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  1. Watched the movie. Man Pink Diamond can be a real piece of shit. And that poor Spinel, standing on exactly the same spot for 6000 years. Woof, that's gonna drive anybody insane, even if it's relatively short in a gems lifetime. That Universe-vision though. Whooo Mamma. What else do you think that guy has doubled? Was this the end of the show? If so, I think I'm fine with it. I would be a really good ending. But I'd like to know. My heart needs closure.
  2. How was Veronica to know that she fucked in her office. Generally, you work in an office. Sure if you are your avarage person, there is nothing hypocritical about ending a friendship in those circumstances. If you just bragged about how many bad things you've done, how you are totally cool with cheating on somebody and how you won't judge basically anything, you don't have a leg, arm or torso to stand on. So you can't suspect your friends of having done something bad and try to make sure they didn't? Once you suspect them of anything, freindship over? I think a person like that would be pretty shitty and a bad friend. You just end a friendship over rumors or suspicion and then go on living convincing yourself your friend was the bad guy? You can argue about how Veronica went about making sure her friend wasn't a murderer, But blaming her for wanting to make sure is pretty shitty.
  3. To be fair, if I had killed somebody, I'd probably also see how it plays out. If there actually is enough evidence to bring this to trail, I can still confess. It certainly isn't nice for anybody involved, but maybe I could get away with it and have nobody suffer the consequences.
  4. Hehe. Great minds and all that. See my complaining about this a few posts above. I think I yelled that at my screen about 5 times. Also non-us watcher here, but yes. Tony said their parents came into the country in 1991. Meaning he and his sister were born there and are thus US citizens, but his older brothers weren't. Stay away from my eyecandy! But seriously, for me they all look mid to late 20s, with Tony only looking marginally older and I really like that look on him. So please leave me one of the few nuggets of joy I can get out of this show. Season 1 Hannah, yes. Season 2 Hannah, noooooooooooope. They could have had Bryce's mother do it. She has experience in such matters, having been the dead narrator for a decade on desperate housewives. Yeah, that was ridiculous. If I was somebody with the police, I would assume that after he was beaten half to death, Bryce fell into the water while trying to drag himself to civilisation. Ockham's razor and all. Sombody coming along later and killing Bryce is a thing that only seems reasonable on TV, but not in real life. I mean sure, they should still investigate further, but just letting him go? And even if they were sure he didn't kill Bryce, that's still aggravated assault he just confessed to. You gotta charge him with that. That's your job!
  5. Thoughts on the entire season: Well, this was a lot better than season two, but that's such a low bar, even Hermes Conrad couldn't limbo under it. (I'm allergic to massive retcons that make no sense, so that season was torture for me). I didn't buy Bryce's redemtion arc, or showing that he's a person with many sides, or whatever you want to call it. We had seen him for two seasons. There was not an ounce of remorse in him. There was no empathy, no willingness to change, only smugness and a glee of having gotten away with being a serial rapist. He was shown to be a true psychopath. And now he's suddenly feeling remorse and wants to become a better person? Buh Humbug! I think I would have had a much easier time believing a Monty redemption arc. For one he only raped one person, not a busload, while not even quite seeming to grasp the severity of what he had done, for another he did actually seem to feel guilty for some of the things he had done and for yet another, he actually had a really fucked up home, a father who regularly beat him and might have killed him, had he learned outside of a room with an armed guard that his son was a fag. The only hard life Bryce had is that Momy and Dady didn't pay enough attention to him. Speaking of Monty. How very convenient for everybody that he was murdered in jail. Otherwise they wouldn't have had a scapegoat. And why was he killed? That wasn't really made clear. His father said some bullshit about gays getting killed in prison, but that's just what it is, bullshit. This is 2019, not 1919. Gays might get raped more in prison, since we are seen as less manly or something, but not killed. Even Oz had a bunch of gay characters that weren't killed any more regularly than the rest of the cast (if you discount death by AIDS). How can a show in this day and age concoct such bullshit? So in conclusion, I overall enjoyed the ride. There were good moments and really good acting. But not sure if it will be enough to make me come back next year. I only came back for this seasn, after the abysmal second one, because I loved season one so much. But I think the good will that that one created in me has run out.
  6. Episode 12: Some great acting all around in some very emotional scenes... except for the guy who play Clay. Yikes, that's hard to watch in contrast. I don't think he was so much worse than everybody else in season one, but I guess everybody else got better and he didn't... Ani confirmed psychic: "I won't lie to you. At that moment, in his eyes I saw anger. Hatred. But not for me. For Bryce. Over the first half, the anger and the hatred only burned hotter. By half-time, he was ready to go after Bryce." I mean that the only explaination, unless Clays eyes literally hold up signs and tell predict the future. Because there is no way Ani could have known about that. She wasn't there and nobody told her.
