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  1. So no one else watched WWHL with Sheree and Rappaport? Anyway when Andy asked about her mother, she just gave the same story of her mother taking off and not telling anyone.
  2. I disagree a little bit. PJ has that dullard look of her father but otherwise she is cute. She just needs to be more animated. Dennis is not unattractive, but the dullard vibe and the wearing of sweats all the time, makes him appear less dapper.
  3. Yep, that's why I said in my post, that as a parent, you happily acknowledge the fact. I always think of Christine Brinkley and the child she had with her ex, Billy Joel, who looks just like her daddy. Whether people are stating fact or being shady, you have to champion your child, period.
  4. Yeah, that was a mess. I usually like Porsha but she was really hood tonight. I didn't like the way she was threatening Eva over the Dennis with a bow comment. As a parent her only response should have been happy acknowledgement. Same with Kenya. Yeah Nene said she was carrying a buffalo, but obviously it was an insult to Kenya, not the unborn child, and it irritates me every time Kenya tries to pretend Nene personally insulted Brooklyn. I've lost my taste for the bad behavior and fights.
  5. The delivery and infant care I didn't mind. But her going all out for the wretched old coot was Claire following her script to a fault. That was a no brainer mercy kill situation.
  6. There was an episode a few seasons back when the ole battleaxe demanded to know that Kandi had provided for her in case Kandi croaked. I think she said Kandi could choke on a chicken bone. Even when Kandi visits her mother, it's like she stepped into a black widow's den or that of a cobra. She eyes Kandi very strangely and talks like she has fangs in her mouth.
  7. The treachery Kenya tried with Shamea and Porsha, shows what a little demon she is. Oh Kandi. It was nice for Todd to apologize, but girl you can't keep entertaining your mom's foolishness, claiming it doesn't affect your feelings for Todd yet you expected him to greet her as though she's a decent human being. He's the target of her vitriol but Kandi can't understand why he can't brush off the hatred like Kandi does. This episode and WWHL kind of proved that Todd has been pushed into these endeavors to try to appease Joyce. Of course it isn't working and Kandi refuses to see how relentless her mother is. Kaela always had a lethargic effect, but tonight she looked under the influence. Didn't like the party at all. Of course Don Juan didn't allow baby tote Shadina to be in the VIP parking and told her to head to shuttle parking. All he could say was that he wasn't told. He's not a new assistant. Whether he was told or not, he should have directed her to the VIP parking regardless. Tanya is such a nerd. I cracked up seeing her hurt ovary antics. Blaze or Banks? Those are their best choices for a girl's name?
  8. Does Jill really drive her cupcake truck to late night dates? It was hard for me to stop laughing after that.
  9. But good business owners are usually the first ones there. If he usually stays until closing, Porsha will have to get used to not seeing him often.
  10. See, that made it weirder for me. Almost all the closet was men's clothes except for a few frilly items hanging in the background. This is obviously not a shared closet so why did she place those frocks there?
  11. So many of Mark's clothes still had tags on them. I'm not sure what to make of that. Kenya still had a bad vibe with Cynthia. But what was most surprising was Kenya acted like a real human being when Kandi came over. One of the few times she sounded genuine. In her talking head Kandi makes it clear she is supporting everybody and their mama. She mentioned kids. I wondering if she's supporting the kids of her late fiance? But Joyce hated the prospect of Kandi giving a dime to those kids so maybe the kids Kandi mentioned are part of the coven clan. Anyway Joyce rears her head next week talking about Kandi's money again.
  12. At the 12 minute mark, Carol is petting the dog and tells Magnum that the dog is keeping the cats away and Magma responds "mostly".
  13. Someone said she went to the bank in her car and she's later found in Ohio. Did she drive or fly? Still a very strange story.
  14. Good news but I hope we get a little more clarity. We're in the middle of a pandemic so one's elderly mother going off on an unannounced vacation isn't reasonable unless there are other issues going on. I hate to give a side eye to the Bone Carrier but her reputation precedes her.
  15. The dog was at the hospital. They mentioned he ran all the cats away except the one Lydia (or someone else) was petting.
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