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  1. Is it wrong that my first thought was he should've posted the page for the scene in which everyone tells Laurel they love her and Oliver stays silent? (Honestly, those final scenes of that episode aren't ones anyone should want to remember. I'd rather an alternate scene where Earth-1 Laurel's final conversation was with her father, not what we got ... which should no longer be canon anyway.)
  2. The thing is, didn’t some of them post screenshots of everyone video chatting from their own homes a couple weeks ago? Those are the only kind of social get togethers that should be happening: virtual ones. Nothing that requires changing locations or any sort of transportation. That is being responsible. And if they truly did do this in a parking lot (which I don’t believe because I feel like they would’ve had photos of that all over their pages), why? Why not continue to just video chat from their homes? And where did everyone stay after? Their cars? Drive right back home? They couldn’t because they were drinking. At this point, they should all keep away from Twitter/Instagram/etc. until this is all over.
  3. I’d only seen his tweet and assumed he meant over FaceTime/Skype/whatever. Just ... why? I could say more but reading things like this followed by heartbreaking stories of family members unable to see each other in hospitals and self-quarantine ... And here’s the other thing: why put this on social media? Just don’t post anything. No one is forcing anyone to tweet or Instagram or anything.
  4. Obviously E1 Laurel should have been in that final scene with Oliver? He should have put her in a Lazarus Pit? I don’t know. (No, I completely agree, that was my first thought too — he should have written “because of Laurel’s death.”)
  5. That may be one of my favorite panels — if not the favorite panel — either of them has ever done.
  6. Is it wrong that I thought of KC and JH wanting Oliver to show up on GATC if it's picked up and laughed as I read this?
  7. Yeah, and if I recall, it felt like one of the transitions from Diggle in the present to a FB (maybe the second?) was sort of setting up for a Felicity/OTA FB? They obviously wrote that line with the intention of an OTA FB.
  8. Well, you see, in this new timeline, Dinah was undercover in SC as [insert something that could come up in the spinoff] and the team crossed paths with her and realized she had a metapower that matched Sara’s sonic devices ... (half kidding)
  9. While I do think that E1 LL was BC at some point and probably said something on her deathbed about finding a new one in order to bring in Dinah somehow, a lot of it is really unclear. Did whoever erase Dinah just erase all traces of BC, whoever was wearing the mask for some reason? Did Laurel tell Tommy on her deathbed to tell Oliver to find someone to replace her in the field? Did she still talk to Oliver ... for reasons? Do the writers even care if we’re wondering these things? (Probably no. They probably didn’t think of answers themselves.) Where did BS come from? Still E2? I kind of wish that MG or someone would just post a list of bullet points to explain the new history. (Although it’s more fun probably for us to decide these things for ourselves.)
  10. This was a decent retrospective. My major nitpick is the fact that they didn’t have an OTA segment (not gonna lie, would’ve loved to see the “this started with the three of us” line again because you can never see that too many times), yet it included Laurel’s awful non-deathbed deathbed confession Definitely should’ve aired after the series finale to be a retrospective of the entire series. And some of the things people said definitely made me go “huh?” like KM liking Diaz (really everything said about Diaz) and KC’s comments about her S1-S8 “arc”
  11. Obviously after E1 Laurel died, Tommy moved to Chicago to be a doctor, which is like a whole other network universe and so he didn’t hear anything about E2 Laurel? I have no idea. I’m confused.
  12. Her own father didn’t want her back. Even the post-finale interviews suggest that Tommy could just hook up with her doppelgänger, no big deal. I never liked E1 Laurel, but sometimes I feel like no one hated her, not even every person who’s ever watched Arrow and disliked her combined, more than the Arrow writers. I wish we’d gotten flashbacks showing some of the changes (like with Tommy, Moira around) instead of the S1/William kidnapped connected plot. (And one of those could’ve maybe involved Felicity? Since they couldn’t get EBR for the flashbacks we got. Maybe they could’ve fit in a quick moment with her?)
  13. This is the problem. They didn't have enough time to do this. Should've been two hours, then they could've included the William kidnapping in part of it, addressed post-Crisis stuff, and honored Oliver — and other aspects of the series.
  14. First of all, LOVE that Oliver and Felicity get eternity together. We really struck gold with those two. But the finale needed more of them together somehow. What we should have gotten: more Felicity/Mia, more Felicity/Diggle, more Felicity/Sara, even just one Felicity/William scene, maybe Felicity/Rory... I guess I should be happy that Felicity and Tommy finally stood near each other? Loved Diggle's eulogy. Liked the hint about his future ... if we get to see it! The explanation for E2 and not E1 Laurel MAKES NO SENSE. They even had E1 Laurel's father say he prefers NOT HIS DAUGHTER to his own daughter? We didn't need the William-gets-kidnapped again plot — especially since we didn't even get a Felicity/William reunion out of it! We needed more character moments like we got at the end of the episode.
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