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  1. Miles

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    I still call bullshit on them trusting Farouk. Remember, this isn't a new thing. He was running around freely at the end of last season. Somehow they trust a mass murderer, mass torturer and mass rapist over their old friend, because some future tart said he was going to destroy the world. In some timeline that is probably never going to happen. Also even if they think David is going to destroy the world, they should never trust Farouk. There should be a bomb implanted in his skull and even then I wouldn't fully trust him.
  2. Miles

    S02.E11: Chapter 19

    That one really got me. Even if you 100% believe that David will bring about the apocalypse, why would you let Faruk just walk around without a dampener on? He is still extremely dangerous and could kill all of you with a thought. Keep him in a basement, in case you need him, sure but not this. Also David hasn't shown any sign of mental illness after Farouk was removed from his mind. So I don't buy this sudden bout of shizophrenia. You can't just delude yourself into being sane (I think that's what they tried to sell us). This is some major bullshit. Yes that was certainly very icky. But the writers made him batshit crazy all of a sudden, so I don't think he thought he was raping her and it would probably be diminished capacity in a court of law. On the other hand, Syd tried to straight up murder him in cold blood, while seemingly completely sane. So who's the villian here? I stoped watching somewhere in the middle of the season and only now caught up and I was the same as you with season one...
  3. Miles

    S04.E06: Entering a World of Pain

    Is it just me or did Logan and his Navi buddy, he got the information from, have way more sexual chemistry than him and Veronica ever had? I expected them to kiss any second.
  4. Miles

    S04.E07: Gods of War

    "The beauty of being friends with me is that wwhatever you've done, I've done something worse." Except making sure that somebody with a strong motive and opportunity didn't commit a bunch of murders, apperently. That went too far! Girl what's the worst thing you've done, really? Stole a pack of gum? I get that this is a massive breach of trust. But is it worse than cheating on somebody, for example, something you seemed to be fine with. I don't think so. She didn't even bug your flat or your bedroom, she just bugged your office. Seems to me like you are fine with your friends betraying somebody, unless you are the victim of said (minor) betrayel, then it's unforgivable. That's called being a hypocrite.
  5. Miles

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    Maybe next he can solve crimes on television with a handmaid. (I'm still sad that show didn't catch on)
  6. Miles

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    >eah that makes sense. I kinda only remembered that scene while writing. Guess I should have edited myself at that point, but I have to say, this episode made me kinda giddy.
  7. Miles

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    Cuss this is good! I never knew how much I missed this show. Do I remember wrong or was the movie not nearly this good? Were you spoiled or did you just know? It was so obviously telegraphed that a bomb was going to go off and the scene went on and on, that I went from dread to impatience to slight annoyance. I guess in hindsight, you could have known from the opening scene, but I didn't think about that in the moment. There was just so much mundane stuff in the scene, that I knew it could only end with a bomb going off. Also he looks fiiiiine. Well, what I got from the Comic Con Conan interview was that the scripts were already written when Hulu told them "make it PG13" (which is a baffling move for a show with this much rape, child rape and murder) and he said "cuss it" and rather than rewrite the scenes, just replaced the word. I personally like it. It feels like the kind of dumb shit veronica and her father would do. I think it might have worked if they'd had just the instrumental version of the old song in a new arrangement. But yeah, the lyrics don't really fit anymore and they don't fit that new style of intro.
  8. Miles

