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  1. Seriously, all that banging on the floor was ridiculous. I am surprised Margaret didn't walk out. I liked the contrast between Margaret and Tony with Elizabeth and Phillip. Still, the queen and husband have weathered 10 years of ups and downs, I doubt Tony and Margaret will have that same commitment. Thanks to the recappers for explaining the MacMillan situation. I was thoroughly confused. First, I thought he was having an affair and she was leaving her husband. Now I understand they were talking about her ending an affair. I still think they could have explained it better on the show.
  2. He gets on my nerves with his sullen attitude. I do, however, think he didn't expect this life so early in their marriage. Nor did Elizabeth but she certainly is handling it better.
  3. Rory was the worst tour guide ever. She didn't bother to show Anna (was that her name?) any fun spots to balance out the stuffyness of hanging out in libraries and blah blah blah about the bench. She even had to call her 30 something mom to get ideas over where the girl would go for fun. Most college kids would know without asking an adult. I'm going with they didn't use a condom. If it happened during their wild night together, they were both a little tipsy and reckless.
  4. Things like that bug me. I want to believe that the house is real, and when things don't add up it takes me out of the story. If I recall correctly, on Roseanne there was a similar room off the kitchen. But I have never seen anything like that in real life.
  5. As a parent, I'd be much more freaked out if my daughter went to a sleepover with a male chaperone. I don't recall whether those girls parents had even met Luke before. Apparently the parents were fine with them sleeping over at his place. That boggles the mind right there. I do see why Anna was upset but she took it to nuclear levels. Instead of 'hey, don't have your girlfriend who I never met hang out with my kid unsupervised', she went psycho and it made her seem like a villain. Then it's easy to dismiss her concerns. It seemed she was raising April in the same way Lorelai raised Rory as far as keeping family life separate from her dating life. I don't disagree with her not wanting Lorelai to hang out with April, but she went about it all wrong. I always thought her freakout was more Sherry related. Suddenly Chris is sending xmas cards and wants to send the holiday break with Rory. It's not hard to see Sherry pushing for this. Especially with how pushy she came off when Lorelai first met her.
  6. Good point about Mrs Kim. I love snarky Rory, probably because she is usually so poised.
  7. I read the article but didn't see any mention of a fake ending. ?? I think what she said of the revival being more grown up is true. Maybe that's my quarrel with it. I liked the CW type stories. It's too bad her pilot didn't get picked up. I heard her mention it on the gilmore guys podcast.
  8. I liked that too, especially because we know Logan doesn't have the bond with his parents that Rory has with Lorelai. It's a mystery to him. But he gives her respect because she's Rory's mother and he knows that Lorelai has influence with Rory.
  9. I love those rare moments too. I do think if Rory had been at the graduation the focus would have been on her and Lorelai and the scene with her parents either wouldn't have happened or had less poignancy. But yeah, Rory goes to NYC on the day of her mother's graduation. If she was a kid who occasionally skipped school it wouldn't be such a big deal. I guess hormones overrule common sense. I assumed he left them there and they got mixed in with the laundry. Maybe he had to dash and forgot his socks. I have wondered about this (despite not caring a whiff about either of these characters). Luke was maintaining a separate residence and only sleeping at her place a couple times a week. I think Nicole was tired of waiting for him to commit. She either chose to move on or was playing the jealousy game. The show didn't give it much closure. He finds out she's "cheating" so that's it, divorce.
  10. Her hair is much different so it took me a few minutes but I have watched that car therapy scene with Lorelai so often, it was easy to pick her out. I never watched the Office so I only know her from GG. I thought Lorelai overreacted about the Gilmores (particularly Richard) overstepping with Yale because in her mind Yale=toeing the family line while Harvard=freedom from their influence and expectations. It's no coincidence that Harvard is the rival to Yale.
  11. I liked Olivia better too. I didn't even recognize Krysten Ritter when she was on Breaking Bad, and I can usually spot a GG actor right away. I am watching Transparent now and I spotted one of the characters as the psychologist who gave Lorelai therapy in her car. You're not alone. I think they kept her around because they liked the actress (and so do I) and Paris became a character that some fans love. I think Rory should have run the other way and not tried to forge a friendship with Paris. If a classmate did to me what Paris did to Rory during the Chilton years, I'd stop associating with them. Yes, I agree. My eldest was a college freshman a few years ago and they had rules about not rooming with friends. They purposely put strangers together so kids can meet and know other people the first year and not stay in a cocoon. Which you could argue is exactly what Rory did.
  12. Agreed. Lorelai had no problem with Jason taking her to the fancy restaurant or his lifestyle. Same with Chris. It's only when it involves her parents does she equate it with being horrible. I liked them too! Rory finally had friends! We saw her open up to them and show some of her vulnerabilities, which I loved. She finally had someone to hang out with and just have fun. I know she gets that from Lorelai (and I love that aspect of their relationship) but having friends her own age was good for Rory, imo. I know fans love Paris but it amazes me that Rory kept her as anything but an acquaintance after some of her stunts.
  13. She also had suffered from malnutrition in her youth due to the war.
  14. I really enjoyed this series, having very little knowledge of the real life people that were portrayed. I thought it was interesting that Bette had rivalries with Faye Dunaway and Katherine Hepburn. Most of my familiarity with old Hollywood movies comes from Hepburn and Cary Grant movies. So it seems Bette had issues with others, not just Joan. Speaking of Joan, she really tugged at my heart in this one. I teared up at the In Memoriam scene for her. Mamacita rules! I was so glad to see her come back.
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