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  1. Tough night for Rosita. She had to Fight and subdue Dante, then stop.a Newly dead Siddiq from eating their child Coco.
  2. Everyone not named Daryl ,Aaron and Carol, not lookin good.
  3. My guess, RJ is at Hilltop with Nabila and the kids.
  4. Gabe has his moments. Remember when they hit the Savior Outpost in S6? He caught a body in that episode.
  5. Siddiq, Rosita, Gabe and Coco.were a family unit. Pleasantly surprised he took Dante out.
  6. Rosita fears her own Mortality, makes sense after becoming a Mom. Gabe's response, not a good one. Burn in Hell.Dante!
  7. Aaron still collects license plates, nice callback. Hi.Gracie!!
  8. No. She became a trusted member of the Community and the Council.
  9. Kevin Carroll, character's name is Virgil
  10. Once Again, Michonne's No New Friends policy comes to mind.
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