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I mean this was mostly boring. It might have been interesting had it been a season ago, with better episodes around it, but as it is, it's just a boring retread, surrounded by dumb. So June wants to get all the children out? To where? She should know by now that Canada isn't safe. I'm sure this is going to go great... Btw. why would they throw a multi use scalpel in the same bin as used needles? Could the show not afford a single use scalpel or something? Or did a plastic scalpel just not look cinematic enough to them and they were going for style over substance again?... Yes, I know the answer...
  9. Only terrible shows employ plot armor this thick. This show hasn't been a terrible show thus far. If Hopper just survived a flesh melting explosion, with no exit on his side of that electricity shield (apart from the rift to the upside down), this show has officially jumped the shark and I'm going to stop watching. But I have more faith in the Duffer brothers than you do. I don't think they suddenly had brain aneurysms and turned into terrible hack frauds. So I'll be able to enjoy future seasons as well. :)
  10. So he just survived a massive explosion paired with a massive electrical discarche, that tore the meat of everybody else in the room, while he was standing right next to the source of the explosion and then somehow the russians grabbed him, while the american military was storming the base, got him out of that base and smuggeled him back to Russia? Yeah, sure, sounds reasonable. /s
  11. The mindflayer controls everything in the upside down, including the Demagorgon. The mindflayer itself is that weird black smoke monster. The upside down is interesting. It looks like our world, just infested. From what we know now. how the mind flayer reshapes animals and people, it's possible that until recently tthe upside down was a paralel dimension that had developed exactly like our own, until the mind flayer got there and converted everybody into Demagorgons and the like. So it's a preview of things to come, if the mindflayer ever got here fully,
  12. Heven't read the other comments yet. Will do so shortly. We are all clear on the fact that hopper dove through the rift into the upside down to escape the explosion, right? Right. Edit: Seems like a lot of people think Hop is a prisoner in russia. I don't see how. His only way out was the rift to the upside down. Unless the russians somehow got their own rift going and pulled him out. Certainly would explain the demagorgon. But I think the upside down maps to our world geographically. So I don't think the russians pulled Hopp from a rift in russia. I rather think part of next season will be the gang figuring out that Hop is trapped in the upside down and their quest of getting him out. Billie might have had the best redemtion story I've seen in years. I mean withstanding a mind flayer. That's some hardcore shit. If only Joyce had turned those keys like 30 seconds sooner. I really liked this season. The nostalgia factor was never there with me, since I didn't grow up in the US or the 80s (born in 85, but when I was the age of the kids, it was the 90s). So I didn't get the big fuss around season one. It was good but not mind blowing to me. Season two, wasn't as good as season one. So this season might have been the best season so far for me. My nitpicks: - At the end of seaosn 1 El vaporised a Demagorgen, at the end of season 2 she closed a dimensional rift. So it's a bit hard to swollow that she is so much less powerfull now, for no discernible reason. She should have been able to atomise that monster, imo. - Man the US military is slow as fuck. They get a credible report about russians on US soil opening an interdimensional rift (and remember, they know that's real) and they take like half a day to show up? Hop and Joyce drove back from Illinois and still had time to infiltrate a top secret russian base. - An american speaking russian isn't going to fool anybody. I assume he had a very bad accent. - That's not how radios work. There was a scene earlier in the episode where the mall group didn't hear what was going on with the bunker group, when they should all be on the same frequency to share information. Otherwise one group will scream into the void half off the time, since Dustin can only have his radio tower tuned to one frequency. He even had to switch frequencies later to contact susie and then switch back with her, so the rest could hear. It's really a stretch that Susies radio tower could penetrate as far as the bunker considering how far away she was. Realistically Dustin would have had to repeat the numbers for them. But most of all, Only one person can talk at a time. So as much as I loved Dustin and Susie's duet of never ending story (theme song to an amazzing 80s movie, mostly shot in germany at Babelsberg studios [represent]), they wouldn't have been able to hear each other. Other people could have herd both of them, but there is no way they would have stayed in sync. Also what kind of super battery did Dustin have in the 80s? That radio tower was switched on for days and still running, with a bitching transmission power that could penetrate like a hundret meters of rock and reach somebody half a continent away. Whatever battery Dustin cooked up there, he could have ushered in the electric car revolution 4 decades early with it. PS: All those kids are really good singers. Respect.
  13. Miles

    S03.E08: Unfit

    I think we all get that the shame circle has been used beffore and is from the book, but it's still laughable when they use it to say "crybaby". "Shame", "weak", "her fault", etc. seem reasonable to tear somebody down, but "crybaby"? I'm surprised that actually rattled her and she didn't just break out laughing.
  14. Miles

    S03.E08: Unfit

    How dare you compare these writers to the ones of Sharknado?!.. The Sharknado writers are way better and know exactly what they are doing. ;D If Gilead wasn't racist and they valued children, no matter the race above all, you'd expect the aunts to say "They don't want a handmaid of color? Well though, then they aren't going to get any." After all how we've recently retconed, these commanders in Boston are all realtively low level, even though some of them are the architects of Gilead... I mean, whatever... Also handmaids are supposed to be a rare comodity. Not even enough for all the commanders to go around. Of course now they seem to be growing on trees... I mean, whatever...
  15. Miles

    S03.E08: Unfit

    It's the writers wanting their cake and eating it, too. In the book that kind of medical technology is banned, presumably as some kind of work of the devil and replaced by weird ceremonies. But in the show it is commonly used, yet you still get the births with these weird ceremonies but without medical equipment. Btw. I was a bit baffled that they didn't even try CPR.