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  1. I think we will certainly see Kirk on SNW. At least it if runs for more than three years. They’re probably in about 2257 now? Isn’t that about the same time as Kirk is a little baby officer on the Farragut? So he’s around, probably moving on from that ship after that disaster. Members of the Enterprise crew will probably come across him. I wouldn’t mind. And of course, if the show runs for the traditional 7 years, we will see him take over command from Pike in the last episode. So I think we probably have to meet him before that. I’d love them to run into most of the crew actually, just in passing, silly ways, perhaps without really signposting who they are. Like when the characters in ‘Lost’ were always randomly running past each other in the flashbacks. They hail another ship and Ensign Uhura answers. They meet one Dr Korby on a mission and his girlfriend starts ogling Spock and talking about how she really must join Starfleet. At this point I guess Chekov is probably about 10 years old. That could be hilarious.
  2. https://tvline.com/2020/05/15/star-trek-strange-new-worlds-discovery-spinoff-pike-spock-number-one/ Pike, hairy-Spock and Number One get their own Discovery spinoff. I literally cannot wait, as I was so impressed by them all during their run on Discovery. This is, quite honestly, the best and only good news I have heard this year! ETA: And they promise that THIS one will be optimistic. https://mobile.twitter.com/startrekcbs/status/1261310482926825473?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1261310482926825473&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fio9.gizmodo.com%2Fajax%2Finset%2Fiframe%3Fid%3Dtwitter-1261310482926825473%26autosize%3D1
  3. Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Look! https://news.avclub.com/exclusive-mystery-science-theater-3000-returns-for-soc-1843156549 May the third be with you.
  4. Ouch. https://mobile.twitter.com/Acyn/status/1250975504401760256 So anyone know if this is totally out of context, or has Dr Phil gone the full Lord Farquaad? Also, I have no idea but apparently his stated number of pool deaths is way wrong. He is said to be overestimating those by a factor of around 100. Why is he saying one thing on his show and another on Fox? (If he is). If this is really his opinion, I agree that poverty is terrible (although his figure of 250 deaths per year from poverty sounds way too low?). But the USA is the richest nation on Earth, so I’m hoping that he also suggested on Fox News that in fact, in such a nation surrounded by such wealth, nobody ever needs to die from poverty. A virus is vastly more difficult for a society to cure than making sure people have enough food and shelter for survival. The thing that gets me is that he is always on about how terrible it is to lose someone to a sudden violent death, or to leave emotions unresolved, and this disease is going to do that to so many people. Unfortunately, you can’t usually be with the person as they die in hospital, and very sadly this is not a slow, gentle death. There are going to be millions left behind massively traumatized by this disease - staying indoors or even losing a job, even being very financially insecure for a few weeks or months (I’ve been there, it’s terrifying) is going to be a very minor trauma to most in society compared to losing a parent or child in a hideously brutal way. I just don’t get this.
  5. I think Rachel is going to be proved absolutely right to concentrate on the Coronavirus. This is already the biggest economic and political story in existence, and it’s not going anywhere. I see it, because I have family where it’s not a big deal, and I am in a hotspot. They’re still not worried. They still think other things are actually going to matter this election season. I tell you. On Monday morning here we were all laughing about the ridiculous possibility of the schools closing, or food running out. Or being banned from going on vacation to New York next week. Or companies going bust overnight. Or being shut up in our houses, holding online meetings from the kitchen table. Or... Yeah. Never going to happen. So funny. This morning, all of that has already happened. This is going to change so fast in the US. So much sooner than you think. It goes from funny to disturbing so fast. It’s been three days. Everything has changed. Rachel is just slightly ahead of the curve. Soon there won’t be any other political story.
  6. That sounds like an extremely good idea. I always assumed that the audiences for this show were mostly tourists. At the moment it doesn’t seem particularly responsible to put 300 people from all over the place in very close quarters for hours. But they’ll have to change the set if it goes on too long. Because it will look weird.
