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  1. The nuns with their wooden paddles are coming for you now.
  2. I purchased the Dr Pepper Cream Soda at Target.
  3. When Angela and Mike get in the taxi from the airport, the "v" is in the front. When they emerge from the taxi at the apartment, the shirt is turned around. I really don't want to think about why Angela took her shirt off in the taxi.
  4. Not that I know of. I still have my recording.
  5. But Kendra was already working part time as part of their one year time off agreement. I think there was a lot of truth in her husband saying she was tired of the baby and wanted to get back to work. Women don't have the same level of maternal nurturing. She loves her little guy but the grunt work in taking care of a baby of his age, the lack of sleep in dealing with a breast fed baby is draining and she's not getting the joy that some other women wax poetically about. However if their agreement was a full year off and Kendra started part time work to save her sanity, then Hobart is really not going to be pleased with this full time offer.
  6. I was listening to my Sirius XM 70s' on 7 this morning and the song Little Willy by Sweet was playing. I don't know what the heck this song is about but it seems to follow the latest theme we have going.
  7. Macy's had a bunch of them in all sorts of fabrics and patterns and they were only $5 each. This was in the Macy Backstage section. There was a whole display of them at the Backstage checkout registers.
  8. Godfather I and II, Moulin Rouge, Office Space, Raising Arizona, Christmas Vacation (Chevy Chase).
  9. So no one else watched WWHL with Sheree and Rappaport? Anyway when Andy asked about her mother, she just gave the same story of her mother taking off and not telling anyone.
  10. I disagree a little bit. PJ has that dullard look of her father but otherwise she is cute. She just needs to be more animated. Dennis is not unattractive, but the dullard vibe and the wearing of sweats all the time, makes him appear less dapper.
  11. Yep, that's why I said in my post, that as a parent, you happily acknowledge the fact. I always think of Christine Brinkley and the child she had with her ex, Billy Joel, who looks just like her daddy. Whether people are stating fact or being shady, you have to champion your child, period.
  12. Yeah, that was a mess. I usually like Porsha but she was really hood tonight. I didn't like the way she was threatening Eva over the Dennis with a bow comment. As a parent her only response should have been happy acknowledgement. Same with Kenya. Yeah Nene said she was carrying a buffalo, but obviously it was an insult to Kenya, not the unborn child, and it irritates me every time Kenya tries to pretend Nene personally insulted Brooklyn. I've lost my taste for the bad behavior and fights.
  13. The delivery and infant care I didn't mind. But her going all out for the wretched old coot was Claire following her script to a fault. That was a no brainer mercy kill situation.
  14. There was an episode a few seasons back when the ole battleaxe demanded to know that Kandi had provided for her in case Kandi croaked. I think she said Kandi could choke on a chicken bone. Even when Kandi visits her mother, it's like she stepped into a black widow's den or that of a cobra. She eyes Kandi very strangely and talks like she has fangs in her mouth.
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