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  1. I think those giant balloon shoulders they keep giving her don't do her any favors. It makes her look likes she hunching.
  2. Not to be an advertisement, but something I really liked about the Google Translate app was you could scan a menu with your phone and it would translate it into English. I used it in Morocco at a few restaurants to narrow down my final choices. While the translator on the show was hilariously wrong, I think part of the problem may have been that Jihoon tends to be very overblown and flowery about what a failure he is and the poor translator couldn't keep up with that nonsense.
  3. It reminded me of the worst Mexican food I ever had, which was at a place in Austria. It was sweet and flowery tasting, with zero spice to it. It was like spritzing a perfume bottle in your mouth. I've been to Spain, so I can't say it tasted Spanish vs. Mexican, it was just...odd. I was embarrassed at Kenneth's behavior. He was so dismissive and rude. I probably wouldn't have like the spice-covered candy since I don't generally favor spicy/sweet combos, but I would have tried it and I definitely would not have spit it out. I would have asked Armando to get a selection of his favorites so I could try them, and that could be a nice bonding moment. I also would not be endlessly complaining. When I was in Morocco, signage was not always the greatest, so it could be a challenge to tell the difference between a drink lounge and a restaurant that served food. I just figured things out as I went! I'm shocked that Kenneth seems to know so little Spanish, even a passable understanding of simple words. Pl-ah-ta vs. pl-A-ta, for instance. I thought Spanish was pretty common in Florida.
  4. I thought the hysterectomy was a possibility, but then I thought he was also hinting to kill the baby to clean up the mess, leaving no possible surprise illegitimate child to pop up at a later date, and he'd tell the parents the baby had been born dead.
  5. The meat jelly is the only thing I might hesitate at trying, and that's mostly due to temperature and texture. The rest I would eat no problem. Having traveled to quite a few foreign countries in my life, you really have to try hard to be that difficult to feed. There are usually plenty of options on a menu that most people could eat (and are super delicious!), barring some sort of allergy.
  6. So much yes! I was side-eyeing their interaction the whole time. It came across as nerdy guy who got his trophy wife and he was in charge, in a totally creepy way. I was completely unsurprised they bought the within-price house he liked best. All she had to offer to the conversation was "I want a pool" and "I walk around naked".
  7. Do schools (still) have science fairs? I didn't go to public school so my experience may have been different as a kid, but I have taught in public schools for over 10 years and there has never been a science fair at either the elementary or secondary levels. Then again, maybe it's regional? It does seem like an American student milestone according to every movie/TV show ever made, so it's weird I've never actually seen one in the wild.
  8. Zanne

    S01.E03 : Icicle

    I keep waiting for the reveal that he's a deaged Hour Man or something. He's acting like an immature adult trapped in a kid's body most of the time and Pat and he don't act like a father/son combo. I have no idea what powers the original JLA had, but Hour Man sounded like it dealt with time and maybe something went terribly wrong during the final battle. Or maybe the owl guy (Wizard?)? The owl will fly to him one day!
  9. I looked at his teeth upon rewatch and they weren't vampire teeth. It made me wonder if you have dentures, do you not get fangs since you have no original teeth?
  10. That's what I figured, as well. Any sign of thawing needs to be monitored. Maybe when it warmed up just enough, they would start letting people (or forcing non-first class passengers) off the train to attempt to start stationary societies once more.
  11. I don't know why, but I always thought that the train was something Mr. Wilford was already building as some business venture, something like those world cruises that take most of the year to travel around the world. Then, when everything went to Hades, he adapted it to an updated ark. There wasn't time to build a bunker, so the train had to do.
  12. Sorry to butt in, but I got a Nadja print this week and am so excited I had to share! It's not the Puritan Nadja or the final Nadja/Laszlo portrait from the opening credits which I would love, but it's mine! And...back to the show. I knew the vamp familiar was faking it the second she said she would turn all her familiars within the year since the raison d'etre of vampires seems to be torturing their familiars with the promise of immortality. Plus, I am extremely jealous of that charcuterie board Sam created.
  13. I've been trying to figure out the classes. We have a first, second, and third class system, plus the tailies. I think the first episode clarified that the first class are the rich and the third class are the employees of the train. So who's in second? I'm assuming it's people they need, but who wouldn't have the money to pay for an actual ticket, so maybe these people paid a sum and also barter services for their upkeep - people like dentists, doctors, etc. I couldn't imagine only having one dentist or doctor for the entire train. But that still doesn't seem like enough to fill up another class section, so perhaps those in service to the first class group are here as well? We saw the bodyguard in first class with noodle girl. He's got to stay somewhere when he's not protecting his employers from naked Scandanavians.
  14. I forgot who won already. Who won? And by that, who were they when unmasked. I am drawing an utter blank and I watched the show. All I remember is that one of the finalists was a blond guy.
  15. I was looking into how many people would be genetically required to restart civilization and there were some wide ranging numbers. New Scientist suggested as low as 80 (?!) up to 160. An astrophysicist agreed with the lower number at 98. Biology and population analysis suggests 500. An anthropologist in 2014 arrived at the number 14,000. So with 3,000 on the train, if we go by the lower numbers then there's a bit of wiggle room, but if the larger number is necessary, then a few generations down the line they will be seeing the effects of their limited choices. Any geneticists out there with more solid numbers?
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