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  1. I watched the whole thing, and liked it until this moment. When it happened, I rolled my eyes and groaned out loud. I’d been happy they had a civilized “You’re not the one” conversation between Jack Turner and Italia Ricci, and the rest of the movie had been fine, too. Then this ridiculous contrivance. Not unexpected, but disappointed.
  2. OMG, I had to come here to realize that Adams was calling another K-named guy (Keith?); she wasn't calling Karl to break up (I was half-asleep, my brain was confused, will definitely rewatch). Great twist! One thing I was awake for was Cash singing. Spencer Allport is talented! And Cash has become one of my favorite characters on the show; I love his little con-artist-in-training personality. ETA: SO glad Ginny isn't pregnant! I hope they drop the hookups with Wayne and just keep them friends.
  3. For my fellow Tyler Hynes fangirls/fanguys, Deck the Hallmark has an hour podcast with Tyler Hynes up, as well as their Winter in Vail review. No music for kirinan at work today--it's Tyler time! 🥰
  4. I second the recommendation to watch this one. She’s actually not so hard to take, and Tyler’s character is another one that’s easy to fall head over heels for.
  5. I do love the cute puppy at the end of this commercial, and the daughter muscling her way into the back seat next to her little brother makes me laugh every time I see it, as the oldest of six kids myself. But I mostly wanted to ask: Does anyone know the name of the actress playing the mom in the Expedia commercial? I'm 99% positive I've seen her more than once in an acting role, and it's driving me absolutely bonkers trying to figure out where I know her from. But I can't find her name anywhere.
  6. Was Winter in Vail as good as I thought it was? I realized tonight that I absolutely cannot be objective about Tyler Hynes, so I don’t know if it was really good or if his ridiculously charming performance just overcame any weaknesses. I agree, he and Lacey Chabert had tons of chemistry, and I enjoyed every minute of it. But I may need to watch it once or twice or 20 more times to be sure...
  7. I just watched Christmas in Rome, which I had DVR'd the first night it was on. It wasn't bad. Not my favorite, but I could see watching it again. I like Sam Page, and I can handle Lacey Chabert, even if she's not one of my favorite actresses. Nice scenery, too. I still have four or five of the movies I wanted to see this year left on the DVR, and one from last year's Lifetime lineup, but I'm in no hurry to watch them. It will be a nice feeling not to be inundated with the holidays anymore.
  8. I totally want to write this story. If I do, I promise you get co-writer credits, JAYJAY.
  9. Ahh, a day without Joe's bloviating is a day with sunshine. I really enjoyed this morning's episode with Jonathan Lemire hosting; he did an excellent job (I like Elyse Jordan well enough, but she's just not host material). I vote we dump Joe and Mika (who was so unpleasantly loud and screechy in that end segment talking about women in the news), keep Willie, bring Jon, Yasmin, and Kasie Hunt on board, and rotate hosting duties among the four of them. Elyse can remain in the guest regulars, who I wouldn't change.
  10. Yeah, this is the one I really wanted to watch because I know the author of the original novella. I've watched half an hour of it and can't bring myself to watch the rest for one reason and one reason only: I agree that the leading man is the worst actor I've ever seen in one of these movies (or any other movie). I think I'd make it through fine if he was more appealing, but he is an absolute sucking charisma wound. Sorry to sound so crude, but he had to have slept with someone to be cast in any kind of lead role. I may have to abandon the movie or FF forward through it so I don't lie that I've seen the whole thing the next time I see her. Her writing is really good, honest, but they did her no favors with this movie, I'm afraid. Or maybe closed-captioning with the mute on would work, so I don't have to listen to his awful robot delivery...
  11. Did anyone watch The Christmas Temp on Lifetime this past week? It was kind of scattered and silly, and it seemed like whoever wrote/directed it cut some stuff out of the story (it seemed to jump ahead with no explanations in certain parts). But I still liked it, mostly because of the two leads. Robin Dunne has become a favorite of mine, and as free-spirited/ditzy as the main female character, an artist, was (normally a type I don't care for that much), I just liked her and all her insecurities. It's the first time I've seen Sara Canning, the actress, and I would watch her in other movies. I doubt it will be on anyone's "Best Of" list this year, including mine, but I must have been in exactly the right frame of mind for it, because I'm still reflecting pleasantly on it a few days later. It kind of charmed me.
  12. The quote I've added below (emphasis mine) makes me so angry at Hallmark, even though they've reversed their position on the ads. They willingly use the LGBTQ community--actors, writers, directors, and who knows how many other people--to create the work that makes them so much money. And yet, they effectively turned their back on that community with their refusal to air ads that represent them.
  13. Other than the fact that the laid the Montana folksiness on a little too thick, I liked it, too. I thought Kellie Martin was good I need it, I liked the daughter, I’ve always liked Art Hindle, and Colin...well, I’d watch him read the proverbial phone book.
  14. I finally saw Holiday in Handcuffs, which I've had on the DVR since last December. I'll admit, I was ready to bail after about 15-20 minutes, because I absolutely, positively detest movies about women who are ditzy hot messes--and Melissa Joan Hart's character was the hottest mess I've seen in some time. But I was wrapping gifts while I watched, and I couldn't reach the remote, and a strange thing happened: about 45 minutes in (maybe a little less, since I couldn't FF through the commercials), I started liking it. And laughing. And tearing up. And when it was all over, I was glad I'd watched it. When it started, I had NO clue how they could possibly redeem the main character, but darned if they didn't. I'd easily give it a 7/10. Or maybe even 7.75 (no higher, though, because I still hate the hot mess thing).
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