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  1. Iguessnot

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Seems like the little guy has a lot of peeing in the street experience😳 If you don't have hands on baby experience, I understand your reactions perfectly.
  2. Iguessnot

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Nah, you would have handled it. Babes eliminate constantly since birth, so a mom gets acquainted real fast. A baby will have been taken to doctors offices, relatives/friends houses, and maybe even some shopping errands before a trip to a fancy restaurant. Kenya can't use the flustered excuse. She's past that stage.
  3. Iguessnot

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Don't these new moms carry changing pads in their diaper bags anymore? That way you have a cleaner surface to place the baby on wherever you end up changing the little one. If a restroom is considered gross how is wiping up urine and feces on a dining table considered appropriate? At least in the restroom the diaper will be disposed of properly and mom can wash her hands. Kenya was wrong.
  4. Iguessnot

    S05.E07: Still Standing

    Just as I queried last week. How do walkers who can't escape rotted intestines manage to knock down fences. Well tonight they managed a synchronized untethering and pushed down gates. I also wondered how anyone was supposed to avoid killing an irradiated walker. And this episode showed that such worries are just a pipe dream when your life is at stake. I hate these new kids. Who decided we needed a sugary sweet soccer mom, we all get a medal, retelling of the zombie saga? Luciana always flew under my radar until that episode where she was supposedly high from her medication. I hadn't noticed her difficulty with English before, but it was brutal listening to her deliver all those stilted lines in that episode. She is now the embodiment of this insipid writing and I never want to see her again. Morgan as muse has been a disaster.
  5. Iguessnot

    Attack On Titan

    Oh I noted it immediately.
  6. Iguessnot

    Attack On Titan

    Toonami mentioned it didn't air and re aired it at the beginning of tonight's episode. I must except that I'm old and senile because I get so confused everytime back story is introduced. I'm not even sure who the bad guys are. Anyway are Erin and Beast Titan brothers from another mother? Is that why he said he'd come back and rescue Erin in a previous episode? Is there anywhere I can view Levi's gaiden without seeing any spoilers?
  7. Iguessnot

    S05.E06: The Little Prince

    So they went back to the Jimbo's place for a hot air balloon. A place they ransacked a long time ago. So are they still in the same place they were way back then, yet now hauling plane parts? How did that balloon launch and how would it ever land with the propellers hanging well below the basket? I didn't know plane building was as simple as deriving inspiration from the Little Prince. All we need is Thomas the tank engine, and they can build a Cesna. They are not in imminent danger so why would any of them agree to get in a DIY repaired/built plane? Right now I find that a bigger roadblock than the obvious question of jet fuel. If walkers can be restrained with rotted intestines, how can they possibly push down gates and walls?
  8. Iguessnot

    S05.E05: The End of Everything

    I didn't watch the show until last Tuesday. But when I realized the show aired on June 30th, I I knew they would show a romantic interlude between the two.
  9. Iguessnot

    S05.E05: The End of Everything

    Yeah, that's the only thing I can think of. But that episode went over my head. I know the lady was seeking out walkers with the lanyard so she could dispose of them properly, but I don't remember what she expected someone to do with a nuked walker coming at you. I don't think other walkers are going to hold back while one quarantines a nuked walker in the midst.
  10. Iguessnot

    S05.E05: The End of Everything

    Is Isabel the one who knocked Al out in the first place? If so why didn't she take and destroy the tape at that time? I am enjoying this season but I have no idea what is going on, even basic things. I don't know what state they're in, I don't understand the plane drama. I don't even understand their conversation about Isabel killing her partner. I don't know why Al was being dragged along, and I sure didn't understand the car being encircled with barbed wire. We have black ops, children of the corn and a nuclear scientist and they all confuse the heck out of me. One of our group said the devil kids are staying around because their dead parents are at a camp. I don't even remember such a camp and I see no reason these kids would not move on just because of that.
  11. Iguessnot


    I was creeped out at the way the mom eyed her nude daughter during that tanning session. And no way she that mom just start acting like a skank. That scene totally turned me off from this show.
  12. Iguessnot

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Agree completely
  13. Iguessnot

    Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

    Is this the first time we've had a topic on this show? These nerdy demons fascinate me.
  14. Iguessnot

    Apollo, the Juvial Crook

    I wonder if she is part of the technical violation. For all her protesting, she offered no clarity.
  15. Iguessnot

    S05.E03: Humbug's Gulch

    Why did Dwight leave the axe? Production stop having people leave their weapons just because they are getting up.