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Law & Order: SVU in the Media

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Twitter is media, right? Sure it is!

So, I find it kind of fun to watch a new episode when writers, producers, and actors are livetweeting - the experience is somewhat like a terribly organized and moderately repetitive episode of MST3K. However, Warren Leight and co. are promoting a campaign at the moment to get fans to livetweet during the reruns for the next two weeks, which I find interesting - apparently, "trending on twitter" carries some weight in the world of renewals, so if they can get interest, good for them.

And then just a little bit ago, he posts a-like so:


If you're keeping score, as of April 2

Modern Family down -18% y2y

Crim Minds down> -13% y2y

SVU up > 5% y2y


If you're keeping score:

Revolution gives SVU a 1.4 lead in.We go up almost 30%. No other NBC show comes close. #RenewSVU

No, Warren, I wasn't keeping score. I get wanting to promote one's creation and rally support, but these seemed a little mean-spirited to me. In the first, does he expect another network to pick up his show? Neither of those are NBC's! And in the second, way to throw your lead-in show and entire network under the bus. Oy.

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SVU won't be cancelled on ratings, at least not alone. As old as it is it cost too much in general and more if you factor in cost for the ratings it produces. If Wolfe gives in and gives NBC a break I think it will be back.

The worst part of all this is if they do cancel it, it wont have a planned ending, since negotiations will likely go to the wire, hopefully it won't end on a cliffhanger.

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SVU won't be cancelled on ratings, at least not alone. As old as it is it cost too much in general and more if you factor in cost for the ratings it produces. If Wolfe gives in and gives NBC a break I think it will be back.

Alas, that's the crux. And I don't see Wolf backing down. Ironically, he has leverage: His Chicago franchise, which is undoubtedly cheaper, and making about equal ratings. That, and Dick Wolf now has two reality series. One on, one upcoming per Deadline. Add in that with this EXACT scenario back in 2010, he stood firm in not contributing to a 21st season for the Mothership and, well, unless NBC is the one to back down and drop its desire for Dick Wolf to financially pitch in, I don't see a positive end here. But if I recall, L&O either reshot some parts of its final episode or added/edited scenes, but there was a sense of closure.

If it comes to that, perhaps SVU can do the same.

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Really pleased about this. It would have sucked if the show had been summarily cancelled after such a long time without having a proper ending. I need my Law and Order fix.


Here's to at least a year's more justice, snark, Amaro and Barba bilingual arguments in elevators, hopefully much less torturing of Benson and of course, the continuation of the glorious Chung Chung noise.

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So does anyone else on here listen to Ice-T's podcasts? I think he's so cool and anywho I listen to ep 10 tonight and on the segment which he calls "behind the scenes of SVU" he said that they're actually filming the three first episodes of S16 right of the bat (something about giving the cast and crew july & august off).

From what I've been able to understand from tweets between Donal Logue & Warren, Donal won't be in S16 at all, so then will Olivia go back to being boss? Or do they have a replacement figured out already? That's such a major decision though, I mean can they find someone like Donal that so easily slips in & becomes such an amazing part of the cast/squad?

And slipping into spoilers a bit but they're scouting out prisons for S16 so is Amaro heading there? The press release for the season finale did mention Amaro would find himself on the other side of the law. Gah so many questions and no one to discuss them with...

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Promo for Season 16:



I for one hate that they're using little Noah for drama.


Isn't using kids to create stories a last gasp sign of a show? A wee bit before my time, but I have read about "Cousin Oliver" on the last years of the Brady Bunch because all of the main kids were growing up; hell, they added a little kid to Diff'rent Strokes in its last years.


I hope this isn't some harbinger of SVU's fumes running out. But then again, having just read about monkeys in basketballs in an old episode (still WTF about that), maybe that happened ages ago, anyway...

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I for one hate that they're using little Noah for drama.

I hate the way they are turning 2.0 back to 0.01. They somehow managed to get away from the BS show (the Benson & Stabler show), brought in Lewis to mess the good thing up that they had going and now they're advertising The Olivia show full out (hinting at the key art released for S16) and now a promo for The Benson & baby show. Not liking this at all.

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Aw, monkey cuddles! That level of adorable is so wrong for this show.

What is it with these people and torturing Benson? We just had a whole season of this. It has been done. We're bored with it. Leave the poor woman alone. She's not the specialest of all special victims. Give us someone else's angst. And more Barba!

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I probably shouldn't say much of anything as I have not watched regularly in eons, but all these new pictures...Olivia looks seriously sour in all of them. I mean, I get her character has been through the proverbial ringer. But even so, would even a halfhearted smirk be out of line here?

