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  1. Is it just me or Mauricio really DGAF anymore? I think the marriage is on it's last legs and Kyle knows it.
  2. LOL at Erika calling Denise Wild Thing in her TH. Rinna was a Baddie back in the day, a scalpel and botox wasn't needed. Plus her lips were just fine. Where TF is Harry Hamlin? Why is Kyle so pressed about Dorit glamming up before Daughter Mellincamp's event?
  3. Has Harry Hamlin refused to appear on the show this season? Four eppys in and he's the only Hubby not shown.
  4. Garcelle bought me back, nice edition. Weird not seeing LVP, Rinna is still messy AF. Rinna and Denise are married to men who are ex-hubby's of Nicolette Sheiridan. Both also allegedly were bangin Patrick Muldoon at the same time back in the 90's. Aaron need not ever speak again this season.
  5. Does Tommy have a job? Better question, has he ever had been employed?
  6. A massive.horde like that, better be Epic gore and carnage in E16.
  7. So.Applehead left out one tiny detail. That is definitely Rape Cross General. No.way in hell.everyone makes it out alive.
  8. Okay So, Lydia isn't bonding with Daryl anymore?
  9. Think they're somewhere between ASZ and Oceanside. Scott and the others are left with Gabe.
  10. Not here for this Kung Fu Catch the Pebble Little Grasshopper shit. Take Yo Ass back inside Applehead!!!!
  11. Hey Lydia, I banged your Mom in the same clearing where I murdered two fan faves.
  12. Beta's I Am.Legion We Are Many Road Tour is completely SOLD OUT!
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