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  1. I don’t know where to put this comment but I just had a thought—I’d be so much more into this if Roseanne the 2018 human was not involved ? it’s her show though I suppose
  2. That said, I see the Fulton co reference comes from the tornado episode. I lived in DeKalb for three years and it was pretty Landfordy lol It definitely makes sense that someone(s) in the family voted Trump. It just seems weird it would be Roseanne, always so whipsmart about sexism/feminism/unions/etc
  3. That County is wayyyy too West in the state to be where Landford was supposed to be. I generally imagined it either in DeKalb or McHenry County. And they mentioned places like DeKalb/Sycamore, Rockford, Elgin etc
  4. So I recently was thinking about aging and stuff and realized JillRod and I are just months apart in age. ... I don’t know where I’m going with this. Except it freaks me out.
  5. I think there’s a very minor unintentional thread of sociopathy throughout the series actually. Along with narcissism. #UnpopularistOpinion
  6. I...I got ten minutes into a rewatch and was confronted with Paul and stopped. lol
  7. It also struck me how Jess (presumably) destroyed the really good snowman, revealed at the end of Bracebridge (right?) something about it seems really off. anyway, luke really cannot be both Rory and Jess’s father figure if we are to take their romance seriously. I probably don’t need to say anything more!
  8. So it’s pretty quiet here and I hope you won’t mind me starting a new thread. Since it’s been almost a year (it was last year right?) since the revival episodes were released, and some of us vowed never to watch/rewatch, anyone interested in walking that back and doing a rewatch. Technically I never finished the episode with the wookie hookup because I fell asleep but still and all I’ll just start from the beginning. I know there are still active individual episode threads but it might be nice to get a specific revival Rewatch thread going. unless the mods are against it, I w
  9. I’m considering giving the revival another watch based on the last two posts here! one thing that cannot be understated is a lot of fans’ over the top (myself included) basically love/hate relationship with Amy Sherman palladino. I almost wish Amy hadn’t made herself so connected with the show, but that’s just ASP. I want to rewatch and just take it as it is—no thoughts about the palladinos.
  10. People don't really think 11 year olds have sex reassignment surgery, do they?!?!? no one is performing sex reassignment on an 11 year old, dimwit dullard.
  11. I visited a friend who is doing a rewatch, and we watched Not As Cute As Pushkin. i don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but man does the life and death brigade class-interrupting incident bug the shit out of me. Rory could have shut that all down right there, but deep down she likes the attention from Logan! Logan seems almost sociopathic in that episode. Also man I I were that prospie student getting constant lectures about benches I also would have been driven to drink.
  12. Ok I'm so I am trans so you'd think I'd quit lurking to comment on that part of Dillword's twitting, but instead... IS HE COOKING STEAK IN MAYONNAISE??
  13. I realized why I don't really like the Life and Death Brigade. i just don't think it fits with this show. It seems like something from a worse show, a show I wouldn't watch. I don't really know how to explain it further than that though.
  14. I could be wrong but what I've gathered from reading this board and others is that ASP made casting choices based on how much she liked the actor. Now, we get a little OTT with our criticism of ASP because frankly, it's funny--but can't you just picture Amy in an odd hat, calling Wayne Wilcox (the Marty actor yes?) and being the "cool friend" who totally has a tv show and wants you to come on and hang out and make money? What I'm getting at is Amy seemingly has made actor choices not based on what's good for the plot (see the Revival and the SH musical) but because she has her pet folks who sh
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