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  1. I'd say that season 4 with season 2 following very closely are my favorite seasons.
  2. Luke not having a proper jacket for Martha's Vineyard when he's lived in that kind of weather all his life (where's his Army jacket?) Luke never having lobster.
  3. It was so unlike Emily. The whole thing. Cheese and toothpicks, smoking, drinking. Plus Sookie's I think we broke her, makes me giggle. 7 to win
  4. I agree. I went back and forth on which one to choose.
  5. This is a tough one. 27 Although I love how Luke and Lorelai are "wrestling" and Nicole has no clue.
  6. 6 is my next vote if that makes it any better. LOL.
  7. 33 For what it's worth, I really like 3. It was cute awkward.
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