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  1. Almost at the end of Season 3 now. As much as I love Fringe, I really wish the MotW episodes didn't feel like Poor Man's X-Files. I can't appreciate the episodes on their own merit (even though they're really good) as much because I'm continually comparing them to the XF version as I'm watching. Tithonus (XF) was a much stronger, tighter version of Stowaway; Monday (XF) was a much more compelling and memorable version of White Tulip, etc. Of course, Fringe being filmed in the 2000's has a huge advantage over XF in one distinct way. Fringe has Olivia all dressed up - Meanwhile o
  2. Oh, that's a good way to handle it! It would at least make sense that way.
  3. It has been a lot of fun watching Anna Torv play two characters with such distinct, yet oddly similar, personalities. I remarked to hubby last night how amazing it is that neither one of them is a caricature, they both have very real personalities. And I still can't stand Fauxlivia. 😂
  4. Mid-S3 in our rewatch. Does anyone else really struggle with the idea of the alternate universe thing? Hubby tells me I'm way overthinking it, LOL, but the idea that there are multiple versions of the same people in different universes, all making different life decisions both small and great, and (more importantly) some versions dying sooner than their alters in other universes, is just absolutely absurd to me. For example, AltRachel died in childbirth, as did Ella. So there is no grownup version of Ella in the alternate universe. Does our Ella never marry, never have children? Same with AltB
  5. That's the way I've always seen it. The scenes surrounding it didn't do a good job of fleshing it out, but I think that's what Paris had in mind for sure.
  6. It's been a couple of decades since I've worn pantyhose but I remember it not taking much at all for a hole to cause a run to reach all the way down to the seam at the toes. Besides, not many people are going to have a chance to see my underwear but I don't run around wearing holey underwear either LOL. That line delivery always cracks me up!
  7. AWESOME! Thank you so much!
  8. Anyone know if there's any way to go back and access the archives of the Fringe forums at TWoP? If such a thing even exists? Hubby and I are rewatching right now and I'm a weirdo who likes to go back and read what I was posting as I watched the first time to see what I thought about certain storylines and things as they happened. Any searches I've tried to do have been fruitless.
  9. Eh, I kind of understand Rory's POV on this one. She knew if she had time to talk to Lorelai about it privately she would have a chance to talk her down off the ledge and avoid the exact sort of situation which occurred in the Thanksgiving episode where Lorelai completely flew off the handle and made an ass of herself. To be fair to Rory (which I am loathe to do anymore, as I pointed out the other day LOL) she didn't even suspect this was going to be anything other than a nice, innocent trip down memory lane for Richard as he took her around the Yale campus. If she had known he was setting up
  10. If you're asking about Lane, no. She and Zach waited for the honeymoon to have sex and got pregnant right away. That was the whole point of the Whoopee episode.
  11. Nah, once she got over the shock of finding out she was pregnant and got to feeling better physically, I think it's pretty obvious she and Zach resumed a healthy sex life. There was even a scene in one of the episodes where they kind of jumped each other, as I recall. LOL.
  12. Oh man, for REAL. I bought a LHOTP cookbook a few years ago just so I could figure out how to make some of the stuff from Farmer Boy LOL.
  13. As if Sookie didn't make enough food to feed the entire town of Stars Hollow plus a few residents of Woodbury to boot. You know she did LOL.
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