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  1. You can pay for private property but that doesn't mean that you can make all the noise you want on it. There are noise ordinances and you can be in trouble for violating them, even if you own the property. You can't leave a dog outside barking in your backyard that you own all day where I live, for example.
  2. smores

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    And there still aren't. Craig isn't making the pillows, his "operations manager" is. Danni looks to me like someone who has had weight loss surgery and hasn't quite leveled off yet, if that makes sense. There's this look that people get when they lose a bunch of weight fairly quickly and then they eventually settle into their new size and tend to look more normal, but for a little while they look a bit strange, and that's the way Danni looks to me. I don't think it has anything to do with her having surgery, it's just the way she looks.
  3. People need to remember that they are not the only people in a space. It may be that they are on a beach, but there are also other people on that beach and there are houses nearby. So someone might be trying to sleep, someone might have a headache, etc. I'm not saying that people should not let kids be kids and play, but, there are reasonable limits and what you are doing shouldn't encroach on what other people around you are doing. No one else should be forced to have to endure what you are doing just because they want to enjoy the beach too. Exactly. Lu had no issues at all calling up anyone she thought had enough money to give it to her to buy a house, and when the people around her recognized that she was clearly in a bad place, they stepped in and helped. That's what friends do. Hell, it's what decent humans do. She wants Lu to not be an utter twat. If Lu didn't apologize, I honestly don't think Beth would give that much of a shit. I mean, I'm sure it would register (because, really, it SHOULD), but, she'd likely just shrug it off and say, whatever, it's Luann. Nothing new there. But when you consider the fact that every time they get together Bethenny has learned that Luann has either been talking shit behind her back (why does Bethenny get to pick the room and not ME? Screw Bethenny!), or to her face (What? You're just going home to watch your kid sleep?), and then is acting like she's above everyone else and people are simply jealous of her success, it gets old. Then to turn on Barbara and openly mock Tinsley? This is a bitch who was so drunk she walked off of the sidewalk and fell into bushes, yet she thinks she can mock someone for slurring some words? Nah, that's enough. All Lu does is take. And even now in post season interviews, Lu isn't acknowledging that she has any role in things. "None of that was about me, they clearly had issues within themselves they needed to deal with" Here's the thing, I live in an apartment and my apartment happens to be near an area where the kids in the complex congregate. For a while, this wasn't a problem at all, kids would play, have football games, run, jump, laugh, etc. Nothing was an issue. Could I hear them? Yep. They yell when they play football, but it's just a general level of background noise that you recognize but block out, in the same way you might hear a dryer running, you know? They weren't quiet, but they weren't really obtrusive. Now sometime in the last year one or more new families moved in and things changed. They have kids who come and play in that area, but they SCREAM. I'm talking it sounds like someone is holding them down and trying to saw a limb off. They are out there for a few hours, 3-5 days per week. Every week. Sometimes they run up and down the halls of the buildings, with that screaming, echoing. It's insane. Someone needs to tell them to shut that shit down, it's WAY beyond "kids playing" and into "my perfect snowflake can do no wrong" territory. There are adults with them every time, so apparently they think it's totally fine and normal. But, it's not. And yes, if this is what Sunny's kid was doing, then I can see someone needing to yell at them to be quiet.
  4. smores

    NeNe Leakes: "Bloop!"

    Nene has gotten nothing but positive reinforcement for her behavior thus far, so it's not likely she'll stop any time soon. I'm sure she wasn't a peach (no pun intended), prior to the show, but after "hitting the bigtime" with the show, she's become almost untouchable in a sense. Now when people try to say something to her, they get pushback like "I'm a rich bitch, cashing TRUMP checks!" (HA!) And people applaud that behavior on social media and egg it on. She faced some backlash for her heckler situation, but Bravo still brought her back and gave her a platform to say she just chose the wrong words, etc. It wasn't a humbling experience for her, it was more of a temporary laying low. And even after the closet crap, people are just shrugging and saying she was right, you don't go somewhere in someone's house uninvited, etc. It's a constant feedback loop for her that no matter what she does, it's right and she can tune everyone else out as "haters."
  5. smores

    S15. E10. Curse of the Russian Line

    Cruise ships have to have a major dry dock every 5 years for maintenance and making sure they are sound, etc. Some of the captains are good about investing in their boats, like the guys on the Northwestern, and I'd venture to say Bill, but others just seem to run them until shit literally falls apart. There's no way the hull should be literally rusting away if they are checking the thickness of it yearly, which seems like a reasonable thing to do when it's the ONLY thing keeping you alive. And considering you don't know if you'll encounter ice or not, you're dependent on the hull remaining intact to keep the boat afloat. If the hull is compromised to begin with, grazing some ice could puncture it, which would be bad.
  6. smores

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Croque Monsieur is ham and cheese that is toasted/grilled with a bechamel sauce. Top it with a runny fried egg and you have a Croque Madame. A Monte Cristo is generally a bigger sandwich, I think, and then it's battered and fried. Plus it's served with jam and powdered sugar (as you mentioned).
  7. smores

    Apollo, the Juvial Crook

    All I can find is that a rep from the US Marshal Service is saying it isn't really an arrest, but he was taken back into custody. He doesn't have a new charge but the court issued an order to bring him in because he was in trouble for breaking a technical condition of his release. He's only been out for a couple of days, so that's pretty quick to break a condition/rule already.
  8. I honestly never thought that something would make Kim Z's "Google Me" song sound good, but, Congrats Lu! You did it!
  9. smores

