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S01.E04: F...This

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So Jennifer's big objection to UK tabloids was that they showed naked women? Where is all that body positivity bullshit all of a sudden? And their solution was to show naked men with their genitals in full view? How is that equivalent? You aren't allowed to show women's vaginas. Men's asses would have been roughly equivalent. It's also not like there aren't magazines that do show naked men, including their asses, out there. Not sure what the point was, really.

I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to sympathise with Jennifer at this point. I think I am, but man is the show doing a bad job with it. Between murdering people, risking innocent civilians lives and inventing problems where there are non and then going way overboard, I really don't like them.

As for the manifesto, they do know that women make the same money as men when doing the same job and putting in the same hours, right?

The only way that could save my interest in them would be a Fight Club / Mr Robot reveal where Plum is unknowingly the head of Jennifer.


On 20.6.2018 at 9:50 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Besides, we see ugly men dating beautiful women all the time. No one says they should only be interested in dating people who are as unattractive as they are.

Yeah, but those men are rich and Plum is broke.

On the plus side, Plum is actually really good looking, no matter what she thinks, so she should be able to bag somebody equally good or even better looking if she put herself out there.


On 21.6.2018 at 1:38 AM, BooBear said:

I am not sure what is going on there but my take is that she thinks he is too young.

A lot of people here seem to think this. It didn't cross my mind, but if it did so many of yours, that might actually be a sexism issue worth exploring. If it was a man at Plum's age and a woman at the coffee shop guys, would you still think she was too young for him? Would you project that onto the character?

I'm not even convinced the age difference is that big. Joy Nash is 37 and Will Seefried looks 30ish, though I can't find his actual age, which is a first in the whole history of the internet.

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