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  1. Lebanna

    S02.E11: Perpetual Infinity

    So the Red Angel’s name is Gabrielle - the female version of the messenger angel from the Abrahamic religious traditions? And of course, it’s the same name as Gabriel (Lorca). And Michael is also the name of another angel. I think they wanted us to see that, so hey writers, we saw it.
  2. Lebanna

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    Let alone the various orbs of whatever that popped up regularly on DS9.
  3. Lebanna

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Yes, she clearly shows great emotion in this episode, making her extremely different from Data. An android model such as Data probably could have incorporated real memories but, at least before Lore’s emotion chip, it wouldn’t have made him able to feel any of the experiences on an emotional level. He would probably just have seen them as wonderful learning opportunities, not much more. So Airiam was definitely a mostly human brain (and lower jaw) walking around in a part android body, not a mostly android with some human memories. I wonder if there is a difference between her and Pike, because perhaps after this event he didn’t sign the consent form to be Airiam-ed? So they had to try to save him inside the body that was left? Or perhaps after what happened to Airiam they decided that augmentation was too dangerous - the way they outlawed genetic augmentation after Khan. (Although Bashir’s backstory showed that it was always still going on, illegally and in secret. 20 year old spoiler). So either way, Pike didn’t get the chance to be given a snazzy robot body to walk around in, after his accident.
  4. Admittedly, if it hadn’t been that God wanted a starship that one time, it seems like Spock wouldn’t have ever mentioned his brother, either. So, yeah. He is canonically ‘enough of a petty little bitch’, and has been since 1989.
  5. Lebanna

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    Loved the little shout out to Spock’s future best friend forever, Gracie The Whale. At some point, Airiam is going to to say ‘I see three lights’... right? I appreciate that Peck is doing good voice work on Spock, so far. For me, Spock is all about the voice, and this was almost Karl Urban level good. On that note, Spock coming to terms with Michael’s hurtful insults is going to be how he becomes the person who can bicker with Bones without feeling devastated by his insults, isn’t it? This is the story of how Spock got some corners knocked off and learned not to take everything to heart. After he makes up with Michael after she hurt him, Bones’s insults are never going to get through his thick Vulcan skin. Although how little Michael managed to say such nasty things to that cute chubby faced munchkin, I just don’t know. That’s real devotion. Pike is definitely channeling Shatner every time he says the name ‘Spock’, all adoringly. It’s very sweet. We know from ‘The Menagerie’ that Spock and Pike were just as good friends as he and Kirk were. But of course, then it was telling, not showing. Now we get to see it first hand. I know it’s been suggested a lot, but the next spinoff really should be Pike, Number One and Spock tearing up the galaxy. Excitement, adventure and really wild things. I am also feeling much better about Pike and Vina ending up trapped together. This episode definitely showed that they might be honestly happy. I mean, in ‘The Cage’ the feelings seemed to be very much more on her side than his (of course, as he had to fly away still cheerfully single at the end of the episode, the show wasn’t planned to be about Pike and Vina moving back Stateside and becoming the Waltons). Plus, they were definitely going to have some sexual tension between him and Number One. She kept looking at him longingly. It seemed like they borrowed a little tactic from the LOTR movies - that Vina is somewhat Pike’s Arwen in this scenario, the love he has to work his way back to, and having her pop up as hallucinations in Pike’s busy life is a nice way to keep them together on screen while they are far apart. And it makes story sense. If they did spin this off, that could be a nice thing to keep, every now and then. These days, we definitely don’t need to see Number One pining after the Captain. Let’s leave that in the 60s. Me too. That was my exact thought when this episode ended. I liked this show a lot last year, but now it’s wuv, tuwoo wuv.
  6. Lebanna

