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  1. Yeah, I guess I'm an unfeeling jerk, but personally, "she only mentally tortured people for a week or so, and then kept staying in denial whenever something reminded her of reality, because she was grieving" feels like a terrible excuse for, you know, mentally torturing the citizens of a whole town. Like, cool motive still torture. Maybe if the show hadn't spent so much time emphasizing how absolutely horrible Wanda's torture of those people were, I wouldn't have come out of the show feeling like it was a cop-out to introduce another basic cartoon MCU villain so the "hero" can appear morally p
  2. There really is zero accountability for MCU protagonists.
  3. The writing isn't good but the acting does wonders for the script. I'm surprised by how good everyone actually is. I hope season two dials down on the love plot because it detracted from the rest of the plot, including this epic friendship the core four is supposed to have, which is just JJ, Kiara and Pope running after John and recklessly following his plans. I also think both characters started losing their individual personalities once they got together. Sarah seemed like a pretty interesting character until she got with the main lead, at which point she just became another "rich girl in
  4. As someone who usually dislikes Harley Quinn, I want to say that I wish I had watched that movie in the cinema. It's that good. She's a completely different character than the one in Suicide Squad, and the movie as a whole is entertaining all the way through, with Harley and Huntress being the best parts of it.
  5. Unless one of the main pair's a POC, typically if it's the male character, in which case it's typically "they're platonic soulmates" no matter how much sexual chemistry they have.
  6. Surely there are more effective ways for a bunch of millionaires to help instead of singing a song about a world with no possessions to the peasants during a time where people are losing their jobs, while they sit at home in their multi-million dollar mansions?
  7. About Game of Thrones, I actually found Dany's treatment of Jon to be infuriating. She spent eight seasons complaining about how her family was wronged, yet when she found out Jon was her nephew her reaction was to... tell him to lie about his parentage, let the world believe his real father, her own brother, was a rapist who kidnapped a young girl and raped her to death, pretend to be a bastard with all the stigma it carried in their world, and let his siblings (cousins) believe their father was unfaithful to their mother. All so she could recreate a dynasty that would die with her given that
  8. I'm not that far into Altered Carbon, so things might change, but man, Mackie is not a particularly impressive actor and I have no faith in him as the new Captain America. The role demands gravitas and charisma, which Evans had, but Mackie is just... Mackie in everything.
  9. I loved T'Challa in Civil War but BP wrote him as a partly passive and subdued character who reacted to events more than anything, whereas Nakia, Okoye and Shuri (and Killmonger) all had much more proactive and charismatic personalities. That doesn't make T'Challa a bad character, but it's kinda like when the main character plays the straight man to more eccentric and interesting characters.
  10. It was mentioned in one of the earlier episodes that the oldest is 14 and the youngest 7.
  11. I'm really glad the show didn't take the easy out and make Andy unlikable just because of the will they/won't they thing David and Kristen have going on. He's not perfect but he's a very well-rounded character. Also liked that he was able to put aside his jealousy regarding Ben to prioritize his daughter. Showed great character on his part. Speaking of David and Kristen, I really like that both characters are given their own storylines that don't hinge on the other person. So often with these types of pairings, the writers force the pairing on viewers before we even get a sense of who they
  12. Yes, Lupita was phenomenal in US and gave a performance not many could have emulated. Every time actors of color lose out during awards season, people point the finger at a systemic problem in Hollywood and argue that POC just aren't given that many award-worthy roles unless it's some slave drama, which is absolutely true. But at the same time, whenever they do give brilliant performances they're still overlooked. Oscar Isaac for Inside Llewyn Davis and Ex Machina, Idris Elba and Abraham Attah for Beasts of no Nation (no aspirational slave movie with white ally), Ashton Sanders for Moonligh
  13. Sorry, but ridiculous that Brad Pitt won an SAG for his performance in OUaTiH. It was a good performance but it doesn't hold a candle to the many snubs and even some of the other nominations. POC can crank out some of the best performances in the last decades without a nom, and a white guy wins the SAG for smiling 90% of the time in this movie and being charismatic. Not Pitt's fault but it really says a lot about how fucking hard some people have to fight to get ahead when others have to do the bare minimum. I don't know why I'm ever surprised. It happens every year. Next year, the Academy (wh
  14. I get that, but since Brad Pitt got an award for playing "calm, cool and charismatic" in Once Upon by smiling 90% of the time in the movie, then I think JLo definitely deserved it more than him for playing the same type of role with many more layers and gravitas.
  15. I think people in general have grown to have this strange obsession with redemption arcs for any remotely grey character to the point that even villains have their actions whitewashed by fans so they can fit them into the "morally complex" bubble, and thus make them redeemable, as long as said villain manages to look sad enough (and is usually white, male and straight). I know it was a thing before Game of Thrones, but it certainly helped popularize it with Jaime Lannister. Kylo Ren was a heinous character and a perfectly fine villain in TFA where him choosing the dark side should have been co
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