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  1. Is it this one? There are a few places you can find it, like Etsy and RedBubble, which is more than when I looked a season ago! Etsy has quite a few shops that sell great WWDitS stuff! I really want either the Puritan Nadja print or the one with her and Lazlo holding hands, but on canvas so I can pretend it's a real painting. 😄 ETA: And I agree about the Nadja doll! I keep looking for it, but have been unsuccessful so far.
  2. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Natasia Demetriou has a small part in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga! She was a reluctant stage coordinator/choreographer for the Icelandic duo Fire Saga.
  3. The show had a panel for San Diego's virtual Comic Con with a link that gave you a chance to win a conscription medal. I got mine today, so I guess that means I'm part of the witch army? It came with the oath, a Motherland: Fort Salem sticker, and what I think are possibly glow in the dark star stickers or tattoos.
  4. I'm a teacher and, very often, the parents have to request home-hospital where a teacher will come to the home to help the student keep up somewhat with school work if the student needs to be out of school for a long period of time for health reasons. I'm sure that in some cases the school or district may take the initiative to offer it, but it can really depend on your district/administrators. But, watching a kid get tutored for several weeks probably wouldn't be as exciting as watching him jump for a Sports Illustrated. Special Education teachers/paraprofessionals in my district get
  5. Exactly. Being bisexual doesn't mean you have to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. Her bisexuality isn't the issue. It's whether or not he agrees to an open relationship because she has no interest in just being with him. I got such astonishing responses for saying this on twitter, but I get where Jovi's girlfriend was coming from. I would not want to stay at his mom's house, a complete stranger, on my second day in the country. I don't care if he was stupid enough to schedule this right before he's off to work for a month. I would need some time to adjust. I would also
  6. With your salami and my olives, we've got a nice charcuterie plate started. Any illegal cheese wheels in the house? This tell-all would have been more palatable with a charcuterie tray. Bonus, Libby's family's mouths might have been too full to talk.
  7. I got pulled to the side in a separate room for a full bag search because I did NOT buy olives from an olive farm. Who knew olive buying was a requirement to get through customs? TSA is in the olive farm pocket.
  8. Yes! It was so noticeable I wondered why no one else commented on it. She messed up her nose for no reason. It was so grating.
  9. I do not understand these people. Why the heck would you want to try so hard to keep a 20-year-old interested (e.g., that ridiculous bubble bath)? If your main qualifier for a relationship is that the person be "sexy", I can see why none of your relationships work out. As for Stacey, I wanted to tell her to go easy on Florian since he had probably missed his afternoon nap. And how exactly do you trick someone into taking half-naked pictures? I want to hear that explanation. This show just makes me sad, that these women have no identity outside of the really young men they think want
  10. Yes! I'm glad I was wrong because I didn't like the graphics and thought the show could do better.
  11. I had a lobster grilled cheese off a truck and it was more expensive than you'd think. Ooh! I'm interested to see that. I want to hear the breakdown.
  12. I'm confused about this idea of being able to marry more than one woman. I looked up marriages in Nigeria after one of these shows and it said there are two types of marriages in Nigeria. I can't remember the details, but it boiled down to the type of marriage Angela and Michael were aiming for (probably to be considered stronger legally for the spousal visa paperwork) would most definitely not allow a second marriage. Bigamy is illegal in that type of marriage and comes with jail time. I think it was ten years.
  13. I think those giant balloon shoulders they keep giving her don't do her any favors. It makes her look likes she hunching.
  14. Not to be an advertisement, but something I really liked about the Google Translate app was you could scan a menu with your phone and it would translate it into English. I used it in Morocco at a few restaurants to narrow down my final choices. While the translator on the show was hilariously wrong, I think part of the problem may have been that Jihoon tends to be very overblown and flowery about what a failure he is and the poor translator couldn't keep up with that nonsense.
  15. It reminded me of the worst Mexican food I ever had, which was at a place in Austria. It was sweet and flowery tasting, with zero spice to it. It was like spritzing a perfume bottle in your mouth. I've been to Spain, so I can't say it tasted Spanish vs. Mexican, it was just...odd. I was embarrassed at Kenneth's behavior. He was so dismissive and rude. I probably wouldn't have like the spice-covered candy since I don't generally favor spicy/sweet combos, but I would have tried it and I definitely would not have spit it out. I would have asked Armando to get a selection of his favorites so
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