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  1. I thought this when the scene happened and I think it was confirmed on Twitter with a photo but that denim jacket Betty was wearing when she met Donna for a second time in the forest was Jughead’s surely??? Is that meant to be symbolic? Is it meant to tell us that she’d met up with Jughead beforehand? I still can’t quite believe that they would kill him off but have no clue what’s going on! 😂 I do hope whatever is happening, they’ve let FP in on it because that would just be cruel.
  2. Same! I loved April and was so hoping for scenes with her, Luke, Lorelai and Rory as a proper family. I thought that would be really cool. I always believed that Rory and April would get on really well and it would have been nice to see that sibling relationship and them teasing Lorelai and Luke. Even maybe with Jess thrown in every so often as well. I’ve read some fan fiction with them all as a family and I would have loved to have seen that on screen.
  3. To be fair though, I think they only had that in because he was Lauren’s real life partner and it was funny.
  4. I don’t know if this is random enough but I always loved it! Jess realising before Luke that Liz’s friend had obviously ordered a stripper to show up for Liz and he makes a hasty retreat and then waves to Luke through the window.
  5. I agree that Rory could be selfish but to be fair to her she has definitely done a lot of thoughtful things for Paris. Like she let her do whatever she wanted when Asher died and she supported her with the wake that Paris wanted to hold.
  6. Luke hugs Jess after he thanks Luke for everything. Luke hugs Jess after telling him how proud he is at Truncheon. Luke hugs April after telling her he can’t have any more secret visits from her and tells her to put her helmet on. Luke hugs April after she breaks down about having to go to New Mexico.
  7. Jess comments on Luke’s wedding suit in the revival.
  8. Jess gives Luke a copy of his book in Truncheon with a cheque inside it. Luke gives Rory his mother’s pearls for her 21st. Luke gives Lorelai earrings that Liz gave him.
  9. Haha fair enough! 😜 I actually really loved April. I hated the way ASP wrote her in and what it did to Luke and Lorelai but I really liked April. It wasn’t her fault, after all.
  10. Did anyone wish we had more Jess and April scenes? I always thought they would get on well and they are cousins so I always wished there would have been more scenes between them. I’m writing a story at the moment on fanfiction.net which has a big family feeling with Luke, Lorelai, Rory, Jess and April. I kind of wished we could have had more family scenes like that in the revival. Does anyone think the same or is that just me? 😜😄
  11. Even Paris could see that was wrong and so decided to help Rory out. I really didn’t like Dean in that episode either but I loved how that was the episode that sort of started Rory and Paris’ friendship. I always thought that Rory inviting Paris to sleep over as a thank you and her appreciating what she had done for her was really sweet. 😊
  12. I’ve written some L and L stories. They’re not as great as the writers you’ve all mentioned because they’re really amazing writers and I love their stories. But I have written a few I’m proud of. 😊
  13. I think the thing with Lorelai is that she always expected Rory to be on her side and always think the way she thinks so when Rory calls her out on stuff and wants to do stuff that’s not really Lorelai’s thing, she’s shocked and she acts out in a really petty way.
  14. Luke’s diner! Constant access to food! ? Would you rather work for Luke at the diner or work for Lorelai at the inn?
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