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And now this,




at least it's something else than the Benson & Baby show. Can't wait to get more backstory on Rollins. Warren tweeted that's happening in the middle of the season so I guess whatever's stirred up in ep2 will come back.  


And agreed @WendyCR72 she's not fun to watch any more. I miss the old Liv. The one that would've been a hell of a boss for the SVU squad, not this bitter & grumpy person who I'm starting to dislike more and more with each new episode

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Very interesting article @soybombyx Thanks for that read. Had fun reading the comments too.


@suomi - she did the Today show too and some others, not sure which ones since I was busy fuming over the fact she (& baby Noah) was all over and I saw nothing of the rest of the cast in promos or key arts. I know, I know, I don't have a life so things like this bothers me immensely

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Too bad they were missing a detective at Paley. And a bit strange too since she was listed. Haven't watched it though so I'm not sure if they say anything about why or not.


And TVguide just posted a spoiler, think it's for tonight's ep;

I'm so glad that Amaro is back on the squad on Law & Order: SVU! What's coming up for him? — Whitney

It's still pretty unclear exactly what's going on between he and Rollins these days. But while most of the squad is oblivious to the underlying tension between them, their personal connection could cost them dearly when a dangerous, highly emotional suspect starts to develop feelings for Rollins but begins to suspect something is going on between her and Nick. Uh-oh!


And that makes my excitement level up by several precentage. This is the kind of tension brought on by interoffice romances that I like to see. I've heard Kelli knocks it out of the park and I hope that goes for Danny as well.

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Two thoughts:

1. Of course Ice-T would wear sunglasses indoors. He's a national treasure.

2. I'd been hoping that Carisi would be sticking around for awhile, and I'm hoping that including him in their PaleyFest discussion means that he might. I mean, even if he was around, why invite the guy if he's only going to be on for a few episodes?

ETA: This is totally shallow, but Peter Scanavino must be one tall drink of water - he's got a couple of inches on Danny Pino, who is 6 feet tall.

And that "Ice-T initiation" speech is golden. I like that he gave it to every new cast member.

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As long as Barba, Fin and Carisi are there, so am I. Whatever happens, their combined force of likable snarkiness makes it all worth it. And after the cancellation rumours and delayed pick up last year, this may even have made my day.

And I love the idea of Law and Order: Stereotypical Conspiracies Unit.

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I want all of the current cast to stay on - if Danny and/or Kelli doesn't sign new contracts though I will most likely be out - and for them to stop this stupid rotation of the squad. I love Carisi/Peter but why bring him on if the plan was to swop one of the detectives out every other episode? I just don't get it and if it's about saving money then it's a really bad bad way to do it imo. We had to wait 13 (!) episodes for one with all of them, now Amaro/Danny is out again, then a 2nd episode with all of them, it annoys me to no end. Missing one of the squad/cast should be the exception not the rule imo.

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Congrats to Kelli, Ice & Peter. All parents-to-be.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed no more babies will be on the show though. I cringe at the SpecialNurseryUnit hashtags going around Twitter, don't even joke about that pls :(

I obviously wish Kelli takes all the time she wants/needs with her newborn but at the same time hope she won't miss too many episodes, it's bad enough Pino is gone. As for Coco being a mom I can't stop thinking about that time on "Ice Loves Coco" when she spilled red wine all over that baby's face *lmao* I laughed so hard at that, baby not so much :D

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Via TVLine:


Chicago Fire Boss Talks More Spinoffs, Four-Way (!) Crossover With SVU

By Vlada Gelman / August 13 2015, 12:30 PM PDT     


Just how many shows can NBC’s Chicago franchise spawn?
The answer to that question depends on the success of the latest entry to the group, Chicago Med, premiering Nov. 17 at 9/8c.


“There would never be a fourth unless [Chicago Med] works,” executive producer Dick Wolf said Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “If this works, who knows what is possible in the future.”


At the moment, however, “the concern of everybody now is to make this show have the same impact that Fire and P.D. have had,” Wolf added.


Crossovers between the uber producer’s many NBC dramas are already in the works, including a four-way event with Law & Order: SVU slated to air in February and a crossover between the three Chicago shows.


“The crossovers are incredible ratings engines for us,” Wolf said. “What we can’t do is have them become commonplace. [There are] three this season, but they won’t include all the shows.”


Added EP Matt Olmstead: “They’re very daunting. Like most creative endeavors, the daunting ones turn out to be the most gratifying.”


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