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  1. Tom Brittney said it will be a Ross and Rachel type of relationship. The few times I've watched Friends, they annoyed me. I think Mama Davenport's new Man will be similar to Will's dad.The Also think Leonard will get his heart broken again.
  2. Anyone else saw the Premiere yet? New season started airing in the UK.
  3. Roast in hell Hell Dre. Ami Brabson should work more, criminally underrated actress. Loved her as Mary Pemblelton on Homicide: Life on the Street. She was great as Dre's Mother
  4. Haven't watched this season. Did he and Rollins date and it ended badly? 🤔 Dude lookin bat shit crazy!
  5. Happy New Year, I miss y'all. Saw the promo. How did Tuturro's character go from chatting up Rollins in Part 33, to terrorizing and taking her hostage?
  6. Claes Bang clearly enjoyed himself, he and Dolly really should work together again. They're the best thing about this adaptation so far. Nearly done with E2, gotta shout out the child actress who played Yamini. Had more balls than her dad, went out on her own terms.
  7. Tough night for Rosita. She had to Fight and subdue Dante, then stop.a Newly dead Siddiq from eating their child Coco.
  8. Everyone not named Daryl ,Aaron and Carol, not lookin good.
  9. My guess, RJ is at Hilltop with Nabila and the kids.
  10. Gabe has his moments. Remember when they hit the Savior Outpost in S6? He caught a body in that episode.
  11. Siddiq, Rosita, Gabe and Coco.were a family unit. Pleasantly surprised he took Dante out.
  12. Rosita fears her own Mortality, makes sense after becoming a Mom. Gabe's response, not a good one. Burn in Hell.Dante!
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