  7. Episode 8: Tyler telling Clay about him being raped was hard to watch. I couldn't get through it in one go. That was some seriously good acting... not so much from the actor who plays Clay, but oh well.
  8. On episode 7. So the writers are doubing down on the character assasination they did on Clay in season two. A bold move Cotton, let's see if it pays off... If it was me I would have pretended like season two never happened and hoped people forgot about it, but not these writer. Brave. I remember Alex talking about Clay being a scrawny kid a few episodes ago. Now we see him without a shirt and dude has a massive sixpack. Ah Hollywood... At this point Ani seems mighty good for the murder. But I doubt any writer would go there, with a new character. Then again, these writers have prover that they are shit before, so who knows.
  9. Seems like the movie is on youtube: Gonna give that a look at some point. Also kids don't walk in groudps since there is safety in numbers, but because it's jsut more interesting to walk with your friends. Source: Used to be german kid walking with friends (and quite often also alone). They just assumed it must be a white man and wouldn't budge even after the guy was caught, with ample evidence. An FBI-man who had been there from the beginning, pushed to get resources to solve the case and intracted with them a bunch of times told even told them he was sure the guy did it. That tells me they don't care who actually did it. At least not as much as they care about their prejudices being confirmed. Yes, they want the killer to be found, as long as it's a white man. There is a german saying that describes a logical fallacy "weil nicht sein kann was nicht sein darf" (because something can't be that isn't allowed to be). It's one of the things in this universe that most grinds my gears, people closing their eyes and not wanting to believe in reality, because it doesn't conform to their world view. They charged him for the crimes they thought they could get a conviction for and not for the others to not muddy the waters. That's standard procedure with serial killers. The guy is still in prison for life. What more do you want? Do you want him to be in superduperdoublemaxprison? The crimes were solved, just not officially. They could have had closure if they hadn't denied reality.
  10. These activist mothers disgust me. They are just as bad as the police they complain about. They don't actually care who killed their kids and bringing him to justice or even care about stopping more kids from being killed. All they care about is pinning the crimes on some white man. If it was a black man, then better let him go, to continue murdering, it seems. I guess that was foreshadowed with the SM-killer talking about how all the queens want the killer to be a straight man. How they can't abide by one of their own praying on their own. But I'm still disgusted by it. That's probably not what the show tried to say, but that's how it came across. This show did a huge disservice to the real mothers of the victims. Btw. can somebody recap for me what that thing about the missing palaroids was about? Where did they confiscate those from, who made the ones of black kids disappear and how was that relevant to the case? Guess I didn't pay enough attention there. Yeah, that was weird. They made a big deeal about the panic attacks in the first two episodes, then nothing, nothing at all. It's almost like the writers forgot about it. This better come back next season.
  11. I'm on episode two. Are they really trying to make us feel bad for Bryce? Seriously? WTF?! Yeah, not going to happen, writers. You can't just show somebody to be an unrepentant monster for two seasons and then make him out to be like some poor victim. Whenever I hear about new girl talk about Bryce's pain I want to vomit.
  12. I don't think any of these actors do their serial killer counterpart perfectly. I don't think anybody could. There is something so cold to them, I don't think anybody who's not a psychopath could capture. There is just a feeling of unease I get while listening to real serial killers that isn't there while listening to these actors. Of course that could just be the nocebo effect, since I know what they are. On the other hand, I'm not neurotypical and sometimes I pick up on things most people wouldn't (has more drawbacks than advantages though). That being said, these actors do great jobs of capturing all other aspects of these killers. I just don't buy them as being capable of killing multiple people in cold blood. I said that out loud about 10 seconds before Kemper said it (they really drew that out for dramatic effect). That Holden and the team never considered this is baffling to me. It's classic survivership bias. I hope the real team at the FBI wasn't this daft.
  13. Let me first say that putting boards on read only is stupid. I get moving them to a more obscure corner once the show is done, so they take up space, but what is accomplished by not letting people comment on episodes, in the age of streaming? I would have had something to say to quite a few episodes. Now I can only say a few words in summary. I really liked the show through it's ups and downs. The ending was pretty much perfect. I don't quite get how Joe got a job as a humanities professor, but I'll forgive that. They didn't make it clear what exactly he was a professor of. Does marketing fall under the humnities? Anyway. I really liked that him and Cameron didn't work out and the writers didn't force it. It never seemed like it would work, but lesser writers might have fallen pray of the shippers. I hope Joe can find a nice man and adopt some kids. Donna and Cam working together again is also a perfect fit. I hope it works out how they dreamed, maybe even with a slightly better ending. I also hope somebody tells Haley that her uncle Joe is also part of the LGBTQ community (even if the show barely remembered after season one). It can be awfully lonely being queer as a teenager, even today, let alone in the mid 90s. Would be nice if she had somebody to talk to.
