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  1. Awww www,that hug. Daryl's card got pulled by Frost.
  2. Nice move Connie. Virgil was seriously wounded..
  3. Yes, that's Virgil Helping Connie is his way of trying to atone for that.
  4. He thinks Connie is a walker. Those freaks are creepy AF.
  5. Okay so, they had to flee quickly, walkers got the horse. Are those humans that are feral and didn't turn? This is a screaming The People Under the Stairs to me. Nicotero's KNB did the make up efx for that film.
  6. Plus she lost her bag, that probably has her pad.
  7. Oh shit! What in The People Under the Stairs hell is going on?
  8. Dollar Store Chris Cornell is grating my nerves.
  9. Connie is terrified suffering PTSD. Poor Frost, that's brutal
  10. Oh Gandalfini Jr, you better not suck.
  11. WTF is stalking them? Got me on edge already!
  12. Hey everyone. Heard Lauren Riddoff and Kevin Carroll are great in tonight's episode.
  13. Ooh, they got trains going to the Land of Make Believe! You better not say shit Lydia.
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