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  1. It’s like they filmed it on videotape.
  2. Everybody knows Rob likes the crispy rice.
  3. That's funny about Sean Gunn because he was actually good friends with Jenna Fischer from childhood.
  4. The good thing about recording the show and watching later is that I can ff through all the Maggie and Jackson scenes.
  5. When is this season filming? Boston Rob has been off Twitter since mid-February...
  6. I'm not sure where to put this but Chris March is having some serious health issues and a GoFundMe account has been set up for him.
  7. I don't know if they'll have a season 2 but if they did I know how I would want it to end. Luke taking a break from the diner to stay home and look after the baby while Rory finishes her book and Lorelai finishes the inn and annex. :)
  8. I liked when Logan called Rory Ace at the beginning of their relationship but i hated it in the Revival. It felt patronizing and not all that sincere.
  9. The only plot line that I thought fit this description was Rory's pregnancy. While the Rory/Logan affair was kind of gross, it wasn't completely out of character. The pregnancy bothered me particularly because this is how ASP wanted the story to end when Rory was 22! If I believe this was what she intended, it actually changes how ASP saw Rory and the story itself. It's such a fatalistic view of the world -- that the daughter will repeat the mistakes of the mother and all of Lorelai's hard work and hope for her daughter meant nothing? I certainly hope that's not what she intended to be the "moral" of the story. In order to keep loving the show, I certainly can't adopt that worldview.
  10. I didn't like Rory's ending although I liked them showing her career struggle. I did really like Emily and Lorelai's stories so I was happy with that. I loved Rory in the earlier seasons 1-3, but once she hooked up with Logan and the very awful LDB I lost interest in her. The idea that ASP ran out of money for the wedding when she spent so much time and money on the LDB and the musical is hilarious, and I'm sure total bull.
  11. That was fantastic. Someone has a career in editing ahead of them. ?
  12. I agree - he didn't love her enough to go against his family and endanger his nice comfortable existence.
  13. Winter is my favorite episode partly because I like their relationship in it so much. They seem really happy -- Lorelai teasing Luke about being "super proud" and the Felix/Oscar banter. They seem like a team. That falls away a bit as the seasons go on but that's because Lorelai is so at sea about things in general. But then in Fall, you see it again after the proposal.
  14. I think there would be built-in drama for Luke and Lorelai simply from Rory's storyline and the expansion of the inn. Lorelai will have to replace Sookie for good, build the annex and help Rory with the baby -- she'll be stressed out and freaked out and she and Luke will truly have to merge their lives. She'll confide in him about how she really feels about Rory being pregnant and unmarried and she may start to doubt her parenting ability. Maybe she and Luke will rethink adopting and that will play into it.
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