  14. Are they really making lunch boxes for the trip? They are going by plane and it's Canada. What the fuck? Are they afraid the kids might get hangry? That's like an hour long flight. They don't have a bit of oil to oil the gate? They drive around in cars and June works for a high ranking commander. Also where are all the guardians who are supposed to guard those commanders houses? Then the Martha who showed up to early gets cold feet and these chucklefucks don't tackle and tie her down?! It's your fucking lifes on the line here, if she gets captured and rats you out. You are three and she is one. Even without the gun that shouldn't be a problem. When June and Rita get back from their little marking mission (was that really necessary? Wouldn't that be more of a liability than help? What if somebody discovers the markings? You found the way once, why would you need the markings? At least use something less conspicuous than wwhite cloth.) Lawrence is reading a story and June stroles around the table for five minutes, evidently having all the time in the world. Move, bitches! You got a Martha on the loose who knows your location. There is no time to waste. Every second could be the difference between life and death. Also the guardians are going house to house. There are like a hundret kids (June said it was way more than 52) whos commander "parents" got knocked out or killed. None of those commanders get discovered? Are there suddenly millions of them? Suuuuuure... And now we come to the greatest bullshit in the episode. There are two, read it again, two guardians there. Not half an army. How very convenient. But okay, Gilead is overconfident, I can maybe somehow buy this. But, what do the rebels do? They throw stones at them. And then again. Meanwhile, June has a fucking gun!!!!!! But by the way she uses it, or rather doesn't use it, you'd think it was flint lock pistol. This is a modern gun, with a big ass magazine. June could have taken them out before they knew anybody was there. Even if she isn't that good with it (though I do seem to remember she had some training at some point, or am I wrong?), at least try. Let the other handmaids throw rocks while you shoot. God damn this was stupid! At the end, of course June is not dead. I never believed it for a second, but I think some people here speculated she might die? Well: "Executive producer: Elizabeth Moss". She's not going anywhere and apparently, she won't even get out of Gilead, again... --- Of course everybody likes that Serena got arrested, but I don't like how it happened. I fail to see how that was rape on Serena's part. She suggested to June that she could try with Luke, because failure to produce might get her sent to the colonies. Serena didn't have any direct say in that matter though and she didn't make June do anything. Even if by some bizarre logic that would be considered rape. I don't think Serena would be dumb enough to not hammer out a deal that would give her immunity for all crimes commited in Gilead. She's the smart one, always has been. Evil? Yes. But dumb? No. I think a good twist would have been if they (maybe Fred pointed them in the right direction) dug up evidence that Serena was involved in planning the bombing of the US congress, which predates Gilead and thus wouldn't have been covered by her deal. That I could buy. But suggesting somebody might want to have sex, being a crime? That's weak sauce, man.
  15. It may have been true, that they had a purely romatic relationship, but that's not the relationship Debbie wanted. She didn't want to be armcandy, she wanted to be a partner, not a business partner, but somebody who is valued for her brain, not just her look, and someboy whom their romantic partner would run things by. Tex revealed that he didn't get her afterall and I liked Debbies reaction to that. And like @kieyra already said. Debbie does have a head and the gut instinct for this business. He could have profited from her inside. He just dismissed her off hand. Yeah it was very weird. Especially since they were doing versions of their regular characters. I would have understood it more if they had straight up done a christmas story with wrestling interludes.
  16. I mean, they would have been there pretty early in the year (since it was before the massive time jump and the challanger explosion we saw in episode one was January 28th) and it came out in May. But yeah, even if that was supposed to be reshoots, that wouldn't have been enough time for post production.
  17. They weren't involved. Bash was too closeted for that. I think Bash secretly loved him though. Pretty sure that night in the hotel room with Rhonda and the Gigolo was his first time with a man. Edit: With the challanger explosion we are in 1986 now. HIV tests were only even a thing beginning in late 85, I think. So before that, nobody could get tested. Edit2: Btw. It's only ever been a year between seasons. So TV standard. It just feels longer when you binge the whole season in a few days.
