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  1. Grudge really is going turn out to be a queen, isn’t she? In season 5, in a very special episode, she breaks her vow of silence and turns out to be Queen of the Lolcats of Nepeta Cataria 7.
  2. Lebanna

    Soul (2020)

    Joe had a steady gig at the club at 7pm and a job teaching band until like what? 2.30pm? Dude is clearly going to do both and I reckon there might be time in that schedule for something with Dorothea as well. She seemed like she’d be interesting company. Joe didn’t seem to have had a whole lot of friends. People can do more than one job, and a lot more besides. I was really happy that Joe didn’t go to the great beyond or stay in the great before, because the whole point of the movie for me is that he was a middle aged man who hadn’t really lived yet. He almost did, but somewhere he stopped. That’s how he and 22 came to care about each other - they were both kind of in the same boat. I loved this movie like I loved ‘Picard’ this year - that message of, you know, you might not be young but there’s piles of time left to live the life you wanted if you just look up from your stuff and get out there and do new things. That’s a message so many people need to hear, because the general message of so many stories is so often that if you didn’t make the right choices before a certain age, your life is basically over and you need to give up. And that message is such utter bollocks.
  3. So I guess the page of Carl’s newspaper last week really was the clue to his identity that I thought it was. It’s really lovely to have a connection with one of my favorite ever episodes of Star Trek. They’re going to have to make a ‘Star Trek: Temporal War’ series in a few years, aren’t they? I would watch that. I never even hated Crewman Daniels as much as some people did. Perhaps Admiral Janeway could be in it, popping migraine pills all the way. I had come to really enjoy Phillipa’s weird ways, although I doubt most of the crew would miss her. I think Burnham was probably the only one who really liked her. Everyone else was probably just being nice. I mean, Saru was certainly very quick to declare her dead, with a bit too much relief. (Of course, from their future based perspective, everyone they ever met is dead).
  4. Nah, the Kelvinverse is totally cannon. Picard tried to evacuate Romulus because Spock’s plan had failed and he was assumed to be dead because he disappeared by getting sucked into the black hole. That’s why everyone in the Primeverse assumes that Spock’s dead after that. Nero blew up the Vulcan in the Kelvinverse, so that was Alt-Vulcan anyway and has no connection to ‘our’ Vulcan still existing. I do want Michael to find out what happened, that Spock founded New Vulcan on the other side before dying of great old age. She kvelled enough about him trying to reunify Romulus and Vulcan, but that would make her head explode with pride. I would really love for all this to be leading in about four or five years to a giant Manyverse crossover, with any surviving TOS crew (come on, George, Nichelle and Walter at least? Please? Even if they stay seated the whole time?) any of the Abrams chicos and chicas who want to come back for a last hurrah, and the current TV crew of the Enterprise all coming together somehow to fight crime on ‘Strange New Worlds’. Especially once New-New-Kirk inevitably starts making cameos on that show.
  5. ‘I cannot change’ - The Guardian of Forever (unknown entity), ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’, 1967 ‘You know, coming back in time, changing history... that’s cheating’ - Jim Kirk (notorious big old cheater, see his score on The Kobayashi Maru test for details) ’A trick I learned from an old friend’ - Spock (possibly an exaggerater on occasion, but originally definitely not a cheater at all), ‘Star Trek’, 2009 Yeah well, people change, you know?
  6. This was Georgiou’s chance to realize that one can never really go home again, I think. It’s like Frodo discovering that he’s outgrown The Shire because he has seen evil, except in reverse. She’s been fatally contaminated by the Federation’s let’s-all-get-along-ness. Jim Brass is the Guardian of Forever, I’m almost certain. If you read the back page of his newspaper that he shows us at one point, it has something about help for the unemployed in what looks like the Depression era that Edith Keeler would probably be involved in. Plus, he’s sitting right next to a big damn interdimensional door. I guess the Guardian has evolved in the last 800 years as well. And yes, please let Lorca come back ASAP. We never saw a body, so Prime Lorca is definitely still alive somewhere (and who doesn’t want to see the probably super laid-back ‘aw shucks’ kind of Lorca that might be), but for now Mirror Lorca would be so great to see again.
