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  1. I thought that was Randyll Tarly aka Lord Sinderby aka Pope Sixtus IV He was also in Underworld: Blood Wars, along with Charles Dance and Tobias Menzies. Oh and Lara Pulver, who was in DaVinci Demons with Faulkner.
  2. This season is nearly over, hate to see it end. Sarah really went back on her Square, after it finally went down with her and John.. Am I the only one, who thought it might be a dream at first? One word from her, he'll drop Vi like a bad habit. Daniel has great chemistry with Lara Pulver, just like he did with Q"orianka Kilcher last season.
  3. Might be deliberate on her part, for the character. Showing Sarah's discomfort, with the restriction of a corset and all that comes with it.
  4. Oh... I see he keeps Teddy knocked up. JCM has a Daughter who's a Scammer. Last I read, the sons he has with ex-wife Elaine Irwin are hellions. Teddy must be from his 2nd marriage.
  5. Glad Bitsy survived, Lucius feelings are well beyond a crush.
  6. So is John the one in a Gilded Cage?
  7. Laszlo was hilarious, he should get tipsy more often. Anyone else clock Marcus checking out Joanna?
  8. Welcome Back show! Laslo still.has no filter, the shade thrown at Vapid Violet was Glorious! Really John, her? I see they recast Stevie, guess Matt Lintz was still tied up with TWD. Michael McElhatton as another villain, love his voice. Buffalo Bill Byrnes is still an asshole. Haven't seen Diego Martin since Rec 3: Genesis, he"a General Linares. Like someone stated, Dakota is much more emotive this season.
  9. Brandi wants a Thurple or whatever with Denise and the Himbo. Then cries about being taken advantage of by Denise. Can't stand Brandi, but I think she's telling the truth. Next week Rome, I'm sure the Chicken will be lovely. and the fur will fly!!!
  10. Okay so, anyone else heard Aaron threaten to crush Denise's hand on a hot mic?
  11. Is it just me or Mauricio really DGAF anymore? I think the marriage is on it's last legs and Kyle knows it.
  12. LOL at Erika calling Denise Wild Thing in her TH. Rinna was a Baddie back in the day, a scalpel and botox wasn't needed. Plus her lips were just fine. Where TF is Harry Hamlin? Why is Kyle so pressed about Dorit glamming up before Daughter Mellincamp's event?
  13. Has Harry Hamlin refused to appear on the show this season? Four eppys in and he's the only Hubby not shown.
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