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Gilmore Girls Would You Rather?

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Argh! Finn, because at least he's a little less mean...and a little more attractive :) 


WYR see Michel or Emily 'rough it' by camping in the woods without any amenities for at least week 

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Luke visits Lorelai at Mia's. I loved their interplay in AM, NM just as it was. Gilmore Girls Only kind of disappointed me as written, so I'd be a lot more willing to change it! 


WYR Luke and Lorelai didn't temporarily break up at the end of WBB, Emily and Richard not temporarily split at the end of S4, or Rory and Dean not temporarily break up in Star-Crossed Lovers?

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Rory and Dean.  Not that I loved them as a couple or anything (LOL) but I feel like both of the other couples actually learned something from their temporary breakups and/or actually had a valid reason to break up.


WYR Rory have briefly dated Tristan or Brad?

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I actually thought she and Tristan had really good chemistry, but I don't especially like the message that Rory would date such an arrogant playboy jerk (at least at that point in the series, LOL), so I'll go with Rory having an amusing and VERY brief involvement with Brad :)  


WYR have seen Rory end the series still dating Logan, dating Marty, dating Dean, dating Jess or single?

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Dating Logan...I think I've expressed this before but I think having her move to Cali away from Lorelai would have done her some good, and I like end of series Logan was actually a good fit for Rory.


WYR taste pregnant Sookie's food or angry Luke's burgers?

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The Dragonfly; I would love to see him take over Michel's job, do it better, and then watch Michel have a meltdown.


It's time for a switcheroo, WYR see Lorelai date Jackson, or Sookie date Luke

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Argh---can I pick neither?! No? Okay, I'll go with Jackson-Lorelai, who seemed to have a solid friendship. Sookie and Luke seemed to clash a lot. 


GG's long-awaited movie finally focuses on Mother's Day, a holiday that I still can't believe this show overlooked for seven seasons, given its premise and subject matter :) Whose mother would you most love to learn more about: Luke, Kirk, Paris or Sookie? 

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We didn't actually find out the flavor of Clyde (dirty?), did we?  I say Dark Chocolate S'mores!


Along the same line (and because I really need some chocolate.....) would you rather try the Butter Brickle Crunch or Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate ice cream?

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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate! :) 


It turns out Luke wasn't the SH male to have fathered a long lost daughter. Instead, WYR that lovely storyline was given to.... Taylor, Kirk, or Jackson?

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I'm resurrecting this dead thread because I just noticed it (or remembered it) and think it's fun. 


So for the above, I would choose Jackson because by the time long lost daughters joined the show, that character sucked anyway.


Would you rather a) never watch Gilmore Girls again or b) for every episode of GG you watch, you must also watch a half hour sitcom based on TJ and Liz's life?

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LOL--that's just cruel! ;) 


I'll shock myself by picking 'never watch GG again' because by now I've watched my favorites and even episodes that aren't quite my favorites enough to memorize them, so I can kind of just reply them in my weird little head :) And I just CAN'T with Liz and TJ! 


WYR that 1) Rory had never dated Dean, 2) Lane had never dated Zach, 3) Luke had never dated Nicole or 4) Lorelai had never dated Max? 

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Lane never dating Zach sounds good to me, because that would mean Dave could come back from "college" and sweep her off her feet again!

Would you rather have to work as a constantly in peril sous chef for Sookie or deal with the endless quirks of having Lorelai as your boss as you man the front desk?

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Sous chef.  As long as you do your job well, Sookie tends to leave you alone for the most part.  Lorelai never stops talking to you.


You find yourself at a bar, comforting one of Lorelai's exes as he drunkenly rambles on and on about the one that got away.  Is it Max or Jason?

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Straub Hayden.  He was cruel, but he didn't go out of his way to sabotage his child's life.


Which "forbidden" couple's romance would you have rather been featured if the show had an 8th season?

1) Luke and Lane

2) Lorelai and Logan

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Oh my gosh this is a hard one. Lorelai and Logan, I guess (I actually saw some kind of chemistry between them which weirded me out)

Would you rather have to spend a week with Chris and GG or Sookie, Jackson, Martha, Davey, and the third baby?

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I have a new one that I stole from a Gilmore Guys podcast, but I'll answer this one from last fall, even though we know a lot more about the actual revival than we did back then (though I am trying  to avoid spoilers as much as possible....)

Rory with ... a new guy after several years of focus on career.

L and L together, though I fear how this is actually going to play out in the revival... I have no trust, given the implosion of their characters and relationship in season 6, when last we had the Palladinos in charge...

New Choice, posed by the Gilmore Guys podcast ep on The Real Paul Anka:

Would you rather be stuck in a lifeboat for two weeks with Logan's Life and Death Brigade mates, or with Jess' Truncheon mates?

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6 hours ago, eledgy said:

Would you rather be stuck in a lifeboat for two weeks with Logan's Life and Death Brigade mates, or with Jess' Truncheon mates?

If we were locked into a reasonably large space, like the Hartford Gilmore house, I'd choose the LDBG. They would be so entertaining. 

But a small boat would endanger Finn's life, because two weeks is too long to be in a closet with him. 

Therefore the bookstore guys. At least they'd have books in their pockets.

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I just "rediscovered" this thread and I find it to be so fun. So I'm reviving it.

Would you rather:

1) Sit through the whole Stars Hollow musical

2) Sit through a screening of Kirk's third movie?

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3 minutes ago, whateverhappened said:

Would you rather have Emily or Paris as your employer?

OMG.  Emily, I guess?  At least the worst she would do, if I didn't screw up too bad, was fire me.  Paris would eviscerate me and then I would cry forever.

WYR work as a waiter in Luke's Diner, or in Andrew's bookstore?

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3 minutes ago, Taryn74 said:

OMG.  Emily, I guess?  At least the worst she would do, if I didn't screw up too bad, was fire me.  Paris would eviscerate me and then I would cry forever.

WYR work as a waiter in Luke's Diner, or in Andrew's bookstore?

Omg Luke definitely!! I'd love to work with Luke. :)

Would you rather go out with Tristan or Logan?

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1 minute ago, lulu1960 said:

I'd go out with Logan. I disliked Tristan from the get go.

Would you rather be banished to the woods  or banished to the open ocean in search of seafood (both with Luke of course)?

The woods I think. I'm a fussy eater so wouldn't like seafood! 

Would you rather grow up in Stars Hollow without Lorelai as your mum or grow up in society but with Lorelai as your mum?

Just now, ghoulina said:

Banished to the woods. 

Which off-air storyline would you have actually wanted to see - Luke and Nicole on their cruise? Or Rory and Lorelei do Europe?

Rory and Lorelai in Europe! I'd just get annoyed with Nicole! :P

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It depends on who would be my mother in Stars Hollow! Based on what you wrote, I'll choose Lorelai as my mom even though I'd be raised in what the Palladinos think of as high society. Lorelai has issues, but she's loving, involved and determined to make life better for her daughter. And even though I'm more the type who just wants to stay home and read in my sweat pants than be part of high society, with Lorelai as my mom I probably wouldn't have to actually do most of the high society rituals in question. As fun as Stars Hollow is to watch, I don't think I'd do well in a town where everyone was a little crazy and involved in each other's business.

Would you rather be in a book club run by Rory or a classic movie appreciation club run by Lorelai? Junk food would be served at both! 

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Movie appreciation. I'm picky about books. (Not picky about reading, I'm ALWAYS reading. Picky about what I read.) I have to be in the mood for them, and could never join ANY book club. 

Which bit part character would you want to see made a regular? Terrence the life coach or Gil's wife?

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