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  1. Great synopsis. However I don't agree that getting rid of Madison is part of the downfall. It was moreso the introduction of Al and her stupid camera that birthed the PSA theme. Morgan and his "we help people" mantra killed the show. It was like some hypnotic game. Someone remind me. What was in season 3 that was so excellent?
  2. I never suspected Siddiq of anything, but these flashbacks are strange. One shot showed Alpha baring a bloody machete and turning slowing to look at Siddiq. The introduction and dialogue of this other "doctor" was so strange, I was wondering if Siddiq is under hypnosis.
  3. Nah. Zied needs to find a nice Tunisian hoodrat. Why should a religious woman deal with the likes of him?
  4. I've managed to watch five minutes of my recording. I feel so embarrassed and uncomfortable watching the show. Poster child for cringeworthy.
  5. I didn't note if anyone wasn't shown being rounded up. Additionally Morgan, needs to be intubated, surgery etc. and that's not happening. Of course they could have a stupid helicopter rescue him because we know helicopters are the silent and invisible aircraft of the apocalypse. Shoot Grace got a full gyno exam and results in about one minute. Anything's possible.
  6. I don't know how Morgan can possibly be saved. But I'm only going to miss him because there was just a flash of his old self. The self doubting, save everyone even scoundrels Morgan that took on leadership, was a failure. The whole business of the horse being overtaken by walkers was again, silly. Just gallop away. The juxtaposition of our group calmly crossing the river and the raging rapids that swept away the walkers was kinda funny.
  7. True, but grandma didn't look too deathly. Maybe it's really just her arthritis getting worse.
  8. Yeah, propaganda that is not being broadcast, but recorded on tapes left in random places in rural Texas where there are still tvs, vcrs and magical electricity for people to come in and watch. To accept this stupidity we have to accept that Al is carrying around a tape duplicating machine for all these video watching centers, OR there's only one Blockbuster she's supplying. Through all the tornadoes and plane crashes, she has secured a cache of video tapes and batteries to continue this endeavor. Additionally Virginia leaves her tapes at the same place/places so wandering Texans can comparison shop the propaganda.
  9. The whole episode was that abominable knights of the round table storytelling telling intertwined with PSA badgering about how damn great they are. I want to shove that camera where the sun don't shine. That dude deserved to die, filming stupid nyah, nyah, nyah, sentiments to Virginia instead of getting off of a self destructing bridge. We are supposed to believe our crew went down to the river below, amongst all the recently fallen walkers, to retrieve the tape and his body for burial. Stupid
  10. This show is so pitiful. This infantile interpretation of "we help people" should be limited to the Hallmark Channel or Sesame Street. Al and Morgan will march into a compound so save someone's sister (whose name they'll yell since they have no description) because they are teflon. Some punk writer had Morgan say he would ask these people to tell him everything he wants to know just because he's all sugar and spice. Why didn't the incoming riders lead their horses to the stables where Morgan and Al were hiding? I guess they just headed to the rental office for no good reason. Daniel said they damaged the truck with the oversized load they were carrying, even though it wasn't remotely full. Grace radios in that they will be delayed. The person says let them know if they need any help. Grace does not respond to this because trucks are self repairing in the zombie apocalypse. I'm so ready for Grace to kick the bucket. For one, the actress keeps flashing HUGE smiles that mess with the flow of the scenes. Secondly, having her hauling supplies, walking miles to a cabin, playing a ditty on the guitar and then having her catch her death of the Victorian vapors was cheesy. The upcoming reunion with Morgan will be cringe worthy.
  11. It was the same circular family arguments with the obvious prospect of them not being able to save the marriage. I think Chantel even said she hadn't seen the video; that the reunion was the first time she saw it. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but this spin off should have finished filming by the time of the reunion, and it ended with Pedro lovingly removing Chantel's sky high heels and carrying her up the stairs and the families somewhat cordial.
  12. So that was the finale. Well now we know that performance on the reunion was a sham.
  13. These folks have been dealing with Mama Chantel's mental lapses for quite a while. Whenever she starts babbling like a loon, they all take a very passive stance as though they are listening to crickets chirping. Sometimes Chantel breaks formation and tries to stop Moms from talking, or shows the slightest hint of exasperation, but the rest of the family show no reaction.
  14. I thought I heard the mom mention a divorce somewhere in the early episodes. Maybe I'm mistaken.
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