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  1. Fun little conversation I just came across.
  2. And then he clarified to make sure Lane wasn't into her uncle or anything kinky like that. LMAOOOOOOO. I love Zach. (I know, unpopular opinion. But I do.)
  3. Taryn74

    Season 2

    Well, this is Lorelai we're talking about here....LOL....
  4. Watching anything from the 80s - early 90s is SO hilarious to me. I really don't know what we were thinking sometimes. I do miss my big hair though, not gonna lie.
  5. And thinking on it further.......the show could have had Lorelai expecting Rory to get a financial aid scholarship for Chilton, find out last minute she didn't qualify, swallow her pride and go to her parents, yada yada yada -- only to find out several months into the FND compromise that Headmaster Charleston had actually contacted Emily and Richard and they advised him not to give Rory a scholarship (knowing it would send Lorelai to them for help). Now THAT would have been the kind of meddling Lorelai always accused them of, and would justify both her not having any plan for paying for Chilton and also paying back the "loan" as soon as she was able to because it had truly been given on false pretenses. What incredible, organic drama that would have been! But, no. Organic is out of the question on this show.
  6. Yeah, I fanwank that the enrollment fee was $5,000 and Lorelai wasn't expecting to have to pay that right away or Rory would lose her spot. As many people as adore Rory in the town, pulling together $500 to send her to a swanky school wouldn't have been a problem. It's still ridiculous that Lorelai had no real plans for how to pay for Chilton without going to her parents - the show really should have had her counting on getting a scholarship which didn't come through since Rory is, after all, A Gilmore(!) - but we do the best we can with what we were given. Okay well now I'm just pissed off. My daughter's tuition (private college in Arkansas, certainly not an Ivy League) is $55k. That does include room and board and a full meal plan, though. Most of the students go on scholarships of some description, I doubt many of them pay the full price. We certainly couldn't, LOL.
  7. Taryn74

    Season 3

    Oh but the best part of that exchange - LUKE: Jess, are you a gigolo?!
  8. Ha! Same. Clarke has always annoyed me. Never hated her the way I hated Abby, though. Dear Lord I hated Abby.
  9. Wow. And here I just took it to be symbolic of how Anna Torv's character was too rigid in her thinking that you will always get the result you want if you apply the correct procedure (her list of approved questions for the killers they were interviewing) versus how the guys approached the killers as individuals and figured out what would make each one open up and talk. LOL. Silly me.
  10. Taryn74

    Season 2

    Ha! Great point.
  11. Honestly, I'm not sure. I don't know if we've gotten a firm answer one way or the other on the show yet. Madi is obviously still drawing memories from past Commanders (including Becca watching people travel via an anomaly stone) and she no longer has the Flame. Also, Clarke retained enough of Josephine's memories to pretend to be her even after Josie's mind drive was removed, but it's not clear if she retains any memories that she wasn't aware she had. If that makes any sense, LOL. It seems like past memories may somehow have the consciousness whether or not to present themselves to the Flame carrier, but I don't know that for sure. We never got any hint of Sheidheda's existence until Madi had the Flame, even while Clarke had the Flame. So.....I don't know. LOL.
  12. Oh man, it hurts to laugh this hard. She was one of the Eligius criminals, her husband got voluntold by Raven to weld the pipes when the radiation was leaking and put them all in danger for like 20 seconds a few episodes ago, so she's pissed because he died saving everyone. But before he died he told Murphy a sob story about how he and Nikki used to rob banks together, he was just in it for the money but she would kill hostages and witnesses. And he found it hot somehow? Or just loved her anyway? I don't know. Basically she's a piece of sh!t who gets off on killing people and I cannot understand why they didn't just leave the Eligius criminals in cryo sleep forever. I'm so over them. She's the moron who's been slipping him secret messages hidden in the cookies (probably hoping he'd take a liking to her and start slipping her something else). One of the few truly brainwashed Sanctumites left. Well, not anymore I guess. Glad they're gone, I was very over them all, too. The best speculative explanation I've seen is that Anders (and thus, Cadogan) doesn't know she no longer has the Flame in her head because Levitt didn't get that far when reading Octavia's memories. They know that Clarke took the Flame (which we now understand has Becca's memories of the codes on the anomaly stone on earth) and think she still has the codes - the key - in her head.
  13. I used to sneak my mom and older sister's Harlequin and related books and read them as a tween/young teen. I can't even imagine how cringe worthy they would be to me now. I know I legit went through my teen years thinking it was the norm for married people (or couples in general, I guess......I don't remember now if it was taboo to not have most couples in these books be married or at least engaged) - no matter the age - to have sex every single day and sometimes multiple times a day. LOLOL.
  14. Yes! I want to believe Indra had more of a plan than to think the Faithful Sanctumites (or whatever they called them) would actually manage to kill Slim Sheidy, because she really is smarter than that, but to be honest I just hate the Sanctum plotline SO MUCH I don't even care if she did or not. Just get that part of the story over with and stop dragging us into it, please. VERY glad I had not taken a drink yet when I read that.
  15. Well, south Canada and north Mexico at least are both part of Panem, it's not like the US alone turned into Panem. But yeah, I wonder about the other continents too. Whatever happened to destroy North America had to have impacted the rest of the world, too, right? SPOILERS FOR THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKES: The thing that's fascinating me the most right now is the difference between the way Tigris and Snow turned out. Reading the original trilogy, I never in a thousand years would have guessed that they were related, much less were as close as they were. It's a very interesting study to think about their personalities and the different choices they made over their lives, and why they made those choices. I think back to Tigris first only passively helping Katniss and the others when they came to her shop by allowing them to hide in her basement, but then when Katniss offered her the can of salmon as a thank you for helping them (perhaps triggering the memory of Tigris, Coryo, and Grandma'am's "feast" of salmon and turkey) it was like a switch was flipped and Tigris decided to actively help them by redoing their makeup, giving them Capitol clothes, hiding their weapons, etc. There's a lot to unpack there when you really start to think it through.
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