  18. Oh Bash, you were so close, but then you veered straight off a cliff! That shit is going to make it so much worse. Guess it's good TV though, and sadly realistic. But I really had hoped he would be honest and maybe come to an understanding with Rhonda. Dude really broke my heart during the scene where he confided in Debbie. I was literally hugging my blanket and couldn't let go. I don't think the show did want it to come off that way, but I really didn't like Arthie being bullied into saying that she's gay. I mean so what if she doesn't know or if she's Bi? What business is that of anybody else, even her girlfriend. She said she loved her and wanted to be with her. That should be enough, shouldn't it? That's some bullshit. I do like how the TV deal came to be. Another man underestimating Debbie and not seeing her as an equal partner. That will bite you in the ass. So Ruth wants so desperatly to be an actress that she doesn't take a sweet directing gig, something she has shown she is talented in and that she had fun doing? I guess some people just don't want to be happy... I mean she ccould probably still go on auditions, if she really wanted to.
  19. I wouldn't want to be gay in the 1980s. Not only do you run the constant risk of getting killed by the god damn loch ness monster, you also have to contend with homophobes who want to kill you.. and it isn't even that great being gay nowadays (apart from being fabulous, of course). What year are we in? Are we finally approaching the years where the god damn loch ness monster can be treated and isn't deadly anymore? I wouldn't want anything to happen to Bash. Speaking of whom, that scene was pretty hot. I'm glad he made a big step towards admitting who he really is. I hope he doesn't stay on this step for too long and figures it out completely. Also hope that him and Rhonda come to an amicable seperation. Maybe she can even continue being his beard. That's something you still need in the 80s, if you want to be a respectable business man. It comes with quite a few perks for her too, afterall. Also I have to agree with the people in that casting. Ruth wasn't good. I always thought she was supposed to be a better actress than that. So what happened? I think that was just Bash's overprotective side coming out, since she fell. Which Rhonda misinterpreted as jelousy. I think it's quite cute, even if he overrected a bit. I think if you've been in the show biz bubble, where being gay is just normal, even back then and it doesn't effect you in real life, since you yourself are straight, it's easy to forget the asshole violent homophobes out there. I'm surprised the drag queen (I'm bad with names) didn't bring it up though.
  20. I mean I'd think usually they'd close their eyes and think of England... England being the name of a big burly gay pornstar, of course. Being so deep in the closet that you find women attrractive? That's not how that works. That's what confuses me. You'd think they would tip us off in that context. It's not just about tipping us off, but that it doesn't seem to fit. PS: Wondering who can figure out where I stole that quote from originally.
  21. Guess the Bash is gay storyline isn't as dead as I thought. At least the drag queen clocked him. And it does seem like it hit home for him. Seemed like he was having too much fun having sex with Rhonda in earlier episodes though. Not like he was just going through the motions, faking it somehow. I mean there is always the option that he's bi, but that doesn't seem to be what they are choreographing here. Interesting.
  22. So I guess Bash is not gay, like a lot of people here suspected. Well maybe he's Bi. That would be nice. You usually don't see Bi people on TV.
  23. Other fucking countries knew about Gilead's fucking power structure. They had diplomats running around the fucking place all the time, plus that's the easiest fucking thing in the world to figure out. There is no country on this planet the five eyes and many other agencies don't know the power structure of. So why the fuck should this be different with Gilead. The black box bullshit is something the writers pulled out of their fucking asses this season and it makes me fucking angry, because it's so increadibly dumb. PS: They also had aunts defect. They know quite a lot.
  24. My money is on that one. I guess they now need information on Gilead, since they forgot all the information they had in season one and would have learned from refugees and defectors. You know basically the whole of Canada suffered collective brain damage betwween seasons... To be fair here. She brought them Fred and she probably nailed down a solid deal for doing so. Now, could America/Canada go back on the deal? Sure, but in international relations and the spy game all you have is your reputation. If you fuck over Serena now, nobody is going to deal with you ever again. Getting her would not be worth it to them. So they are working her from a different angle. The minds in Gilead. Serena basically made that place with her work. If she now tells a different story, how this isn't gods will afterall, how the leadership of Gilead perverted her writing, bla bla bla, and they manage to distribute these writings in Gilead, she could legit start a counter-relvolution, or at least cause some turmoil the US can exploit. I don't think these writers will go there, it's way too clever for them, but it would be a good plan.
  25. Fuck me. Of course they ennded with a closeup of June glaring directly into the camera. And for the first 30 minutes, this wasn't even a bad episode. But then... June lets Mrs. Lawrence die. I know she's a liability, but that could have backfired massively and in any sane world, it would have. Commander Lawrence's main reason for wanting out was his wife. I mean since the waterfords and their suggar daddy are gone, he's back on top. Why would he still help June and her hairbrain schemes now? He may not particularly like Gilead, but he's way better off inside it than outside.
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