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  1. I think she's very interested in staying in the US. I have to wonder exactly what Coltee's chances of getting another K1 would be considering the horrendous outcome of his marriage. In the words of Xander Cage, I live for this $%^&. I mean, it looked like they're living in a trailer at some point, so can you really say it's better?
  2. He's like a sack of melted ice cream. And I noticed the Real Tree Camo recliner is still alive and well. Larissa should have taken it out into the backyard and burned that thing. You have to image that doctor needs the appearance fee very badly to participate in this show. As for Baby Girl Lisa and Cameo .... my sister has a birthday coming up ... *rubs hands deviously*
  3. Do they get credit for it not being a face/neck tattoo? No? No credit? Moving on ... Years from now, Syngin will look back on that story and wonder that maybe, just maybe, if that bouncer had felt like bodily removing a crazy drunk American, he wouldn't be in this mess.
  4. Truth of the matter is, if she wanted to make sure it got done on time, the officiant could have *gone with her to the airport*, did the ceremony for the paperwork and then redo the vows for the party later. But alas, that's not dramatic enough ...
  5. Guess who's back? Lemur's back. (I know, I know, you didn't know I was gone.) I said the exact same thing, though yes, they aren't Pam and Tommy. Syngin hasn't broken her nose and there's no sex tape ... yet. All the fillers. Jasmin had all the fillers. Some times multiple fillers in places already filled. As for her wanting to be a kept woman ... I hate to stereotype Finns like this, but I've met a couple who were like this. I knew of one who was working on her third Masters degree and waiting for Mr. Right Enough to Marry to come along. She's focusing on how long she needs to make an actual effort with this marriage thing before she can ask Syngin for an open relationship. Maybe she hit up the torrents of "Ancient Aliens" and realized how incredibly, offensively dumb Mike is? See, and this is why I used to tailgate weddings and show up *just* tipsy enough to ensure that none of my friends wanted my help.
  6. That's without any possible Florida Resident discount and previous cruiser discount.
  7. So, how far a daemon can be from a person depends on a couple of things ... The first is how well they can bare the pain of their daemon being far away and vice versa. Some people deal with it better than others. Some daemons can go much farther, some prefer to stay close. For example, in one book set in the same universe that's not covered by this series, a character's daemon is able to watch over a child while he is fighting the big bad a good ways away. It's painful, but they manage. But it's also fairly rare. There are three other possibilities ... all of which are heavy spoilers ... None of these are likely or canonical.
  8. Answer is here.
  9. So this is some random and canon-though-not-in-the-book trivia that spoils nothing, the monkey's name is Ozymandias. (Asriel's snow leopard is Stelmaria.) Anyone else notice the completely different demeanors of the daemons in the bath scene?
  10. Exactly. If I may expound a bit, Dust is .... You'd have to think of the physical constraints of settling into an animal shape.
  11. I actually like this change, as one of the bigger complaints about the books I've seen was that Pullman spends so much time world building in the first book but then immediately drops it and sets a good bit of the second book in our current world. Also, I think getting Will involved in the narrative earlier will be less jarring. I guess I always knew, as it was the sort of orphan-narrative trick I'm always on the look-out for. (I also read a lot of books featuring orphans when I was a kid. Don't know why, I have a perfectly lovely family but yeah, orphans were cool.) I agree though, it shouldn't be a huge shock to anyone but Lyra.
  12. No, Lord Boreal is Magisterium through and through. He was at the Magisterium HQ in the first episode and he was more than happy to "dispose" of that pesky journalist at Mrs. Coulter's party. Asriel is anti-Magisterium. It's long title is General Oblation Board Of London, so G.O.B.O.L. Phonetically, Gobble. As for religion, they've been pretty up front that the Church is the State in Lyra's world and that the Magisterium and it's various arms including the GOB, are the government. They can clearly go further than that - see the birds in the scenes where the Gyptians raid warehouse. A good many of them seemed to be street kids, so I don't know know if they even knew they were abducted. A good many of them seemed to be under Ms. Coulter's sway, except Roger who was doing his best to get a coded message out to Lyra. Sudden cardiac death? Stroke? Take your pick.
  13. What if they're sub-humans like Angela? 😉
  14. Native American and American are two different things though. My people may have come over before the US was a nation, but that doesn't mean we're Native American. And I'd never claim to be a "Native Born American" as that has certain connotations in both history and politics. That said, I think I've been behind your co-worker coming back through customs a time or two. I wonder how many times a day they ask that question.
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