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  1. I think she still looks very pretty! I like her personality and enjoyed it when she and Jason agreed that spying on Katie and Connor kissing was creepy. This season is strange. But strangely watchable.
  2. I don't see what they see in Matt, but I don't see why anyone wants to date the guy on The Good Doctor, either, so what do I know?
  3. Whenever I read a celebrity apology saying that they will spend time educating themselves, I imagine them instead at home for weeks, drunk, watching "Property Brothers."
  4. Well, Katie chosen for the Bachelorette! I liked Katie and her sparkly dildo from the start, and mentioned it in a post at the time when most of the other posts were dildo negative.
  5. I'm bored so far with Long Tall Matty. I appreciated the dildo for bringing a spark of life to the first hours of his season. I think they should take the dildo with them on all the group dates. They could hit each other with it instead of boxing. I'm going to continue to watch to see Cynthia Rowley's daughter's fashion choices. I loved the dress she wore this episode. And yes, Mu Shu, I, too, miss Rock of Love. And reality TV before the age of Instagram.
  6. And hair! What happened to pixies and short bobs and glorious locks like Nicole Kidman's in the Undoing? Why is it all the same center parted layered hair with obvious extensions?
  7. Zac's dog's name is Larry David! Now I'm a fan.
  8. Well, thank you right back! It's good to hear other families are the same as mine. I like that you hid the marriage and the divorce, lol. Maybe Ben's parents are in the same category and were too appalled to appear. (Maybe he hadn't yet told them he was on the show. 😎) I have a few doubts about Zac (Zach? oh, who cares) but their connection does seem strong. We'll see soon enough in the fantasy suites.
  9. You know, I love clothing and I don't even know what clothing store sells men's shirts with scoop necks like Ben's shirts.
  10. I would dump someone who thought a carnival date back home was a good date but it did perk up the usually sad-eyed Brendan. I used to live in NYC and merely raising an arm is enough to get a cab to pull over. Where are the icily polite, clearly annoyed family members like mine would be? To this day I honestly have no idea how they felt about my ex husband. I didn't even tell them I was getting a divorce until after I was divorced and they were coming for Thanksgiving and I thought they might notice he was missing. Zach not wanting a spouse or children until meeting
  11. Jesus Mary Mother of God I hate this episode! As if we didn't have enough problems surrounding Covid, now we've got to hear about these men's problems, too. Furthermore, who believes that the lie detector works after Riley got a red light saying his name? Have I mentioned I hate this episode? I'm going to watch an episode of Succession after this to cheer myself up.
  12. Happy birthday, Saber! A toast to you! 🍷 After watching tonight, I'd have to say angst is not my love language. Nice to share a few hours with you all!
  13. I think I saw a little spark between boy band hottie and Becca. BIP, here they come! Or Stagecoach, once safely vaccinated. I think coastal Bennett sees Okie Noah as a deplorable. They're both cute guys, just never meant to share a beer, or a 30 year single malt whiskey. I think the new 'fake an orgasm" test should be mandatory every season. Gives you a good clue what's a coming.
  14. I was so fed up I poured myself a glass of red wine to go along with my glass of white wine.
  15. I haven't truly liked a Bachelorette since Trista or a Bachelor since Andrew Firestone. And yet I watch every season! It must be for the snark. Yes, it's definitely for the snark. 😎
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