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  1. And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. Chessiegal has laid out a logical path for half of the $75k to be just the right amount to pay the elder gilmores back. Nicely done.
  2. Nicely thought out, thanks. That conceivably means that, excepting the admission fee, Lorelai could have provided the semester costs if she'd sacrificed a bit. Still no excuse for her not saving more, but I can see that she panicked and it became easy for her parents to keep paying. That explains a lot about her lifestyle. She hated FND, but apparently she liked her lifestyle more. Only when the windfall came did she seriously think about paying it back. I can't remember. Was Rory at Chilton for 3 years or two? Three might make sense if tuition was $5k a semester. That would be $30k for three years plus the admission fee, or about half the $75k investment money.
  3. In a flash of WTHWIT (see * below), I started watching Spring today. Rewatching the therapy scene, it became even more obvious that Emily was simply mean and deceitful in her tricking Lorelai to come. There was nothing coming out of her mouth that wasn't designed to hurt her daughter. I admire Lorelai's willingness to hang in there And try to give her mother space. Wooden acting. Primary character dialogue was horrible. Taylor was giving it his all, but believing that the few hundred attendees *needed* to see all countries represented was weak even for him. I wished dearly for a "Rat's tooshie" comment. Then came the "tick off the list of must-shows." Rory and Lane together at a booth. Lorelai and Luke bantering (oh wait, that didn't happen) Mr. Kim in the flesh 2 second cameos of townies looking shocked at what Taylor says (was that the only time we saw Jackson?) Beyond weird: Rory in a sleeveless top; Lorelai wearing a duster jacket and scarf Koreans singing Lorelai bidding on Cassie's basket was just weird but at least they didn't go into gay jokes The compost pile joke. Where was Lorelai's physical humor? All she did was walk around. On the other hand, I stopped watching after the only thing that gave me a laugh during those first minutes: Luke and Kirk as Kirk realizes what the B in BLT means and that he ate it. Laughed right out loud at that one. * WITHWIT: What The Heck Was I Thinking
  4. The Palladinos were not very logical when they claimed the April thing went on for two months without Lorelai learning of it. Hello magazine had such a network of gossips that it would be impossible that April would be in the diner to see Luke and nobody said anything to Lorelai. Can you imagine Luke, kid-hater/uncomfortable around kids except Rory, being in the diner talking to a kid from out of town, and that not making the Stars Hollow website? 😆 It wouldn't have to be Babette or Miss Patty to be present, this is newsworthy stuff. Add to that the hours that LL spent together. Ridiculous.
  5. I would have loved seeing that game play out! Emily could have easily done that. Apropos non-university costs in the year 2000, we paid $10k+ for our daughter to go to an exclusive private school not in a high-rent district like Hartford, CT. I can see annual costs in the $20k range for Chilton. That, of course, precludes Lorelai from using half the $75k for the Dragonfly if she paid her parents back completely.
  6. Disregarding Luke's involvement, I wonder about parallels between Lorelai and Anna as single mothers. Anna was the queen of stupid by not telling the father when the baby was born. Or potential fathers, perhaps. I wish that were a minor criminal offense. Lorelai was rather passive about encouraging Christopher to be involved. Rory missed out on him, due to his own choices, but she could have been straight with Rory as a pre-teen to stop expecting it. She could also (gasp) have enlisted Emily's help at those occasional holiday visits. Given that Christopher viewed Lorelai as an easy booty call, I think he would have been all for it. Anna was the extreme opposite, fighting Luke every step of the way, as we know. I'm not so sure ASP viewed mothers favorably.
  7. It surprises me how often people consider Richard to be sweet, like when he didn't rat her out for running out on dinner with Chase. He was supercilious, behaved as if he were more important than his company thought he was, hid things from Emily like risking his whole pension. For me his coldness as a father was demonstrated when he lectured Emily after she treated Luke poorly. He told Emily how he would whip him into shape so he would be presentable at the club on special occasions. That's not a decent father. That's an insufferable snob who does not care about others.
  8. For the most part seasons 6 and 7 are dead to me. But I must be softening in my old age, because I'm pondering what it must have been like to be in David Rosenthal's shoes. If you inherited the scorched earth train wreck of S6, what would your season 7 be like? Mine would probably have Lorelai' sex with Christopher would be part of a nightmare that Luke has. When he wakes up he begins to earn Lorelai's trust again. Anna gets what she deserves somehow Rory gets her act a little more together
  9. I have a similar reaction to many of Lorelai's behaviors. As a career woman during the last 30 years I find that she lacks self-respect for her career. She's occasionally proud of it, but she doesn't engender respect from others, especially with her frequent off-color remarks. She does it as well with her relationships. Drawing attention to her dress/body in WBB boggles my mind.
  10. Yes! Kirk makes me shudder when these things happen. It's worse knowing he gets a pass for everything. Also a big yes here. There were so many alternative solutions to be with Rory and Logan. On top of that, I cannot fathom how Lorelai could suddenly be silent on her parents' treatment of the guy she is in a very serious relationship with. Emily and Richard were condescending, manipulative and outright insulting to him. They broke them up and had no remorse. It's another example of her not being "all in" in that relationship. In too many ways, Lorelai is a relationship train wreck in S5.
  11. I agree with everyone, too. Lorelai was a loving, nearly Tiger Mom style parent, but she wasn't a person who planned for the future. Parents are as stupid as the rest of society. Lorelai's plan was a free ride for Rory without considering the chances of that actually happening. The even more ridiculous part was the lack of loans. Rory could have gotten student loans and worked like Marty did. (Side anecdote: my parents, who contributed nothing to my college costs, told me directly I would have to pay for my brother's college. Beyond stupid.)
  12. Yes, I think SP's impact in the pilot made LL inevitable. Also think that season 3 would have been a marriage or nearly that with DS.
  13. Hoo, boy, I've lived outside of the US for so long I'd forgotten how easy it is to pay nothing. It's German law that if a business shuts down like the Independence did, every permanent employee would get at least half a month's salary for each year of service. Lorelai started at the Independence when Rory was 1, so that would be 16 years of service. Eight months of her current salary as severance is not bad.
  14. An added thought is the Independence Inn was privately owned and Mia didn't have to be fair. I can see her giving 6 months salary to Lorelai and Sookie, since she knew they would be opening their own inn. Two weeks to a couple of months seems reasonable for other employees. Lorelai could reasonably have earned $75k a year as a manager of a large inn. If Sookie and Jackson took home modest amounts of $50k each, they shouldn't have been hurting. I think Jackson was just feeling the impact of affording a family.
  15. Richard, and I presume his father, played his own part. We don't know how badly Pennilyn Lott was treated when Emily "stole" him, but she and Richard kept up their friendship for decades. He also regularly didn't communicate to Emily news from Trix, not even important stuff like Trix coming to visit.
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