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  1. This is the first week that I liked Ally's dance. That Paso Doble was Awesome! Hannah was great in her Quick Step, but she was much looser and fun in the second half, so totally agree on not a 30. Thought Kel's dance was very good also. Laurens dance was a big mess, no comment on Sean. The differences between Ally and Kel were glaringly obvious. Kel was sooooo much better. They were together and smooth. Ally and Pasha were not together and most of the time she looked lost. Same with Hannah and Lauren. Hannah knew what she was doing and stayed with her partner, Lauren and Gleb were not a team.
  2. I don't understand why they don't ALL agree to just give friend roses and than they can hook up with whoever they want, how ever many they want. We dn't need to see the agreement made. Christian is waaaay psycho. Love Nicole messing with Blakes head. I still don't see an attraction from Hannah towards Dylan.
  3. Demi is telling everyone, but the person she NEEDS to tell. Though I know her and Katie are friends. When did Kristina slut shame Caelynn all over the beach? The conversation with Dean went well, but in the pool, they weren't making eye contact, though that could have been the high school, "I want to kiss you, do you want to kiss me" stuff
  4. The guy who is making out with Demi all the time looks like Liam Hemsworth. Yum!
  5. uhhhh.....What happened to Katie? She was well spoken on Colton's season, whoever said Demi slipped something in her drink hit it on the head. Wills face was cracking me up.
  6. Caelynn looked like she was trying to not throw up when Cam was reading to her. Ooh, Oneyka looked like she was gonna try and kiss Mike and he turned it to a hug
  7. Yeah.....Hannah just isn't feeling it with Dylan. I love that Jordan is just there to F with everyone and put the smack down.
  8. Mom jeans are back in style. It's scary
  9. I'm sorry, but Hannah does not look like she has ANY interest in Dylan. Jordan cracks me up. Want that tangerine spray...what is the name of it?
  10. Right now I"m kind of loving Demi. Blake did look flabbergasted by Caelynn...Still don't like him - didn't like him with Becca so it's nothing new.
  11. Add me to the list of not really liking this season. Hopper is way to ...goofy? I'm not sure that's the right word. I don't like that he's acting like such a buffoon with everything. That isn't Hopper. Joyce I can deal with because the previous 2 seasons she was worried about her kids, this season she hasn't had that worry. They have notched the nostalgia up too much this season, and their trying way too hard to connect to other movies. The best episodes so far have been the ones the Duffer Brothers DIDN'T write or direct.
  12. Finally watching show. Only to Peter's date. Watching Luke talk to Hannah after the group date, he actually came across as real and at the time not controlling. Yeah he said some things, but it was all stated as HIS feelings, and what he felt. He even got her to empathize when starting out by asking if she ever had been cheated on. At this sit down, it come across as over controlling and psycho. Watching Hannah's smack down. I think Luke is just an , idiot and really has no clue how he is coming across. I do see him trying, and when talking about the bungee jump, it was all stated as his feelings and how what they did on the date made him feel. Yes, there were other things he said (her body shouldn't touch anothers till marriage and stuff like that) Still don't him though, but I can see him trying. I don't see anywhere near the connection with him that she has with Jed and Tyler. She leans into them, never leans into Luke. I think Luke did try with Garret to get him to drop it and not bring it up at the rose ceremony. Garrett is the one being a bitch here. I've only watched since JoJo, but I don't recall EVER seeing producers manipulate the players so much. I have no doubt that THEY cancelled the cocktail party, not Hannah - or they talked her into it. THEY brought Luke back after she kicked him to the curb, THEY gave Tyler the flowers (he has no money, duh), THEY set up these dates (and I have no doubt they talked her into Garrett for this one knowing it would poke all Lukes buttons), THEY sent Jed to Hannah's room. On and On. Tyler is definitley the stand out so far. And she is WAY into him. OOO, I swear I just heard the white bootee whisper something like "don't apologize, I know you had to." She couldn't even look Luke in the eye after giving him the rose and their hug was perfuctory at best. I don't get how this all lines up with what we saw in the previews for later in the season (her climbing on him)
  13. Jade.Black, your last paragraph was exactly what I was thinking. "Do you like macaroni & Cheese or spaghetti...." He should have said, "Spaghetti" and than laughed. I really think Luke has always been the alpha and never been around other confident males. He has no idea how to deal with it. Also, I think he's just an idiot and not an evil manipulator. I believe he has no clue that he isn't giving her what she wants, he honestly thinks he's answering her questions. She is totally thinking with her Vajayjay. I disagree with what someone said above, I feel she has got some in depth conversations from at least 2 of her leads. Jed was up front with her and Tyler talked her off a ledge and distracted her by being funny. The 3 leaders seem to actually each have brains, they use words with syllables and don't just constantly complement her.
  14. Technically, wasn't Hannah's first impression rose the guy on AFTR?
  15. After reading all the specs and spoilers, my one hope for Tyrion is that Varys seems to trust him. Varys appears to be the best judge of character on this show...but who knows. And why would Cersei all of a sudden trust Tyrion to help her out? For 7 seasons she's hated him and mistrusted him, blamed him for every bad thing that happened. Why is there still a Stag over Kings Landing? Cersei crowned herself under the Lannister name, there should be a lion. Last question for now, why is anyone going to believe Bran and Sam? A weird emo teen, and a man who has broken his oaths to the Nights Watch, his family and the citadel.
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