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S23.E11: Week 10 - The Final Rose

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So this is OFFICIALLY The Most Dramatic Episode Ever. I mean the Fence Jump episode. History has been made, peoples! CH has been promoting The Most Dramatic Episode Ever for years, and now it's here!

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I'm glad the recaps juxtaposed Cassie vehemently claiming the naysayers were in the wrong for saying she wasn't ready and then next episode, she breaks up with him because she's not feeling it. I am still going to believe this was all scripted and all the players were lousy actors. Shame they still get paid for the crap act. 

Bring out the infrared cams. TG for alcohol to get me through this, lol

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I know there's legal stuff involved, but if it were just me, I'd got back to my room and let Colton figure out WTH he's doing and where's he's going in a foreign country at midnight. And good luck with that. See ya. Bye.

Only now he's quitting the whole show. "Get the contract someone! Check out the lawsuit clause."

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They're going to lo-jack the lead from here on out.

I have to say, this is actuallyl pretty dramatic for Bachelor nation.

Gotta add, i kinda like Nicks Halo commercial

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At least we learned they are not so great in a “crisis”.

There is one road outside the gate people.  One car goes right and one car goes left.  At most people’s place of work they call a problem this insurmountable Tuesday...

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This hunt for Colton is just bullshit.  Only someone with serious mental issues acts the way he did.  Either that, or this is all totally scripted to get maximum exposure.  And what was his “Don’t touch me crap”, and “I’m done”?   And IF Cassie is done with him, she’s a bitch for doing all the stuff she did, like saying she loved him.  The way that Chris is playing it all up, it’s just sounding more and more like all this drama is fake.  

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I was analyzing that search and rescue footage as intently as if I were a juror viewing police cam/surveillance footage and a man’s guilt or innocence hung in the balance.

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1 minute ago, KLovestoShop said:

The way that Chris is playing it all up, it’s just sounding more and more like all this drama is fake.  

I don't know if it's fake but after Fleiss got a lot of bad feedback for choosing Colton I think they are determined to prove this is an exciting season even if they have to manufacture the drama.

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Thank goodness it was Colton walking down the street and not a native Portugese man coming home from the local pub - that would have had International Incident written all over it...

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No, Colton!  You can't be done yet!  I'm not ready to be done with this forum yet!

10 minutes ago, talktoomuch said:

 (Did CH call him "Boltin" a couple of times?

Boltin' Colton!   Genius!

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1 minute ago, Armchair Critic said:

"She's just not that into you" is correct, Colton I think your gut instinct that she loves you is wrong.

WTH is Colton talking about???? Did he have a whole nother conversation with Cassie off camera where she said "I'm scared because you're dating 2 other girls" rather than the "I don't know if I'll EVER GET WHERE YOU ARE!" that we all heard?

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1 minute ago, Armchair Critic said:

Colton I think your gut instinct that she loves you is wrong.

But Colton just told CH he's very good at reading people! You know, like he's "read" all the b-ettes all this season, without having to ask them to dish gossip on anyone! He's like ... magic!

I still say Cassie comes back and declares her love for Colton. The big question is, will Hannah get her date (and overnight in the FS. Ha ha ha!)

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I like Chris's attitude the next morning:   She's just not that into you.   Chris should have brought the book along and given it to Colton for a reading assignment.       

And now Dolton thinks he has good instincts and Cassie loves him.   Is it testosterone?   I've never assumed anyone loved me after they broke up with me.      

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I’m not buying any of this.  Colton is king of the snowflake millennials.  He’s not going to propose to anyone, and he and Cassie are going to get together and take their time seeing if things will work out long term.  

I don’t get all his sobbing.  This guy really has some mental health issues. 

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