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  1. Haven't watch any of this season. But heard about what happened to Tucker. Such a waste of a well aged Silver Fox. Also that Carisi is still hung up on Rollins. SMDH.
  2. Nearly a year later and I'm still mad they got rid of PW/ADA Stone. 😡 Hope everyone is okay during this strange time. Be safe, Stay Well.
  3. Danai deserved better. This was an overall disappointment.
  4. Angela Kang has a son, who appeared on the show.
  5. Virgil stayed behind, he didn't go with the group.
  6. Rick draws Applehead, but she was a toddler when he "died"
  7. Those folks looked quite clean and healthy, to be locked up so long. I'm calling it, they're hallucinations or dead.
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