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  1. Please. Someone let me know when they hit the Mattison family (I think that is their name.) I need to vent about this woman. Shes a complete loon and will get rid of nothing.
  2. And a rich doctor to boot. Someone's gonna have to pay for Midge's fabulous hats.
  3. Truthfully I have problems with both. I understand wanting as much as possible out of life and careers .. just dont have children until you're done figuring shit out. I dont think we'll ever see eye to eye on this so let's go back to discussing how fun the show is and how much we love it :)
  4. Actually, I would absolutely think less of a man who did such a thing. I had an immediate dislike of Joel for S1E1 for the blase way he left, not only his wife, but his children. I find it to be a super-shitty thing for any person to do. I have never believed that "finding oneself" should be accomplished by mistreating the small people we have decided to have and agreed to raise. And expecting other people (i.e. our parents) to take care of our responsibilies is also a terribly selfish idea.
  5. I know I'm terrible for saying this but I'm really disappointed with Midge for agreeing to go on a six month European tour. Yes, it's a running joke that she doesn't parent her kids but where the hell will they go while she's gone?? And at the end she seemed to be fully aware that she was cutting herself off from her family and she was ok with that? I know it's a tv show and I'm overthinking things but man! Its harsh of her. And also you don't throw over Zachary Levi to get in one last schtup with Joel. Stupid girl.
  6. You know, the only thing that feels utterly off this season is how much time the Weissmans and the Maisels are spending together, especially given the fact that their children are separated and dating others. ESPECIALLY especially considering that they really dislike each other.
  7. In all fairness, before he realized she was doing stand up and decided to leave her for good out of sour grapes over her talent, they were on the road to reconciliation. Just typing that sentence reminds me again how crappy Joel is as a partner.
  8. I did adore both Rose's and Abe's reaction to said penis though. Rose's gasping "Too close! Still too close!" and Abe's collapse and student yelling "Give him air! HE JUST SAW A NAKED MAN!" were comedy gold!
  9. As someone who lived in both Philadelphia AND Harrisburg, I squeeeeeeeed embarrassingly when I heard the itinerary. I also yelled at the TV when Susie mentioned Harrisburg's Civil War Museum since it didn't open till the early 2000s.
  10. I put a lot of the stuff with Joel's parents down to ASP being .. ASP. It happened in The Gilmore Girls. During the first season, things were pleasantly eccentric but with each season after, things got more and more ridiculously over the top. By the end of the seventh season it was like Stars Hollow was inhabited entirely by mental patients. I had hoped that age would have curtailed this quirk in Amy but alas. As soon as they started talking about Joel's mother having an accounting system based in ancient aramaic and the absence of the number 6 I knew we were in for it. I loved the s
  11. I took a summer hiatus from DCC and the boards. I know the scuttlebutt about Holly and had read about Erica possibly being injured, but what is the Holly/Jenna/Erica thing????
  12. ChlcGirl

    S12.E03: Finals

    Quick thoughts: Love the new changes to the show but I miss seeing my old favorites in the intro ? I know Holly is a polarizing DCC, but love her or hate her, DAMN that girl handled that SNAFU amazingly well. To have the presence of mind to be able to recover so gracefully till she got off the floor .. wow. I have no issue with the three vets cut and I think Tasha should have been axed as well. A mediocre performer at best. Of the new girls I am pulling for Patriots Alexandra and Lauren. Savannah too because she's a cutie. The rest, whatever. I'm not attached yet.
  13. Welp. Now you just made me miss Pop-Up Video. Thanks!
  14. I remain hopeful though!
  15. All the "we love to cook!" types are either chopping vegetables OR baking cookies.
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