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
  7. I’m just thrilled about this as I have been enjoying this year just as much and possibly more than last. And season 3 is usually where Star Treks get good (at least TNG and DS9, with ENT and VOY it was season 4) so that’s a really great sign.
  8. I watched this episode and found it really pretty tragic - I remember the first episode about five years ago, when they were trying to save their marriage because otherwise they thought the kids’ lives would be ruined and their mental states would get worse. So yeah, that worked. It was sad to see that everything they feared has pretty much come true. At least the girl isn’t any worse, seemingly. Also, last time wasn’t it the dad who was previewing his book about the daughter?
  9. Lebanna

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    As long as it isn’t that blasted Crewman Daniels again. Or Shower Guy. I would love it if it were Archer, though. There’s something about the idea of him spending his retirement traveling through time, putting right things that once went wrong... I can’t think why, but it sounds like something he might go for. Although, who knows - it could be Pike - I mean, we don’t know if ‘The Cage’ was the end of his story. The fact that it’s a mechanized suit could mean a kind of Iron Man structure that a paralysed brain could run. And since the Enterprise got there twice, that planet wasn’t exactly off the map. Because damn it, I always liked the guy, right from the Pilot, but I’m really enjoying seeing him in action again this season and that ending is getting sadder by the episode.
  10. Lebanna

    Media for The Haunting of Hill House

    It’s going to be an adaptation of ‘The Turn of the Screw’ apparently. That’s where the quote in the trailer comes from. I really enjoyed the scattered quotes from ‘Hill House’ so it will be fun to listen out for a bit of Henry James.
  11. Lebanna

    Criminal Minds In The Media: Media Liaison

    Cook v. Cook face-off.
  12. Lebanna

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    See also: Torchwood. Top secret organizations with loudly branded clothing and vehicles are surprisingly common. I will say that, like the Department of Temporal Investigations, Section 31 has always been completely lousy at keeping their secret... well, secret. How long did it take for the DS9 guys to find out everything about them? About ten minutes. But that’s pretty normal. I mean, practically every country on Earth has had a ‘secret’ police at one time or another in the last 100 years - including right now - and generally we know it exists and what it is called and that part is never secret. I mean, just close to home, MI5/6, FBI/CIA... we know they exist, we don’t always know what they do. We know sometimes they do terrible things in our names, but we just accept it. We assume, as Cornwell says, that they are keeping us safe and helping to keep the country together, and that matters more than the odd piece of worrying news about other operations that let’s just say, didn’t go so well. So it would actually make more sense for them to be like that - the only reason they were supposed to be a total unknown on DS9 was that the writers had to explain to us why we hadn’t ever heard about 31 before - without causing anger and making us feel like our heroes had been lying to us by omission all these years.
  13. Lebanna

    Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

    Cosmos season 2 was supposed to have started on March 3 but has now been delayed due to the investigation into DeGrasse Tyson still being ongoing. According to: https://tvline.com/2019/02/15/cosmos-season-2-delayed-neil-degrasse-tyson-investigated-misconduct/
  14. Lebanna

    S02.E04: An Obol for Charon

    Well, presumably you could argue that Scotty and Chekov were both speaking the same version of Standard (English) as Kirk or McCoy. Which makes sense in the case of Scotty, and I guess doesn’t really in the case of Chekov - except that he would probably have argued that the Russians invented English anyway, along with everything else good in the universe.
  15. Lebanna

    S02.E04: An Obol for Charon

    Well, of course Space Odity is probably one of the classics that we keep hearing about. You know, like how they supposedly have Jacqueline Susann as required reading (Voyage Home). I mean, we still read Robinson Crusoe, published in 1719, but previous to our era music has not been published as a performance, only as sheet music that the majority could neither read nor perform. Therefore, it was not normal until relatively recently to hum Handel while working on a construction site, or whatever. If we had had Handel’s music freely available on CD from the beginning, as Robinson Crusoe was available in book form to everyone who could read, we would probably have built more of a tradition of referencing it constantly and it would have become more of an indelible part of popular culture. TL;DR - Going forward, with freely available music, our relationship with music will be different from that of our predecessors. And also, just to undermine my own point, as a kid my favorite song was Greensleeves, cerca around 1580. So.