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  1. I’m thinking baby Mia’s absence may have more to do with not wanting a baby on set for what may be a somewhat long scene, especially one in which the person who would presumably be holding her (Felicity) would be somewhat of the focus. (And they could always pretend that baby Mia and adult Mia can’t be too close to each other and adult Mia wants to be by her mother’s side.) Though I would have liked to see baby Mia again, I think they’re going to have enough people in the funeral scene that I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t want to deal with a baby on set at the same time.
  2. I think we also have to remember Arrow only has one episode to wrap up the series, show the changes post-Crisis, and properly say goodbye to Oliver, especially after his sacrifice in Crisis. In 40 minutes. (Sorry, but I don’t see how E1-Laurel’s fate beyond “yes, she also died, but hey, we’ve changed her history enough that we erased that awful non-deathbed confession — I hope! — and gave her some happiness before her death, and we still got Dinah and E2 Laurel, two characters who may be in another series” is important enough for screen time during that.)
  3. I feel like the E1 Laurel still being dead thing is simple. They didn’t want two Laurels around, had to be able to send Laurel off for the spinoff, and wanted to give Tommy/Laurel some sort of happy ending (he didn’t die saving her, married before her death) but couldn’t even have a merged Laurel because then she’d theoretically be leaving her husband behind to travel to the future and it’s not like she’s doing anything in the future that another character couldn’t do — especially if she had a family/life in 2020 and even with time travel meaning she could return to right after she left.
  4. Maybe the Radioactive scene never happened? I wonder if E1-Laurel now spoke to Tommy or Lance on her non-deathbed? We’ll have to see how much of the episode actually explains any of the changes and how much might be explained in post-finale interviews.
  5. True. At least they didn’t pull a HIMYM. Honestly, that’s always my fear with series finales now. I’m not surprised. But this is getting ridiculous.
  6. I don’t hate what I’m reading about the finale, but I also doubt I’m going to consider it in my top 5 series finales? Maybe even top 10?
  7. Not gonna lie, part of me thought, might we finally get a Felicity/Tommy scene? But I suppose I should just be happy if they’re on screen at the same time. (Still annoyed we never got a scene with Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Tommy after Tommy found out in S1)
  8. Are these writers the best with continuity? No. But Laurel is the only character (any version) where I expect her to say something that contradicts something we’d previously learned.
  9. I’m not a fan of sibling-swapping, but it’s not exactly the same here. Mia has memories of two lives now, and she had something with Connor in one and in another got engaged to JJ (a JJ who wasn’t a murderer, though he could become one again, depending on how they decide to handle him if there’s a spinoff, which is unclear since Arrow’s not the best at doppelgängers, which this situation is at least similar to, though not the same as). It’s messy, yes. Do I trust these writers to not make it ultimately be sibling-swapping and even reveal that Mia and Connor maybe had something at some point before she was with JJ? No. Really, it probably all depends on what they do with JJ now that he has both sets of memories. And like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to have him completely change back to murderous JJ — while continuing to stress how Laurel could and did change and is totally a hero now and have her continue to say that JJ can’t change. Of course, we may never get these answers. It may not be ordered to series.
  10. Yep. KC has been acting like it’s called the Canaries and about the Canaries and ... maybe Mia sort of exists? As a minor-ish character? It’s just very odd. And KM is definitely focusing on FTA, but she’s at least been using the #GreenArrowandtheCanaries hashtag. I honestly don’t know if KC even knows that’s the title.
  11. Yep. I don’t think I could watch an entire season of the Laurel we got in this episode if the series is picked up, even if there’s more FTA than in the pilot. But I doubt they’ll bring in a love interest for her because it doesn’t seem like the Arrowverse is interested in giving any Laurel a love life other than unrequited feelings for an Oliver. And I definitely agree about the potential death. As soon as I found myself liking Dinah — especially compared to Laurel — I started thinking her days are numbered. But wouldn’t it be something if all that “Laurel is a hero” talk (also something I really couldn’t put up with for even one more episode, let alone a series) is really them trying to fool us so they can reveal her as the Big Bad and she was the one to give JJ his memories back? It’ll never happen, but that could actually be a good story. This Laurel never should’ve been working for anyone, especially since no one had a dampener until Diaz at the end of S6.
  12. I generally like E2 Laurel, but how many times can someone call her a hero and she remark she’s new to the feelings thing? It’s gotten ridiculous.
  13. I only expected to see Felicity as we have in the photos. Surprised we got that shot.
  14. Sorry, but this is a spinoff I definitely don't need. Unless it's completely changed. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't see anything that made me go, "yes, give me more ASAP." Give me FTA with, at most, recurring Canaries (and even then, not necessarily always Laurel and Dinah). Needed a lot more Mia/William. And that ending makes me think that at the most, BL would be recurring in a spinoff series and Mia might be searching for him for at least part of the season. Also needed more Connor. And Zoe. Maybe Oliver decided to give Felicity a Canary-free life by sending Dinah to the future to be in SC when it went to hell again and knew Laurel would follow and figured they could be helpful then and his wife could live in peace at least for a little while. (Also, if the spinoff is ordered, it should be interesting to see if KC and KM continue to only promote their stuff on social media. I glanced at their tweets tonight and was really just so amused. Their preferences are so obvious.)
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