why is it that they just seem to get worse with every live? I don’t even know what to think of this latest one. Why bring any of that up? I feel like it’s especially not a good look when you have so many people posting all positive, feel good stories in online videos.
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