    RHoBH in the Media

    I can see making a bit of a comparison, but I don't know that it's totally a fair thing to do. First, I 100% think what Brandi did to Adrienne was bullshit and wrong. That shouldn't have happened and Brandi is a total asshole for doing it. To me, use of a surrogate isn't a "secret" that you get to out or trash someone else for keeping quiet, it should just be off limits, as it's no one else's business. I do think that LVP's situation in not coming is different than Adrienne's, though. She has been open about everything, she hasn't hidden things, the other women simply decided that LVP is lying and she is wrong and they will only hear her side IF she confesses to what they have decided is true. If she wants to tell them her side and it is anything other than what they have pre-determined to be the case, then they tell her she is lying. That's not cool. I can't say that I blame her for not particularly wanting to go through that. I also think the Adrienne/LVP situation is further flawed because of the fact that Adrienne was so adamant that LVP was manipulating things and selling stories, a thing that persists to this day. Only it turned out that the stories were coming from within Adrienne's camp. Something you haven't heard her acknowledge now. You'd think that perhaps she'd speak out in LVP's defense, right? Like, listen, I don't know what happened here, and I don't even necessarily care for LVP, but I know she does love dogs and she's serious about that. We had issues a long time ago and I said she sold stories, but it turned out that it wasn't her, so I don't think people should use that as proof that she is now.
  10. In fairness, they were in Miami. There is only so much you can do with some types of hair there. I can have a blow out, follow it with a flat iron and a gallon of any product you want. Take one step outside and I turn into a chia pet. I don't know that Lu has composure in fights because she has no empathy. I don't honestly think she remains calm, she gets very haughty and self righteous and tends to be more indignant than anything. Generally, instead of arguing with people, she's more in disbelief that anyone has a problem with her, so she doesn't end up getting upset or arguing back, it ends up being "How dare you even think I did something?" or "Look at you! How can you say anything about ME?" She comes across as if she's completely unbothered and calm, but it's more of an indignant outrage that anyone even questions her than engaging in a situation. She's not just using it to get free stuff, she's using it to get paid. She's done interviews in People, she's using it as her storyline this year. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that she's selling stories about it to ROL. Not the same as a Rolex, of course, but you might want to take a peek at Michael Kors watches. They are often fairly substantially sized and would potentially be a substitute. I have to disagree with this. She was deliberately nasty to Alex (Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes!). She was downright dismissive in the first season about "when you introduce me to, you know, THE HELP, it's MRS DeLesseps" because people were beneath her station. She also point blank told a girl, who said she wanted to model "Well, you have plenty of time to lose weight" And then she stole from her own kids. Sonja shoved them into her purse. But, but, Meghan is John McCain's DAUGHTER!
  11. Plus those lists also show Vicki Gunnvalson being worth $7M and we know from her divorce settlement with Donn that she's not worth anywhere near that despite owning Coto Insurance. And the same is true of Shannon Beador. No way she and David are worth $20M after the back and forth they had with their divorce settlement. Those lists simply aren't reliable.
  12. She likes the wallets in their pockets? How to put this delicately? Billy was on a bus with a future candidate for a very high profile public office in the US. That future candidate was requesting tic tacs because he didn't know if he would be able to refrain from kissing the female co-worker of Billy's that they would be meeting when they got off the bus. Said future candidate then expounded on how being famous allows you all sorts of privilege and . . . handholds? on women. Billy giggled and they exited the bus. Billy did not run any interference or do anything to try to ensure that there wasn't any untoward contact between said person and his coworker and people kind of thought that wasn't so great of him.
  13. smores

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    She gave that spiel when they first discussed Amelia's eating disorder. I agree, it is uncomfortable to watch this at this point. I think much like a former addict can be a great rehab counselor, I could see someone who previously had an eating disorder being a good fit to counsel those who are suffering now. But I think the person has to be in a stable, recovery portion of their journey (not sure if that is the right term or not), and after watching the Hamlin dinner disaster, I don't think Amelia is in a recovery stage. I wish Harry and Rinna would keep her off of tv until she's at a stronger place, as she's obviously struggling and it can't be easy to have the cameras there while it's going on.
  14. smores

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Rinna was dressing up as Erika at Coachella. She was copying a specific outfit that EJ had worn to Coachella. Or, I guess that Erika had worn to Coachella AS EJ? Not really sure how to word it, but, the point I'm trying to make is that it wasn't Rinna trying to make up an outfit she thought EJ would wear, it was a copy of a look she had worn. I have grey sunglasses to wear on overcast days. I have dark ones to wear when it's sunny out. I wear my sunglasses until the sun is completely down, and sometimes I then switch to the grey ones to prevent the stupid oncoming headlights from glaring in my eyes when I'm driving. I'm almost never outside without sunglasses on unless it's dark.
  15. smores

    RHoBH in the Media

    It's truly baffling to me that not one person in that group thought that was a bad idea. I mean, I know there aren't 3 brain cells to rub together between the sisters, but Mauricio and Rick couldn't say, yeah, let's not put that out there? They both run businesses (or, Mauricio worked for Rick at the time), that are dependent on their public image. They couldn't see how that would play to "the little people"? And seriously, talk about having no concept of your privilege. Am I the only person who watched Kathy's reality competition show back in the day? I want to say maybe it was on VH1? They had some craptastic shows in the mid-2000s. Anyway, she was running a competition to teach people how to be a high society person, essentially, an Apprentice for being the next Paris or Tinsley Mortimer. Only you got all these weird lessons like always leaving at least one bite of food on your plate and no actual access to society at the end. After watching that, I'm not really convinced Kathy would be a great addition to the show. This honestly sounds more like Kyle and her never ending "But you love me more, right?" "Lisa how come you don't give ME these kinds of chances?" "Why don't you ever have MY back Lisa?" than anything else. Bitch, who the fuck asked you to be their moral compass? Time for Kyle to go back to the hospital. Her eye is really wonky again!