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  1. Hugee differncee. Biggee Fatty Piggy differencee.
  2. My mother moved in with my sister and me after my dad passed, and yes, it's not by any stretch of the imagination a peer relationship. She's still very much my mother and still tells me to brush my hair and put on some lip gloss before leaving the house. *sigh* What seriously kills me with Debbie and Colt is the whole one car situation as it's such a control tactic. Even if it's his car, his mother drives him back and forth to work, so there's no socializing or happy hours for Coltee and he has to clear all outings with her.
  3. Apologies to anyone who uses a wheelchair. As to being 100% upfront, I can tell you from experience that even if Colt is, Debbie still will never allow him to have a normal relationship with a woman, Debbie will continually eat up his emotional bandwidth and drown him with both need and guilt. And no one will ever be good enough for Colt. And all of his adult relationships will be crippled and hindered.
  4. I try not to be too judgy judgy about Colt and his mother and his relationship reminds me of a dear friend who passed who had a very similar relationship with his mother (who also passed). His father died of MS when he was about 20, but had been wheelchair-bound or in residential care from the time my friend was 3 so he and his mother were very, very close due to dealing with the shared tragedy of living through that. Yes, it was awkward at times, but in the end, they were all they had for each other. So I try not to judge when it comes to that. What seems awkward and odd to us, on the outside, could just be a coping mechanism built from years of relying solely on each other through extreme hardship.
  5. Sooo, you're saying Azan isn't lying when he tells Nicole he got a job fishing? Just that she's too dumb to realize he means the internet type?
  6. There is no way any sane person thinks NICOLE has the attention span to make microwave mac-and-cheese, much less a quilt.
  7. Or, alternately, she was such a royal PITA that they needed to make her someone else's problem for a while
  8. He's working for Pedro's mom now, that's the company uniform.
  9. She gave him the choice of where he wanted to go, and the two obvious ones were back to Jamaica or to Florida to live with his brother. He chose Florida. My sister was in a coma for a month with liver and kidney failure due to RA/Lupus. She looked completely fine the entire time, which is why it was so difficult to get anyone to take her seriously before her brain swelled up in her skull and nearly killed her. I don't like Ashley. I think she bought herself a stud and couldn't believe he cheated on her and whenever she comes on the screen I have to sing the Pixies' "Gigantic" in my head. But, I also think people think they know a lot more about immuno diseases than they actually do. They're tricky to diagnose, often harder to treat, and can make your body turn on in a heartbeat.
  10. Lemur

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I'm trying to find out why they're always throwing some 22-23 year old semi-adult in with a crowd of 35-40+ year olds. At her age, I would have looked at Shep and Cam and especially Whitney as positively ancient and better fit to hang out with my parents or much older siblings.
  11. Lemur

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I'm going to guess she's saying that because there were firearms handy and no one shot her ass. (Insert the "Cool Girl" soliloquy from Gone Girl here.)
  12. Lemur

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Except that she didn't take them on. She tried the classic apology-non-apology and got bitchy when called on it, she refused to own her shit when it came to her social media posts, tried the old "you made me do it" line that everyone just loves and totally isn't the tactic of an emotionally abusive person and *then* tried to say it was all a joke with a dash of self-pity and soupcon of straight-up snake venom tossed in because why the fuck not? And I have no doubt in my mind that Patricia did discuss Kathryn with her - it's what people do, talk about other people. What's she's missing is that 1. This is what adults do, it's called "conversation" and it isn't necessarily talking shit and 2. It probably wasn't intended to set Kathryn and she at odds. She was already *at odds* with Kathryn due to Thomas. In short, (and to quote the Ancient One), IT'S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU, Ashley. Anyway, my hat is off to the editor for getting Eliza's instant regret at inviting Ashley. I personally can't wait to see the contrived bullshit the producers pulled to get her at Patricia's gala. I'm sure it will be a gossamer thin cover.
  13. Lemur

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Yeah, and I think she's using Metul and a convenient excuse not to have to spend time around a bitter, drunken Craig because he's the type of drunk who wants to spend the night re-litigating their entire relationship. Fuck that noise, I wouldn't want to be subjected to that either. I just don't bother explaining my decisions to people. Awwwwwwwwww yeah. I concur, she was a very nice addition to the party. Also, she gives fantastic side-eye. Don't forget Shep's Cousin Marcie. The look on her face when she witnessed the Whitney-Ashley showdown was worth the price of admission. My only disappointment was that she didn't start mooing out "CHEL-SEA CHEL-SEA CHEL-SEA" like she did in the Hilton Head episode last season.
  14. All divorces in PA had to be adjudicated until (I wanna say) the early 90's; it was at least a two year process and a real pain in the ass. NY and NY had No-Fault before them, so it was the other way around. People moved to NJ, established residency and could filed 18 months later, thus cutting 6 months off the process. PA is much, much easier now especially if there are no marital assets.
  15. Nope, that's why it's called the PA Quickie, especially since it used to be much, much more difficult to get divorced in PA.