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  1. I finally got around to watching the episode. Yvette had a cameo in the episode so I guess that's why Gizelle got the "star" compliment. However Gizelle was natural in her role. She was much less amateurish in her role than Candiace was in hers. But Candiace's episode was better written and directed.
  2. I noted that Candiace has a laser set on G. Unlike Michael Darby, Candiace has no history with G, so it is disturbing to see her tossing pimp bombs at him. He is completely unbothered by her taunts, so she persists. I seem to recall her daring Darby to touch her at Robyn's party. What kind of lunacy is that?
  3. I hated that Iris decided to daydream while going after a walker and someone had to save her butt. Then she responds somewhat flippantly when he asks her what's wrong. As soon as she spaced out I wanted her to get eaten. There was some strange directing and acting choices going on in the Silas scene. At one point when they were in the "warehouse" it seemed the dude wanted to kiss Silas. Standing on the other side of a tapestry covering a room entrance is called hiding?
  4. What got me was she kept sharing this info with the men too.
  5. Lousy writing on this episode. Maybe I'm missing nuances, but everything is a mishmash. Did anyone at Meridan question what happened to the guy Daryl knifed? Daryl's reveal just didn't seem believable at all. Why haven't the windows been shuttered years ago? Why wasn't everyone upstairs a long time ago? I noticed the walkers easily walked up the stairs to the front door. Maggie told Gabriel we do this, we take the food and go home. That statement sounds like they planned to steal the food and slip out unnoticed. I think Maggie and Megan agreed the Reapers must be eliminated, so I do
  6. I watched the 30 minute episode. Eva was terrific, Candiace was overacting. After watching it twice to see if Gizelle was a fly on the wall, I never saw her so I thought maybe someone confused Eva for Gizille, but I come back here and she is still mentioned. My recording cut off right at the end when the other lady is holding out her hand and telling Eva "we are twins again". Did Gizelle make a cameo after that? I'm going to record it again tonight and extend the time just to be sure. There's also an episode following it, so I'll record that. Maybe she's in a different episode. I am
  7. Anybody else see the Glade 3 wick candle being advertised during the show?
  8. That train depot is so strange. Everybody with their purses and briefcases constantly meandering back and forth; but for what?
  9. But Marlo's brutal quip insulted Kenya, not the mother.
  10. That mouth. She even repeatedly called the man a pimp to his face. Maybe he is one, but she's wading into a confrontation regardless of the consequences. Although several people have told Candiace to steer away from the mama slashing, she keeps going full force.
  11. It was even mentioned in this forum soon after Porsha's dalliance became public.
  12. Wendy literally made a production out of dragging the ladies over to pack up a few supplies. She should have given that task to her sons. Then it wouldn't have looked like a lame stunt.
  13. It was a ridiculous stunt nonetheless. The girl can't drive and she had to maneuver someone else's expensive car down a twisty road. They are lucky that was the limit of the damage. Unfair all around.
  14. But those ladies had to drive all the way out to the boondocks to bag up a few Target school supplies. It was too small of a chore to need anyone's help. Wendy is awful at the Housewife games. She needs to stick to academia and commentary.
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