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  1. Totally agree. I don't know if you're an X-Files fan, but the two of them remind me of the difference between Mulder and Monica Reyes. Mulder always had such an earnestness about his beliefs that you could at least see where he was coming from even on his more off-the-wall theories, while Monica (who was brought in as a "believer" to someone else's "skeptic" later in the show) just seemed like she was tossing out the most bizarre things she could think of willy nilly, whether she had any justification for believing them or not. Fans called her Moronica for a reason, heh.
  2. Well, I did put a spoiler warning first, but sure. I edited to add spoiler tags too.
  3. I'm so glad to see some people discussing the newest THG book! I neeeed to get my thoughts out, LOL. Here's what I posted on the official THG FB page yesterday - And now, it was on my mind again this morning and I've been making some really disturbing connections that I need to talk through. Assume major spoilers for A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes ahead --
  4. "You just keep thinking the way you think."
  5. I agree. Didn't someone here look it up one time and figure out, compared to actual private schools in the area, Chilton would have been about $25K per year? Just paying her parents back should have taken most of that. Not to mention $75K would have been a drop in the bucket for tuition at Yale, LOL. My daughter is in a private college in Arkansas and her tuition is $55K per year (she has scholarships covering most of that, no way could we pay for it ourselves). Plus the whole reason Lorelai went to her parents in the first place was because Rory was going to lose her spot if they didn't pay the admission fee (which was a five with "lots of zeros behind it") right away. If Lorelai couldn't scrounge together $500 that's pretty pathetic. It was implied within the dialogue of the show that it was a $5,000 admission fee.
  6. Agreed. Every time I want to complain about some of my favorite shows ending before I'm ready for them to, I remember what it's like to WISH my favorite show had ended before it died such a horrible, painful, cringey death. Heh.
  7. You're right, she did! So we're back to the show just acting like they were flat-ass broke all of a sudden for no reason, ha! At least we're back on familiar ground. Thanks!
  8. We're dealing with trying to help our college-aged son find a summer job during this lovely time of coronavirus-tanked job market, and something occurred to me a few minutes ago that I never thought of before -- Why, after the Independence Inn burned and had to close, were Lorelai, Sookie, Michel, and any other long-term employees tossed out on their ear with no kind of severance package? That doesn't seem like something Mia would do. I would think she would have had something set up to provide them with some sort of lump sum to tide them over for a time while they found new jobs in the event the Inn had to close due to a disaster. I guess theoretically they should have all been making enough there to not be living paycheck-to-paycheck and have a nice savings anyway (ignoring the show's odd approach to Lorelai's finances) but still. It just doesn't seem like Mia to leave them all high and dry like that. Any thoughts?
  9. Taryn74

    Season 3

    I think Gam was asking about the word cetigog being autocorrected in. Is that even a real word? LOL. I've never heard it if it is.
  10. On the flip side of that coin, though, Emily had already seen that Lorelai herself had not "gotten over" Christopher even in the decade and a half they had not been together. Anybody with half a brain could pick up on that in Christopher Returns, Presenting Lorelai Gilmore, I Can't Get Started, Haunted Leg, and others. Emily overstepped her bounds, absolutely, but I really do believe she thought Lorelai would have been happy if she and Chris were finally able to make a relationship work. WE knew that Luke was the one Lorelai was really supposed to be with, sure, but keep in mind Emily had already seen Lorelai break off one engagement to a man she was supposedly serious about and moved on to Christopher just a few months after that. I can see why Emily refused to let go of the idea that Christopher was "the one" until he and Lorelai actually got married and divorced, that's all I'm saying.
  11. And to further stir the pot, just because I can (ha!) Lorelai had also borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from him for her daughter's education. So I can see where Richard might think he had the right to say something about how much money she was seemingly frivolously spending. (And he didn't push her about it once she explained why she was ordering so much. It's not like he called the restaurant and cancelled her order, LOL.)
  12. Well, to be fair, when Rachel asks Lorelai if she wears contacts it's obviously in the context of if she wears colored contacts, to which Lorelai truthfully answers no. Rachel wasn't just asking if Lorelai wears contacts in general, because why would she care about that? LOL.
  13. No, it was in the first couple of seasons. Rory comes in and finds Lorelai cleaning out the fridge. She tosses a thing of pizza thinking it was too old, then finds another one that she realizes was the too old box and then Rory keeps her from dragging the other one back out of the trash (LOL). They munch on cold fries (gross!) and then Rory gives her a disgusted look when she tosses those fries in the trash too (I guess they were too old as well, ha ha). So no, Richard wasn't wrong. He was too rude in much of what he said that day, but at the same time he wasn't wrong for most of it.
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