  7. What a relief! I really didn’t want this show to get cancelled after two seasons with no resolution - which these days is Netflix normal. I think this show always seemed like it had a destination in mind, where they stopped being lost and would probably have had to end before Will grew up too much and was no longer such a kid. We don’t need to see the eventual inevitable episode in season five about Will’s first real girlfriend/boyfriend getting jealous of Robot and trying to kill it again. So this seems like a fair answer to the whole situation.
  8. I have actually sold multiple people on the idea of watching this show by going ‘and they’d never have any of the team in love with each other romantically, because it’s so much better than that kind of soapy show’. So yeah. Totally overestimated this thing. And the idea that JJ had always been secretly in love with Reid, so there was no time to go back to where that wasn’t going on. That love declaration actually ruined the whole show for me as far as the characters were concerned. And I loved the their platonic friendship (after that one date). It was just so... tacky.
  9. I didn’t have a problem with the swearing here for the same reason that I don’t mind it in Westworld - because these people are behaving completely inappropriately, even for the situation they are in. In the scene the admiral is implying that Picard is an old coot potentially suffering from dementia - she should be taking the high road and treating him with perhaps sympathetic, polite disdain for his aggression towards her organization. And I think he would have understood that, on some level. But yet she suddenly gets right up on her hind legs and basically screams ‘fuck you and the horse you rode in on’ right in his face. It’s just so incredibly wrong... so inappropriate and unexpected and yet it reminds me of how we didn’t ever expect to have to watch Wolf Blitzer or whoever saying words like ‘shit-hole’ when quoting our most important figures. For Picard it would give him that same feeling of falling into a universe we don’t quite recognize. What the hell is this place, if this is how we talk now in meetings? For dramatic reasons, I felt like here it worked. But if Picard himself starts swearing it will completely freak me out.
  10. I think in a society like the Federation, wine production would probably be seen on a par with an art form. So you could replicate a Picard wine of the past, just as we could print a Picasso or Spotify The Beatles, but we’d love to see them live or get a new work from them. So every year, for fans of Picard wines, there would be excitement about a new flavor combination or whether this would be a good or bad vintage. They don’t use money, or have any shortages, so everything is just produced to be the best it can be. Which sounds mildly demanding yet somewhat more relaxing than trying to keep a modern vineyard/winery running.
  11. And then Rihanna Pritchett retweeted the Ursula LeGuin thing. I wonder what on Disc has happened here, because it looks like something has gone so, so wrong, if she’s not happy with this thing either. I though she had some creative control. It was the only thing that was giving me hope Also, how old is the actor playing Sybil? Because Vimes is an age appropriate 51 and she looks... young Apart from her also being skinny batwoman now. I mean, I love the look but she looks more like how I imagined Angua. Are we still not allowed any cool overweight middle-aged women on screen as the hero’s love interest? And on that note, is Angua an amalgamation of herself and Nobby? Because it kind of looks like it, and Nobby is missing so far.
  12. It’s (Where Oh) ‘Werewolf’ now.
  13. Yup, I’m guessing that the rest of the season is just going to be a shot of the empty office, as mice and bugs start to take back the kitchen and a clock quietly ticks on the wall.
  14. Don’t forget that MST3K Turkey Day is now live online. They’re currently showing ‘I Accuse My Parents’. A Classic.
  15. This stinks! But I thought this had to be it when we hadn’t heard anything for so long except more touring. But to do this almost on Thanksgiving? Come on. That’s just cruel. Netflix never really did as much for the show as I had expected they would when they were picked up. I thought it would finally make MST3K an international phenomenon, but it’s still not even available in most markets, seemingly. And I don’t think they ever dubbed the show into any other languages. So it makes sense as they can’t be making much international money from producing it. I really hope Jonah and Co continue this somewhere else. They were really getting into the swing of it, and I think they would only get better. Or that they just Kickstart a new season. I’m sure fans are still happy to keep on keeping on. They tried to kill it with a forklift, but it was the brain that wouldn’t die.
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