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  1. Did Mia know Lorelai was 16? I can see Lorelai fudging things a bit and making herself 18, and then Mia not finding out for many years Lorelai's true age.
  2. I actually like Rory and Logan together; sure, he was smarmy and arrogant, but I still think he was good to Rory. I hold the UO that Rory should have accepted Logan's proposal. She could have still traveled for Barack Obama and had a journalism career, but Logan would have made her life exciting and Rory would have kept him grounded - They would be good for each other. They would have traveled together and been people of the world. I think it would have been good for Rory to get out from both her grandparent's and her mother's influences and spread her wings a little. And once they both got es
  3. Least Favorite: Taylor GiGi Francie - All of these were just needlessly obnoxious to me Christopher's parents - I understand they were disappointed in Christopher, but poor Rory lost out on a set of grandparents
  4. Ah, gotcha! :) I was just curious. Thank you for clarifying. :D
  5. 16, 30 I'm just curious, why don't y'all like 27? I thought it was a sweet moment.
  6. I'm not sure where this fits in as far as UO opinions go...but I really don't care for Lane as a character and I struggle to really find her point to the series. Don't get me wrong, she has some good moments, and I love Mama Kim, but Lane has always been kind of boring and one-note. She and Rory claim they're best friends, but apart from one or two instances, they don't really seem to connect. Lane is busy with her music and Rory is busy with Chilton and Yale. While they make some token efforts to support each other throughout the years, they don't seem like the kind of friends that will drop
  7. Ted Koppel! I'm not sure how unusual this is for this character...but...
  8. Wasn't ASP bitter about leaving GG? Maybe she was thinking "let me mess up the show as much as I can and then see what they do about it"
  9. Eeee.... 21. Only because the L/L kiss was long-awaited and awesome.
  10. One that always makes me laugh is when Jess finds the eggs on his car. I love love love Luke's reactions to this. JESS: Someone egged my car. LUKE: Geez, it stinks. JESS: It’s gonna take me forever to clean this up. LUKE: These eggs are cooked. JESS: What? LUKE: They’re not raw eggs. They look like. . . deviled eggs. JESS: Someone devil-egged my car? LUKE: Well, that is paprika. JESS: Someone prepared deviled eggs to throw at my car? LUKE: Man, they must hate you a lot. Hey, maybe it was the guy in the garden department. JESS: I’m gonna go get something to clean this up. Anothe
  11. Hmmm... It's VERY hard to limit myself to just one, and sometimes they change, but here they are: Season 1: Rory's Birthday Parties - I love the juxtaposition between the Gilmore Mansion and Lorelei. It seems to highlight everyone's characters. Season 2: Like Mother Like Daughter - I was with Rory all the way on this one and I'm glad she stood up for herself with the headmaster. The Lorelei/Emily stuff was cute too. Season 3: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio - My favorite episode of the entire series. Everything about it was just...perfection. Season 4: The Festival of Living Art - Not a g
  12. Are Rory and Lane the only ones in the scene? At the Kims?
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