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  1. tatterd

    American Gods in the Media

    And Laura Moon has been cast http://collider.com/emily-browning-american-gods-cast/?utm_campaign=collidersocial&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  2. They should illustrate it with pictures of Aidan Turner in And Then There Were None to give him a fighting chance.
  3. tatterd

    American Gods in the Media

    Ian McShane announced as Mr Wednesday http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/ian-mcshane-star-american-gods-872269
  4. tatterd

    Online Quizzes, Games, Polls, and More!

    Apologies if this has been posted before (or this is the wrong place) but there's a quiz about who is your once upon a time husband http://www.answers.com/article/1343084/who-is-your-once-upon-a-time-husband I got Kristoff which was unexpected but could have been worse.
  5. tatterd

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Please no. I mean I'm not disputing that this show is quite capable of going there, but honestly it's a wonder Hook survived the however many hundred years he's been alive given the stupid plans he's been shown coming up with ever since he met people from Storybrooke. I could actually see it being somebody/something else pushing him over the edge given Emma's reaction at the end of the first episode. She sort of looks at him when she says about what they did to her and turns to the others when she says about punishing them, but she seems much less antagonistic to him than she was to Snow. So maybe what they did to her involved doing something to him, rather than him being involved in whatever they did to her (if that's not too confusingly put).
  6. Do they have seasons 3 and 4 as well? As admittedly it was a while back but last time I used it they only had 1 and 2, which was part of the reason I didn't sign up. Although I don't really know why I'm asking as between here and the Hook youtube clips I feel like I know everything I want to.
  7. If she didn't know that much about it before, she's summing it up pretty well in a lot of cases.
  8. tatterd

    S01.E08: Episode 8

    I got the impression that he's interested in the scientific or intellectual aspect of giving the synths consciousness but is aware that it might cause issues, which is why he then wants to control or restrain them. It's a pragmatic form of sociopathy. I don't think Elster ever really thought about potential consequences until possibly the end, and George would have gone with the ethics over the science. Hobb is fascinated by the technology but I don't think he actually really considers them human. Really looking forward to season 2.
  9. tatterd

    S01.E07: Episode 7

    I'd be very surprised if Hobb actually stuck to his part of the deal and killed Beatrice. Interesting that all the focus has been on the synths having consciousness whereas the part synth human seems to be flying totally under the radar with just Mattie (and the synths) knowing and nobody else suspecting. Well George did possibly but he was trustworthy and is now dead anyway. Leo's life could get even more interesting if people start thinking about how come David Elster's dead son isn't quite so dead or Beatrice drops him in it.
  10. tatterd

    S01.E07: Episode 7

    I knew it was never going to happen, but I sort of wanted the synths to end up living with him. I think they would have been good for each other. I might be imagining this but I thought it was said or implied that he had worked with them at some stage
  11. tatterd

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    I'd like for him to change shows though. The writers don't seem to know what to do with Rumple and he'd be in my American Gods dream cast.
  12. tatterd

    S01.E04: Episode 4

    You've not missed the backstory, you'll get to find out slightly more about him in the next couple of episodes.
  13. tatterd

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    I really like Emma's new look. I so want a coat like that.
  14. tatterd

    S01.E06: Episode 6

    Noooo, poor Max! He was becoming one of my favourites, so I'm hoping it's not permanent. Whereas Joe and Pete's wife are fully deserving of being pushed off a bridge (as would be David Elster if he was still alive). Very intrigued as to where Karen fits in with all this, I'd guess she must be one of David's as nobody else seems that technologically advanced but it seems odd that the other ones wouldn't know about her. Unless he created her as a future girlfriend for Leo, because he did sound like a very odd man. I find the transitions with her a bit jarring, it's like she's very human when we're not supposed to think of her as a synth, but then very synth like when we're supposed to remember. It's subtler with the others. Loved the way both the synth and human male came up with equally pitiful compliments.
  15. Actually after watching episode 6 I think George might well be the person with the most aware and appropriate attitude towards synths.