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  1. elang4

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Jess comments on Luke’s wedding suit in the revival.
  2. elang4

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Jess gives Luke a copy of his book in Truncheon with a cheque inside it. Luke gives Rory his mother’s pearls for her 21st. Luke gives Lorelai earrings that Liz gave him.
  3. elang4

    Jess and April

    Haha fair enough! 😜 I actually really loved April. I hated the way ASP wrote her in and what it did to Luke and Lorelai but I really liked April. It wasn’t her fault, after all.
  4. elang4

    Jess and April

    Did anyone wish we had more Jess and April scenes? I always thought they would get on well and they are cousins so I always wished there would have been more scenes between them. I’m writing a story at the moment on fanfiction.net which has a big family feeling with Luke, Lorelai, Rory, Jess and April. I kind of wished we could have had more family scenes like that in the revival. Does anyone think the same or is that just me? 😜😄
  5. Even Paris could see that was wrong and so decided to help Rory out. I really didn’t like Dean in that episode either but I loved how that was the episode that sort of started Rory and Paris’ friendship. I always thought that Rory inviting Paris to sleep over as a thank you and her appreciating what she had done for her was really sweet. 😊
  6. elang4

    Gilmore Girls Fanfiction

    I’ve written some L and L stories. They’re not as great as the writers you’ve all mentioned because they’re really amazing writers and I love their stories. But I have written a few I’m proud of. 😊
  7. elang4


    I think the thing with Lorelai is that she always expected Rory to be on her side and always think the way she thinks so when Rory calls her out on stuff and wants to do stuff that’s not really Lorelai’s thing, she’s shocked and she acts out in a really petty way.
  8. elang4

    Gilmore Girls Would You Rather?

    Luke’s diner! Constant access to food! ? Would you rather work for Luke at the diner or work for Lorelai at the inn?
  9. elang4

    Gilmore Girls Fanfiction

    Am I allowed to shamelessly plug my own fanfic? ? Also, would anyone like to collab on a story? I did a collab a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. Would love to do another if anyone is up for it? ?
  10. When did he ever say that???
  11. Aw yeah I love Jackson’s relationship with Rory as well. And Doyle’s! ?
  12. Luke wasn’t into Rory to get with Lorelai. They had their own separate relationship.
  13. elang4

    Season 2

    I totally agree. Maybe it was wrong to constantly pursue Rory while she was with Dean and deliberately wind Dean up but Jess didn’t actually do anything while they were together. Rory was the one who kissed him in season 2, not the other way round. And I don’t think he got enough credit for breaking up with Shane before letting things happen between him and Rory as well. Sure, maybe he was using Shane a bit to make Rory jealous but Dean slept with Rory when he was still married to Lindsey. And Jess is the bad guy?? I get that Jess wasn’t perfect but Dean wasn’t either.
  14. I love the fact that Mrs Kim was th reason Hep Alien didn’t break up in the end. It was her who arranged the tour for them and brought the four bandmates back together with their love of music. I just loved the full circle feel of it all. Mrs Kim kicked Lane out because of Lane’s love of music and being part of the band but in the end, she was actually the reason they didn’t all give up. I found it a really heartwarming moment. ?
  15. elang4

    Lorelai and Luke

    I totally agree. And don’t forget all the times when Lorelai alone or when she’s with Rory goes to the diner outside of the normal opening hours and Luke always lets them in.