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American Gods in the Media

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Not a dream casting (that'd be Hopkins or Skarsgaard), but about as good as could realistically be expected; and far, far better than feared.

Will help massively in getting other talented actors on board too.

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This look amazing, I am fully freaking out! Amazing cast, the epic atmosphere, and appearances by some of my favorite characters (although I cannot WAIT to see Mr. Nancy), it all just looks great. I cant wait. 

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Here's an interesting, mildly spoilery, breakdown of the trailer:  A Deep Analysis of the 'American Gods' Trailer.  "Deep Analysis" is somewhat hyperbolic; the article doesn't give away much plot, mostly just character information.  The only stuff I'd call spoilers would be regarding



her death, the circumstances of her death, and her not being all-the-way dead



"orgasm of death" (their words, not mine)

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Oh yes please to Mr Ricky Whittle!  I am not familiar with his previous work, but he seems to have a really versatile face.  It looks like he is easily able to transition from just gorg to thug in one kickass sneer.  I can see why the article would call him a wild card based on the google images out there, but he fits in really well in the trailer.  Yum yum. 

And its funny the article mentions GOT too ... I was hoping this would be out soon enough to nurse me through the time after season 6, but since they are delaying season 7 even longer, I am glad that AG will be starting next year now. 

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There's a really interesting feature on demand on Starz with Neil Gaiman, following him on a book signing tour and talking to him about his creative process.  Worth a watch for fans.

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Some Starz promos!

There are a lot so I'm putting them under the spoiler cut just so the page doesn't take forever to load:


Mr. Nancy:


Mr. World:


Technical Boy:






Laura Moon:


Mad Sweeney:

Shadow Moon:

Mr. Wednesday:



SXSW panel:

Lessons from Low Key Lyesmith:

A storm is brewing:




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And here is Janice's post about S1.E1:


There are character descriptions based on the book, so it might be a little spoilery if you are brand new to American Gods. I haven't read the book so I read the beginning of her post, scrolled down past the character stuff (there are pictures, but not from the show), and then read the rest. You'll know you're past the character stuff when you see "Eat like a God!" in red followed by Not Laura's Chili recipe.

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We will be getting a second season!


EXCLUSIVE: The TV Gods have smiled upon American Gods again today with Starz giving the recently debuted series a pretty quick Season 2 renewal.| Expected to launch in mid-2018, the second season pick-up comes just under two weeks after the Bryan Fuller and Michael Green adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 2001 award-winning novel premiered on the premium cabler on April 30.

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For those who haven't read the books*, here's a non-spoilery explanation of the show's premise/what has happened so far (first two eps).  It's pretty good; although the show has established that Bilquis is not a prostitute.  She's using a dating app or something.

What the Heck is American Gods Actually About?

*Do we have a term for non-book-readers who are watching AG or is "Unsullied" now a blanket term?  "Uninitiated"?  "Shadow-watchers" ('cause he's easing into this, too)?

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Any word on the S2 premiere date?  I realize S1 just ended but, I'm debating waiting for S2 or going ahead and reading the book (which i purchased long before S1 started).

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