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  1. Wasn't her cousin part of that marching band stunt Kenya did? She seems to weave in and out of a few episodes but is largely forgettable.
  2. Such clumsy character assassination. Alpha lured Carol into that cave like she was some dumb walker. Alpha even flashed that dastardly look making the whole sequence as annoying as a twisted ankle ploy. After everyone initially survives acting like lemmings, Daryl gives Carol a talking to and Carol reveals her hatred towards Alpha about Henry. Well big whoop. Perfectly legitimate emotion and I don't see any reason why Carol couldn't have shared any of that with Ezekiel or Daryl. They did the same with Siddiq. Instead of telling Rosita he was having episodes and just watch his back, he choose to stumble around in his angst and put everyone at risk. Then after having a heart to heart with Daryl she pulls that stunt. She didn't tell anybody but what was the point of having her climb so precariously to ignite a short fuse? There was no indication she was going on a suicide mission, so why did they suddenly write Carol Betty Boop stupid with a plan to light that short fuse, skedaddle back down the cavern side, meet up with the others still in the process of finding an escape route and say "hey guess what!" The wailing "just say it" at the end was stupid because they just had this conversation.
  3. The first meal they showed them making was spaghetti with meat sauce. I didn't see any vegetables or salad being served.
  4. Yes a well built young man could legitimately be interested in an older lady. However a dude parading around like a well chiseled piece of meat doesn't seem like a man who would pursue a woman who looks like a deflated moon bounce. Just a little honest self assessment when dealing with such a situation.
  5. Was Yolanda even married to the kid's father? Never once does she refer to him as her husband. It seems she started birthing babies at age 22, averaging a birth every two years, unless multiples were involved. So far she seems to be a sweet, hard working woman but shows traits of being easy to manipulate.
  6. But he did the exact same thing when his mother hugged him at the wedding, so I think it's his quirk.
  7. Tonight's theme. Women are Goddesses. Women cannot be guilty.
  8. The tasbih and misbaha are interchangeable in this instance. The beads help a person keep count of the 3 supplications that are said 33 times each.
  9. IDK, nothing in their interaction suggests that Emily is returning to a heavy size. Betsy is enjoying the taunts, even if Sasha is shady.
  10. That's what it sounded like to me. She made assumptions since she hadn't been knocked up yet, but no real medical diagnosis.
  11. And she's well past her postpartum baby weight gain now. I don't know why she has gained so much as of late, but this would be the best time for her to tackle it, before it gets to be a harder struggle. Betsy seems to have an agenda in seeing her sister get chubby.
  12. When Anny mentioned not having conceived yet, PornGramps, looked at each other liked they had been caught in a trap. There was additional bickering about Bryson, but that comment seemed to really trigger something in them. I wonder what that was about. It was bad enough that Blake hadn't figured out that the shade of blonde he wears does not complement him, but now he's sporting blue contacts. The horror.
  13. I think Kenya also left because there was no buffer between her and Tanya except for Kandi who didn't have much to say.
  14. Hon, Eva's lips were all set for a good meal. If she's in labor it will be a long while before she gets a good meal. You know she was ready to lay out a long and detailed personal order.
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