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  1. Unfortunately, Jim Caviezel continues to do even more publicity for the QAnon conspiracy theory. Things are looking pretty irredeemable for him at this point. If further proof is needed, there is a video of him at a recent conspiracy conference. I just find all of this pretty tragic.
  2. Wow, this whole story about Zoe McLellan and what has been going on in her life is really sad and upsetting: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9776631/NCIS-star-Zoe-McLellan-wanted-arrest-warrant-LA-County-kidnapping-son.html It sounds like a terrible situation.
  3. Thinking of Loki, this would be his current moto: https://memegenerator.net/instance/55696003/mr-bean-it-may-turn-out-that-your-sole-purpose-in-life-is-to-serve-as-a-warning-to-others
  4. Yeah, why tell a Loki 2012, who only just murdered Phil in this timeline, that it didn’t work? Mobius is certainly not that irresponsible, since he seems like kind of a similar guy to Phil, anyway.
  5. I feel like I should mention that shows like ‘El ministerio del tiempo’ or its American ripoff ‘Timeless’, or ‘The Department of Temporal Investigations’ in Star Trek, the original Time Lords of Doctor Who or the Philip K. Dick story/movie ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ or ‘Time Cop’ or Terry Pratchett’s ‘History Monks’ (AKA The Men in Saffron) among so many other… variants… all cover a lot of this same premise, of a dictatorial official authority deciding what is and isn’t history and then making it happen/unhappen. These stories usually end with the top members of the authority deciding to (m
  6. It was a great idea to remind the audience how Loki Tahiti-fied Phil Coulson (the first time), as most people had probably forgotten how nasty that was, unless they’ve rewatched Avengers recently. Loki had adapted over time to being around heroes so much that he basically sacrificed himself for his brother, but this Variant is still the one who only just murdered Phil. He’s hilarious, but he’s a really nasty piece of work. And Mobius, with his absentminded, quietly spoken company-man style, seems quite similar to Coulson, except at this point Mobius is clearly somewhat more powerful.
  7. Just thinking about how a sudden, unexpected cancellation and a disappointing final episode make total sense when one considers that the star is Scott Bakula. Poor guy.
  8. Lebanna

    Eternals (2021)

    Blue outfit guy looks confusingly like Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier but with lighter hair. If they do ever team up with the Avengers, that is going to be weird. I didn’t know that they had filmed some of this in the Canary Islands, but one look at their ancient civilization set with the mountains and sand and palm trees in this trailer and it was obvious. Nowhere else on this planet is quite as ruggedly, volcanically, sub-tropically beautiful. It turns out to have been the island of Fuerteventura, if anyone now feels like they need to visit. One of the best places on Earth for a chill
  9. I mean, it’s not quite as bad as 29 year old Angelina Jolie as 28 year old Colin Farrell’s mother in Alexander, but almost...
  10. Well, I seem to remember Kensi saying that she saw Titanic (1997) as a teenager, so if the show goes on for, let’s say, as long as NCIS: mothership, they’ll probably have to just get on and write it in at some point. Considering that this show has dealt with a lot of the negative sides of foster care, it would be interesting if they had Kensi and Deeks go into foster-to-adopt or something. I could seem them (eventually) becoming awesome at that and it would involve their team rallying round and offering support.
  11. I feel like the episode being staged as an interview with Rick Alan Ross, who seems to still have the ability to be highly empathetic about the whole situation, kept Dr Phil under a little more control in this episode about the ‘Love has won’ disaster, but of course he couldn’t resist asking about ‘Mother god’ missing her eyes. Dude, this is a group of people who believe that Marilyn Monroe was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and Spiderwoman. There won’t be any rational reason for this behavior. Don’t ask why they did it, ask the cult expert for information about how normal, intelligent
  12. The QAnon Anonymous podcast, which mocks Q and believers in the conspiracy theory in detail every week, have an episode today specifically about Jim Caviezel and a lot of background which they say they have discovered from former crew on the show about his time on the set of Person of Interest, all of which is extremely disturbing and weird. No idea obviously how true any of it is, but it’s clear that a number of people did NOT like working with him. It also alleges that he mistreated not only the crew but other named actors on the show, passing members of the public while shooting and al
  13. This show has been a disaster for strong female characters since Pride’s first wife was immediately written out and then Meredith was got rid of for no good reason. None of us should be surprised at this point. I am surprised that they have seemingly ripped off this secret son storyline directly from CSI:Miami, which really should not be the place where anyone should go looking for inspiration. Oh well.
  14. Today’s show really worried me, because the guy was saying that people were suggesting that he die and he seemed to be implying that he was thinking about doing such a thing to himself and the response to that suggestion, at least in the moment, from Phil et al seemed minimal. That’s a massive thing to bring up on an entertainment TV show and should always be taken extremely seriously by the presenter of the show and needed to be addressed immediately. And the effect of even talking about such an issue as this on many members of the audience absolutely should not be ignored. Whoever
  15. Really loved the creeping sense of dread in this episode. The feeling of relief, warmth and safety for the characters at the beginning gradually replaced by fear and dread. This episode was a perfect self-contained horror story. I think just about every woman will empathise so much with Cora in the stirrups on the table. Just about everyone has wondered in that situation, even if just for a tiny moment, if the doctor is going to say or do something horrible. That was such horror. And then for her to disclose her rape and realize he’s only asking because he has something else he wants her
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