  7. Well, and ‘Ensign’ Wesley Crusher. Stupid over-promotion has been a feature of ST for some time.
  8. You are a lot kinder than me. I feel like, when you are reporting international news, you probably should have noticed that both governments of countries you are saying have zero cases are simultaneously making public statements about the second wave that is currently happening and that other nations in the area are putting in travel bans to those areas of France and Spain affected. I mean, this has been a prominent story in most reputable newspapers. Perhaps it was based on ignorance, but if you’re in news reporting and are telling people something so far outside the facts, that’s just another reason people shouldn’t trust you. Is a lie based on ignorance not still a lie? The intention may be different, but the result is the same. Besides, when you see a figure of zero Covid cases at the moment, outside New Zealand perhaps, it’s just general knowledge that it’s going to be wrong. I also have huge suspicions about the fact that this was reported on a Monday, probably because they knew that it would be the only day where they could make such a statement and have plausible deniability. Who knows, but I was going to catch up with the show and switched it off after that statement in utter disgust. I will probably avoid the show from now on. You can’t criticise ridiculous incidents of fake news and then make it so blatantly yourself. I will retreat back to Maddow only for my opinion based reporting.
  9. It is driving me nuts that Lawrence and some other shows on MSNBC were saying Monday that France and Spain had zero new cases on Sunday. It only appeared that way due to the lag in reported cases in France due to the weekend, they don’t count them and then have a huge total every week for Monday which includes all the cases from the last three days. Therefore Monday’s total was 3,376, making it over 1,000 cases per day. This pattern of not giving daily totals is clear to see from any chart from the last few weeks. The exact same thing is true of Spain, which had 8,532 cases on Monday after not counting any cases over the weekend. Come on, Lawrence and MSNBC. We rely on you to be more truthful than Fox. Don’t fall into the trap of fudging the numbers to get the result you want for the story. Don’t try to trick us. The US figures are still way worse than in any of these countries, but you don’t have to lie by omission to get that information across. Because then you just look like another bunch of con artists.
  10. Yes, I find this a little creepy too. I know they all have a schtick and that what we see on screen isn’t them really, but it’s weird and off putting when the same exact schtick is coming out of the mouth of a completely different person. Having said that, despite this Ali has really been great this last week. Perhaps Rachel has caught enough fish to come back soon.
  11. I think we will certainly see Kirk on SNW. At least it if runs for more than three years. They’re probably in about 2257 now? Isn’t that about the same time as Kirk is a little baby officer on the Farragut? So he’s around, probably moving on from that ship after that disaster. Members of the Enterprise crew will probably come across him. I wouldn’t mind. And of course, if the show runs for the traditional 7 years, we will see him take over command from Pike in the last episode. So I think we probably have to meet him before that. I’d love them to run into most of the crew actually, just in passing, silly ways, perhaps without really signposting who they are. Like when the characters in ‘Lost’ were always randomly running past each other in the flashbacks. They hail another ship and Ensign Uhura answers. They meet one Dr Korby on a mission and his girlfriend starts ogling Spock and talking about how she really must join Starfleet. At this point I guess Chekov is probably about 10 years old. That could be hilarious.
  12. https://tvline.com/2020/05/15/star-trek-strange-new-worlds-discovery-spinoff-pike-spock-number-one/ Pike, hairy-Spock and Number One get their own Discovery spinoff. I literally cannot wait, as I was so impressed by them all during their run on Discovery. This is, quite honestly, the best and only good news I have heard this year! ETA: And they promise that THIS one will be optimistic. https://mobile.twitter.com/startrekcbs/status/1261310482926825473?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1261310482926825473&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fio9.gizmodo.com%2Fajax%2Finset%2Fiframe%3Fid%3Dtwitter-1261310482926825473%26autosize%3D1
  13. Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Look! https://news.avclub.com/exclusive-mystery-science-theater-3000-returns-for-soc-1843156549 May the third be with you.
  14. Ouch. https://mobile.twitter.com/Acyn/status/1250975504401760256 So anyone know if this is totally out of context, or has Dr Phil gone the full Lord Farquaad? Also, I have no idea but apparently his stated number of pool deaths is way wrong. He is said to be overestimating those by a factor of around 100. Why is he saying one thing on his show and another on Fox? (If he is). If this is really his opinion, I agree that poverty is terrible (although his figure of 250 deaths per year from poverty sounds way too low?). But the USA is the richest nation on Earth, so I’m hoping that he also suggested on Fox News that in fact, in such a nation surrounded by such wealth, nobody ever needs to die from poverty. A virus is vastly more difficult for a society to cure than making sure people have enough food and shelter for survival. The thing that gets me is that he is always on about how terrible it is to lose someone to a sudden violent death, or to leave emotions unresolved, and this disease is going to do that to so many people. Unfortunately, you can’t usually be with the person as they die in hospital, and very sadly this is not a slow, gentle death. There are going to be millions left behind massively traumatized by this disease - staying indoors or even losing a job, even being very financially insecure for a few weeks or months (I’ve been there, it’s terrifying) is going to be a very minor trauma to most in society compared to losing a parent or child in a hideously brutal way. I just don’t get this.
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