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  1. Deepfriedcake extended herself to an M-rated LL one shot. Set around Lorelai's birthday and the world's largest pizza, it's a joy to read and the perfect level of smut. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13888569/1/Need
  2. KnightInShiningFlannel is updating Vital Company! We get to find out more about Billy and LL's break. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11920576/1/Vital-Company
  3. Luke and Jess, Logan, Miss Patty and Babette. A laugh a minute.
  4. From @gilmoregirlsonly, which quarantine house is for you? I looked for her original post, but couldn't even figure out if she's on Facebook, Instagram or what. No question for me - House 4.
  5. While I don't think that Jewishness in GG was as strong as the article linked below, I do think the Palladinos chose the WASP stereotype for the rich on purpose. My unfounded guess is it was more marketable back then, as opposed to Mrs. Maisel now. The Huntzbergers were at least one magnitude higher in social standing than the Gilmores. Shira attended events as the "celebrity" while Emily worked them. Rory really wasn't in their league, even though she was deep in Logan's circle. https://www.thejc.com/culture/tv/gilmore-girls-secretly-jewish-1.147926
  6. Honestly, how often did Rory make a good decision? As far as I can tell, she can study. That's it. Translating her learnings into real life decisions was very hard for her. The party was another "Rory is our golden child" in spite of breaking up a marriage, wrecking a car, and abandoning the town that treated her like a princess. No wonder Dean moved away (possible spoiler if you haven't finished AYITL yet.) Luke's contribution of the party was another in a long line of (voluntary) servitude to the Gilmores. For a showrunner who apparently didn't know the last four words, Rosenthal
  7. Interesting perspective. I hadn't included the car accident at all as his fault. He did make an agreement with Luke to stay in school or leave, and he broke that by choice. He also blew his savings on the trip to California, so part of his poverty is his fault. Yet he came back and dared to tell Rory he loved her. And after that he grew even more.
  8. Jess was really put through the ringer after he left for California. Self-imposed, of course, but whatever pain he went through there helped him get back to New York. He was more hardened when he arrived for Liz' wedding, but he dared to ask (badly, given Rory's response) for what he wanted. Afterwards he was significantly more mature. Wouldn't have minded seeing Rory develop in a similar way.
  9. Eh, we all have our own tastes. The humor was cringey, I agree. The reaction I had to Susie was she felt like a Luke character, but did not have any appeal for me.
  10. I have so much love for this post that I cannot explain it. Especially #2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hugs for you on watching the rest of the season. It does not get better, but it's nearly a rite of passage for fans to experience the crushing disappointment. 😢😢😢🤣🤣🤣
  11. Maisel didn't work for me at all, and I will watch pretty much any tolerable period costume show or movie. I adore beautiful costumes. The Queen's Gambit is an example of a limited series I couldn't stop watching. I know many people love Mrs. Maisel, but I hated the settings and the characters. The New York environment and behaviors grated on me. Especially hated the character played by Alex Borstein (Susie?). Hated Drella in GG and liked the character of Miss Celine, but wished there had been another Melissa McCarthy to do the job better. One undertone that helped color my opinion was
  12. I just checked and it's not there. Have you tried Ao3 as a backup? I put several of my stories there just to be sure. So sorry you're having issues. Loving the story.
  13. Luke talked her out of Chilton Dad. Peyton handled it all by himself. 😆
  14. There are lots of nice moments in S5. Rory getting the courage in You Jump. LL sweet moments. I'm always fascinated how Lorelai can ignore basic rules of relationships, but that stuff comes to a head at the fake wedding. Post S5: that's harder.
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