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  1. If these are champions, how come so many of them have played against each other? I saw the first 3 Rob and Amber were on, so understand that, but some of these people are fairly new. I don't remember Parvati being all that much of a power player. The season I remember she seemed to just coast thru and win by default
  2. I havent' watched in a REALLY long time. I only know maybe a third of these people. I remember Yul and liking him, liking Ethan, begrudgingly coming around to like Rob and Amber, Never liking Sandra, I think I remember tyson. Not sure how long I'll stay, but hopefully it won't make me want to claw my eyes out, which made me stop watching.
  3. Wow...he cut all the drama in one night! (well, except for psycho Kelsey - but she doesn't have issues with anyone left). Did he finally just get a realization, or did a producer break the rules and gill him in on the pot stirrers? McKenna is totally crazy!!! Her reactions are just so over the top and weird. This was actually mostly an enjoyable episode with no spineless bachelor and no minimal screeching - and you get to see some actual one and one time
  4. OMG!!! you totally just want to bone her! You're not falling for her. You haven't had any conversation that didn't revolve around making her feel better about herself or the situation.
  5. I'm fairly new to Bachelor...whats a Menick? Victoria doesn't make eye contact with him. She is not all that into him. After every kiss, she looks away quickly. She turns away from him a lot. Oooh, the "it's not you, it's me." I think she got a second date so soon because Peter had actually picked someone else for the Cedar Point date, but when TPTB finally locked in the Chase dude, they made him change to her. I wasn't paying too much attention at first to the blonde victoria date, did he say he wasn't falling for her? Or did she manipulate him to that conclusion?
  6. Madison actually appears to have a connection with Peter. Psycho Kelsey has a connection, but her whole approach to me has been more like she is going after a prize. HA looks like she's having a good time with Peter and likes him, but not all in What's with the girls licking their lips and teeth so much...several of them do it, Mckenna, Victoria and Madison have all done it tonight.
  7. Amazing...it only takes him sharing everyone else's germs with her for McKenna to feel better. How can anyone want to stick their tongue down someones throat when that throat was just licked by 5 other girls?!?
  8. Damn....girl is giving articulate answers -and until answering the "how do you know your ready) she wasn't saying "like" every other word. What a change. She is soo young though. Is there anyone Peter doesn't feel "passion" with? He gropes and sticks his tongue down everyones throat So. Peter only thinks someone really likes him and is ready once they cry in front of him? How pathetic
  9. I wonder if Peter picked someone else for the Cedar Point date (maybe Mckenna) and once TPTB locked in the Chase dude, made him change to Victoria. The fact that shes' getting another date so soon just makes me think that.
  10. Thank goodness these women are cray cray, because otherwise this season would be a complete wash out. Mckenna, Kelsie, Tammy and Sydney are psycho gold (though Tammy wasn't on that list till the end of tonight). Victoria P looks like the pretty princess who is secretly the evil queen, and Victoria F is the mustache twirling melodramatic villain - her expressions are just so calculating.
  11. Yeah, that wasn't a producer set up at all.
  12. ooooh, I like her calling him out as an immature idiot
  13. Kelly looks like such an adult compared to all the other women there. She is sooo not into this - or are they just editing it that way? hmmm They are just so uncomfortable around each other - but than she actually seems to act like an adult (except for the bachelor hug - which is the worst looking in bachelor history)
  14. Tammy....No!!!! I do appreciate Peter telling Crazlie that it's just going to get harder and basically if she can't handle it, she needs to go. But, he needs to stop running to them with questions. At least he didn't call Tammy out in front of everyone. oooo, Kelsie and neither Victoria got the rose...and cue McKenna to start having a melt down too.
  15. So, did Victoria F decide to kiss him on her own? Definitely not shy now is she? Hannah Ann went for it. This can be all sorts of awkward if she's kicked off before the Cosmo article comes out. Why are they all watching them make out? OR is that set up. Though their faces seem to say they are watching them kiss. awkward...
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