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  1. I'm so happy to hear this! I love her. She's young and blonde, but she's not one of Hallmark's Cookie Cutter Barbie blondes. Not only is she personable and likable, I think she's one of the better and more natural actresses on the channel.
  2. I didn't make it through the last couple of premiere movies, but really enjoyed Rome in Love. It wasn't perfect, but it was perfectly charming. I've never seen Italia Ricci in anything before (that I know of, anyway), but I really like her. She and the actress who played her sister were good together, and believable as sisters. I liked Peter Porte, too, who I have seen before--and just as I thought the first time I saw him, it always strikes me that he looks uncannily like an overgrown 12-year-old boy (but in an appealing way). I also liked Sophia, the director's assistant, and her kindness to Amelia, and the charming leading man in Roman Holiday, whose character name my brain won't come up with. I thought they were quite pleasantly non-movie-business-stereotypical. And, of course, the scenery was gorgeous. Sigh, one day...
  3. Yay! I never got into the Murder, She Baked mysteries, but I love the Chronicle Mysteries. I'm so happy a new one is coming out.
  4. I only lasted half an hour into the movie; it was just too cheesy for me, and I didn't like the lead actress at all. For that half hour, though, I kept staring at John James (I hadn't seen the names of who was in the movie), and I couldn't figure out why I knew him (because you're not the only one who remembers those days). I called my husband out to see if he'd recognize him, and he didn't--which is funny, because he was a huge Dynasty fan back in the day; he had the hots for the Fallon actress. So finally, I went online and let out a shout: "OHMYGOD THAT'S JEFF FROM DYNASTY!" I should have known from the voice, which I always loved, but I didn't because I'm old, too, and...well, the memory goes. It was nice to see him again; just wish he had been in a better movie.
  5. I fervently co-sign every single word you said, @Irlandesa. ❤️
  6. There are several that I would call favorites and watch every time they're on--and would even consider shelling out money for the DVDs. Flip That Romance, Falling for You, Royal Matchmaker, Love, Romance and Chocolate, Love to the Rescue, Cooking With Love, Pearl in Paradise, Paris, Wine and Romance, Winter Love Story (okay, sorry, that's way more than five). As @TVFan17 says, I'm not even going to get into the older ones, because if I did it would be the world's longest post. Except to say that speaking of Hallmark Hall of Fame, my all-time favorite HHoF movie was The Love Letter, with Campbell Scott and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Oh, how I love that movie. ETA: I only lasted half an hour with Christmas Camp. The lead actress grates on my nerves, and it just seems so...cheesy. Not sure if I'll try it again at Christmas time.
  7. Thank you! I see that some of the episodes are on my On-Demand. Will definitely check this out!
  8. I know this isn’t the holiday movie topic, but this may help get us out of our Hallmark funk (well, eventually). Nikki DeLoach and Michael Rady are in another movie together, this one for Christmas!
  9. I forgot to ask a question about My Boyfriend's Back: Wedding March 5. This is the only one of the movies in this series I've watched. Since Jack Wagner proposed to Josie Bissett at the end, does that mean their characters are <GASP, CLUTCH PEARLS> living together at that inn without benefit of marriage? Or did I not pay enough attention and there was an explanation in this installment?
  10. I thought he was a little wooden here, although I'm wondering if it was partially the script, which I thought was a little clunky. I know him as Marcus from Scandal, and he was much snappier and more charismatic there. Of course, that show moved at the speed of light, as I've heard all Shonda Rhimes shows do. Oh, and I have to say, @MissyPoo, when you said the lead actress was gorgeous you weren't kidding. She's absolutely stunning (and I'd kill to have legs like hers). The bride was also a beautiful woman, who reminded me a lot of Idina Menzel. They could play sisters. I liked the movie overall. I agree it was a bit sleepy, but since I needed that after an extremely busy Saturday with lots of driving all over the metro Detroit area, I was good with it. ETA: On a slightly different topic, My Boyfriend's Back: Wedding March 5: meh. However, it was totally worth sitting through just for Tyler Hynes--and I watched it once more on DVR and just FF'd to his parts. I am coming to love him a ridiculous amount. He's even in danger of surpassing my Holy Hallmark Trinity of Antonio Cupo, Paul Greene, and Victor Webster in my affections.
  11. Yeah, if I wanted to watch Christmas in July all I'd have to do is fire up the DVR and watch all the recorded movies I never had time to watch and am now slowly deleting unwatched because who has time now--plus it's SUMMER! I'd rather be outside.
  12. A flash sneak peek of this year's Hallmark Christmas movies. I saw Andrew Walker!
  13. Just finished watching Pearl in Paradise yet again. See, this is what I'm talking about, Hallmark. I KNOW you can do not-bland and fun and enjoyable and smart, because you did it here. And I saw the commercial for the next Mystery 101, on June 23. I can't wait!
  14. Ha, that was the part of the movie I DID like, TVFan17. The main character uttered the word "hell," and I couldn't believe I actually heard it. So I will say, points for going there. It's kind of fun picturing the Hallmark Hausfraus clutching their pearls over it, especially with the other shows you cite being a regular part of the channel. Yes! You articulated this much better than I was able to, Chippings. I felt like I was watching a movie aimed at teen girls, because the main characters were acting like teenagers. I've watched my share of teen movies, even as an adult, but that isn't what I expect from Hallmark.
  15. I only lasted half an hour into From Friend to Fiance. It was just...meh. I can't even pinpoint anything in particular that made me not like it, I just...didn't. If I had to pick something, the lead actress seemed a little too young and dithery, and Ryan Paevey seemed kind of passive in this role. I doubt if I'll watch the rest of it any time soon, so I deleted it off the DVR. @Happywatcher, I'm watching Sun, Sand & Romance right now. This is the first time I've seen it, and to my surprise (because I've never been a real fan of Tricia Helfer) I'm enjoying it (and even her). It's not what I'd call a classic, but it's miles better than last night's movie and last week's movie. I guess I've just outgrown the movies with the very young leads?