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  1. So, Chancellor publishing is a tabloid gossip rag? That is the only logical explanation for why Billy thinks that this is the “biggest story of the year”. So dumb!
  2. I don’t know why anybody thought that episode devoted entirely to Phyllis and her stupid idea of a spa. Does anyone else think of an escape room when they hear “Escape Club” instead of a spa? It’s so low end. Also, Summer’s perfect fantasy is to be alone with junk food and a dancing video game? She needs to dream bigger.
  3. I knew about Bryton and Brytni but not about Sharon and Mark. I’d read that they were dating but didn’t know they were living together, too.
  4. Do Sharon Case and Mark Grossman also live together IRL? They are definitely not maintaining physical distance in these scenes.
  5. Nick and Kyle talking about each of them is trying to protect Summer is among my least favourite soap tropes. Summer is a grown ass woman who is entirely responsible for making a series of bad decisions with regards to men. She doesn’t need her father protecting her from anyone. She doesn’t need Kyle telling her father that he will protect her. These men are gross. “Protecting” women? Gross. Why do they think removing a woman’s autonomy is the right thing to do for any woman they profess to love? GTFO!
  6. Is MTS’s hair in such bad shape that she thinks these horrendous wigs are an improvement? Oof!
  7. I wish they’d go. Adam is a dummy. Yes, get therapy, but maybe not from your ex-girlfriend.
  8. Adam: Sharon is doing this for us. For Connor. Chelsea: How?! Our son wasn’t implicated in a decades-old murderer and cover up. Adam: What’s the difference? Me: the difference, Adam, is that your son didn’t have sex with Sharon. Repeatedly.
  9. Adam continues to be the most self-absorbed a-hole ever as he barges into Sharon’s house and doesn’t take even one second to read the room. What a turd.
  10. I was so distracted by the greasiness of Nicholas' hair on Tuesday's Canadian. It looked like there was more in his hair than the day before. The physical distancing is kind of weird, and the "diving" in when the characters are about to have "the sex" is pretty funny. Still loathe Chance. The dinosaur bones is such a hairbrained scheme, even for Phyllis. Not sure if I care whether or not Adam was a murderer when he was 11.
  11. Oh, how I loved going to the restaurant at Simpsons. 8 year old me felt so sophisticated. They closed the one in a Ottawa few years ago.
  12. Everything about today’s classic episode was peak 1993: Katherine’s satin dress and OTT shoulder pads, Jill’s entire get-up including the matching leather gloves, Dru’s wedding gown, Liv’s pink bridesmaid outfit and padded headband, Lynne’s no-nonsense asexual business suit, Cricket’s hair. It took me right back to my first year of my undergrad. I’ve od’d on nostalgia. Michael is truly unhinged. He scared the crap out of me back then and I think I wished for his actual demise.
  13. Whoa! The way Paul just punched Isabella with full force was truly shocking to watch given that she wasn’t coming at him or anything. Yes, she is unstable and she tried to kill Cricket but there was no cause for that kind of coldcock right across the jaw. Oh, maybe I should take it back. She just walked in the bathroom with a butcher knife. Maybe he just doesn’t throw a good punch.LOL other thoughts about this episode (July 2): Victoria’s hair is soooo blonde! Nikki’s hair is sooooo early 2000s. Keith Hamilton Cobb is always welcome on my screen. Paul was working out in the early 20
  14. This “so long, sister killer” episode is giving me life! So damn funny.
  15. Thanks for the answers. I guess Colleen gets out of the freezer and she dies later? Daniel managed to come out okay given his lineage, for sure.
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