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  1. Zanne

    Flea Market Flip

    The first season episodes were extremely polite. I saw a marathon a while back and it was so shocking to hear the contestants wish each other well and praise the other team's work. I really enjoyed the civility of it all.
  2. Zanne

    Flea Market Flip

    Comedian episode: I 💖loved💖 that temperature coffee table, though I undoubtedly would break the glass within one week of owning it, which is why I don't buy glass coffee tables. Bracco vs. Shue: I was shocked at how well the designs of the Bracco sisters turned out. They really thought outside the box by turning things upside down and insisting on keep a round item sitting upright rather than flat for a table. I liked the break with convention. I think the carpentry team just learned how to do antiqued glass because that's been in the last three episodes, sometimes used by both teams.
  3. Zanne

    Season One Talk

    My DVR counted the first series episode as 2, and had taped the movie prior. I think they may be considering the movie itself as episode 1.
  4. Zanne

    S05.E13: The Hike

    I've realized that I'm pretty much David, minus the extra dash of drama and love of furry sweaters. The whole "Picnicking at the side of the road is an invitation to be murdered" is such a me thing to say. It fits with my other useful asides to friends, such as "You jog at night? That's when you get raped and murdered" or "That OfferUp/LetGo reply translates directly to RAPE and MURDER." I blame my mother. You can see all my bedtime stories had a similar theme.
  5. Zanne

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    As a fellow member of the Ample Bosom Association, I don't understand her choice in skirts. They pick the ones that poof out in the back and make her look like she's got a huge rear end. It's not even bell shaped! Flat in front and POOF in back. It seems an odd choice.
  6. Zanne

    Season 1 Discussion

    What I've been left wondering about is all the children that Reginald did not adopt. Are there 30+ super-powered people out there with no training in their gifts? Are they secretly heroes or villains? Did they have no powers and he knew that which is why he never sought them out? I want to know about them!
  7. I am so happy Olivia Colman won! I kind of love her and want to be her when I grow up.
  8. I am more than a little upset by this particular Green Book win since the filmmakers did not even check with Mr. Shirley's family about its accuracy.
  9. Finally! An Oscar nominated song that is actually sung by the people who did it in the movie. "Shallows" should win just for doing this.
  10. Zanne

    Deadly Class

    The one thing I don't understand is that the headmaster seems motivated by the desire to make the world a better place, even if it requires a little murder along the way. So why does he teach kids like the Dixie Mafia or other gang affiliates whose message isn't so pure or motivational? I suppose you could just say he needs to keep the school funded somehow in order to find the pearl amongst the swine, but those are a lot of swine he's teaching along the way.
  11. Zanne

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    I am so curious as to what this entails. Are they bees with penises? Are they bees that make hives in penises? Are they tiny, flying penises? So. Many. Questions.
  12. He really loves Halloween?
  13. I really enjoyed Green Book, but felt bad about the win since Don Shirley's family is saying it's not true. They supposedly weren't even contacted to verify the information.
  14. Zanne

    S02.E10: Quarantine

    Yes, to all of this. TV getting diabetes wrong has been my major pet peeve recently because it spreads so much misinformation. There is no way they would keep giving that man insulin without having someone certified check his blood. He could be lying. He could have moved a sticky glazed doughnut off one of the seats in the emergency waiting room and had residual sugar on his fingers when (if) he took his blood test. Maybe Sean gave him the wrong type of insulin (fast acting vs. long acting) due to the buzzing light fixture. Whatever the reason, I can't see someone going from 650 to a hypoglycemic passing out reaction that quickly. It would have made more sense to say he was hyperglycemic with the information given. Check him for ketones! I hope they explain this in January. Side note: I've always wanted to see a medical show tackle the concept of insulin anorexia (I can't remember the medical term). When I was much, much younger, not only did my doctor talk to me about it, but there were some articles I read about how teen girls would not take their insulin for long periods as a way to lose weight, despite the damage it was doing to their organs. It's definitely a new take on the usual story.
  15. Zanne

    S01.E09: Candace

    I'll admit it, I have no sympathy for Beck. She's an awful person. Some might say flawed, but my vote is throw her on the trash heap and be done with her. Beck is always so "woe is me" and it's other people's fault she acts like she does, but in the end I don't think it's terribly much to realize that sleeping with your therapist is a bad idea. I would be more upset if Joe were stalking Kate (?) because at least Kate appeared to be an honest representation of herself. I think they stacked the deck to force the audience to sympathize with Joe by making Beck so intolerable. It's not like I'm "Yay, Joe!", but more like, "Oh, God, can we please get rid of Beck?"